‘The Unofficial Book on Hootsuite’ by Mike Allton [Book Review]

Saturday Morning Review - Hootesuite Book

Social media is an easy concept to grasp as an individual that wants to engage online. Create an account, follow or friend a few people, add a group, circle a page, and subscribe to a channel. All of a sudden you can find yourself spending hours online.

But as a professional for a ministry or church, the ability to engage online can quickly become chaotic. Mike Allton of TheSocialMediaHat.com highlights one of the best tools out there for churches to use, Hootsuite, in his new eBook The Unofficial Book On HootSuite: The #1 Tool for Social Media Management. We will take a look at what he shares and how churches can best use it, but my end thought is you need to check this out if you want to capitalize on using this web app for your church.

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Repainting a Car with Composite Photography [Video]


I don’t normally sit through and watch tutorials like this very often, but this particular ‘behind-the-scenes’ look was particularly fascinating to me. Fstopper Lee Morris did a photo shoot with a 1968 Camaro. He was giving it to his father for Christmas and decided it would be awesome to give him the news of this […]

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Church Tech Snack Pack #046

Church Tech Snack Pack 46

This was a really exciting week in the Church tech world, as .CHURCH domain names were made available! We lead off this week’s Church Tech Snack Pack with a couple of links to help you land your .CHURCH domain name:

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Create Because: Doctor Who and Art as Worship

Billly Hanshaw Screencap

Billy Hanshaw is a designer out of the UK, and he has the remarkable honor of being the fan who redesigned Doctor Who‘s Series 8 titles! “How?” might you ask. By being commissioned? No. By responding to an advertisement or a contest? No. He earned this honor simply by creating them. You see, Billy initially took […]

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Comic Book Concept Movie Posters [Images]

Comic Book Movie Poster Concepts by Melissa Jallit

These comic book concept movie posters by Melissa Jallit are great! She designed these using Adobe Illustrator along with Adobe Photoshop and combined a minimal designed face with a silhouette of the character’s body. I love the added touch of the actor name, making this a cool concept movie poster collection. Excellent work:

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The WordPress Plugin Boilerplate

WP Plugin Boilerplate Screen

If you’re interesting in building your own WordPress plugin and would love a great place to start, look no further. The WordPress Plugin Boilerplate is the best place to start when developing WordPress plugins. From the most basic of functions, to the most dynamic, this boilerplate has been growing and evolving for several years, now. I’ve seen (and […]

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Big Plans on Small Budgets

big plans - and glasses

Before getting into full time ministry, I spent many years running a consulting firm tailored to small and medium sized businesses. It was a really rewarding time for me because I got to help people solve problems, but it also created tension because small and medium sized businesses have big plans on small budgets. Does […]

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Email in Real Life [Videos]

email stat - header

LOL! I’m still chuckling to myself after watching this video. There are similar videos—Facebook in real life, social media networks in real live, etc…—but this one particularly tickled my funny bone. Enjoys:

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