Minecraft Theology: 05 Meet Tim


I am Tim, I am apart of the growing ChurchMag Minecraft Server. I wanted to give you a personal run through of my history in video games and ministry. I often wrestle with if gaming and faith can co-exist. Have you found a it difficult to find a relationship between gaming and your faith?  I […]

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The Science Behind Google [Infographic]


Everyone wants to make sure that their website is found using Google. Bing and Yahoo!? Yeah, those are fine, too; but Google has been the gold standard of search engine optimization for years—and probably for many years to come. Whenever I hear someone talking about “Google juice” or “SEO tricks,” I imagine Google headquarters to be something like […]

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Listed #23 of Top 300 Christian Blogs for Ministry

Rated 23rd

The 12th edition of the Church Relevance Top 300 Christian Blogs for Ministry was released a few weeks ago. You’ll find solid, long standing blogs, as well as new blogs and resources that have risen further or landed on this EPIC list for the first time. I highly recommend you give the list a look. This […]

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Tech-Free Dinner Time with a Twist


We had to make a new rule at our house: No devices at the dinner table. We’ve always guarded our family time around meals. We’ve always strived to avoid dinner around the TV. Sure, there are exceptions, like pizza and a movie. You know, fun stuff like that. So when we began to feel screens […]

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Collaborate Globally with Video Conferencing

Video Conf Pic

Even a small local business can have big needs, even global needs, in terms of supply chain, staffing, sales, and other departments. Meeting these needs in a cost-effective and creative way can expand your reach and enhance communications between your far-flung staff, suppliers, and contractors. Using cloud supported video meetings to meet these needs is […]

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