6 Things You Should Be Doing on Instagram

Start Using Instagram Better

While most people push the importance of Facebook and Twitter for their church’s social media engagement, I’ve found — at least for student ministry in a big city area — that Instagram has been the most fruitful and effective platform for interacting with my audience. I find that most churches treat Instagram as the metaphorical sidecar of their marketing, but its popularity among those in their teens and twenties has made it a strong tool for engaging your audience.

Unfortunately, because churches seem to be so late to the Instagram game, I see many organizations that just aren’t utilizing it to its full potential.

Here are six tips that will help you step up your Instagram game and effectively strengthen your church’s social media strategy. Note: Many of these tips can apply to other social media platforms, but this article was written with Instagram in mind.

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Work at It with All of Your Heart

Awesome soundboard - image

Since moving to Northern Italy and being involved in the local fellowship here, I was asked if I could take charge of the church sound system and website. The sound system was a mess and I won’t even talk to you about the website, yet. I am back in the trenches and it feels good. […]

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‘No Shave November’ Hobbit Dwarf Cheat Sheet [Image]

the hobbit dwarves image

No Shave November is almost over—how did you fare? Have you grown anything that would compare to these dwarves from The Hobbit? After only a month, probably not. I started my beard before November, and now that No Shave November is almost over, I think I’ll keep growing it out. I am so close to Beard 2.0, […]

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Bluesmart: Connected Luggage? You Got It.

Bluesmart 1

This might just appeal to the globetrotter that resides within all of us… No more lost luggage… not if this Indiegogo project has anything to do with it. Bluesmart is looking to introduce connected luggage to folks looking for a way to track and weigh their traveling gear. Beyond that, it charges electronics, gives proximity […]

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Facebook vs Snapchat [Infographic]

Snapchat Vs Facebook TOP

Facebook has had several big tech purchases, most notably Instagram and WhatsApp. One mobile app, however, has resisted their billion dollar attempts of acquisition. Snapchat. And like Facebook, it’s had its share of privacy concerns and failures. So how exactly do these two social networks stack-up next to each other?

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Would You Like to See A Realistic Minecraft? [Videos]

Realistic Sytyled Minecraft Screens

One of things that stands out when you first start playing Minecraft, is the design. Minecraft stepped away from the eye-candy that has become the norm in video gaming and focused on the fundamental aspect of any and every video game: gameplay. If we were talking about a website, we might say: usability. I am […]

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ChurchMag Acquires 78p.tv


When Jeremy Smith emailed me about selling 78p.tv, it was with a heavy heart. After several years of blogging, designing, planning and pouring his heart into 78p.tv, it was time to move on. But the passion he has for the church tech community will not only continue on—but the seeds sown into 78p.tv will continue to […]

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Desk: A Simple & Powerful Publishing App


Back some 10 years ago when I started blogging I struggled with the whole process of things. I wasn’t keen on writing (I didn’t hate writing anymore, as I did when I was a kid), so finding the time to sit down and hammer on the keys till I had a full article was a […]

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