‘Anomaly’ by Lecrae [GIVEAWAY]

Saturday Morning Review - Lecrae

The last time I listened to this much hip-hop, was when I got Toby Mac’s ‘Eye on It.’ And before that, it had been a long time since I listened to much rap and hip-hop at all. When I was growing up, I listened to it ALL THE TIME and owned more than 100 Christian rap tapes—yes, tapes—and CDs. I was really into it.

Times change and your tastes broaden, but I still have an ear for good rap. In fact, my wife had suggested I give Lecrae a try several times. Tim Challies digs Lecrae, so she figured I would, too.

And she was right.

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The Rice Bucket Challenge

Rice Bucket Challenge Montage

The Ice Bucket Challenge took social media by storm and was/has been a great success with millions of dollars raised for charities. It’s also given something fun for people to share online. But in India, Manju Latha Kalanidhi saw all of this social media soaking and wondered how this “challenge” could be applied to the […]

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Making a Case for Books [Video]

Making a Case for Books Screencap

Making a Case for Books is a beautiful stop motion video short (7min) of four bookcases being made in a workshop (get the play on words?). The video is a sort of double whammy, as the video is a great piece of stop motion and an interesting video of bookshelves being built. Enjoy!

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The First Apple Laptop [Video]

Macintosh Portable

The first Apple laptop was released in 1989 for $6,500. $6,500! And while the Macintosh Portable didn’t become a long lasting facet in the computer world, it got the ‘portable computing’ ball rolling. This video gives a closer look at the Macintosh Portable:

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Church Tech Snack Pack #045

Church Tech Snack Pack 45

Okay. So I woke up this morning craving a maple glazed donut. And then when I did an image search for maple donuts for today’s Church Tech Snack Pack, I found that they make maple glazed donuts with bacon bits on them!?!? It’s rare that I wish that I could get myself some food from […]

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The Design Museum App


[Editor's Note: This app is currently only available for iOS.] I love looking at pictures of cool stuff. Who doesn’t? If I had the time to write more fiction—currently, I put out zero words a month—I’d be writing sci-fi, and one of best things for me to get inspired is to look at cool, retro […]

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5 Steps to Successful Text Marketing [White Paper]

Five Simple Steps Screen

In the land of mobile apps and smartphones, the idea of using SMS text messaging seems like stepping back in technology instead of moving forward. But the truth is, text messaging works! Maybe it’s because it is such an underused medium and users are more likely to open and read them. None the less, the […]

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The .CHURCH Early Access Program is Here!

dot church let it begin

Back in July we spoke with DJ Chuang about the .CHURCH domain, and even dedicated an entire podcast on the subject of .CHURCH. AND NOW THE TIME HAS COME! Thankfully DJ covered all the .CHURCH info on his blog yesterday, as it marked the beginning of the 7-day period called the Early Access Program (EAP). Here’s how it […]

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