The Internet is Not the Answer by Andrew Keen [Saturday Morning Review]

Saturday Morning Review - The Internet is Not the Answer by Andrew Keen

I was in my final years of high school when the Dot Com Bubble burst. I wasn’t really into tech back then, but I remember how, before the burst, lots of people were acting like we’d finally stepped into the future, as if we’d actually made it and were living in The Jetson’s, minus all of the stuff that made that show awesome. (Flying cars! We were promised flying cars!) And then…

Pop! Goodbye, future!

However, I was then in my last years of college when this thing called “The Facebook” seemed to pop up over night and, suddenly, the web was reborn! Like a phoenix emerging from the ashes of Web 1.0, Web 2.0 emerged with a vengeance unseen since the Industrial Revolution.

Was that last analogy a bit unexpected? That’s because I only realized the truthfulness of it after reading Andrew Keen’s newest book, The Internet is Not the Answer.

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Brik Case – Where LEGO meets MacBook :)


If you’re a LEGO fan (like I am – I still have several boxes of it…) and an Apple user (like I am – I’m in a room surrounded by fruity tech goodness) then you might just LOVE this! Launched on KickStarter (and completely funded in a couple of days!), this project brings a whole […]

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The Power of the #Hashtag [Infographic]


The topic of hashtags is great because it is this whole world for churches to explore on what it means to engage in a conversation with people. There are several universal hashtags for Christian, of which I look into personally with #chsocm, #churchtech, and #churchmedia. It gives people the ability to talk about a topic […]

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Event Attendance with Facial Recognition Software

Churchix Slide

Facial recognition software vendor — Face-Six — has recently entered the church market with their Churchix product, and we had the chance to speak with the company’s CEO Moshe Greenshpan about what drove them to the church world. Operating in a high-end security market for several years, what brings you to the church market? The truth is we were […]

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By the Numbers: Datapoints

By The Numbers - Datapoints

The past month, I have put in about 50 hours worth of time to not only construct a research project, but also to gather data and find some sweet nuggets of content to share with people. I am going to get into what this project looks like, but before that, I wanted to share how […]

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Will Google Penalize Your Church Website?


For years we’ve been saying that church, ministry, and nonprofit websites need to be mobile-friendly. Up until now, we’ve been preaching this kind of web design from a practical perspective. More and more people are accessing the Internet outside of the PC desktop environment by using their smartphones and tablets, so having a mobile-friendly website—or as […]

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