Building Your Churches YouTube Audience [Infographic]

Building A YouTube Audience Infographic

YouTube is not a new social media network and has stood against the test of time, but even now many people are not overusing this unique and powerful network. Churches could be sharing their sermons, youth ministries their skits and announcements, and bloggers filming their posts instead of writing labor intensive and grammatically correct posts.

The ultimate question should not be “are you using YouTube” as it assumes you are, but “how are you using it effectively?”

We have found three important facts from the infographic below for you to hold on to as you build your YouTube audience.

  • 800,000,000+ unique users visit YouTube a year and watch more than 4,000,000,000 hours of video.
  • The top three places to advertise their videos are Facebook (85%), Twitter (70%), and their own website (53%)
  • YouTube is the #1 content source engaged among 650,000,000+ fans in the study’s company.

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What tips and tricks have you found to build a robust and engaging YouTube community?

Does your church use YouTube?

[via FanBridge]


Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith is a Christian first, husband and father next, and then a blogger at, writer, and social media realist. He is currently working at Youth for Christ/USA as the Social Media Specialist and attending Denver Seminary for his Master's of Counseling in Mental Health. His bachelor’s degree is in Computer Engineering and Master's in Family Ministry. For those that are looking to create a successful Social Media and Blogging Strategy for their church, ministry, or blog, he would love help you make the most of your work through the Social Media and Blogging Consultation.

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