What Was Your First Handheld Gaming System?

Retro Gameboy Awesome

Portable gaming has radically changed over the past 25-years. No surprise, I suppose. Both tablets and smartphones have really contributed to this swing and has even influenced a change in how games are marketed, priced and designed. We've shifted from games that are developed to be played for hours and hours with no updates, to games that are played in smaller time fragments and have regular updates that enhance, change and fix gameplay. What was your first handheld gaming system? My kids ... Continue Reading

How-To Build an Awesome Minecraft Church [Tutorials]

How to build a Minecraft church 21

After seeing these awesome Minecraft churches, I had plenty of inspiration to build one of my own. :D However, building awesome structures in Minecraft is not always as easy as it looks. So, I dug up a couple of solid tutorials and thought I would share them with you. The first is image based and is a little hard to follow, but if you're really good with building in Minecraft, you'll probably manage. The second tutorial is a video based and much easier to follow along. ... Continue Reading

The Evolution of Mobile Gaming [Infographic]

Best Gameboy EVER

Mobile gaming is HUGE and it didn't happen overnight. As it states in the infographic below: “With the average smartphone user spending nearly an hour a day playing games on their phone, it’s little wonder why the mobile game industry is massive and growing and why mobile game developers are in increasing demand. But mobile games weren’t always so slick and immersive; let’s take a look at the history of mobile games.” ... Continue Reading

Awesome Minecraft Churches [Images & Videos]

Minecraft Church Screen

Our family loves Minecraft. As we were working on a new town, recently, I was in charge of building the various buildings. A blacksmith, bakery, lumber yard, art gallery, library and so on. And then the thought occurred to me, “What about a church!?!” These kind of Minecraft questions always lead to an immediate Google Image search. I was pleasantly surprised to find some awesome Minecraft churches: ... Continue Reading

Venture Into Space with LEGO Batman 3


LEGOs are a truly timeless toy. Actually “toy” might be understating their awesomeness, but Toys ‘R’ Us has an entire aisle dedicated to displaying their epic collection so we’ll stick with “toy” for now. Anyway, as a shameless LEGO fan since age 8 (if not sooner) I have amassed a veritable treasure chest of LEGO sets and minifigs. From the Simpsons to Star Wars LEGO never disappoints. When LEGO partnered with Xbox (and others) and started making video games a few years ago I was ecstatic. Our ... Continue Reading

Charity Gaming Saves Children’s Lives


Are you tired of running 5K? I’m all for supporting charitable causes, but enough with the running. How much do I have to donate to NOT run? Because that is money well spent. And people who knock on my door raising funds for a running event team leave me in a quandary. I want to donate to their cause, but I don’t want to be the one responsible for them running themselves to death. ... Continue Reading

Playing the World’s Biggest Video Game [Video]

Largest Tetris EVER

About a year ago, Drexel University professor Frank Lee created the largest video game — playing Pong on the side of a building. And now, he's done it again. This time, he's done it with Tetris. This is not only a cool look into the technology and a great tribute to an iconic video game, but it says something about culture, too. ... Continue Reading

Super Mario Destroyed My House [Video]


How cool would it be for a Mario game to come to life? Honestly, I would settle for a completed Mario AR iPhone or Android app that was completely playable (Kind of hints to Google's April Fool's Pokemon Maps). But the video below probably depicts what would really happen to our fragile world if Koopa, Mario, and all of Nintendo's characters came for a visit: ... Continue Reading