12 Days of Christmas: Favorite Video Game

Favorite Video Game

This is the fifth day in a series of the 12 Days of Christmas. To catch the rest of the articles, check out the landing page here. For some of you who are in youth ministry, parents, or still in this realm, video games are a fun way to pass the time. I remember being a teenager and just waiting Christmas morning to see if I got that latest and greatest game. Now with digital downloads and mobile apps that does don't require a physical purchase, it's a little different, but the games are still ... Continue Reading

Video Game City Map [Images]

A City Map Built From More Than 500 Video Games 1

While entirely fictitious—and loosely based on an area in Tokyo—this video game city map is entirely awesome. It includes over 500 video game titles and many gaming references from the history of video gaming. “The map features districts dedicated to survival horror (Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Sweet Home), beat ‘em ups (Street fighter, Streets of Rage, Double Dragon) and Nintendo classics (Super Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Land, Luigi’s Mansion) as well as many geeky ‘in’ references to entertain ... Continue Reading

Would You Like to See A Realistic Minecraft? [Videos]

Realistic Sytyled Minecraft Screens

One of things that stands out when you first start playing Minecraft, is the design. Minecraft stepped away from the eye-candy that has become the norm in video gaming and focused on the fundamental aspect of any and every video game: gameplay. If we were talking about a website, we might say: usability. I am pretty sure there is a lesson in there somewhere, but let's stick to the fun stuff right now. ;) In the videos below, YouTuber Flashcode has created realistic Minecraft videos using ... Continue Reading

The Largest Minecraft City Ever Made [Video]

The Largest Minecraft City Screen

It's called, Titan City, and it's the largest Minecraft city that's ever been built...so far. After two years and 4,500,000 cubes, this skyscraper metropolis is full of navigable buildings with some of the coolest and create Minecraft architecture you've ever seen—and he's still adding to it! Just watching this video tour of Titan City gave me some Minecraft building inspiration. ... Continue Reading

Super Mario Super Heros

mario crew in super

I initially was going to be posting the image below—which is way awesome—but as I searched for a decent featured image for the post, I scooped up this gem that's pictured above. These are great! I love mashups. :) ... Continue Reading

Street Fighter Winter Sweater


This is the most EPIC sweater I've ever seen. #WANT I love the mix of bit graphics on the canvas of a knitted sweater. Plus, the subtle KO's, power meters, and the snowflake Hadouken between them. Please: ... Continue Reading