Minecraft Theology: 11 Getting Wood

11 Getting Wood

I need to gather a bunch of different types of wood for my Let’s Play project to build some Italian Apartments. The topic for this episode is to discuss what it means to appreciate others. The idea of appreciation is truly under-appreciated. So when you incorporate it into a digital presence for Christians, I truly don’t feel like we are giving our all as to how God expects. In a world of instant tweets and emails, we need to improve ourselves.

How could you make a small change to your digital life to improve your ability to appreciate others?

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Design Basics: Planning and Research [Series]

Design Basics - Planning and Research

Now that you know what design is, we can start to look at what is involved in the process of design. If design is about communication, and making things clearer—then it pays to begin with research and planning. This gives us the best chance of success. The best way to start is by asking questions.

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DreamWeaver Planner: A Place for Everything

DreamWeaver - Open

It’s September and my daughter turned five just last month, which means that I’m the proud parent of a brand-new kindergartner. For some parents, the best part of this time of the year is sending your children to school for eight hours a day. For me, it’s shopping for school supplies. I still love getting […]

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Theology of Creative Limitations

Theology of Creative Limitations - Image

Austin Kleon in the final chapter of his book Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative gives some amazing creative advice. Tilting the chapter “Creativity is Subtraction,” Kleon talks about the benefits of putting limitations upon your creative process. It’s a great chapter in a great book that you really […]

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Top Church Tech Blogs [2015]

Top Church Tech Blogs - 2015

We asked for submissions so that we could put together a new list of ChurchMag’s 30 Top Church Tech Blogs and you guys did not disappoint. With over 25 new submissions, we have never had a more powerful and accurate list (the 2012, 2013, and 2014 lists). The stats have been compiled and the results […]

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Does Graphic Design Help the Church?

Does Graphic Design Help The Church

I’ve been a fan of graphic art all my life. When I was 10 it was comic books. I vividly remember walking into the grocery store near my house and picking up an issue of Amazing Spider-Man. Seeing illustrations of Spidey swinging through the streets of New York City was life changing. I immediately wanted […]

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6 Ways to Improve Your Church Bulletin

6 Ways to Improve Church Bulletin - Image

Church bulletins. You gotta love ’em. Or not. Since moving to the US, we’ve been visiting many different churches in our search for a new spiritual home. That was an interesting experience, to say the least, and one that has taught us much about what churches are doing right—and wrong. One aspect of our church […]

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The Social Media Pet Peeve Podcast [Podcast #69]

The Social Media Pet Peeve Podcast - Image

A few weeks ago we asked you all what your biggest social media pet peeves were—and you answered! On this week’s podcast, we share your social media pet peeves, our own, and discuss. 😀 If we didn’t mention your own social media pet peeve on the podcast, be sure to let us know using the […]

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