We Love You, Eric!


Eric doesn't know that I am publishing this. In fact, we have hijacked the website just to love on Eric. Below are our own experiences and thoughts of Eric as he has not only run and grown, but also has managed us. He has shown the love to us and to you the readers, so we figured it was time to show him a little love. So without further ado, here are our stories about Eric. ... Continue Reading

ChurchThemes.com Joins the Celebration


Churchthemes.com provide excellent WordPress themes for churches. They are not only designed well and have the kind of built-in features you're going to want for a church website, but the support is superb! When Steven Gliebe--the man behind the curtain--heard about our 15,000th Blog Post celebration, he wanted to join-in... ... Continue Reading

Thank You ChurchMag Readers


I can still remember sending in my application to write with ChurchMag. I had just signed up to write with a different blog and after gaining that little confidence boost, I sent off my email. Getting my first post approval, publishing, and payment, felt like a dream. It still feels great every time I see an email letting me know something has been published. Now some 97 posts later, I am incredibly grateful for all that I have learned, from Eric's editing, the other writers, the back channel ... Continue Reading

My ChurchMag Story


I've always considered myself—wrightly or wrongly—a writer, but ChurchMag helped make it official. It was 2011, and I knew that I was supposed to be writing. I knew it was part of what I was made to do, what I was made to be. And yet, I felt frustrated, even hopeless, as I couldn't find anyway to publish my writing that would result in anyone, beside my family, reading it. And that's where ChurchMag came in. ... Continue Reading

Free Christmas Resource: Carols by Candlelight

Carols by Candlelight - BG

The chasm between the Church and the rest of the world is ever-widening, and this makes it difficult for us in the Church to bridge that chasm. Thankfully, Christmas, by its very nature, makes bridging that gap easier. The only problem, then, is figuring out the best way to bridge it. If I can be so bold, we at ChurchMag have a resource that might be helpful in that regard: ... Continue Reading

Design Basics: Color Theory [Series]

Design Bascis - Color Theory - Image

[ Be sure to read more from the Design Basics series. ] Color can give vibrancy and life to your design—but did you know that it can also bring a lot of extra meaning to it? Color can be a really powerful tool when used properly—so let's take a look at how best to do that. ... Continue Reading

Pablo 2: Pablo Gets Extra Fancy

Pablo 2 point 0 - image

Buffer has become a staple of many social media managers lives. The ability to schedule messages for their optimum times and not have to rely on a timer to send a social media update when you want is key for many people to make sure they can reach people most effectively while still maintaining some form of work/life balance. For a long time, Buffer has talked about how important images and graphics are for effective social media updates and the benefits they can provide in terms of click ... Continue Reading

25 Design Tips for Beautiful Image Graphics


Is your church slacking when it comes to creating quality professional looking graphics? Obviously, you missed this post about Canva. In a nutshell, Canva is an online design platform that can transform a rookie to a professional designer; the platform can help people with no experience with tools like InDesign or Photoshop. To get the full scope of Canva do check out our post covering it. To further help people up their design skills, the wonderful Canva team has put together an insightful ... Continue Reading