Photoshop Reimagined [Images]

Photoshop redesign 1

[A slightly humorous and a partially real open letter to Adobe from me.] Dear Adobe, Please hire Aurélien SALOMO to redesign Photoshop. His redesign is so good, it inspires me to create awesome things and care about good design. Let me show you why: ... Continue Reading

Create Visual Design Collections with Dropmark

Dropmark Logo

In short, it's kind of like a private Pinterest. But so much more than that. Dropmark is an awesome place to put “all your stuff in one simple, visual, private place.” It's a wonderful solution for creatives and designers who want to organize inspiration or project collaboration. Organize your links, files—and even notes—into nifty visual collections. ... Continue Reading

2 Most Important Aspects of Web Design

web design going on with white board in the background

I'm not a designer. That's putting it mildly by the way. My skills consist of knowing what I want and knowing when to ask for help. That doesn't mean I don't recognize a good design though. I don't pretend to know more than designers (did you catch this hilarious post with posters from a web designers about stuff his clients tell him?), but I do have a strong opinion on what's most important about web design. Hint: It has nothing to do with 'beautiful', or however you define a pretty ... Continue Reading

Diggin’ in the Carts: A Video Game Music Documentary


I've never thought about it much until now. The influence that Japanese video game music has had on our culture is certainly underestimated. Just think of the hours and hours that gamers have listened to in the course of their life! In fact, in the documentary Diggin' in the Carts, they argue that video game music is Japan's number one exported art in the world. I'd have a hard time arguing that point. ... Continue Reading

‘The Undoing’ by Steffany Gretzinger [Music Review]

Saturday Morning Review - The Undoing

I love Steffany Gretzinger’s name. I love Steffany Gretzinger’s voice. The name Gretzinger is as unique and distinct as Steffany’s voice. Gretzinger is not a strange name (or face) to fans of Bethel Music, or the congregation at Bethel Church in Redding, CA. The singer has been part of the Bethel Music family for a long while so she isn’t exactly ’new’ in the Christian music scene. She has notably appeared on several of Bethel Music albums from “You Make Me Brave,” “The Loft Session,” “Be ... Continue Reading

Artful Inspiration: Oceanographies [Images]

Oceanographies Head

These 'Oceanographies' by Milan based illustrators and photographers Luca Broglia and Giulla Pex mix photography and illustration in a really unique way. Having spent plenty of time on Italy's coast and experienced the warm winds and seen beautiful kites flown from the sandy shore, I can really feel the life coming off of these. Now here you go: ... Continue Reading

Church Website Content — Foundry #1

ChurchMag Foundry Church Website Content

This is our first ChurchMag Foundry—and we're super excited! We received a number of applications when we announced the Foundry a few months ago, and decided we would kick it off with Sam Arthur from Second Baptist Church. The area of help that Sam was looking to get from Kenny Jahng, was with a content redesign to make the church website look nicer, work better, and require less time to manage. Let's jump in! ... Continue Reading

PenPath: Helping Authors Track Their Impact


I love writing, and one day, I’d like to be a writer full-time. For now, however, I’ll keep cranking out blog posts on my lunch break, which is fine, except that this doesn’t give me much time for the business side of writing. I have no time to track my posts to see what went well and what post was entirely ignored. This may sound boring—and it is!—but it’s really important to learn how to write in a way that engages an audience in an active and passionate way. That’s why I’m so excited about ... Continue Reading

The Importance of Sound in Film & Video [Video]

soundboard with cool blur

Never underestimate the power of sound. One of the first days of taking video production class back in college, we learned about the importance of sound. It seemed silly as a naive college student learning the ropes of mass media. Why are we learning about sound in a video production class? Here's probably the most #EPIC example: ... Continue Reading

Best Star Wars Parody Ever [Video]

Best Star Wars Parody Ever Screencap Cropped

The brilliance of Sesame Street has brought us Homeland and Sherlock parodies that were to die for. But now they have outdone themselves with this laugh-out-loud Star Wars parody titled "Star S'Mores". Featuring Princess Parfaita, Luke Piewalker, Darth Baker, Only One Cannoli, Flan Solo and more, this is the best Star Wars parody ever. ... Continue Reading