Minecraft: Let’s Play #4 – Prank Wars Begin

04 Prank Wars Begins

I will admit that in three months of being on a Minecraft server, I (Jeremy) expected at least one prank to have been pulled. So I take it upon myself not to prank one person on the server, but everyone. Expect more to come from this, this is only the beginning. What prank should I pull next and on whom? ... Continue Reading

Minecraft Theology: 09 Meet Shad

09 Meet Shad

This is my first ChurchMag Minecraft video, so I talk about how God quickly and unexpectedly brought me from a new believer, to full-time work in ministry. I also tell you how to beat your friends in "Stadium Events" on the original Nintendo! Enjoy: ... Continue Reading

Minecraft Theology: 08 We Need to Go Deeper

08 We Need to Go Deeper

Jeremy ventures into the nether with the quarry to eventually make a Zombie Pigmen gold farm. While working on that, he discusses his personal and professional experience with depression and anxiety disorders as well as how ministry can be impacted. What is your experience with Christianity and mental health problems and where do you see church technology being able to serve humanity better? ... Continue Reading

Mining Minecraft Videos from the ChurchMag Minecraft Server


The Churchmag Minecraft Server Community was always designed to simply find community and get to interact with our audience in a unique way. The goal was not for us to find a new source of content. If we do get a video out of it, great, but from the very beginning, we simply wanted to have digital community. So to further promote this idea of community, we have seen some great Minecraft videos by some of our members on their own YouTube channels that we wanted to highlight. So after the jump, ... Continue Reading

Minecraft Theology: Crafting Table of Contents


Somewhere at the intersection our love for all things nerdy and our desire to live out the Gospel in our daily lives is how the idea of Minecraft Theology came about. This series is a mashup of a Christian video blog and YouTube let's play based on the ChurchMag Minecraft Server. No topic is off the table and all contributors plan to be less preachy and more personal. The ChurchMag Minecraft Server is a whitelisted server. Are you interested in joining the ChurchMag Minecraft server? Click ... Continue Reading

Minecraft Theology: 06 Acquiring Hardware

06 Acquring Hardware

Some of the best memories I had from my childhood are the times my family gathered around a board or card game. In many ways this tradition has carried on with my family, only through video games. In this video I share a few reasons why I game with my family. Have you used Gaming as a way to spend time with your family? I would love to hear your thoughts! ... Continue Reading