Official Star Wars VII Trailer [Video]

Official Star Wars VII Trailer Screen

The reasons I'm thankful has just increased by one with the new official Star Wars VII trailer coming out. As someone that has watched all of the Star Wars, read every blueprints book out there, and a majority of the (now unofficial) books out there, I am pumped. So watch the video after the jump and I'll give my two cents in as well. ... Continue Reading

‘No Shave November’ Hobbit Dwarf Cheat Sheet [Image]

the hobbit dwarves image

No Shave November is almost over—how did you fare? Have you grown anything that would compare to these dwarves from The Hobbit? After only a month, probably not. I started my beard before November, and now that No Shave November is almost over, I think I'll keep growing it out. I am so close to Beard 2.0, it seems a shame to stop now. If you could have a beard listed below, which would it be? ... Continue Reading

Desk: A Simple & Powerful Publishing App


Back some 10 years ago when I started blogging I struggled with the whole process of things. I wasn’t keen on writing (I didn’t hate writing anymore, as I did when I was a kid), so finding the time to sit down and hammer on the keys till I had a full article was a pain in the neck. Especially, with all the distractions of the Internet at hand! Over time, I learned some strategies and methods to help me with the process of writing so it was more pleasurable to make articles so the process of ... Continue Reading

Becoming a Better Writer Series: Tightening Your Writing


[This is part of an ongoing ChurchMag series, A Dutch-Girl’s Guide to Becoming a Better Writer.] ‘Less is more’ is a credo that’s true for many things, including writing. If you’re writing fiction, it’s one thing to be verbose. But if you’re writing non-fiction and especially if you’re blogging, it pays to be able to state your point in as little words as possible. There are three reasons why tightening your writing is essential: ... Continue Reading

Refold: Portable Cardboard Standing Desk


Started as a Kickstarter campaign, the Refold is a portable cardboard standing desk. While in concept it's pretty cool as a portable office—it would also be really handy for churches! VBS kiosk sign-up, child ministry sign-up station, activities done off-campus, or any other church activities and events you can think of. Check it out: ... Continue Reading

How About Playing a Yaybahar Next Sunday?

Yaybahar Screenshot

How would you like to have a Yaybahar at next Sunday's praise and worship service? This cool acoustic instrument designed by Gorkem Sen puts out the most unique, hypnotic sound. In the video below, you'll hear the Yaybahar captured in realtime without any additional effects added. It's pretty stinkin' amazing: ... Continue Reading

Developing a Child’s Creativity Through Church Playgrounds

Developing a Child's Creativity through Church Playgrounds 1

Play time is a crucial part of children development. A child's environment and leisure time can help shape their social and cognitive development. Depending on the playground, structured or unstructured, they also play an important role in physical strength and balance. The right equipment and playground design offer your child the best way to grow and develop essential skills. Choosing the right leisure space for your kid entails knowing how it can affect their overall growth. Whether it would ... Continue Reading

How Licensing Saved LEGO [Infographic]

Star Wars Saves LEGO

Star Wars stands out as the most successful licensing endeavour LEGO has every pursued, but it was with that success that spurred them on to license more, like Harry Potter, Batman, Toy Story and many others. In the infographic below, you can see how LEGO was “pulled up from the brink of bankruptcy” thanks to the power of the Force and a little magic from Harry Potter... ... Continue Reading