2015 ChurchMag Fantasy Football League

fantasy football 2015

For the past few years (2013 & 2014) we have hosted the ChurchMag Fantasy Football League on Yahoo! And this year is no exception. Our first year we had several teams, and last year, we maxed out! So, as I sent out the team renewal notices, I see that the most space we'll have this year is 9 teams. So...if there are a dozen or more of you interested in joining this year, we may have to start a second league—which would be totally awesome. ... Continue Reading

Minecraft Theology: 10 Stayin Frosty

Stayin Frosty

In this Minecraft Theology episode, we are gathering ice for a personal project I have for my base, and I did not have any. While I'm in the snow biome, I discuss some conversations I have on what it means to be in a Christian marriage, including some practical ideas of how to do marriage better. What are your thoughts on Christianity and marriage? ... Continue Reading

Minecraft: Let’s Play #4 – Prank Wars Begin

04 Prank Wars Begins

I will admit that in three months of being on a Minecraft server, I (Jeremy) expected at least one prank to have been pulled. So I take it upon myself not to prank one person on the server, but everyone. Expect more to come from this, this is only the beginning. What prank should I pull next and on whom? ... Continue Reading

Minecraft Theology: 09 Meet Shad

09 Meet Shad

This is my first ChurchMag Minecraft video, so I talk about how God quickly and unexpectedly brought me from a new believer, to full-time work in ministry. I also tell you how to beat your friends in "Stadium Events" on the original Nintendo! Enjoy: ... Continue Reading

Minecraft Theology: 08 We Need to Go Deeper

08 We Need to Go Deeper

Jeremy ventures into the nether with the quarry to eventually make a Zombie Pigmen gold farm. While working on that, he discusses his personal and professional experience with depression and anxiety disorders as well as how ministry can be impacted. What is your experience with Christianity and mental health problems and where do you see church technology being able to serve humanity better? ... Continue Reading