When Cartoons Start the Faith Conversation

From the episode, "Dipper vs. Manliness" from Disney Channel Original Series "Gravity Falls."

During my childhood, Sonic the Hedgehog challenged me on the issue of where my confidence rested. During college, Timmy Turner of "The Fairly OddParents" showed me that not everything you wish and desire for your life is necessarily beneficial. During my late 20's, Dipper Pines of "Gravity Falls" challenged me on the topic of Manhood. And during my early 30's, Ed Elric of "Fullmetal Alchemist" showed me what happens when you try to play the role of God in certain areas of your life. Each ... Continue Reading

Awesome Adobe Plugins: 01 – AutoSaviour


Picture this. You are happily working at your desk when someone higher-up pops into your office and asks you to throw a design together and they need it done that afternoon for some reason or another. Being the pro you are, you open up Illustrator and start whipping up some sweet designs. After working for a couple hours, almost to the point of completion, the unexpected happens. Your computer dies. Illustrator crashes. Something happens out of your control. You feel that surge of anxiety ... Continue Reading

When Is the Best Time to Be Creative? [Infographic]


Creativity is the gold that seems to be so elusive in the short term. I find myself with tons of creativity over periods of time, but I typically need it now, not in the future. So the question is, “How do we create moments of creativity?” Writers, artists, musicians, and others have fought over "do it early in the morning" or "wait until the stars are out at night." But which is the best time to be creative? ... Continue Reading

The Case for Handwritten Notes


Did you take a course or class lately? Went to a conference? Made notes during a talk or sermon? How did you take notes? Chances are you used your laptop, iPad, or another digital advice. Because that's what most of us do these days, since handwritten notes, they're so nineties, right? Wrong. ... Continue Reading

Everything Is Awesome Is Real [Video]


You may think you being Will Ferrell's character in the LEGO Movie is just a dream and you may be envious of KC Proctor as he posts a new LEGO photo on social media nearly every single day. But the truth is, there is a real person out there with a basement full of organized LEGOS and I am excited about it! ... Continue Reading

How Lack of Sleep Impacts your Brain [Infographic]

sleeping woman

We're not getting enough sleep. Most of us need at least 8 hours of sleep, but many don't manage to squeeze more in than 7. Whereas one night of less sleep won't hurt you, a consistent lack of sleep impacts your brain, as this infographic shows. Did you know for instance that emotional volatility and the tendency to make risky decisions are side-effects of sleep deprivation? Sleep is essential, even if scientists haven't figured out all the reasons. ... Continue Reading

We Don’t Need Another ChurchMag


I had a recent revelation that I have been internally conflicted about how the whole of church technology has been advancing online. I've touted that bloggers need to market well, create great images for their articles, people should expand into podcasts, create eBooks, get on YouTube, and more. But when they do, I'm not impressed and quite disappointed. Initially, I was worried I was being hypocritical, but I have figured out the source of my frustration: ... Continue Reading

‘Do Over’ by Jon Acuff [Saturday Morning Review]

Do Over by Jon Acuff - Saturday Morning Review

Jon Acuff jumps into what I would call the next book in his trilogy on how to go from "just another day" to something "great." As with all books of his, I went the route of an audio book which gives additional annotations as well as his own unique tone I have come to attribute with him. If you like Jon's humor, you get more of that here. But that doesn't mean the content is only 6 inches deep and worthless. For Jon, a Do Over is not a failure, but an opportunity for something great. For me, ... Continue Reading

Serial Season 2: Who Shot First, Han or Greedo?


You could consider this an open letter to Sarah Koenig, host of the super-podcast Serial, which rose to prominence in 2014 as it looked at the murder of eighteen-year old Hae Min Lee and the conviction of her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed. The show was trying to determine whether or not Syed had been properly convicted. Well, today, on May the Fourth, commonly known as "Star Wars Day," I'd like to ask—neigh, beg!—Sarah Koenig to look into another case, one that has troubled Star Wars fans for ... Continue Reading