8 Common eBook Myths

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eBooks and eReader tablets have become very trendy over the past decade; however, many people have still been hesitant to give digital literature a try due to the many myths floating around out there concerning the matter at hand. Those who are sincerely interested in whether or not eBooks are a good decision over more traditional book formats may find the information below helpful. ... Continue Reading

PrayerMate: An iOS App to Help Your Prayer Life


If you ever struggle to find time to pray for people or can never think about what to pray about when you are praying, then maybe prayer mate is the perfect app for you. Prayer mate is a mobile app created by Andy Geers with the aim of helping you improve your prayer life and it does a great job at that. Let's take a closer look: ... Continue Reading

Which Tablet is Right for You? [Flowchart]

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Purchasing a tablet isn't that easy. It doesn't take long before you realize the price range and options for tablets is a broad range, only adding to the confusion. The flowchart, below, takes you through a series of questions that will help you determine where you land: iPad Air iPad Mini iPad Mini with REtina Galaxy Note Nexus 7 Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Kindle Fire HDX While I don't know if I would trust this flowchart blindly, it certainly ... Continue Reading

YouVersion Bible App for Kids Hits 1 Million Downloads

  YouVersion announced that its eagerly awaited Bible App for Kids that was released on Thanksgiving day was downloaded to a million unique devices during the first week. The release date seemed to work especially well for the spiritual tool aimed at young people. According the the YouVersion blog, a lot of the success of the Bible Apps for Kids can be attributed to to its visibility in the app stores. Some cool stats for iDevices in the first 12 hours (via the YouVersion Bog): ... Continue Reading

YouVersion Bible for Kids


A few weeks ago, our very own Eric Dye let us in on an exciting development from Lifechurch.tv: the upcoming application aimed at younger people interested in the Bible: the YouVersion Bible App for Kids. Well, it's here! Smack dab on Thanksgiving day, it is currently available for Android and iOS devices. Styled as the Bible for Kids, it isn't just a stripped down version of it's old, more established big brother, the Bible App; indeed, it's a relatively fresh vision that takes heed of ... Continue Reading

Mobile App Stores Head-to-Head [Infographic]

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I used to work at a video game store. When customers were trying to decide which system to purchase, this is what I would tell them: “Focus on the game library.” I think the same can be said for smartphones and tablets. There are many apps that can be used on multiple devices--sometimes better and sometimes worse--but what can really separate the different OS' are the exclusive apps. If you find that your favorite apps can only be found on a particular platform, that's the direction you ... Continue Reading

The Good & Bad: Amazon Kindle Fire HD [Review]


My teenage girls were recently in the market for a tablet, so after quite a bit of research, they landed on the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7in tablet. Of all the things considered, price ended up being the biggest factor. Where there tablets with better specs per dollar? Yes. But for an introductory tablet, you can hardly go wrong with what you get for Amazon's low price point. ... Continue Reading

Publisher eBook Exchange Program

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I love books. I read far above the average 12 books a year for the American male. The trouble is that over the years I have amassed a variety of volumes that sit on the shelf and gather dust. Most titles haven't been re-read since first finding a home on the bookshelf and I will likely enter that eternal rest before reading any of them again. To simply sell the books or give them away seems an obvious solution, but I can't seem to let go. There is something nostalgic and familiar about books ... Continue Reading

The LifeWay Reader [eBook Giveaway]

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[We're giving away ten copies of JD Greear's book, "Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart"] LifeWay has released a reader that can be used on your mobile device or straight from your browser. The LifeWay Reader app brings thousands of Christian books right to your iPhone and iPad. The LifeWay Reader enhances your books with live links to Bible passages wherever the author references a verse. Fully integrated with the LifeWay ID platform, this app connects you directly to the content that you ... Continue Reading