The Day of The Doctor in LEGO! [Video]


Hear on ChurchMag we love a bit of Doctor Who and we also love LEGO. So we really love it when the Doctor and LEGO come together! And now it has again — in wonderful stop motion animation form — as a condensed version of the epic 50th Anniversary special, “The Day of the Doctor”. So enjoy this wonderful slice of plastic bricked Who-ness! ... Continue Reading

Free Mustache! [Download]

ChurchMag Mustache

I'm sure you've seen signs on bulletin boards and lamp posts for both fun and advertising, whereby you pull a phone number (or something else) off the bottom. We thought it would be fun to make one of our own, a little downloadable, printable fun to brighten your day and those around you. Enjoy! ... Continue Reading

The Art of Mixing Google Font Typefaces [Infographic]

Art Of Mixing Typefaces Google Fonts Edition by Shawun Pagin

Google Fonts is a great place to find fonts for websites and even print projects; but with so many fonts to choose from, how do you pick? And to add to the confusion, what about font combination!?! I recently ran into this very problem while working on a website design. While I was able to pinpoint one of the fonts, finding a good font to accompany it took me a while. If only I had found this chart sooner... ... Continue Reading

Homeless Fonts

Homelessfonts Arrels

I absolutely love, love, love Homeless Fonts. There's so many bits of awesome going on with this project, it's hard to know where to start! They are helping people who have found themselves homeless earn money, gain dignity, and express themselves creatively. Here's how it all works: ... Continue Reading

Find Guidelines

Find Guidelines Website screengrab

If you need design guidelines and information about popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter and a whole lot more, I've got just the place for you! Find Guidelines has a huge collection — that continues to grow — of just about any platform you need to know about. When you simple mouse over each brand, you can easily see what color code they use. Like this: ... Continue Reading

Disney Movie Posters: Flat Design

Flat Design Chicken Little

These Disney movie posters have been given a complete flat design treatment. Like the snippet from the Chicken Little flat designed movie poster (pictured above), these Disney movie posters have been completely reimagined in complete flat design bliss. Which is your favorite? ... Continue Reading

Padcaster + Media Fusion = Easy Church Streaming

Media Fusion and Padcaster

Right when you thought that church streaming couldn't get any easier, Padcaster meets Media Fusion. Sure, Media Fusion makes church streaming über easy and awesome, but there needed to be an equally simple way to capture the video. Media Fusion takes care of all your streaming, archiving and embedding, but what about capturing the video? Many churches find this to be the bottleneck of video streaming. There are so many cameras and options, it can be a little overwhelming — but it doesn't have ... Continue Reading

Keeping It Small in a Big Church

lego church big but small

Have you even been a part of a group that was small and had genuine community? Others on the outside of the community want in. The relationships and sense of belonging are attractive, so the group grows. Pretty quickly you identify a problem: As the community gets bigger, people feel more disconnected, and the relationships and sense of belonging that drew you in the first place are harder to come by. This can, and often does, happen as a church grows from a small, close-knit community into a ... Continue Reading