‘An Advent Journey Of Hope’ by Louie Giglio [Saturday Morning Review]

Saturday Morning Review - Embark on an Advent journey

My admiration for Pastor Louie Giglio is deeply rooted in his involvement with the musical arm of his ministry, and of course the Word, which he proclaims to the world. Every year thousands of young people gather to celebrate Jesus at the Passion Conference, which I talked about HERE.

Besides being the visionary architect and director of the Passion Movement, Louie Giglio is also the author of “The Air I Breathe” and “I Am Not But I Know I AM.” Louie is widely known for the Passion Talk Series DVD messages “Indescribable” and “How Great Is Our God.” As a communicator, Louie speaks at events throughout the U.S. and around the globe.

So yes, I really do admire Pastor Louie Giglio.

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12 Days of ChurchMag Christmas: Favorite Online Storage

Favorite Online Storage

This is the eighth day of the 12 Days of ChurchMag Christmas series. To catch the rest of the articles, check out the landing page here. With technology moving away from desktop computing that I remember it to be over ten years ago when I was in college to what it has become today and mobile devices, online […]

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12 Days of Christmas: Favorite Hosting Service

Favorite Hosting Service

This is the seventh day in a series of the 12 Days of ChurchMag Christmas. To catch the rest of the articles, check out the landing page here. It’s not going to be a great 12 Days of Christmas list for tech nerds who have an affinity for blogging if we do not talk about hosting […]

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A Case for Church Mobile Donations

The Case for Church Mobile Donations

This past Black Friday revealed some interesting statistics about mobile Internet use and the effects it had on the giant retailer, Walmart. Again, we see the case for church’s to leverage mobile technology . At the very least, your church website needs to be mobile ready, and you should strongly consider setting up mobile donations. When it comes […]

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#EPIC Pokemon GIFs


Brakkenimation has put together a series of Pokemon GIFs that are #EPIC enough to be used for blog post comments. Seriously. These animations have so much personality!

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