To put it simply, Desk PM is a bridge between a writer and their online platform. This hawt little Mac app wires-up to a multitude of online platforms and helps writers focus on what they love to do best: write. Desk PM removes all the clutter. Removes all the distractions. Removes all the noise. And presents the writer with a beautiful canvas that's just waiting to be crafted upon. Presenting, Desk PM ... and we have a few copies to give away! ... Continue Reading

Becoming a Better Writer Series: Crafting an Effective Testimony

Better Writer Series - Effective Testimony

In this series on Becoming a Better Writer, we're sharing tips and secrets to improve your writing. Today I want to focus on crafting an effective testimony: the personal story of someone's encounter with Jesus. I cannot keep my eyes dry when someone shares a powerful testimony. And by powerful I do not mean dramatic, or miraculous. To me, a powerful testimony is a well crafted one that has focus, story, and Jesus (not necessarily in that order, just to be clear!). Before I expand on these ... Continue Reading

Becoming a Better Writer Series: 10 Literary Devices that Actually Work

10 Literary Devices that Actually Work - Image

[This is part of an ongoing ChurchMag series, A Dutch-Girl’s Guide to Becoming a Better Writer.] I don’t know what you learned in high school about literary devices, or even better, what you still remember. I know we covered things like alliteration, metaphors, similes, euphemisms, etc... Truth be told, I forgot many devices I learned because I never used them. Since I became a writer, I find myself using more and more literary devices because they add a little oomph to my writing. That being ... Continue Reading

Creative Writing Insights from Torry Martin [Podcast]

Torry Martin ChurchMag Podcast

Torry Martin is an amazingly talented guy. He is a writer, actor, comedian—a communicator and storyteller. Some of you may have come across his work, as he is the one who created the character, Wooton, from the Focus on the Family's radio drama, Adventures in Odyssey. In this interview, we get creative writing insights as well as some solid perspectives on storytelling from this masterful and humorous storytelling genius, Torry Martin. ... Continue Reading

Becoming a Better Writer Series: How to Write a Good Story

Becoming A Better Writer - How to Write a Good Story

[This is part of an ongoing ChurchMag series, A Dutch-Girl’s Guide to Becoming a Better Writer.] We live in a story-focused culture. Stories have always been popular of course, look at the epic tale of Homer for instance which is still being told thousands of years later. But in our present culture, amidst the bombardment of information people process daily, stories remain remarkably popular and effective. It’s the reason why many communicators (pastors, writers, bloggers, business leaders) ... Continue Reading

Will You Join the Insanity Known as NaNoWriMo?

write - read - write again

November is NaNoWriMo. No, I'm not pulling your leg, this is truly a thing. NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month and it's the 30 days where hundreds of thousands of people worldwide attempt to write a novel (over 310,000 succeeded last year). Believe me, it's pure insanity. The rules are simple: Start writing on November 1st and stop on November 30th. You can prepare your novel by doing research, writing character bios, or outlining the plot. You can't start writing yet though ... Continue Reading

Becoming a Better Writer Series: How Strong Verbs Can Enhance Your Impact


[This is part of an ongoing ChurchMag series, A Dutch-Girl’s Guide to Becoming a Better Writer.] If you are anything like me, verbs are not something you spend a lot of thought on. But in writing, verbs are more crucial than you may think. There’s a big difference between what’s known as weak verbs and strong verbs. The easiest way to explain this is with an example: ... Continue Reading

Becoming a Better Writer Series: Purpose Driven Writing


[This is part of an ongoing ChurchMag series, A Dutch-Girl’s Guide to Becoming a Better Writer.] There are many forms and sorts of writing: short stories, fiction books, newspaper stories, articles for magazines, blogs, you name it. And within those forms, the styles vary widely as well. It’s interesting to see for instance how much the Dutch newspaper style varies from the American approach. No matter the form or style however, the best writers have one thing in common: they are purpose ... Continue Reading

What Makes A Good Headline [Infographic]


I wish that I could say that because I have been blogging for more than five years of my life and at least 2,000 articles under my belt across the Internet, that I have become some kind of a guru with crafting the best posts you would ever read. The reality is, I still have so much to learn and work on if I want to peak at my craft. One of the most difficult parts of blogging is creating the best title possible. For an article like this, it is simple because I am sharing an infographic with you ... Continue Reading

A Dutch-Girl’s Guide to Becoming a Better Writer

A Dutch Girl's Guide to Becoming A Better Writer

I love writing. I’ve always loved it. I have hundreds of pages filled with handwritten stories from when I was a kid and a teen. I even created my own magazine that would come out a couple of times a year. My biggest dream was to become a writer. Guess what, I’m a writer now. I’ve published a non-fiction book, started a successful blog, and wrote many different publications like articles for magazines, guest blogs, youth ministry materials, and whatnot. And the funny thing is, that English is ... Continue Reading