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Business cards are your best resource for networking in person. It provides a little bit of contact information and if you are creative enough, a lot about the character of yourself or your company.

MOO, a creative printing company, has come up with a unique solution to getting the best business card designs you could need. They have capitalized on Facebook’s new timeline design to give you your own cards.

They did do an initial free promotion, but the costs are not over priced.

Here are some details:

  • 50 cards for $15 up to 200 cards for $60.
  • 16pt. thick stock, great print quality and smooth satin feel
  • With 50 Facebook Cards per pack, there’s the option to print a different image or design on every one.

Here is a video of how to get your own!

Visit here to get your own Facebook cards.

What do you think of this unique design?


Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith is a Christian first, husband and father next, and then a blogger, writer, and social media realist. Besides helping churches Level Up their digital marketing platforms and church tech ministries through the blog and direct consultations, he loves to spend time with his family and serving in the church with infant daycare and marital and pre-marital counseling. He is currently an outpatient clinician at a Colorado Community Behavioral Health Center and previously worked at Youth for Christ/USA as the Social Media Specialist as well as a Youth Ministry Director over the span of more than ten years. He has received his Masters of Arts in Mental Health Counseling from Denver Seminary, Masters of Arts in Family Ministry from Winebrenner Theological Seminary, and Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering from Ohio Northern University.

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  1. says

    I really like the design. The only downside is the cards are pretty inflexible–you can’t remove your facebook URL, the icons on the front (office and home) can’t be removed/changed, etc.

    Granted, they’re giving the cards away for shipping, but there’s no way (confirmed by MOO customer support) to get that design on one of their regular cards or “upgrade” to a paid card, short of redesigning it yourself.

    • says

      Agreed that it is less flexible than it could, but I think this is an experiment to see if it goes viral. For stay-at-home mom’s that don’t have a business card or young entrepreneurs, this is a perfect option that would utilize all the features that they offer.

      • says

        Fair enough, but as a young entrepreneur myself (27), I want more control of my brand (i.e. me and my work) than what Facebook allows. Plus it is only my personal Facebook URL. I can’t figure out how to even put my Facebook page URL on there, as a middle-ground option.

        Just frustrating to see a design you want by a printer offered free, willing to pay their standard prices to be able to modify it with their own tools and being told by their customer support I’d need to hire a designer or build it from scratch in their self-design interface because “it is tied to Timeline”, which doesn’t make sense in light of my query.

        My one experience with MOO previously was fine, but again, just frustrating.

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