Church Tech Snack Pack #092

CM Snack Pack 92

As we approach the 100th Church Tech Snack Pack, I’ve been thinking about how we might should mix things up a bit.

Upon further review, I’ve seen there has been a natural progression and change—which is encouraging. Perhaps throwing in more alternative bits of snacks—other than links—is the way to go?

Enjoy this week’s pack and drop me some feedback if you like—enjoy! 😀

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Gmail Tricks to Keep You On Track [Video]

buzzfeed video snag - gmail image

Are you a GMail user? Looking to be more effective with your time and clean up your inbox? I use the service daily either in browser or on my phone and know I am not doing the best I can with my process. Buzzfeed actually has a bunch of tips for you to do better […]

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The Pastor and the iPad: Shepherding [Series]

The Pastor and the iPad - Shepherding - Image

[Note: This is part three in a series discussing practical, pastoral uses of an iPad. You might find it helpful to start with part one and/or part two.] “What’s the most difficult aspect of being a pastor?” The answer to that question truly depends on the minister, their personality and skills, along with the make-up […]

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Crafting A Message to Get Volunteers Involved

Crafting A Message To Get Volunteers Involved

The mission of your church, in a practical sense, depends on volunteers’ involvement. It is how all members engage with the mission of God. It is a practical way for Christ followers to make a difference. Thus it is important to have others involved. Crafting a message to get volunteers involved is an important part […]

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Useful & Free Greek Study Apps

Greek Apps

I recently began my third semester of graduate studies at Freed-Hardeman University where I am enrolled in the Master of Arts in New Testament program which requires at least four semesters of Greek. Being the self-proclaimed technology nerd and Greek geek that I am, I went on a mad search for whatever apps I could […]

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