Create Because: Doctor Who and Art as Worship

Billly Hanshaw Screencap

Billy Hanshaw is a designer out of the UK, and he has the remarkable honor of being the fan who redesigned Doctor Who‘s Series 8 titles!

“How?” might you ask. By being commissioned? No. By responding to an advertisement or a contest? No.

He earned this honor simply by creating them. You see, Billy initially took on the project as merely something for his portfolio, something to demonstrate what he could do. After he uploaded it to YouTube, he had no intention of taking it any further. From there, however, other fans of the show went crazy and began the eventually-successful campaign to take Billy’s concept and make it a reality.

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Comic Book Concept Movie Posters [Images]

Comic Book Movie Poster Concepts by Melissa Jallit

These comic book concept movie posters by Melissa Jallit are great! She designed these using Adobe Illustrator along with Adobe Photoshop and combined a minimal designed face with a silhouette of the character’s body. I love the added touch of the actor name, making this a cool concept movie poster collection. Excellent work:

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The WordPress Plugin Boilerplate

WP Plugin Boilerplate Screen

If you’re interesting in building your own WordPress plugin and would love a great place to start, look no further. The WordPress Plugin Boilerplate is the best place to start when developing WordPress plugins. From the most basic of functions, to the most dynamic, this boilerplate has been growing and evolving for several years, now. I’ve seen (and […]

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Big Plans on Small Budgets

big plans - and glasses

Before getting into full time ministry, I spent many years running a consulting firm tailored to small and medium sized businesses. It was a really rewarding time for me because I got to help people solve problems, but it also created tension because small and medium sized businesses have big plans on small budgets. Does […]

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Email in Real Life [Videos]

email stat - header

LOL! I’m still chuckling to myself after watching this video. There are similar videos—Facebook in real life, social media networks in real live, etc…—but this one particularly tickled my funny bone. Enjoys:

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Why I Love my Wacom Tablet


For the past few weeks, I’ve been doing all the research I can on graphic tablets. Now, graphic tablets are different than the tablets you are probably used to. It is no iPad or Nexus 7. Its specifically built to replace the mouse and be used as an input for your computer. I thought to […]

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iPhone Only Photography with David Molnar [Podcast]

churchmag podcast iphone only photography

Have you ever wondered how some people take such amazing photos with their iPhone? It turns out, using the standard Instagram filters isn’t the most awesome way you can filter and edit your photos. The best camera is the one that’s in your pocket and professional music and advertising photographer David Molnar has put together an […]

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Leadership Lessons from Ms. MacNair’s Sunday School

preschool class photo

Do you remember Sunday School? Graham crackers and goldfish, flannel boards and puppet shows, Bible songs and Christmas plays — most of us who grew up in the church (or are raising our own children in it) have some nostalgic memories of childhood Sunday mornings. You probably remember some of the lessons, too. You were […]

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Retro Science and Tech Ads [Images]

Retro Tech Ads Screen

These retro science and tech ads are interesting for two different reasons. First, it’s curious to see how technology has progressed and what’s valued as important solutions in today’s technology world versus that of 50 years ago. The second interesting aspect of these retro ads, is that of creativity and design. Just scrolling through this Flickr […]

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