How to Lose Your Readers’ Trust


As a blogger, the implicit trust of your readers is a precious commodity. That’s especially the case for your loyal readers, the people who follow your blog via email, RSS or other ways on a regular basis.

Holding on to that trust that, honoring it even, is essential if you want to continue growing your blog. At the end of the day, it’s your long-term loyal readers who will spontaneously promote your blog after all, simply because you add value to their lives.

But it’s easy to lose the trust your readers have placed in you. I’ve seen it happen with smaller blogs, but also with big, established, successful blogs. They may still grow, they may still have a big following—but they have lost the loyalty of their long-term readers.

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The Daily Routines of Famous Creative People [Infographic]

The Daily Routines of Famous Creative People - Routines - Header

It’s fun to see how the world’s most creative people schedule their day and compare it to our own. In this infographic displaying daily routines of famous creative people, you can get a quick glimpse and comparison of all of them at once. There is one thing that really stood out to me about these creative’s routines:

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11 Things Creative People Should Adapt in 2015


For many, New Year’s resolutions are trite. I fall into that category because I find new year’s resolutions cringeworthy especially when people go on and on about their New Year’s resolution setting impossible goals that they can’t achieve. Today, I want to share 11 things that creative people should adapt this year; these are 11 […]

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Have You Lost ‘That’ Joy?

hot air balloons and joy

Remember the first time you figured out that you love to ___________. What is it? Computer code, graphic design, an instrument, video editing? Maybe you’re like me and your profession includes much of what gives you joy. Things that you enjoy doing. But even then, we can hit a point when the joy dissipates and […]

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Church Tech Equipment Upkeep Tips

Equipment Upkeep Tips

One of the oft forgotten realities of using technical equipment is that it will break, fail or otherwise develop issues and will need to be repaired. The question is, what are your next steps? Here’s what I recommend:

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In An Internet Minute [Infographic]


If anything, the Internet has increased in volume and traffic last year from 2013. It would seem there is no slowing down. Whether you want to show people what you are doing or start discussions online, being online will help one or more aspects of your ministry. The web is continuously growing, here are a couple […]

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