Forza Horizon 2 [Saturday Morning Review]

Saturday Morning Review - Forza

Forza Horizon 2 is a stunning, fun racing game for the Xbox that’s addictive for both kids and adults. We play it on an Xbox One and the graphics are impressive. It’s set in the south of France and the north of Italy, making the lavender fields and Poplars look very familiar since we’ve been in that regions dozens of times. It’s an ‘open world’ racing game, meaning you can drive around the region yourself and explore as much as you want to. ... Continue Reading

Choosing the Best Game Console for Your Kids

Xbox One

My son turned 7 in December and his biggest wish was a game console. Both my husband and I aren’t gamers—though we both did play our fair share of computer games back when we were young and had too much free time. Our problem was that we were way out of tune with current game consoles and what would be a good choice for him considering his age. So we did our due diligence and studied all the options, weighing advice from friends, bloggers, and self-proclaimed experts. Here's what we learned. ... Continue Reading

4 Common Myths About Gamers


As a gamer, there are several stereotypes that you have to constantly deal with. While some of these stereotypes have faded away, there are still a few that just won't seem to go away. The truth of the matter is, gaming isn't just for kids anymore. Many of those who grew-up playing Super Mario Bros. are well into our 30's and we enjoying gaming as a family and on our own. It's a permanent fixture in our culture. Here are four common myths about gamers that I would like to dispel for you: ... Continue Reading

Lumino City: A Handmade Paper Video Game


I love all sorts of video gaming and genres, so when something totally new and awesome comes onto the scene, it really catches my eye. This particular game, Lumino City, takes some awesome creative cues. The game environment has been completely handmade from paper! I don't mean just designed—as in prototypes—but it is the actual backdrop of Lumino City. Check it out: ... Continue Reading

SmileBASIC: Learning to Code on Your Nintendo 3DS

SmileBasic nintedo 3ds computer programing learning game

I remember the first thing I ever programmed on a computer. It was “Hello, world.” — LOL! I followed a book tutorial using QuickBASIC and then attempted to create a text based video game. I never finished it, but I imagine I may have finished it had I had a cool app like this! ... Continue Reading

12 Days of Christmas: Favorite Video Game

Favorite Video Game

This is the fifth day in a series of the 12 Days of Christmas. To catch the rest of the articles, check out the landing page here. For some of you who are in youth ministry, parents, or still in this realm, video games are a fun way to pass the time. I remember being a teenager and just waiting Christmas morning to see if I got that latest and greatest game. Now with digital downloads and mobile apps that does don't require a physical purchase, it's a little different, but the games are still ... Continue Reading