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I've always considered myself—wrightly or wrongly—a writer, but ChurchMag helped make it official. It was 2011, and I knew that I was supposed to be writing. I knew it was part of what I was made to do, what I was made to be. And yet, I felt frustrated, even hopeless, as I couldn't find anyway to publish my writing that would result in anyone, beside my family, reading it. And that's where ChurchMag came in. ... Continue Reading

15 Ideas for Telling A Great Story for Your Church Online [Infographic]

Tell me a story - image

Every Christian has a story that I quantify has their own personal narrative. Apart of this narrative is the story of God who is the overarching narrative that hopefully we talk about every single day of our lives. It is in this storytelling that we connect to the narratives of other people that may or may not know Jesus and get to point them to the ultimate storyteller and who's story ultimately can impress on each person. So, with social media, blogs, and videos, how do we tell our story well ... Continue Reading

[GIVEAWAY!] The Media Story by Dustin Comm [Saturday Morning Review]

The Media Story - SMR - Image

Video and photos are this generation's most effective marketing tool and churches have the ability with the Internet to reach the world and technology to reach their local community for the Gospel. But simply having the tools does not mean you will tell your story well. It takes knowing what story you will tell and how to best go about it. Enter Dustin Comm. ... Continue Reading

Content Creation vs. Content Sharing [Infographic]

Content Creation vs Sharing - Image

Do you have a social media strategy? Yeah? Good. But what kind of content does your church shoot for? Content creation or sharing? Content creation is posting around what your church has to offer. It's me focused. Content sharing is focusing on others. I don't think it needs to be one or the other. ChurchMag has a strategy right now to push a 50-50 with the two types. And it's working. The infographic below has great data for you to use and it can be simple to apply it to your own content ... Continue Reading

6 Ways to Improve Your Church Bulletin

6 Ways to Improve Church Bulletin - Image

Church bulletins. You gotta love 'em. Or not. Since moving to the US, we've been visiting many different churches in our search for a new spiritual home. That was an interesting experience, to say the least, and one that has taught us much about what churches are doing right—and wrong. One aspect of our church 'experience' we noticed, was the vast variety in church bulletins, both in terms of layout and quality as in content. We've seen some really great examples of church bulletins and we ... Continue Reading

UnProgrammed: 05 Creating Vs Exploiting Content

Creating Versus Exploiting Content

When you create content, you are drawing from a well of inspiration, whether it is photography, videography, or blogging. That's tough because you are starting from scratch. The alternative is that you take news and talk about it, even though you do not know much about it. And you blog because it's a hot topic and exploit this "you must click it" article. What are your thoughts? Am I overreacting? ... Continue Reading

How to Better Proofread Your Own Writing

CM Proof It

How would you like to make fewer spelling and grammar mistakes and avoid being called out by the grammar police? Have you ever written that you consider to be a reasonably good blog post or article only to get your first piece of feedback by a well meaning person reminding you politely that actually you made several mistakes. Trust me I’ve been there. It is especially common when you write on a controversial topic or the more popular you are. If people want to criticize your argument (and ... Continue Reading

Evernote Is My Favorite Long Form Writing App

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For all things simple, including my ChurchMag​ infographic articles, quick opinion pieces, and inspirational video posts, I simply use the WordPress​ native app. Easy, and so distraction free, that anything else would be silly. But I have been getting into longer form articles (read 700+ words) as well as ebooks (9,000+ words) which require something more. Microsoft Word is not cloud-oriented (I don't have Office 365) and WordPress has been known to lose too many documents if you take too long ... Continue Reading

Becoming a Writer and Blogger [Podcast #57]

CM Podcast - Becoming a Writer and Blogger

ChurchMag Staff Writer Rachel Blom has been writing for ChurchMag since 2012, but she's been writing and blogging for much longer. Rachel Blom joins the #cmagcast crew to talk about her journey as a writer and blogger and what it takes to becoming a writer. Enjoy: ... Continue Reading