Fonts & Feelings: Typography Psychology [Infographic]

all sorts of fonts and emotions

Ah, yes, fonts. As much as I love them, I loathe them. When I see good typography, I really enjoy it, but when I am faced with a project and need to start from scratch, picking the right font and font combination can be a real nail biter for me. In fact, it usually takes me a few days to do it. I'll let the selection settle, try it out in multiple ways—web pages, logos, etc...—until it feels right. So if I could have some sort of shortcut for this process, I would use it. And I think I've ... Continue Reading

Create Your Own Custom Worship Backgrounds

Shift App in the App Store

[Editor's Note: This mobile app is currently only available for iOS.] Browsing the Internet for countless hours looking for worship backgrounds can be quite time-consuming. But Shift Worship has created a new way of going about this, with a new twist specific to your church. Check this cool iOS app out: ... Continue Reading

Hyperlapse from Instagram

Hyperlapse Screencap

Yesterday Instagram announced a new mobile app! While it's currently only available for iOS, I imagine it will hit the other devices shortly. It's called Hyperlapse and it's designed to create awesome time lapse videos quickly and easily. Just open the app and start recording. You don't even need an Instagram account! Here's a closer look: ... Continue Reading

Notorious Baldies Illustrations

natorious baldies illustrations

Mr. Peruca is a Brazilian illustrator, designer and art director based in London. In this series of illustrations, Peruca assembles pop culture's most recognizable bald heads. If you're beginning to bald (or have already 'emerged'), don't lose hope. You are in some good company: ... Continue Reading

Pexels: Free High Quality Photos

Pexel Screenshot Head

I am always on the lookout for new places to snag free high quality photos. Not only for my own projects and ChurchMag, but for you the awesome Church tech and creatives who are hard at work! I wish I could remember what tweet or email I found this in, because I would love to give a shout-out to whoever helped me find this great resource for high quality photos that you can use everywhere. Check out how the licensing works: ... Continue Reading

Famous Rebrands [Infographic]

famous-rebrands header

Logos. I lubs dem. This infographic illustrates the evolution of various famous rebrands. This infographic originates from the UK, so there may be some discrepancies you know in the United States—but none the less—it's the same brand and product being sold, just under a different name. As you look through these logos, think about what changed about the rebrand, what made it a positive change? ... Continue Reading

A Year Without Video Backgrounds


With the advent of cheaper projection systems and the "digital age," we have moved from hymnals to stage screens. Screens are more cost efficient and easier for everyone in the church body. Hymnals are hard to revise and as Christian worship music continues to increase in diversity and hit our culture at a much quicker pace, so we are able to be more dynamic. However, that doesn't mean we should throw the kitchen sink at it. ... Continue Reading

Statue Selfies


As we take a closer look at selfies and we see the heart of them, we see selfies aren't as self-center as everyone seems to make them out to be. In fact, they are quite powerful. But they can also be really fun and even funny sometimes. Especially when they are being taken by a...statue!?! ... Continue Reading