The 8-Bit Easter Hymnal


We love computer games and their plunky music here on ChurchMag and we've already posted about the wonderful original 8-Bit Hymnal and the very festive Christmas 8-Bit Hymnal. Well, the fab Mr Tyler Larson has been at it again and there's also now the third and final instalment in the 8-Bit Hymnal - the Easter 8-Bit Hymnal - with 12 Easter Themed tracks you can download FREE from Noisetrade! ... Continue Reading

Where Do You Draw the Line with Humor?


Recently I shared a (what I thought was) funny meme on my Facebook where Jesus was depicted making a joke (see below). It turns out, not everybody has a sense of humor when it comes to Jesus. I got some reactions from people who were 'offended' and 'disappointed' that I would post something like that. I admit, it bothered me a bit, and you know why? I never even hesitated before posting it. To me, it was so clearly funny, and not even close to being offensive. Or a profanity, as one commenter ... Continue Reading

Attend the Seeds Conference 2014 for FREE [Videos]

seeds screen

One thing I love about Church on the Move is that they are giving away as much as they possibly can.  So each year when they host the Seeds conference I look forward to the weeks afterward when they put out the video of their worship and speakings from the conference on their Vimeo site. Need a refresher and a time to just sit and relax and remember what it is like to worship this awesome God we serve before the Easter madness takes over? Enjoy! ... Continue Reading

One Simple Tip to Boost Your Creativity

colorful book stacks

I'm a writer and so I follow a lot of blogs on writing. One topic that keeps popping up, is one that I always skip. It's how to boost your creativity. I always have more ideas than I have time to execute. Seriously, I have been blogging for various blogs for years and I have never run out of topics. And I have more ideas for stories and fiction books than I could ever hope to write. Of course I have wondered why I never seem to run out of ideas. And here's what I think, my one simple trick to ... Continue Reading

How Frozen Should Have Ended [Video]


There has been some awesome parodies and funny videos spinning off the Disney film, Frozen. My kids love this film and have been singing songs from it for months (feels like years). But I am wondering ... should it have ended like this? ... Continue Reading

Tech Wreck Tuesday #18: When Does The Bleeding Stop

audio gain

So I became inspired by my buddy Eric Dye with his ChurchMag Podcast and the idea of communicating across a medium that is not only versatile, but actually quite great to consume if done well. I am always up for trying something new with communicating a message to people and working on improving my craft. So I decided to try out my own version of a podcast with my Level Up Podcast. ... Continue Reading

The Anatomy of A Great Sermon [Infographic]


As a blogger, I have found a new passion for writing. I have found my own type of writing, explored new mediums which has brought about other passions for sharing my messages, and even challenged myself to write 70 page eBooks. Yet, for every challenge that the blogging process brings, writing a sermon can be just as hard. I know this because I did youth ministry for eight years and while the Internet is a tough critic, they have nothing on the ADHD attention spans of middle schoolers and the ... Continue Reading

Life-Size Iron Man Made from Cardboard [Photos]


I love what cardboard artist Kai-Xiang Xhong has to say about being an artist. He says that if you don't have the supplies you need to make art — whether it be access or the money — find something else to use ,and if you are an artist, you will make art. Well, there's no doubt in my mind that Xhong is an artist. He not only made this life-size Iron Man, but he's created many other pieces of awesome artwork using cardboard. ... Continue Reading

The Uncomfortable: Making Things Less User Friendly [Images]


The Uncomfortable is a design project by architect Katerina Kamprani that is incredibly fun. She has take everyday objects and redesigned them to make them completely unusable or terribly difficult to use. What I find the most curious about this entire project, is how focusing on what makes an object difficult to use, amplifies exactly that which you want to focus on when making something easier to use. Here are some more to look at: ... Continue Reading

Mockuuups Made Easy

Mockuuups Screen

Here's an awesome resource that's free to download. :D Mockuuups (with three u's) includes four different hi-res PSD files of a iPhone 5S that can be modified to your liking. Swap-out the screen and/or background to your liking. This not only works great for those selling apps, but building-out promotional materials for church, ministry and nonprofit apps and/or mobile friendly websites. Check it: ... Continue Reading