Terrible at Design? Canva is for You


I’m not the best person at design in the world. Sure I can take an okay photo and I know a thing or two about okay fonts, colors and where to place text on a screen, but that’s where my skills really end. Anything beyond simple editing is a huge issue for me and I’m sure that the majority of people reading this are the same.

If you’re a professional designer you may well still find this interesting (and I’d love your more informed feedback) but this isn’t aimed at you. This is for the average person who knows a couple of things which look good but can’t make them. Maybe the small church plant who doesn’t have a designer in their congregation, or the church pastor who needs some great slides for this weeks sermon.

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The State of Content Marketing in 2015 [Infographic]

The State of Content Marketing in 2015 Image

Content marketing is the intentional decision to create content that reaches readers in order to drive them back to your platform so you can engage them. That means for businesses, you write amazing articles to get people to then buy stuff from you. As churches, this is also available to you, but for the Gospel. […]

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Is a Custom Built Church Website for You?


There are a lot of challenges and risks you can encounter when setting out to build a church website. What should your domain name be? Where should you host it? CMS or static site? It can be a little bit overwhelming. When I set out to build my church’s website, I encountered these same things. […]

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Get Your Church Website Ready for Easter [Podcast #43]

Get Your Church Website Ready for Easter

Is your church website ready for Easter Sunday? We not only talk about some fundamentals to consider when preparing your church website, but the fact that many of the elements needed should be in place any and every Sunday. Listen in on this week’s ChurchMag Podcast and start getting your church website ready!

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He Lived Long; We Prosper: Requiem for Spock

Spock Image

Leonard Nimoy, the venerable Mr. Spock from the original Star Trek series, passed away yesterday morning. As someone on the very tail end of Gen X, I didn’t grow up with the first crew of the Enterprise. However, my foray into Doctor Who has required me, at times, to go and watch some of the old […]

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Amazing Solar Time Lapse from NASA [Video]

Amazing Solar Time Lapse from NASA IMAGE

We all love a good time lapse and this one is pretty special. The video has been released by NASA to mark the 5th Anniversary of the Solar Dynamics Observatory, a satellite which observes the earth facing side of the sun. The SDO takes a photo nearly once a second and since its launch has captured […]

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Church Tech Snack Pack #062

Church Tech Snack Pack 62

Easter is less than two months away, so it’s time to get ready! This Sunday on the ChurchMag Podcast (Friday for subscribers), we’ll be talking about getting your church website ready for Easter. You’ll also find some more Easter-centric links in this Snack Pack (there were some last week as well), but first, this insightful […]

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Open Church: Resourcing the Church for the 21st Century

Open Church - Top

The last thirty years—ironically, about the same time I’ve been alive—have been an incredible time of technological growth, fueled the convergence of many factors. In fact, there are so many factors to this growth that it would be hard to pick one, but acknowledging the risk of minimizing the others, can we say that “openness” […]

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