The Day Jobs of Famous Creatives

sitting on a typewriter

I'm a writer by night. By day, I'm a public school teacher, and by later that day, I'm a pastor. Basically, I'm crazy busy, and I love reading about how writers, greater than I, managed their crazy busy lives. And to that end, here's a sweet infographic showing the day jobs* of famous poets. ... Continue Reading

My Best Blogging Setup Yet!

upside down desk

When I first started blogging, I had no predispositions about my blogging setup at all. I was more worried about sounding boring, having terrible graphics, or not getting enough content out to my viewers. Fast forward to today, over six years later, and I certainly have an opinion. For those of you working on a 13-inch laptop sitting on your lap while at Starbucks or someone else working on a Surface Pro that has to sit on a flat surface, or even someone that is using their home computer, let me ... Continue Reading

It’s Here: ChurchMag Press

the rumors are true

The rumors are true. ChurchMag Press is here. Ladies & Gentlemen. Boys & Girls. Geeks, nerds, coffee addicts, writers, and technology fans of all shapes, sizes, ages and IQs. We are excited, ecstatic, and extremely caffeinated to present to you for the very first time... ChurchMag Press! ... Continue Reading

Will You Join Me in the 750 Words Challenge?

typewriter writing

I like to write. But sometimes when I sit down at my keyboard, my mind just draws a blank. I become immediately discouraged. I start to doubt myself, and it throws me into a funk. There are other times though that the words flow beautifully down the page. I often find myself in the position of having to write copy for various church websites or for newsletters. Most of the time, when I sit down to write for these specific outlets, I find it difficult to even start. Do you experience this? ... Continue Reading

Effective Storytelling with Social Media [Infographic]

buzz lightyear to the rescue

If you are running the blog for your ministry, the social media account for your church, or some kind of marketing for your brand, you need effective storytelling for who you are representing. How do you share a church's story that might include hundreds or thousands of people over five, ten, or one hundred years? Even more so, this story needs to not only be about what was, but what is and what will be. The infographic below has some tips and church marketers as well as pastors, bloggers, and ... Continue Reading

One Simple Tip to Boost Your Creativity

colorful book stacks

I'm a writer and so I follow a lot of blogs on writing. One topic that keeps popping up, is one that I always skip. It's how to boost your creativity. I always have more ideas than I have time to execute. Seriously, I have been blogging for various blogs for years and I have never run out of topics. And I have more ideas for stories and fiction books than I could ever hope to write. Of course I have wondered why I never seem to run out of ideas. And here's what I think, my one simple trick to ... Continue Reading

The Anatomy of A Great Sermon [Infographic]


As a blogger, I have found a new passion for writing. I have found my own type of writing, explored new mediums which has brought about other passions for sharing my messages, and even challenged myself to write 70 page eBooks. Yet, for every challenge that the blogging process brings, writing a sermon can be just as hard. I know this because I did youth ministry for eight years and while the Internet is a tough critic, they have nothing on the ADHD attention spans of middle schoolers and the ... Continue Reading

Your Church Needs A Blog Editor

Have keyboard. Will blog.

Numerous times churches and ministries have asked me, how do we get a blog running. Through the formal consulting process, we would look at their needs, goals, resources, and approaches that have already been made. More times than not, I have told them that they needed to hire someone. This could be a person that is fully dedicated to blogging, other times it was a full-time job as a blogger, social media manager, online marketer, and IT person for the whole church. Yet, in the time I have been ... Continue Reading

Markdown 101: Serious About Writing? Try Markdown

Markdown 101

A few months ago I had people mention markdown but had no idea what on earth it was. I knew it had something to do with writing, but thought it was probably just a different way of talking about HTML syntax as people talked about writing for the web in markdown. Boy was I wrong. Since then, I've learned a bit about markdown and I'm sure that it is a topic that would be of great use for the ChurchMag community, particularly those who write on multiple devices, on different platforms, or write ... Continue Reading

Merry Christmas! You Has Bad Grammar


A Facebook friend of mine shared Twas the Night Before Christmas as corrected by an English teacher. It's funny to see such an iconic classic critiqued this way. It got me thinking about my own creative writing and the writing of all those that never hit 'Publish' because they feel inhibited by the Internet's Grammar Police. Look, it doesn't take anything special to be part of the Bad Grammar Brigade, but to have the courage to create and compose something of your own, that is something ... Continue Reading