Attack of the Crazy Stock Images


No, Thailand is not that exciting—it's the attack of the stock images!?!? Is it just me, or is this why so many of us like to avoid paying for images through Getty, Shutterstock and others? Check these out: ... Continue Reading

Quick Photoshop Tip: Using Guides for Images [Video]


Whenever I used Photoshop to create featured images for blog posts—like this one—the cropped thumbnail doesn't always turn out right. While some WordPress plugins and social media spaces won't crop an image, others will. Popular post plugins, related post plugins, social media shares, etc... will sometimes grabbed the tiny cropped image that WordPress produces. The default is usually 150x150, an Instagram square style. Using Photoshop's built-in guides, you can quickly and easily add some ... Continue Reading

The Future of Adobe Creative Apps and Microsoft [Video]

Adobe and Microsoft working together

I remember when I first got my Mac. It was pretty exciting. :) After years of using Windows, I was excited to start digging into a number of exclusive Mac based apps. Most of them were for web development, as apps provided by Adobe and others came in both flavors. However, I remembered a time when this wasn't the case and Adobe was only for Apple! Times have certainly changed, and while I didn't think I would ever switch away from Apple, a collaboration of Adobe and Microsoft that looks ... Continue Reading

A Dutch-Girl’s Guide to Becoming a Better Writer

A Dutch Girl's Guide to Becoming A Better Writer

I love writing. I’ve always loved it. I have hundreds of pages filled with handwritten stories from when I was a kid and a teen. I even created my own magazine that would come out a couple of times a year. My biggest dream was to become a writer. Guess what, I’m a writer now. I’ve published a non-fiction book, started a successful blog, and wrote many different publications like articles for magazines, guest blogs, youth ministry materials, and whatnot. And the funny thing is, that English is ... Continue Reading

Eyefi: Connect Your Camera to the Cloud

eyefi top

I've often wondered how some photographers I follow on Instagram get their photos taken from their high-end cameras onto the photo sharing social network. Sure, you can download your photos, upload them to your smartphone, and then publish them on Instagram, but that's a lot of steps! And considering the frequency that some publish, it would seem as though they were publishing straight from their Nikon or Canon. Now I know their secret. And it is awesome. ... Continue Reading

Spaceship Simulator Built with Old RV


These DIY hackers built an amazing spaceship simulator from an old RV camper and old computer parts they had around. Mixed with some newer tech, this has got to be one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time. Check this out: ... Continue Reading

‘Songs of Innocence’ by U2 [Saturday Morning Review]

Songs of Innocence by U2

This past month, Apple announced the release of two new iPhones, and while that was really cool, I don't think anyone was really surprised. No, the truly shocking news of the day came from what I thought was going to be the most gimmicky moment of the whole event: Apple is giving away U2's new album, Songs of Innocence. Now, I’m not one you would ever call a “U2 fan.” I don’t dislike them; they simply weren’t on my cultural horizon as I grew up, save for a select few hits that most diehard ... Continue Reading