Serial Season 2: Who Shot First, Han or Greedo?


You could consider this an open letter to Sarah Koenig, host of the super-podcast Serial, which rose to prominence in 2014 as it looked at the murder of eighteen-year old Hae Min Lee and the conviction of her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed. The show was trying to determine whether or not Syed had been properly convicted. Well, today, on May the Fourth, commonly known as "Star Wars Day," I'd like to ask—neigh, beg!—Sarah Koenig to look into another case, one that has troubled Star Wars fans for ... Continue Reading

GIVEAWAY: ‘You Alone’ by NCC Worship [Saturday Morning Review]

You Alone by NCC Worship - Review

National Community Church (NCC) is a multi-site church that meets in theaters (yes, secular theatres) around the Washington, DC metro area. As a ministry, NCC has been pretty effective! They have converted a crack house into a coffeehouse (Ebenezer’s), an old theater into a gathering place for worship (The Miracle Theatre) and this year alone, they will launch over 33 mission trips and give away more than $1 million to charitable causes around the world! Even the proceeds from the sale of “You ... Continue Reading

GIVEAWAY: ‘Carry the Fire’ by WorshipMob [Saturday Morning Review]

Saturday Morning Review - WorshipMob

WorshipMob is a collective of worship leaders and musicians founded by Sean Mulholland and Garrett Chynoweth from Colorado Springs around four years ago. What started as weekly gatherings between local worship teams is now representing 30 local churches through 70-80 ministry leaders who meet weekly to worship together! Their YouTube connect is impressive too—54,000 channel subscribers and over 9 million views of their videos including both original material and covers of Jesus Culture, All ... Continue Reading

WordPress Themes and HTML5 Galleries & Sliders [GIVEAWAY]

WordPress Themes and HTML5 Galleries Giveaway

Looking for some good deals on web dev products? may be a place you should check out. :) Take this “Web development Bundle: Wp Themes + HTML5 Galleries + Sliders” package for only $18. Normally this package of 22 products by DevelopGo would set you back $250! Here's what's included: ... Continue Reading

Behind the Scenes of a Video Edit [Video]


I must admit I'm a video editing nerd. I love seeing raw footage shot coming together into a finished polished project. In this video I share what tools I used to create a video for my Pastor and the process I use for editing. For this project I used Final Cut Pro X, but the editing  principles apply to any non-linear editing system. ... Continue Reading

The History of Our Easter Icons [Infographic]

Easter Egg Awesome - Image

What's the significance of the Easter bunny, Easter lilies, and Easter hats during the Easter holiday? The infographic below surveys several different Easter icons and the meaning behind them—a great infographic to share and talk about with your family! Take a look, and you'll be reminded of of the new life we have through Jesus a little bit more as you see these various Easter icons this weekend. Enjoy! ... Continue Reading