History of Nintendo and the Church


Few companies have achieved brand recognition and market penetration like Nintendo. They are one of a few companies whose name has become synonymous with the product they create. It is not uncommon for my parents to refer to any video game system as a Nintendo, regardless of the actual system they are referring to. Yet, Nintendo was actually founded in 1889, almost a hundred years before video games would become an home entertainment staple. When they started, they were a playing card ... Continue Reading

Teaching My Son Stewardship Through A Video Game

Stewardship Through Video Games

Have you ever played Alien Creeps? It's a free-to-play tower defense game in which you stop alien hordes from invading your base by setting up gun, laser, and missile emplacements.  Every battle you win earns your hero coins to purchase upgrades for your weapons. There's also a premium currency in diamonds that allows you to call in special troops or airstrikes... ... Continue Reading

May the Fourth GIVEAWAY!


For those of you who enjoy gaming on your computer, I am sure you are well aware of Steam. It's a great place to get games—especially when they're on sale. Steam is also a great place to meet other gamers to play online or answer questions. In fact, even ChurchMag has a group on Steam (Come join us!). In celebration of May the Fourth—aka: Star Wars Day—Steam has put on an awesome sale—and we're giving away a Star Wars game bundle—TODAY! ... Continue Reading

Minecraft Theology: 05 Meet Tim


I am Tim, I am apart of the growing ChurchMag Minecraft Server. I wanted to give you a personal run through of my history in video games and ministry. I often wrestle with if gaming and faith can co-exist. Have you found a it difficult to find a relationship between gaming and your faith?  I would love to hear your experiences! ... Continue Reading

Minecraft Theology: 04 Giving Diamonds

04 Giving Diamonds

One of our newest beta testers, Tim, joins me in looking at what has been happening on the Churchmag Minecraft Server and in the process, we discuss what community can look like digitally. Tim shared his own thoughts on joining the servers and we get to hear his heart. What do you think? ... Continue Reading

OpenEmu – The Best Retro Gaming Emulator EVER

OpenEmu Hero Shot

If you've ever ventured out into retro gaming with an emulator, you'll find that they're not always the easiest to use and sometimes are a little buggy. The BEST retro gaming is usually with the actual system or something like the Wii offers with retro purchases. And when it comes to the Mac, free emulator offerings are probably the worse option of them all. Until now... ... Continue Reading

Minecraft Theology: 03 Time to Mine

03 Time to Mine

I recognize my last video in the Minecraft Theology series was very impersonal even though I started off the series stating we would be getting almost VLog personal. So I jump into how church technology and gaming not only came into my life, but how it highlighted and became the source of my calling. Did gaming ever play a part of your life? ... Continue Reading

What About Video Games? [Podcast #48]

ChurchMag Podcast 48

Are you a "gamer?" Do you enjoy some video game action? Maybe you did at one time, but just don't have the space for it in your life anymore? We know what you mean! On this episode, we talk about making time for video gaming, what video gaming has become, and we announce something cool that has come to ChurchMag... ... Continue Reading

Minecraft Theology: 02 Benchmarking

02 Benchmarking

We take a look at gaming and if it is something that is appropriate for Christians both as a pastor and as an individual. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts as we only begin the conversation and know there is a lot more that can be said on the topic. Do you have a problem with gaming as a Christian? Do you have a problem with using video games in your ministry? Sound off in the comments with thoughts and why. ... Continue Reading