Sharing Passwords Safely Across Your Church Tech Team


Before diving deep, the only people that should hold the keys to your church accounts should be a core team. That core team should probably be less than 5 people that are trusted and should probably have signed some type of employee handbook or contract about portraying the church’s image online.

How is your church or your church’s communication team sharing passwords right now? Are you sharing one password across the board? Sorry guys, having “John3:16” as your password isn’t as secure as you think.

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iPads and Kids: More Mobile Than Ever [Infographic]

kids and smartphones

Technology is a funny thing to the latest generations in that it has completely integrated into the lives of college students, teens, and children. For adults, tablets were not created till they were teenagers or later, so it is a whole new world (and probably a bit scary). Unlike some, I do not see mixing iPads and […]

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Our Hearts as Church Techs

RVB de base

I’ve heard a lot of talk recently about issues relating to our hearts and wanted to address this head-on. We are born into a war zone, pure and simple. This is the ancient and ongoing war of the ages that has been raging for centuries in the unseen world of the spiritual realm. It began, […]

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Unmark: Do Something with Your Bookmarks

unmark screenshot

How many bookmarks do you have? For some of us, we collect bookmarks like some kind of obsessed Beanie Babies collector. While I have a few different strategies in how I manage my bookmarks, clip content to blog about or collect links to read later, I am always on the lookout for something better. That […]

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Best April Fool’s Prank Ever? [Video]


My heart is in youth ministry which means I can exegete with the best of them, I am there to sit down with teenagers who are struggling with finding their identity, and I can work with parents who feel helpless communicating with their children. Yet I have a humorous side that always comes out when […]

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Using Caution with Social Media

commit no nuisance

Social media is but a form of communication for us to be able to engage people in a different medium where people are. When used well, this web application can be the instrument of major success with increased attendance at your events, more visibility for your church, and clever ways to celebrate your staff, volunteers, […]

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Church Podcasting in 7 Steps [Infographic]

podcasting awesomeness

I am a big fan of podcasts and I recently relaunched my podcast.  I used to think creating a podcast was a complicated process, but after helping a pastor friend create a podcast in less than a week I decided to break the process down into 7 actionable steps:

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Decimate Writer’s Block: Never Run Out of Blogger Fuel


You are sitting at your desk staring at a blank screen. A deadline is looming and your to-do list is growing like a hoarder’s collection of newspapers. You put your hands on the keyboard and lightly tap your fingers in hopes that somehow words will appear on the page in coherent sentences. Nothing happens. Nothing. There […]

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The Art and Science of Combining Fonts [Infographic]


This year I’ve had a crash course in fonts. Instead of teaching video, I am teaching Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. I find that most people are like me and don’t know much about fonts, but they do know what fonts they like and that fonts can make or break a creative project. In  my […]

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