GIVEAWAY: ‘The Woven Whisper’ by Sarah Brusco [Saturday Morning Review]

Saturday Morning Review

It’s been a while since I listened to a new record from Vineyard Music. So I was excited to get this review request—I am a big fan of their worship leaders you see (the old ones at least)! ‘The Woven Whisper’ is the debut project of Vineyard worship leader Sarah Brusco. Apparently, she used to intern with the great Kathryn Scott. Featuring folks like Sharon Gerber (Imogen Heap's Cellist) and Casey Corum (Who doesn’t like “Dwell”, right!), Sarah’s music belongs to the Dream Pop genre. ... Continue Reading

Legend of Zelda Played on the Marimba [Video]

Zelda Music - Image

It's amazing to me how the 8-bit era of video gaming was not only the predecessor of what is becoming a new storytelling medium, but how it has even seen its effects in the area of classical and orchestral music. Super Mario Bros. was one thing, but classic games like the Legend of Zelda certainly presented storytelling and music in this way. I hope you find this rendition of the main theme from the Legend of Zelda as inspiring as I did... ... Continue Reading

How to Get More Engagement with Your Visual Content [Infographic]


I love visual content. I constantly experiment with different mediums because honestly, they communicate more than words. An image with a smiling face means more than a 200 word testimony. And a video demonstrating worship or God's grace during your baptism will have me tearing up if I see your tone, body language, and general presence about a situation. Truly, words are effective, but can you do more with your online content? Can you give intentionality and purpose with it? The infographic ... Continue Reading

Organize Your Desk to Be Happier and Healthier [Infographic]

sticky notes desk with computer

There is not much to this infographic like I normally do, where I draw out key points and such. But as a blogger who values desktop space, I loved this. Over the years I have tried to do desktops in a variety of situations. What I know I like personally is post-it notes everywhere as reminders, my coffee cup, and whiteboard marker within arms reach, but little more. What does your desktop look like? ... Continue Reading

‘Lead Us Back’ by Third Day [Saturday Morning Review]

Saturday Morning Review - Third Day

It’s one thing to scrap a band together and crank out an album or two. It’s something else entirely to make music for 20 years, tour around the globe and win four GRAMMYs. Third Day has done all that and in many ways, is just getting started. In their latest album, Lead Us Back: Songs of Worship, Third Day returns to a theme of praise while incorporating their southern rock roots. ... Continue Reading

DIY Emoji Easter Eggs


If you're going to be making some Easter eggs this year, why not make some emoji Easter eggs!?! These are really fun—not to mention, way cool. There are plenty of emjois to mimic, but you could even make up some of your own—check these out: ... Continue Reading

Freely: High Quality Free Christian Photos


Getting free images to use is tricky, the usually either suck, are off topic or are used by everyone and their mum [yes I’m talking about Unsplash in that last point]. Luckily, there are more and more services coming out to help, including ChurchMag offering its own free photos for you to use in your church, ministry or blog. But one of the latests that we here at ChurchMag discovered is Freely, full of free Christian photos. ... Continue Reading

Video Announcement Missteps in Mockery


I recently wrote what I thought was a silly, light-hearted post about a Tumblr that collects bad church announcement videos. It was meant to be a funny post, but the intent certainly wasn't to mock the individuals or churches involved. It seems that I made a misstep. Here's an expert from a comment ChurchMag received on a Facebook sharing of the post: ... Continue Reading

7 Pro Tips for Media Operators

Master Your Media

One of my biggest frustrations during a church service is when the media operator (the person running lyrics & sermon slides) just isn't on the ball. It's hard for the entire crowd not to be distracted when slides are early, late, or just not there; which is why the media operator is arguably the most important role on the production team. It turns out that often times the mistakes made by media operators have more to do with a lack of training than a lack of talent. With volunteers, a ... Continue Reading