He Lived Long; We Prosper: Requiem for Spock

Spock Image

Leonard Nimoy, the venerable Mr. Spock from the original Star Trek series, passed away yesterday morning. As someone on the very tail end of Gen X, I didn’t grow up with the first crew of the Enterprise. However, my foray into Doctor Who has required me, at times, to go and watch some of the old episodes, which made me want to look back at classic sci-fi programs in my own country, specifically Star Trek.

I may never be a full-fledged trekkie, but even a special-effects obsessed child of the eighties can see just how amazing this show and—as Virginian Heffernan wrote in The New York Times‘ obituary of Mr. Nimoy—its “lone alien on the…bridge” were and still are.

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Amazing Solar Time Lapse from NASA [Video]

Amazing Solar Time Lapse from NASA IMAGE

We all love a good time lapse and this one is pretty special. The video has been released by NASA to mark the 5th Anniversary of the Solar Dynamics Observatory, a satellite which observes the earth facing side of the sun. The SDO takes a photo nearly once a second and since its launch has captured […]

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Church Tech Snack Pack #062

Church Tech Snack Pack 62

Easter is less than two months away, so it’s time to get ready! This Sunday on the ChurchMag Podcast (Friday for subscribers), we’ll be talking about getting your church website ready for Easter. You’ll also find some more Easter-centric links in this Snack Pack (there were some last week as well), but first, this insightful […]

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Open Church: Resourcing the Church for the 21st Century

Open Church - Top

The last thirty years—ironically, about the same time I’ve been alive—have been an incredible time of technological growth, fueled the convergence of many factors. In fact, there are so many factors to this growth that it would be hard to pick one, but acknowledging the risk of minimizing the others, can we say that “openness” […]

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Introducing: ChurchMag Staff Writers


Towards the end of 2014 the idea began to brew about establishing Staff Writers for ChurchMag. These would be regular contributors who have a passion and unique strengths surrounding Church tech and creativity. Like the newspaper days of old, each Staff Writer would be given a “beat” to cover and would write at least one post […]

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The 5 Types of Blog Posts that Always Work


I sure hope you appreciate a little irony, because that’s exactly what the title of this blog post is. Ironic. You see, many how-to books and posts on blogging make promises like the one above, that if you just do this-and-this, you’ll attract hundreds, thousands of readers. You wanna know why? Because posts like that […]

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How To Schedule Instagram Posts


For the longest time, scheduling Instagram was impossible, and it still pretty much is. Instagram has their API under lock and key, but one company, ScheduGram has changed all of that. Here’s how you can schedule Instagram posts with ScheduGram:

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How Often Do you Post Online? [Infographic]

Post Feq Top

I’m going to write this article about the infographic because it is a good discussion starter, but I want you to know one thing. I hate when people ask how frequently you should post, but the person you are asking has never seen your account, doesn’t know your social media strategy, and has no idea […]

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