A List of 98 Top Christian Blogs


We’ve written a few times about lists like these and how it’s pretty subjective at times. We’ve come to the conclusion is that, in general, our audience is mature enough to handle these types of lists and see them for what they are: Lists.

This list of 98 blogs is from this site here, a counseling website (interesting…) and we hope that this list can provide you some more “good reads,” at the least! Personally I feel like there are a number of great blogs that are missing but that’s just my opinion…!

Here’s the list:

Biblical Inquiry

1. Bible Gateway

2. Open Source Theology

3. Moed Torah

4. Paul’s Grace Message

5. In Light of the Gospel

Christianity & Modern Culture

6. The Scriptorium Daily

7. Tall Skinny Kiwi

8. The World is Shaking

9. The Reader’s Cove

10. TitusOneNine

11. Fors Clavigera

12. Challies

13. Without Wax

14. What’s Best Next

15. 22 Words

Christian Lifestyle

16. Fallen and Flawed

17. Kingdom People

18. Clayton King

19. Holy Experience

20. Walk as He Did

21. Transforming Together

22. Be Deviant

23. The Logical Christian

24. Take Root and Write

25. Boundless

26. Think Christian

Edgy & Controversial

27. Moore to the Point

28. Flowerdust

29. Church Marketing Sucks

30. XXXChurch

31. Team Pyro

32. Culture Making


33. Shelley Abreu

34. Mommy, Inc.


35. Stuff Christians Like

36. Tom in the Box

37. Shaun in the City


38. Adrian Warnock

39. Sacra Doctrina

40. Founders Ministries

41. 9Marks

42. Straight Up

43. Vintage Faith

44. Out of Ur

45. Perry Noble

46. The Resurgence

47. Emergent Village

48. Monday Morning Insight

49. Leading Smart

50. Pomomusings

51. Brian McLaren

52. Acts 29 Network

53. Stand Firm in Faith

54. Josh Harris

55. Real Live Preacher

56. Mark Horne

Personal Development

57. Head Heart Hand

58. Christian Personal Finance

59. Mark D. Roberts

60. Find Beauty Daily

61. Christian Stress Management

62. Evotional

63. Desiring God

64. Joel Osteen Ministries

65. Parchment and Pen

Spirituality & Prayer

66. Revelife

67. Lo-Fi Tribe

68. CampOnThis

69. Who Am I?

70. Internet Monk

71. Get Religion

72. Don Miller

73. Prayer Plain and Simple

Social Issues

74. Ali’s African Adventures

75. Miscellanies

76. Compassion

77. Albert Mohler

78. Christian Today

79. Acton Institute

80. Baptist Standard

81. Shaun Groves

82. Rod Dreher

83. Take Your Vitamin Z

84. Eugene Cho

Technology & Social Media

85. Church Communications Pro

86. Church Crunch

87. Swerve

88. Goodmanson

89. Mister Nifty

90. Ligonier Ministries Blog

Women & Christianity

91. Girl Talk

92. Extravagant Grace

93. Livin’ in Grace Ministries

94. Cindy by the Sea

95. Ragamuffin Diva


96. Worship Matters

97. The Worship Community

98. Liturgy Blog

Thoughts on this list?


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  1. says

    i am going to have to really disagree with this list. Not because my blog didn’t make it on there (ha), but more because a lot of the blogs seem out of place.
    Like the category of humor blogs. How is Shaun in the City a humor blog?
    Also, controversial blogs has Anne Jackson in there, dont see that one. And in the category does not have Jesus Needs New PR, one of the more controversial blogs IMO.

    This list seems a little off base, and no human3rror.com, cannot miss that one.

  2. says

    Seems the list left off some pretty high profile blogs that would have fit in their categories. And they included some, as Kyle mentioned, that made no sense in the categories. It seems a bit under-informed, but such is the nature of lists.
    BeDeviant made the list, which is very cool. Lots of blogs I hadn’t heard of that aren’t usually mentioned on such lists. Oh well…

  3. says

    just wondering how these were selected – was it by Alexa rankings, or by some other measurement for numbers of readers, etc to determine how the blog made it on the list?

  4. says

    I am a facebook friend of Clayton King. He posted that his blog was #18 on your lineup. I think it is awesome that you took time to compile this list and, if I may be so bold, I would like for you to review my blog, Morning Glory daily devotionals, http://morningglorylights.blogspot.com/ and tell me what you think. I began this blog the end of March and have had a very good response. Its purpose is to help Christians, especially women, who are not established in their faith. They warm the church pews Sunday after Sunday but have never taken the time to discover what a thrilling book the Bible is! Morning Glory teaches little nuggets of gold from the Word each day. My prayer is that, through this blog, I can stir up a spiritual hunger and thirst for for each of my readers.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this note. I would be delighted if you would consider venturing over to my website and/or blog to see what you think.

    Sweet blessings to you,
    Nan Jones

  5. brett barner says

    I usually am weary of “top” or “best” lists. If you want to list some good reads or blogs, that’s cool, but determining the “top” has ro have some level of preference;which is fine if you take it all with a grain of salt.

    That being said, I agree with Kyle, where is Carlos’ blog? And why is Shawn in the city under humor? I mean he’s funny and all at times, but not enough for it to be listed as humor based.

    What about a ChurchCrunch blog must read list? Sounds like a nice project for those interns…:)

  6. says


    One thing I do like about this list though, is that it’s different from Kent Shaffer’s. Which is usually what I see quoted as “the list” people refer to.

    Good to break out of the circle for a bit.

  7. says

    I typically hate these lists also, and also agree they left some really great bloggers off the list. That being said, it did lead me down some bunny trails. I have not heard of some of them.

  8. says

    The list (and the whole site actually) looks like pure link bate to me.

    I think I’ll create a list and see how many of the top 98 bloggers I can get to link to it. 😉

  9. says

    How I wish my blog will be included soon. I don’t recognize much of the blogs here but it’s time to check them out.

    few ones like challies, worship matters, church crunch and be deviant are the ones i personally like! and oh stuff christians like: who would forget?


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