The Hungry JPEG: August Font Bundle


Another amazing deal is now available at! Their latest bundle includes over 50 fonts, along with tons of extras including graphics and dingbats. Everything included comes with a full commercial license. But hurry, as this offer is only available during August 2015! Here's a little sample: ... Continue Reading

How to Better Proofread Your Own Writing

CM Proof It

How would you like to make fewer spelling and grammar mistakes and avoid being called out by the grammar police? Have you ever written that you consider to be a reasonably good blog post or article only to get your first piece of feedback by a well meaning person reminding you politely that actually you made several mistakes. Trust me I’ve been there. It is especially common when you write on a controversial topic or the more popular you are. If people want to criticize your argument (and ... Continue Reading

Evernote Is My Favorite Long Form Writing App

Evernote Logo - Large

For all things simple, including my ChurchMag​ infographic articles, quick opinion pieces, and inspirational video posts, I simply use the WordPress​ native app. Easy, and so distraction free, that anything else would be silly. But I have been getting into longer form articles (read 700+ words) as well as ebooks (9,000+ words) which require something more. Microsoft Word is not cloud-oriented (I don't have Office 365) and WordPress has been known to lose too many documents if you take too long ... Continue Reading

The Most Undervalued Branding Element


For many Christian organizations and churches, branding means creating a logo and using that somewhat consistently. Obviously, creating a consistent and recognizable brand involves way more. Everything you communicate—your website, your printed materials, the letters and emails you send, the promotional materials you use, anything—should embrace the brand’s identity. There cannot be a different use of the logo for instance (different colors or proportions, a different placing), or a message ... Continue Reading

5 Thoughts On ‘A.D. The Bible Continues’


Have you noticed a major shift in Hollywood in the past couple of years? Christian-themed films have all of a sudden gotten more exposure and limelight with massive budgets! Although some may argue that (most of the time) these feature productions end up drawing controversies, and debates amongst the Christian audience; I would like to point out that these films/TV shows have all together become an important tool for evangelism no matter the angle we look at it. For example, the Darren ... Continue Reading

‘Live in Focus’ by Kings Kaleidoscope [Saturday Morning Review]


I've been aware of Kings Kaleidoscope for a few months, but I haven't really dived into their music. A few weeks ago, however, I heard their song "I Know," and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Then, a few weeks ago, when I found out that Kings Kaleidoscope was giving away a live EP, I jumped at the chance to hear more of their work. (Unfortunately for you, it's no longer free.) And I was blown away. ... Continue Reading

The Lies Designers Tell Their Clients [Images]


There are all kinds of lies. Little white lies we use to get away with something. Sweet little lies we tell our partner. Bold lies we use to get ahead. None of them are okay, obviously, but some of them can be pretty funny. Like these hilarious lies designers tell their clients. They're the kind of lies that are so obvious, it's almost painful. Like this one: ... Continue Reading

Christian Business Ethics: Meet Steve Jobs [Discussion]

Dont Be That Steve

I am deeply haunted by Jesus' words as he has just begun his three year ministry, gained his disciples, and was talking with the local community. Mark 8:34-38 Then he called the crowd to him along with his disciples and said: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me and for the gospel will save it. What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet ... Continue Reading

GIVEAWAY: ‘Mobile Orchestra’ by Owl City [Saturday Morning Review]

Owl City Saturday Morning Review

Owl City is a trailblazer no doubt about that.  Back in the late 2000s, Adam Young (the brain behind Owl City) came out with a daring sound and stuck to it, even when the world was still shilly-shallied about electronica and synth pop. His 2009 single “Fireflies” became an unexpected hit and all of a sudden more people started sounding like Mr. Young – typical, I know. Now that wave of sound is somewhat saturated on mainstream radio, but that's fine because the craftsmanship of Owl City still ... Continue Reading

Gender Equality In Tech and Gaming [Video]


I am blessed enough when I was running my church technology team that I had a diverse demographic within the church congregation. Don't get me wrong, it was definitely privileged white Americans, but I had stay-at-home moms, teens, college students, retirees, and working dads all on the groups with their own specialties. The fact that I had each person in a different psychosocial stage of life, genders, level of technology and church communication competence, and character backgrounds made our ... Continue Reading