Improv Everywhere Pranks TED Audience [Video]


Technology summits, conferences, and talks have always been inspiring. Steve Jobs actually made it cool to talk about computers and built a buzz around his products that was on a whole other level. The question is how to make a creative and fun presentation?

The TED talks are a series of random, yet highly intriguing conversations that happen every year and has come to be nationally known. Every year, there is some technology speakers that give really good content, though their presentation may be lacking.

This year, the TED committee changed things up with an amazing presentation on “technology” with the famous Improv Everywhere. After watching the video below, you will definitely leave with a smile on your face.


For the conference this year, the TED curators approached me about staging something unexpected to surprise their audience. We had previously staged a musical prank at a conference, but I wanted to do something new and different for TED. I came up with the idea to have a fake speaker give a talk and make it seem like his big moment in the spotlight had been ruined by a computer crash. Apple users love to hate the notorious Spinning Beach Ball of Death. I started with that image and set out to heighten it to absurdity. –

How is it that they make the spinning beach ball of death so much more fun than I remember it to be?



Jeremy Smith

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