What I Learned On Vacation: Check Your Email

a bicycle in italy

Last month I had a vacation of sorts (as I mentioned before). During this time, I had some personal revelations about my life—both personally and work wise. I lend this to the fact that I spent multiple days at a time unplugged and completely disconnected from the Internet. No laptop. No tablet. No smartphone.

I highly recommend you do it sometime—if not regularly.

Not only did it force me to pause, clear my head, and have some self-reflection, but it also gave me a chance to contrast what I considered to be my ‘normal’ life with actual living.

One of the things I learned and would like to share with you has to do with my life as a digital tentmaker, but could also be a lesson for a fulltime freelancer or small business owner.

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Church Usher Training Video

Every Life Has A Story Screencap

The video below is from Chick-fil-A and was “created to remind us that everyone we interact with is a chance to create a remarkable experience.” While it was produced as a type of training video for their employees, I think many church usher teams (as well as anyone on church staff or volunteers) should consider sharing this […]

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A Fun Way to Mark Your Bible


I love marking up my Bible when I study. I’m not sure if it’s the graphic designer in me (I like pretty colors) or the former English major coming out (sentence diagrams!!), but I just enjoy dissecting the text and finding the deeper—and much more personal—meaning. A quick flip through my Bible will prove my […]

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Need for Remote Video Conferencing?

video conferencing action

When some people hear the phrase “remote video conferencing,” they inwardly cringe. In the past, remote video conferencing was less than ideal, to put it kindly. Those who are familiar with past methods of communication via video calls are well aware of the long stretches of unexpected silences and frequently posed question, “Can you hear […]

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Church Tech Confessionals [Video]

Church Tech Confessions Top

The following video was made by Grace Church and there is not much more details to go with it, but this video encapsulates so much that I see in church tech. Of course, the video is made tongue and cheek for the humor factor, but there is an element of truth behind every one of […]

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Every Spider-Man Costume [Infographic]


Spider-Man has been slinging webs for over 50-years and has sported various different styles and types of costumes to conceal his true identity. In the infographic, below, it shows us 34 of his most classic looks from comic books to the movie theatre. Which is your favorite?

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That Moment You Realize It’s Deleted [Video]

delelte key zoomed

It’s been several years ago and I still remember the sick and panic feeling my wife and I had when we realized that the entire batch of digital photos from our toddler’s birthday party had been deleted. Do you know that feel? It’s not a very nice feeling at all. Thankfully we used a Windows app […]

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Monitor Anything with Manything

Manything Screencap

[Note: This app is currently only available for iOS devices.] This awesome free app can turn your iOS device into a monitoring camera! I love some of these apps that are being developed to use old iPhones, iPads and iPods to extend functionality. Manything an be used for multiple things—the most obvious being used as […]

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