What I Learned from My First Time Playing Minecraft

Minecraft church 1

Last month I got pretty caught up in the game Minecraft. I downloaded the pocket edition of the game on my iPhone 6 and I fell in love with the game immediately. No wonder kids and adults alike play this game! Granted, most of the time you are just building or destroying stuff, but, theirs something kind of relaxing about it. ... Continue Reading

Terraria: Dig, Fight, Build! [Saturday Morning Review GIVEAWAY!]

SMR - Terraria

My family has loved playing Minecraft together—both desktop and mobile—for a few years now. It is an amazing, open ended sandbox game that has captured all our attention and flies in the face of “awesome graphics” as it leans on a simple retro look. So when my kids approached me about Terraria, I knew that a good game was so much more than just eye candy, and I gave it a looksy. ... Continue Reading

Minecraft: Let’s Play #6 – Beginning A Race Track

06 Beginning A Race Track

This episode Jeremy begins construction of the first mini-game on the server (Not actually the first game as Auggie already has something brewed up, but the first posted here). This is a big project, so it's going to be a two parter, plus we will be later having a race. Do you have any sweet mini-games that you love to play or watch others play? ... Continue Reading

Minecraft Theology: 11 Getting Wood

11 Getting Wood

I need to gather a bunch of different types of wood for my Let's Play project to build some Italian Apartments. The topic for this episode is to discuss what it means to appreciate others. The idea of appreciation is truly under-appreciated. So when you incorporate it into a digital presence for Christians, I truly don't feel like we are giving our all as to how God expects. In a world of instant tweets and emails, we need to improve ourselves. How could you make a small change to your digital ... Continue Reading