Funny Facebook Cover Photos [Images]


Remember when Facebook profiles looked like this? Yeah. Good times. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen someone with a fun Facebook profile. Come to think of it, it’s been a while since I looked at someone’s Facebook profile page! Perhaps the rise of mobile use has changed how we all see and use Facebook? Either way, […]

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Free Retro Comics

Comic Book Plus Comic Screen

Despite the summer movie blockbusters and the future Marvel movie lineup, this is not the Golden Age of Comic Books. During the comic book boom, hundreds of new issues were released on a weekly basis. Many of these old comic books and comic book heros have now become Public Domain! And I’ve found where you can read them—for […]

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Doctor Who Series 8 Starts August 23rd!


The eighth Doctor Who series kicks-off this weekend! Are you excited for all the awesome? This Saturday, August 22nd is the first of twelve episodes this year, the series opener being 80-minutes long. There hasn’t been an opener this long since the return of Doctor Who in 2005! In all my own excitement, I grabbed some TARDIS […]

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8-Bit Matrix Overdub [Video]

The Matrix - Stop

This video hits on so many levels of nostalgia, I was ready to enter the Konami code straight into YouTube to get myself an extra 30 lives. YouTube user Phillip Raupach uploaded his 2013 Best Sound Design winning video, whereby he’s taken an edited scene from the Matrix and overdubbed iconic 8-bit sound effects and […]

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PhotoFunia: Fun Free Photo Effects

PhotoFunia Screen

I recently received an email from the church secretary asking to update an event on the church website. Included was an image they wanted to accompany the information. Being the mindful and thoughtful webmaster (do we still call them webmasters?) that I am, I asked where the image was from, as I could make sure the […]

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YouTube on the Go [Infographic]

youtube is on the go

Like everything else on the web, YouTube is getting used on mobile devices more and more. If you were in doubt that the Internet is becoming more mobile (smartphones and tablets) and less stationary (laptops and desktops), here’s further proof. YouTube on the go:

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The First Steps Toward Church Video

This is how it feels...

Whether you’re a part of a more traditional church, a smaller church that that just hasn’t had the budget, or you just haven’t done video before, taking the first steps toward using video in your church can seem daunting. There are some things you can do once you join a team or get the tap […]

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