Super Mario Destroyed My House [Video]


How cool would it be for a Mario game to come to life? Honestly, I would settle for a completed Mario AR iPhone or Android app that was completely playable (Kind of hints to Google's April Fool's Pokemon Maps). But the video below probably depicts what would really happen to our fragile world if Koopa, Mario, and all of Nintendo's characters came for a visit: ... Continue Reading

Retro Nintendo on iOS: The Morality of Video Game Piracy


In case your new to the Internet, Nintendo, iOS and all things cool, I'm going to share with you one of the greatest tragedies of iOS gaming: Nintendo continues to refuse to port old (read "classic") NES and GB/GBA games over to iOS. This has been a personal frustration for years! My first video game was Super Mario Bros., and I can't even begin to tell you how awesome it would be for me to be able to play it again, on my phone. That is why, with mixed emotions, I share with you the following ... Continue Reading

Xbox One and Playstation 4 Game Controller Evolution [Animated GIFs]


A lot has gone into the design and style of video game controllers. While Nintendo has had some of the more radical ideas, the latest release of the Xbox One and Playstation 4 has inspired these morphing animated GIFs of both the Xbox and Playstation controller — beginning from the first design to the latest. You'll see that while they mostly look the same, there has certainly been some changes made: ... Continue Reading

Nightmare: Malaria — Fighting Malaria with a Video Game

Nightmare Malaria Icon

Have you ever thought of using game developing skills to fight world diseases like malaria? I certainly never have, but that's what the Against Malaria Foundation is doing! Their free iOS and Android game, Nightmare: Malaria, is not only top-notch as far as gaming goes, but has been a great catalyst to educate people on the toll that malaria is taking on Africa, how to fight malaria, and even raise the practical support that's needed in fighting malaria. Check this game out, you'll want ... Continue Reading

How About Getting Your Kid a BAWX This Christmas?

BAWX Logo Image

It's a classic holiday joke. Get a child a large toy that includes a giant box, and watch the child ignore the new toy while finding every possible way to enjoy the magic that a cardboard box can be. But it's not just a funny quip on Christmas morning, anymore. Now you can order an actual cardboard box — BAWX — as a gift this Christmas season: ... Continue Reading

The Average Video Gaming Age & More [Infographic]


Our generation grew-up on Super Mario Bros. and Space Invaders. We all know that any EPIC adventure requires a group of four and that it's dangerous to go alone. Video gaming has made it's impact on our culture and we can see the effects, today. Just take a look at these statistics: ... Continue Reading