One Simple Tip to Boost Your Creativity

colorful book stacks

I'm a writer and so I follow a lot of blogs on writing. One topic that keeps popping up, is one that I always skip. It's how to boost your creativity. I always have more ideas than I have time to execute. Seriously, I have been blogging for various blogs for years and I have never run out of topics. And I have more ideas for stories and fiction books than I could ever hope to write. Of course I have wondered why I never seem to run out of ideas. And here's what I think, my one simple trick to ... Continue Reading

The Anatomy of A Great Sermon [Infographic]


As a blogger, I have found a new passion for writing. I have found my own type of writing, explored new mediums which has brought about other passions for sharing my messages, and even challenged myself to write 70 page eBooks. Yet, for every challenge that the blogging process brings, writing a sermon can be just as hard. I know this because I did youth ministry for eight years and while the Internet is a tough critic, they have nothing on the ADHD attention spans of middle schoolers and the ... Continue Reading

Your Church Needs A Blog Editor

Have keyboard. Will blog.

Numerous times churches and ministries have asked me, how do we get a blog running. Through the formal consulting process, we would look at their needs, goals, resources, and approaches that have already been made. More times than not, I have told them that they needed to hire someone. This could be a person that is fully dedicated to blogging, other times it was a full-time job as a blogger, social media manager, online marketer, and IT person for the whole church. Yet, in the time I have been ... Continue Reading

Markdown 101: Serious About Writing? Try Markdown

Markdown 101

A few months ago I had people mention markdown but had no idea what on earth it was. I knew it had something to do with writing, but thought it was probably just a different way of talking about HTML syntax as people talked about writing for the web in markdown. Boy was I wrong. Since then, I've learned a bit about markdown and I'm sure that it is a topic that would be of great use for the ChurchMag community, particularly those who write on multiple devices, on different platforms, or write ... Continue Reading

Merry Christmas! You Has Bad Grammar


A Facebook friend of mine shared Twas the Night Before Christmas as corrected by an English teacher. It's funny to see such an iconic classic critiqued this way. It got me thinking about my own creative writing and the writing of all those that never hit 'Publish' because they feel inhibited by the Internet's Grammar Police. Look, it doesn't take anything special to be part of the Bad Grammar Brigade, but to have the courage to create and compose something of your own, that is something ... Continue Reading

Andrew Peterson: The Wingfeather Saga [Interview]

Andrew Peterson

One of my favorite artists is Andrew Peterson. He is not only one of my favorite music artists—my wife and I have all of his albums, including Appendix C—he has also become on of our family's favorite authors.  Andrew Peterson is an amazing singer, songwriter, musician, author and he even draws! Andrew recently had one of those over-the-top successful Kickstarter campaigns he launched for the fourth and final book in his incredible Wingfeather Saga book series. I had the honor of ... Continue Reading

Tales of Mobile Calamity: I Am A Broken Man [Part 1]

sad phone

I am broken. Defeated. Completely worn down. What happened? Everything. Yes, me and mine are healthy. I am still blessed beyond measure, and I am grateful to be here today. Well, mostly. I've lost something, and there is a huge void without it. My HTC EVO 4G LTE is sick. Seriously ill. Hold on a second. This isn't you're usual tech-addicted nerd whining about broken electronics. Not all of it, at least. This is a tech-addicted nerd whining about broken electronics AND broken ... Continue Reading

Pastoral Blogging: E-pisteling to Your Church

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I love writing. I've loved it since my eight-grade language arts teacher, Mrs. Ochs, introduced my class to a unit on poetry. (Incidentally, I'm now teaching at my old junior high, and Mrs. Ochs is still here. It's really very cool.) I've been writing continuously, some years more than others, ever since. I've been trying to write two or three books in that time, but I just can't seem to get it all to click. I'm not discouraged. I just keep trying different methods. For a while, I was trying ... Continue Reading

Originality Versus Reworked Content


I am currently going through Seth Godin's book Tribes and the man is a genius. If you have not heard about his theories on tribes, you need to go buy the book now. It's a quick read and will completely reorient your thinking about blogging and social media. I had already heard much about this concept on tribes before ever opening the book so as I am going through the book, none of the content is very revolutionary. In fact, many of the concepts have been fully hashed out in other people's ... Continue Reading

If Great Authors Had Instagram


What if great authors had Instagram? A great question and a fun bit that Harper Collins press put together. This is a good example of marketing done right...or maybe just marketing done fun? Tell me what you think: ... Continue Reading