Infographic Inception: An Infographic About Infographics


A couple of years ago, no one had ever heard of infographics. Now, they're a very effective way of communicating info...and of drawing traffic to your site. The infographic below shows some interesting and some curious facts on the effectiveness of using infographics (why on earth is an infographic on beards and trustworthiness so popular?), but for me the biggest take away is that posts with infographics are tweeted almost 600 times as often as traditional posts. That's big. ... Continue Reading

14 Ways to Make Google Love Your Website [Infographic]


Although this list has a Valentine's Day feel to it, we all want some Google love no matter what time of year it is! Many of these may seem like 'non-brainers' and you may be looking around for some 'magic solution,' but the fact of the matter is, there isn't one. Having Google 'love' your website takes hard work--plain and simple. Take a look at these 14 ways for Google to love your site, and you'll see what I mean: ... Continue Reading

A Recipe for SEO Success


Before you even begin to think about working on your SEO, whether it be your blog, organization or ministry website, you need to know the language. The following recipe outlines some major definitions that are key to building good SEO. This 'recipe' not only outlines these key words, but it also has some good tips, too. Take a look at these ingredients and start cooking up some awesome SEO! ... Continue Reading

Introducing Facebook’s New Graph Search


Yes, I was one of those who waited eagerly to find out about Facebook's new offering. With the news conference scheduled, the IRM (Internet Rumor Mills) were fully stocked with guesses. Paid messaging? New layout? The Facebook Phone? Zucks telling us to back off of posting his sister's pictures on social networks? Since the (almost) fiscal cliff, nothing has been this riveting (outside of the return of NCIS). So what did Mark Z have up his sleeve? A shot across the bow at Google. ... Continue Reading

How-To Cite Creative Commons

Creative Commons Infographic

Whether you work for a church, ministry, blog, or business that uses images, you have run into the Creative Commons licenses. You may never have read them before and do not know what you should or should not be doing or you may be very affluent in what you can and cannot do, but that does not take away from how much it can impact you in the future. To not do so will leave you open for trouble in the future. DO NOT let ignorance be your only excuse. ... Continue Reading

3 Firefox Plugins to Help You on Your SEO Journey


So you've got an awesome website, but Google hasn't figured out how awesome it is yet, and as a result you're not turning up on the first page of results where you would like to be! Perhaps your church is being trumped by other local churches, so no-one new is coming along because they haven't looked on page 2 or 3? It's the question that everyone with a website asks - 'how can I get up onto page 1 of Google?' . ... Continue Reading

The Chris Brogan Effect [Video]


Bryan Allain, founder of Killer Tribes, had a brief and initially uneventful interaction with Chris Brogan, a big online business man on Twitter. After a friend praised Bryan for his work, the simple conversation sent Chris to Bryan's website and sent a wave of emotions and actions to make Chris's experience the best he could have. Bryan has summed this up as the "Chris Brogan effect" into two parts for how we should look at our website with fresh eyes: Are there any messes I need to ... Continue Reading

Small Business Saturday [Infographic]


Normally when I look at an infographic, I share the premise for the infographic, then the details I find relevant, and finally the infographic itself. This time, I think it would be wise to change it up. Here are the best parts of the infographic below: Small businesses need to be online because only 5% of customer's time this holiday season will be shopping. 22% will be on social networks and 21% searching online. 63% of small businesses do not have a website and 25% of businesses do ... Continue Reading