The Case for Church Management Software: Membership

ChMS Church Management Software - Membership - Image

Last month we began to look at the fundamental aspects of a ChMS (Church Management Software), starting with financials. Remember, since most ChMS financial modules integrate with your more popular financial apps, this isn’t something that should be quickly overlooked. Your ChMS is not a replacement for Quickbooks, it’s a way to enhance it.

Now let’s get to the core of what a ChMS has to offer, as before, using By the Book as a case example.

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360 Degree Video Is Becoming A Thing, Are You In? [Videos]

360 degree cement image

If you haven’t seen the news about how Google, Android, and other platforms are changing the media industry with video games, movies, and web content, 360 degree content is becoming a thing. For those that have a new browser (i.e. Not IE) or the latest Android YouTube application, you can already experience videos in full […]

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Why You Should Record Sermons & How to Get Started


Week after week pastors around the world spend countless hours reading, studying, praying, and writing. They do it for the sake of the Gospel in hopes of speaking life changing truths to their congregations and any visitors that walk through their church doors. What they have to say is not only valuable, it’s vital. If […]

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Should You Upgrade Your Buffer Account?


[ Editor’s Note: Early this week Chris Wilson reviewed Buffer’s Social Media Calendar, here’s another look at it. ] Buffer is one of my favorite apps. My main goal when I started to use it was to schedule my tweets, so they nicely spread out during the day. But new features they’ve rolled out over time […]

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God Rest Ye Stressed Communicators [Saturday Morning Review]

God Rest Stressed SMR

God Rest Ye Stressed Communicators: Planning Christmas for Your Church is a collection of writings from the folks at Church Marketing Sucks/The Center for Church Communication designed to help church leaders and church techs rethink, retool, and revive their outlook on Christmas. That’s what it was designed to do, and that’s precisely what it does. […]

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How to Avoid A Google Penalties [Infographic]

Google Penalities - Top Image

If you are like ChurchMag, Google is important to your site. At times, 60%-80% of our traffic comes from someone searching for something Christian and nerdy/techy. If you are trying to get the most out of your website presence with search engine optimization (SEO), be careful that you do not try to game the system […]

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Black Friday Edition – 2015 [Podcast #82]

Black Fridy Edition - 2015 Podcast

We had so much fun during last year’s Black Friday Edition—we decided to do it, again! I’m not sure how repetitive we were compared to last year’s topic choice, but I can assure you that Phil provides an all new Black Friday story to the microphone in this episode. Enjoy:

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What Are You Thankful For?

LEGO Thanksgiving - IMAGE

Here I am nested away in Italy for another Thanksgiving. It’s just like any other day, here. There’s not hustle and bustle days before, there’s no giant cooler full of turkeys on sale, nor is there Stove Top Stuffing stacked high on the grocery store end-cap.

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What Everyone Thinks When They Text & Drive [Video]

Text and Drive Image

Having previously been in youth ministry, I am acutely aware of the dangers of texting and driving. (That being said, adults are as bad or even worse.) Even further, my father-in-law is an insurance salesmen and had my three year old do a radio ad with the line “stop the text, stop the wrecks.” So […]

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