Generation Z: Marketing’s Next Big Audience [Infographic]


I have spent the better part of the past decade dedicating my life towards understanding how generations interact with each other. First I wanted to understand the differences between myself and teenagers as a youth ministry volunteer and then later how generations interact as a paid youth worker that would interact with parents and teens. Nowadays, I am a counselor that seens people struggle regularly with psychosocial development which has huge implications with people needing to grow.

The psychology of this is extremely important for anyone that works in marketing. While I do not at all agree to labeling this new generation as Generation Z (Millennials like myself hate being titled Gen Y, fix this please people!), the content here is still valid.

Here are some of the top stats all digital marketers, including church staff and volunteers that work with blogs, video that goes online, and social media, need to understand about this next generation.

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Attack of the Crazy Stock Images


No, Thailand is not that exciting—it’s the attack of the stock images!?!? Is it just me, or is this why so many of us like to avoid paying for images through Getty, Shutterstock and others? Check these out:

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Have You Become a Technology Zombie? [Infographic]

zombie computer user

Technology is cool and awesome, but is it turning us into zombies!?! The infographic, below, goes over some key warning signs for: The Compulsive Checker Zombie The Blind Zombie The Yelper — LOL! The Selfie Zombie The Music Doco Filmmaker Zombie Take note, here are the warning signs…

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How-To Send Your Emails to Evernote

When Evernote and Email Get Together

Evernote is an Inbox Hero! Over the past few months I’ve wrangled a number of different ways to bridge—connect—my email inboxes to Evernote. Since I get many emails that need to be transformed into blog posts, or at least I would like to, they usually end-up sitting in my inbox and leaving a big mess. […]

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Can We Autocorrect Humanity? [Video]


With the recent release of the iPhone 6, the new iPads and new OS X release yesterday, this video by Prince Ea seems particularly timely. Am I excited about the new technology being released? Yes. Am I grateful for Internet technology that makes it possible for me to stay connected to my friends and family […]

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Quick Photoshop Tip: Using Guides for Images [Video]


Whenever I used Photoshop to create featured images for blog posts—like this one—the cropped thumbnail doesn’t always turn out right. While some WordPress plugins and social media spaces won’t crop an image, others will. Popular post plugins, related post plugins, social media shares, etc… will sometimes grabbed the tiny cropped image that WordPress produces. The default is […]

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The Future of Adobe Creative Apps and Microsoft [Video]

Adobe and Microsoft working together

I remember when I first got my Mac. It was pretty exciting. After years of using Windows, I was excited to start digging into a number of exclusive Mac based apps. Most of them were for web development, as apps provided by Adobe and others came in both flavors. However, I remembered a time when this […]

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