What We’ve Learned About Podcasting [Podcast #39]

churchmag podcast

Have you thought about starting a podcast for your church, ministry or even yourself?

On this episode of the ChurchMag Podcast, we each share a number of things that we have learned and mistakes that we’ve made publishing a podcast. For those of you that are already publishing a podcast, be sure to add your tips in the comment section at the end of the post.

Now, without further delay—and a short hiatus—the ChurchMag Podcast is back:

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Wearing an Oculus Rift for 1-Year [Video]

Oculus Rift - Troy Hitch

Troy Hitch, an acclaimed innovator in storytelling, had a great write-up on LinkedIn several weeks ago. It’s tongue-in-cheek, of course, and he brings up some excellent points. Here’s the video he put together, making his announcement (I love what he says at the end):

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7 Offline and Online Tools for Easy Church Promotion

Offline and Online Tools for Easy Church Promotion 1

If your church has some great outreaches planned, but you’re wondering how to let people know, remember that you have many avenues available to you for getting the word out. This article will provide you with event advertising ideas far beyond just a sign on the church lawn. Many of these strategies are applicable to […]

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Has Your Church Entered the New Millennium?

Keypad - Image

[This is a sponsored post from DialMyCalls.com.] It is not surprising that religious institutions have been the most reluctant in entering this new technological age. With tried and true methods that have been used for decades, many church leaders did not really see the need to change. Now what they have realized is that by […]

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Becoming a Better Writer Series: Writing More Effective Sentences

More Effective Sentences - Image

In this Dutchgirl’s Guide to Becoming a Better Writer, we’ve looked at many issues already. Today, we’re focusing on the very foundation of writing: sentences. Let’s start by defining what I mean by effective sentences: An effective sentence has rhythm, communicates the message you want to get across and invites the reader to read further. […]

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4 Myths About Online Giving

online giving myths image

As the Director of Business Development for a faith-based online and mobile giving provider, I spend most of my days talking with pastors and church leaders about the ways in which technology can transform the “giving culture” at their churches. During these conversations, I am often struck by how hesitant many church leaders are to […]

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