GIVEAWAY: ‘Outback Worship Sessions’ by Planetshakers [Saturday Morning Review]

Outback Worship Sessions - Saturday Morning Review

To be honest, the first time I saw Planetshakers (on DVD), it wasn’t a great experience for me—the band seemed a little too much like a smaller-sized Hillsong clone. I am a lyrics guy more than a music/melody guy and found the songwriting wasn’t really up there either. I turned the DVD off after a couple of songs (can almost feel Planetshakers fans pointing their daggers at me!)

Years later, I did fall in love with “Nothing is Impossible” though—it featured Israel Houghton you see.

Despite my overall skepticism for this band, when I got a review request of their newest release, I still wanted to give it a listen just to see if things have changed.

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Minecraft Theology: Crafting Table of Contents


Somewhere at the intersection our love for all things nerdy and our desire to live out the Gospel in our daily lives is how the idea of Minecraft Theology came about. This series is a mashup of a Christian video blog and YouTube let’s play based on the ChurchMag Minecraft Server. No topic is off […]

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Church Tech Snack Pack #074


Like a bag of powdered sugar mini donuts, I hope you enjoy this week’s Church Tech Snack Pack of links and tweets… … …um… …you’ve got a little sugar on your cheek, there…

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Minecraft Theology: 06 Acquiring Hardware

06 Acquring Hardware

Some of the best memories I had from my childhood are the times my family gathered around a board or card game. In many ways this tradition has carried on with my family, only through video games. In this video I share a few reasons why I game with my family. Have you used Gaming as […]

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Hashing Out #Hashtags [Infographic]


I’ve been talking a lot about hashtags on the ChurchMag Podcast as well as over on Justin Dean’s podcast. We even asked our readers and listeners to help create a ChurchPag Podcast hashtag. But what makes a good hashtag? The infographic below has a lot of great ideas to consider when making one, so I pulled […]

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Church Time Equivalents


Time is a wonderfully cultural thing. ‘Tomorrow’ can mean anything from tomorrow—the literal meaning—to ‘maybe in two weeks’, depending on what country or area you are. I’ve lived in Germany for example, and the German reputation for being punctual is well deserved. On the other hand, my sister’s husband is from Uganda, and they have […]

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10 Ways to Create Shareable Social Media Images

10-Ways To Create Imagery

Social media is ubiquitous. According to Pew Research, 74% of online adult Americans use social networking sites. That’s 3 in every 4 people that are clicking on Buzzfeed quizzes, seeing what your breakfast looked like, and even engaging online with people they’ve never met face to face. According to the same research, 41% of adult […]

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3 Reasons the iPhone 6 Will Be My Last iPhone


Over a span of 3 to 5 years, I have been the proud and happy owner of an iPhone. I owned an iPhone 4, 5, and now 6. But, lately, I have been noticing something. There’s a whole world out there full of great smartphones and operating systems that are just as pleasing (if not […]

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The Best Email Client for You [2015 Edition]


We are becoming increasingly reliant on email. The merits of this are up for debate, but in almost every sphere of out life this is becoming true. We stay in touch with our friends and family through email, we subscribe to our favorite blogs via email, when we sign up for a new service or app […]

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The Process of Good Ideas [Infographic]


Ask Eric who has way too many ideas and he may sigh and mention my name. That is where I thrive. I have had more ideas in my life than time to even consider how to expound on them, let alone make half of them into something. I am not detail oriented and I love […]

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