How About Playing a Yaybahar Next Sunday?

Yaybahar Screenshot

How would you like to have a Yaybahar at next Sunday’s praise and worship service? This cool acoustic instrument designed by Gorkem Sen puts out the most unique, hypnotic sound. In the video below, you’ll hear the Yaybahar captured in realtime without any additional effects added. It’s pretty stinkin’ amazing:

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Do You Share Your Completed YouVersion Reading Plans?

Share your completed devos on YouVersion

I’ve used YouVersion for a long time, but nothing for regular Bible reading plans, studying or one of the many daily devotional plans they have to offer. Having recently finished up another paperback daily devotional and since I hadn’t landed a new one yet, I thought I would give some YouVersion devotionals a spin. So far, so […]

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Developing a Child’s Creativity Through Church Playgrounds

Developing a Child's Creativity through Church Playgrounds 1

Play time is a crucial part of children development. A child’s environment and leisure time can help shape their social and cognitive development. Depending on the playground, structured or unstructured, they also play an important role in physical strength and balance. The right equipment and playground design offer your child the best way to grow […]

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How Licensing Saved LEGO [Infographic]

Star Wars Saves LEGO

Star Wars stands out as the most successful licensing endeavour LEGO has every pursued, but it was with that success that spurred them on to license more, like Harry Potter, Batman, Toy Story and many others. In the infographic below, you can see how LEGO was “pulled up from the brink of bankruptcy” thanks to the power […]

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The Custom.Church App: Find and Be Found

Custom dot Church iTunes

Custom.Church is a curious new app that does two different things at once. It’s an app for your church to be found, but it is also a fully functional app for your church as well. Using the built in GPS in most smartphones, Custom.Church helps church seekers to locate churches in their area. Churches that are not registered with […]

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To put it simply, Desk PM is a bridge between a writer and their online platform. This hawt little Mac app wires-up to a multitude of online platforms and helps writers focus on what they love to do best: write. Desk PM removes all the clutter. Removes all the distractions. Removes all the noise. And […]

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Why Growth Might Not Be the Right Goal

new growth - sprout

One common measure of a church’s success that almost every pastor points to is whether or not they are growing. It’s understandable. The Bible is really clear that we are to go and make disciples of all nations. So it stands to reason that if our church isn’t growing numerically, we must not be doing […]

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Moody Collective Podcast Giveaway: Everyone Loves FREE!


The love of free stuff is, I think, one of the greatest common denominators amongst humanity. Seriously, who does’t love the idea of free stuff? Combine that with the idea of winning a contest, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for awesome, right? Well, then, pass me your plate because The Moody Collective Podcast is […]

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Street Legal 1989 Batmobile [Video]

1989 Batmobile street legal

Australian Zac Mihajlovic spent two years building a 1989 Batmobile replica, but what’s unique about this particular Batmobile, is that it’s street legal! Can you imagine picking-up groceries in this bad boy? Yeah. It would be pretty #EPIC.

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