U2 Announces Sonicflood Cover Album


Whether you’ve always loved them or think they’re best days are behind them, U2 continues to shock, even frustrate, music fans worldwide. Last year, they gave away their new album to all iTunes users.

This year?

Well, this year, they’re at it again, but this time, they’re not just releasing an album. They’re unleashing a flood.

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New Bible App Reads Itself


There are so many different Bible apps out there and many have a key feature or two to help set them apart from the competition. Well this new Bible app from Insanely Cool Apps promises that you’ll never face the guilt of falling behind in your Bible plan again, as it will READ the Bible […]

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Michael Hyatt Builds Actual Platform


It was inevitable. After the meteoric success of his best-selling book, Platform, and the insane annual release of Best Year Ever, speaker and entrepreneur, Michael Hyatt, has brought the marketing world to a whole new level. In fact, this level is so new, he had to build it himself. You might know Michael from his […]

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RaptureTracker: End Times Preparedness for the 21st Century

Red Globe Night

Left Behind, 2014’s Movie of the Year, reminded the average Christian, once again, of the inevitability of Jesus’ return. For those watching the skies, however, this served not as a reminder, but as a call to preparedness, a call answered most ingeniously by Darby Nelson. Nelson is founder and CEO of Rapturous Enterprises, a company […]

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BeaconAds.com Has Become BaconAds.com


For several years, now, we have been using Beacon Ads for some of our advertising management. Not only does it include some cool analytic tools, but using Beacon gives your website more exposure to potential advertisers. Today they are announcing a small name change that is sure to boast ads sales and interest.

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NueBible: A Design Centric iOS Bible App [GIVEAWAY]

NeuBible Top

We’ve covered a lot of Bible apps here at ChurchMag and too often we focus heavily on the functionality built into these tools. Features like Bible reading plans, the ability to add notes, export notes, commentaries, sharing verses and so on. These are all great and we’ve seen some huge steps forward there, but sometimes […]

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[FREE DOWNLOAD] Easter Social Media Kit


Some would argue that if your church hasn’t done anything to promote this Sunday’s Easter service via social media, you’ve already failed. While I would agree that you won’t receive nearly the payoff that those who started a month ago will receive, better late than never…am I right? To lend a hand to those of […]

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Amazing Video without the Amazing Price Tag

video camera lens - image

It’s not hard to spend millions of dollars on equipment. In fact, there’s a whole convention dedicated to video equipment and its usage. It’s called NAB and it happens every spring in Las Vegas. I’ve never been, but I think it’s just a matter of time. I’m afraid that I better only go once I […]

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Bootstrap Church Themes


Most of us would want a framework with a solid foundation, that has prebuilt elements that most websites would require and offer a good level of customization, and this is exactly what Bootstrap does. Bootstrap is one of the most popular front-end development framework that has won over many a designers and developers. There are […]

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Social Media Posting Frequency [Infographic]


The rules of social media are still being written, but that’s not to minimize any of the great content that’s being pumped out on the blogosphere. The trick, of course, is to take in the various streams of information and data, sift out rank conjecture, identify common trends, and then decide what makes the most […]

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