Introducing: ChurchMag Staff Writers


Towards the end of 2014 the idea began to brew about establishing Staff Writers for ChurchMag.

These would be regular contributors who have a passion and unique strengths surrounding Church tech and creativity. Like the newspaper days of old, each Staff Writer would be given a “beat” to cover and would write at least one post per week with a commitment of one year.

Since the beginning of the year, this team of Staff Writers have been following through with all kinds of awesome. So as I introduce you to the 2015 ChurchMag Staff Writers, you may recognize them—not for who I say they are, but as who you’ve already be seeing them write…

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The 5 Types of Blog Posts that Always Work


I sure hope you appreciate a little irony, because that’s exactly what the title of this blog post is. Ironic. You see, many how-to books and posts on blogging make promises like the one above, that if you just do this-and-this, you’ll attract hundreds, thousands of readers. You wanna know why? Because posts like that […]

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How To Schedule Instagram Posts


For the longest time, scheduling Instagram was impossible, and it still pretty much is. Instagram has their API under lock and key, but one company, ScheduGram has changed all of that. Here’s how you can schedule Instagram posts with ScheduGram:

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How Often Do you Post Online? [Infographic]

Post Feq Top

I’m going to write this article about the infographic because it is a good discussion starter, but I want you to know one thing. I hate when people ask how frequently you should post, but the person you are asking has never seen your account, doesn’t know your social media strategy, and has no idea […]

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Science Fiction and Gender Roles

Science Fiction and Gender Roles

I’ve written before about the power of science fiction to inject ideas into the mainstream while driving the conversation forward. Lately, one of the bigger issues in the wider cultural dialogue has been gender equality. As a man, I don’t want to weigh in as an authority, though I will admit that my wife, who […]

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Taking Back Control of Email


I used to love getting emails, they were almost always from a friend to let me know about what amazing things they had been up to and asking about my life too, or maybe they were full of special offers from my favourite music shop (or a chance to win a Fender guitar). But over […]

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Social Media Crisis Management [Infographic]

Social Media Crisis Management

Social media can be great to get your name out there. But what do you do when: Your social media manager posts an inappropriate post on your business account. You are critical of people and it is received negatively. Someone has a bad experience with your pastor or church, so they create a video showing […]

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7 Websites to Get Free High Quality Images


For folks into creative functions, the hunt for free high quality images is a never ending one, right? Whether it’s for a blog post, book/album cover, or church website, it’s always useful to have as many options as possible. Below is a list of great websites that I love to use to find free photos for my […]

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Can You Tell Your Faith Story In A Tweet?

Can You Tell Your Faith Story In A Tweet

A couple of months ago we published an article that talked about my concerns about tweeting Scripture and wondering if it was a waste of time. Between that post and reposting of it, I’ve had some good feedback on the discussion. (In case you wonder, I don’t think it’s a waste of time) That […]

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Is Your Kid Ministry Check-In Current?


Earlier this month KidCheck announced several new improvements in their secure children’s check-in system. It’s normal for apps and tech solutions to get updates. Many years ago, updates for Windows—for example—came in Service Packs that were released every few years or so; and even these were not major improvements. Fast forward to today, and both […]

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