Why Mobile Online Giving Is Important

Mobile Online Giving

You can talk, teach and preach about giving, but unless we begin to make giving to the church and charity easier, we may be wasting our breath. If we truly believe in the importance of giving, shouldn’t we make it easier for anyone to do? Especially when you consider how agile people have become online? […]

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Echo: iPhone Prayer App

Echo mobile prayer app

Another prayer app? There’s always room for improvement for mobile prayer apps and that’s what you’ll find with Echo. Echo isn’t just a prayer list app. It’s a prayer manager app. Let’s take a closer look:

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The Art of Mixing Google Font Typefaces [Infographic]

Art Of Mixing Typefaces Google Fonts Edition by Shawun Pagin

Google Fonts is a great place to find fonts for websites and even print projects; but with so many fonts to choose from, how do you pick? And to add to the confusion, what about font combination!?! I recently ran into this very problem while working on a website design. While I was able to […]

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The Cost of Technology and Time in Ten Years

foodie pictures on Instagram

A popular restaurant in New York City has been in business for many years, and while they still serve the same number of customers, their service has seemed to slow down. They’ve done several obvious things to try and fix the slower service: hired more employees and have gone as far to removed items from their […]

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Homeless Fonts

Homelessfonts Arrels

I absolutely love, love, love Homeless Fonts. There’s so many bits of awesome going on with this project, it’s hard to know where to start! They are helping people who have found themselves homeless earn money, gain dignity, and express themselves creatively. Here’s how it all works:

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What Happens When Your Phone Rings in Church?

pews in church

In the following video these musicians take a humorous approach in dealing with someone in the audience who is talking on their cell phone. Perhaps it had just rang and they felt the need to answer it to stop it from ringing or perhaps it was emergency — although I doubt it — but it’s just […]

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Find Guidelines

Find Guidelines Website screengrab

If you need design guidelines and information about popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter and a whole lot more, I’ve got just the place for you! Find Guidelines has a huge collection — that continues to grow — of just about any platform you need to know about. When you simple mouse over each brand, you can […]

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