Minecraft Theology: 04 Giving Diamonds

04 Giving Diamonds

One of our newest beta testers, Tim, joins me in looking at what has been happening on the Churchmag Minecraft Server and in the process, we discuss what community can look like digitally. Tim shared his own thoughts on joining the servers and we get to hear his heart. What do you think?

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EPIC PowerMac G5 Computer Desk [Images]


If you’re a geek, and anything like me, then you tend to ‘collect’ old, dead and dying computers (oh, it’s just me then…) 😉 But some old hardware is just beautiful and is worth doing something with (rather than just putting in a cupboard and forgetting about). One of the most classic of computer designs […]

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How to Set Up Security on Your New WP Install

Set Up Security on Your New WP Image

WordPress is pretty secure by default. But it is also the most popular open source CMS in the world, which makes it a target of all the wanna be hackers, malicious code distributors, and random DDOS attacks. Making your WordPress site secure should be your top priority right after you install WordPress. Here is what […]

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10-Years Since YouTube’s First Video Upload

YouTube Cakers

Alternate title: Cat Videos & Screaming Goats: An Ode to YouTube Happy Anniversary, YouTube! Ten years since you’ve first video upload, and now you’re seeing over 300 hours of video uploaded every minute! YouTube, we’re so proud of you! Watching you grow up has been a real thrill. From your vast and growing collection of hilarious […]

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5 Questions for Every Church or Ministry Website


Sometimes it can be difficult to see the forest through the trees. When you develop a website for your own church or ministry it’s easy to take some bits of information for granted. After all, you know where your church is located or you know what the mission of your organization is. You get the idea. There are […]

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What the Church Can Learn from Silicon Valley

Interconnectivity The Church Learning from Silicon Valley - Image

I recently read The Internet is Not the Answer by Andrew Keen. (Read my review here, and then go read the book itself!) While I was reading it, I had several thoughts that I’ll be sharing with you over the next few weeks, the first of which is just how interconnected Silicon Valley is. Some […]

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Boring Church Bulletin?

Quick Post churchmag

ServiceSheets creates a digital bulletin and matching printed bulletins for your church based on a number of beautiful themes. Digital bulletins are distributed to your congregations phones via SMS text. No complicated apps to download or install. It’s as easy as handing out a printed bulletin.

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Does Multiple Screens Boost Productivity? [Infographic]

Does Multiple Screens Boost Productivity Image

How many monitors do you have? There was a time when my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) used two, while I did all my office tasks on a laptop—giving me a grand total of three monitors. This made moving to a one screen workstation a little cumbersome. Does having multiple screens boost productivity? Or is it just a perception?

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