Are You Suffering from Upgrade Lust? [Podcast]

churchmag podcast episode 12

The iPhone 6 was released last month, so the subject of upgrades are on many peoples minds, including ChurchMag’s Phil Schneider.

In the back-channel of the ChurchMag Authors Guild, Phil brought up the topic since he’s due for an upgrade on his own phone and couldn’t decide whether or not to make the jump.

So in this episode, we talk about upgrading smartphones, church tech equipment, laptops, and the basic fundamentals of what should be considered when deciding on whether or not to upgrade. I hope our conversation helps!

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Should You Jump On That Viral Web Hype?

Gangnam Style Jump on It

Every day, there are trending topics on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and whatnot. Some fade within hours, some last a bit longer, and some make it to weeks, or even months. To name just a few examples of the latter, think Gangnam Style, the Ice Bucket Challenge, and the Harlem Shake. When such a hype presents, […]

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LEGO Calendar to Sync with iCal and Google

Bit Planner LEGO Cal 5

This is one of those “shut-up-and-take-my-money” moments. This LEGO calendar can sync with iCal and Google Calendar! Can you imagine this in an office? #EPIC! The London-based product design and invention studio Special Projects needed a better way to organize and schedule their team. So being an awesome product design and invention studio, they made their own. […]

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SproutMark — Asking the Right Questions

SproutMark Logo

Communication is key in any organization and with any kind of team. One of the greatest assets of working in a team environment is the ability to look out for each other’s blind spots or approach problems from multiple points of view. Feedback is key and is usually the catalyst for positive improvement. So how can you […]

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Caffeine: The Silent Killer of Success [Diagram]

Homer & Splash

After seeing what happens to my brain on coffee, it’s made me rethink my daily dose of morning and afternoon espresso. I can say that after going almost a full month without regular intakes of coffee has been a curious journey. To summarize my experience, I would say that I am not entirely comfortable with […]

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Find Out If You Are a Smartphone Addict (And Stop)

Moment IO Header Screener

Have you ever missed-out on cherishing a moment in your life because you were trying to capture a moment to cherish for the rest of your life? Or how about engaging in social media on your smartphone while at the playground with your kids, instead of engaging with your kids on the playground? I don’t mean […]

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Photoshop Reimagined [Images]

Photoshop redesign 1

[A slightly humorous and a partially real open letter to Adobe from me.] Dear Adobe, Please hire Aurélien SALOMO to redesign Photoshop. His redesign is so good, it inspires me to create awesome things and care about good design. Let me show you why:

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Create Visual Design Collections with Dropmark

Dropmark Logo

In short, it’s kind of like a private Pinterest. But so much more than that. Dropmark is an awesome place to put “all your stuff in one simple, visual, private place.” It’s a wonderful solution for creatives and designers who want to organize inspiration or project collaboration. Organize your links, files—and even notes—into nifty visual collections.

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A Quick Tip to Get Things Done: Focus

focus - tiny

This is probably the quickest, shortest tip in getting things done that you’ll ever read. Keep in mind, this is about getting things done on your computer. Several weeks ago, I was messing around with my App Dock. Now, before all you Windows users stop reading, let me tell you that I used to do the […]

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Are Nonprofits Taking Tech Seriously Enough? [Infographic]

salvation army dropoff box

Technology has radically changed the nonprofit world. Never before has it been as easy as it is today to find, connect, and give to charities and causes. Philanthropy and technology are working together to change the world for the better. And now with the boom of the mobile web, crowdfunding, and the high-speed Internet, it’s […]

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