What We’ve Learned About Podcasting [Podcast #39]

churchmag podcast

Have you thought about starting a podcast for your church, ministry or even yourself? On this episode of the ChurchMag Podcast, we each share a number of things that we have learned and mistakes that we've made publishing a podcast. For those of you that are already publishing a podcast, be sure to add your tips in the comment section at the end of the post. Now, without further delay—and a short hiatus—the ChurchMag Podcast is back: ... Continue Reading

Top 10 Christian Albums of 2014 [Saturday Morning Review]

Saturday Morning Review - TOP 10

Although I am all still basking in the euphoria of 2015, I can’t quickly dismiss 2014 especially the impeccable arts (in terms of music) that graced 2014 and now blasting our radio in 2015. 2014 was nothing short of a spectacular year in Christian music, and I am nothing but grateful for this. Christian music soared, breaking into charts that are so frequently dominated by secular artists. Albums in 2014 were awe-inspiring, and I will be spotlighting the best of the best as far as Christian ... Continue Reading

Becoming a Better Writer Series: Writing More Effective Sentences

More Effective Sentences - Image

In this Dutchgirl’s Guide to Becoming a Better Writer, we’ve looked at many issues already. Today, we’re focusing on the very foundation of writing: sentences. Let’s start by defining what I mean by effective sentences: An effective sentence has rhythm, communicates the message you want to get across and invites the reader to read further. Three goals to achieve then, in order to make a sentence effective. How to go about this? Four things matter: ... Continue Reading

Win A Free Membership Account from PixelKit!

PixelKit Premium UI Kits and Design Resources

We’ve searched high and low, and we’ve finally found the perfect solution for designers, developers, bloggers, and anyone else who needs or wants a great UI kit for their site or app. Let us introduce you to PixelKit. This amazing fundamental library is full of high-quality UI kits and all kinds of resources for you and your online project. ... Continue Reading

The Challenge Every Christian Creative Faces


Christian creatives face a unique struggle, if I may call it that. From the moment their creative talents are first discovered by their church leadership and/or Christian mentors, they're often advised to create a specific type of art. You see, it's not enough for a Christian creative to simply create stuff; they have to create Christian stuff. So if you love Jesus and you're a dancer, you've probably been told to be a "Christian" dancer. If you like to cook, you've probably been told to be a ... Continue Reading

Star Wars Swiss Style Retro Revamp [Images]

may the fourth - swiss style hader

Fernando de Carabassa of Buenos Aires, Argentina has assembled an awesome series of Swiss Styled Star Wars posters. Some of these focus on specific episodes, while others particluar scenes from one of our favorite movies. These are really cool: ... Continue Reading

The Daily Routines of Famous Creative People [Infographic]

The Daily Routines of Famous Creative People - Routines - Header

It's fun to see how the world's most creative people schedule their day and compare it to our own. In this infographic displaying daily routines of famous creative people, you can get a quick glimpse and comparison of all of them at once. There is one thing that really stood out to me about these creative's routines: ... Continue Reading

‘We Will Not Be Shaken’ by Bethel Music [Saturday Morning Review]

Saturday Morning Review - Bethel

Bethel Music is back, this time more formidable than ever. The Redding, CA based worship ministry introduces a new generation of vocalists in an array of hip singers, instrumentalists, and songwriters (that you will definitely fall in love with) all featured on the new album, “We Will Not Be Shaken.” The live album and DVD houses 11 new astounding worship tunes. While some of the songs will become anthems, others will stir up a revival, but all the tunes will ultimately draw people to Christ. ... Continue Reading

11 Things Creative People Should Adapt in 2015


For many, New Year’s resolutions are trite. I fall into that category because I find new year’s resolutions cringeworthy especially when people go on and on about their New Year’s resolution setting impossible goals that they can’t achieve. Today, I want to share 11 things that creative people should adapt this year; these are 11 goals that are both flexible (for long-term purpose) and measurable. It is not about 2015, but you ought to start this cultivating these practices this year. Want to ... Continue Reading

Church Website Re-Design Inspiration [Images]

website redesign drawing

How's your church website? Do you have the right information on it? Can guests find what they need? Jonathan Malm covers these questions and more in his ebook, Rethinking Your Church Website Strategy. While reading through it, pastor Matthew Carpenter took some very, very creative notes that he shared with us on Twitter: ... Continue Reading