Church Tech Snack Pack #039

Church Tech Snack Pack 39

Is it just me, or does the summer slow down the web?

I imagine that with summer vacations and time playing in the sprinkler lends to less time spent online. #FTW!

While a light snack pack this week, it’s a snack pack nonetheless:

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#WeAreN — Showing Global Support for Iraq’s Christians

we are n

If you’ve seen the hashtag — #WeAreN — or the Arabic letter “N” — pictured above — in your social media feed,  here’s why: “With Isis militants still in control of Mosul in Iraq, Christians there are facing repression. The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isis) took control of the city in early […]

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The ChurchMag Foundry

churchmag foundry image

We are embarking on an experiment. One that I am super-excited about and I hope proves itself to be a great success. It all started several months ago when I first interviewed Kenny Jahng. Before and after the interview we talked about a number of things, including the initial idea of what eventually became ChurchMag […]

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Wylio: Where I Get My Stock Images

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 9.18.09 PM

How many times has your pastor called you in or shot you a quick text stating that they needed a picture of “X” or can we get a picture of “X” on the front of the bulletin for Sunday and its Friday morning and you have to print in less than an hour? I can’t […]

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The Problem with Social Media Sharing

social sharing pacman

Sharing is not just a pre-school problem. My daughter is about to turn four, which means that preschool is only a few weeks away. We’ve really been trying to prepare her by getting her to bed earlier and waking up earlier as well. This is not going well. We are getting more traction in other […]

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Can You Trust the Web for Online Donations? [Infographic]

trust me card

Mobile online giving is important, but can we trust the Internet for online donations? The infographic below highlights the Internet’s recent security and privacy failures and states that “75% of people already have or will have their data compromised in their lifetime.” That’s a pretty scary statistic (however accurate it is) if you rely on […]

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How to Find the Freedom to Write: Time

Glowing keys of awesome

The last few weeks has been a vacation of sorts. For the first time in years I have broken away from work and spent much needed time with my family, long time best friend, and away from the Internet. There were several things that I’ve learned from my time away from work and the web […]

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