The Hungry JPEG: Summer Bundle

summer bundle hungry jpeg

We would very much like to introduce the new July Summer Bundle by This amazing set is priced at just $29, this is 95% off the regular retail price of nearly $650. This fantastic design bundle includes 28 fonts, and 19 huge graphic packs. All products include commercial licenses as well—so use them as […]

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Your Volunteer Structures Could Be Hindering Involvement

volunteer structures could hinder involvement

Church leaders have the great privilege of seeing to the spiritual formation of disciples. This is core to the mission Jesus gave us. One of the aspects of spiritual formation is service. For service, the many members of the Body have diverse gifts and function. Thus the responsibility of pastors and church leaders is connecting […]

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Why Slow Reading Is Good for You

Waiting and Reading at Bryant Park

There’s a new phenomenon: the slow reading movement. I love it. Slow reading means reading for at least half an hour without being distracted or interrupted by anything else—especially smartphones. Not only will it completely relax you and bring down your stress levels, it will also positively affect your reading comprehension. A study found that […]

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Fireworks on Social Media [Podcast #61]

Fireworks on Social Media Podcast

It’s Independence Day weekend and we’ve got a quick podcast this week talking about fireworks on Facebook! After recording the podcast this past week (which will now be downloadable next week), Phil told us about how his church’s Facebook event page exploded—in a bad way—and lead to him eventually deleting the page. Has anything like this happened […]

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Why Are People So Bad At Pitching [Infographic]

Why Are People So Bad At Pitching - Top

You may wonder, what does pitching have to do with church tech? If your church leadership is like ones I have interacted with, they are not on the front lines of technology and so do not know about the latest ideas like Periscope and how it could serve your church. Further, tech budgets are small […]

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Minecraft Theology: 08 We Need to Go Deeper

08 We Need to Go Deeper

Jeremy ventures into the nether with the quarry to eventually make a Zombie Pigmen gold farm. While working on that, he discusses his personal and professional experience with depression and anxiety disorders as well as how ministry can be impacted. What is your experience with Christianity and mental health problems and where do you see […]

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Are You Keeping It Real In Social Media?


Imagine waking up first thing in the morning. You’re getting ready for work and somewhere in between brushing your teeth and washing your face you’re checking Facebook on your smartphone. As you let your thumb glide down the newsfeed page, you notice that friend of yours announcing that he gets to work from home and […]

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