Are You Making Star Wars or Star Trek Content?


The war of the nerds between Star Wars and Star Trek has always been goofy (though having enjoyed both programs, I guess I get it). But the infographic below takes this difference in programming and created worlds and puts a unique spin on it for those that create content for websites or social media. Be […]

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3 Ways To Deliver Sermons That Cut Through The Noise

Preaching In A Whatever World by John Finkelde

In a recent post on how long a sermon should be, church consultant Thom Rainer posited the insight that attention spans are not necessarily shortening. In fact he thinks a significant number of people want longer sermons, not shorter ones. In his survey he says 41% of people want shorter sermons and 37% think sermons […]

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Pexels: Free High Quality Photos

Pexel Screenshot Head

I am always on the lookout for new places to snag free high quality photos. Not only for my own projects and ChurchMag, but for you the awesome Church tech and creatives who are hard at work! I wish I could remember what tweet or email I found this in, because I would love to give […]

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Famous Rebrands [Infographic]

famous-rebrands header

Logos. I lubs dem. This infographic illustrates the evolution of various famous rebrands. This infographic originates from the UK, so there may be some discrepancies you know in the United States—but none the less—it’s the same brand and product being sold, just under a different name. As you look through these logos, think about what […]

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A Year Without Video Backgrounds


With the advent of cheaper projection systems and the “digital age,” we have moved from hymnals to stage screens. Screens are more cost efficient and easier for everyone in the church body. Hymnals are hard to revise and as Christian worship music continues to increase in diversity and hit our culture at a much quicker […]

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Statue Selfies


As we take a closer look at selfies and we see the heart of them, we see selfies aren’t as self-center as everyone seems to make them out to be. In fact, they are quite powerful. But they can also be really fun and even funny sometimes. Especially when they are being taken by a…statue!?!

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Are 3D Printed Instruments the Future? [Videos]


Are 3D printed musical instruments the way of the future? Will we start to see 3D printed instruments as a part of our church worship bands? Will there be a split in the church—those for and those against 3D printed musical instruments? Or how about an extra praise and worship set following the classical and modern worship services? […]

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Star Wars 3D Metal Model Kits


This may be one of those “shut-up and take my money” moments. Before I tell you how much they are, let me first show you all the magic that is these Star Wars 3D metal model kits. Here we go…

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