GIVEAWAY: ‘You Alone’ by NCC Worship [Saturday Morning Review]

You Alone by NCC Worship - Review

National Community Church (NCC) is a multi-site church that meets in theaters (yes, secular theatres) around the Washington, DC metro area.

As a ministry, NCC has been pretty effective! They have converted a crack house into a coffeehouse (Ebenezer’s), an old theater into a gathering place for worship (The Miracle Theatre) and this year alone, they will launch over 33 mission trips and give away more than $1 million to charitable causes around the world!

Even the proceeds from the sale of “You Alone” will be used in developing the DC “Dream Center”, which will focus on serving the poor and the disenfranchised while also serving as a place of peace, reconciliation and refuge for southeast DC.

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Minecraft Theology: 05 Meet Tim


I am Tim, I am apart of the growing ChurchMag Minecraft Server. I wanted to give you a personal run through of my history in video games and ministry. I often wrestle with if gaming and faith can co-exist. Have you found a it difficult to find a relationship between gaming and your faith?  I […]

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The Science Behind Google [Infographic]


Everyone wants to make sure that their website is found using Google. Bing and Yahoo!? Yeah, those are fine, too; but Google has been the gold standard of search engine optimization for years—and probably for many years to come. Whenever I hear someone talking about “Google juice” or “SEO tricks,” I imagine Google headquarters to be something like […]

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Listed #23 of Top 300 Christian Blogs for Ministry

Rated 23rd

The 12th edition of the Church Relevance Top 300 Christian Blogs for Ministry was released a few weeks ago. You’ll find solid, long standing blogs, as well as new blogs and resources that have risen further or landed on this EPIC list for the first time. I highly recommend you give the list a look. This […]

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Tech-Free Dinner Time with a Twist


We had to make a new rule at our house: No devices at the dinner table. We’ve always guarded our family time around meals. We’ve always strived to avoid dinner around the TV. Sure, there are exceptions, like pizza and a movie. You know, fun stuff like that. So when we began to feel screens […]

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Collaborate Globally with Video Conferencing

Video Conf Pic

Even a small local business can have big needs, even global needs, in terms of supply chain, staffing, sales, and other departments. Meeting these needs in a cost-effective and creative way can expand your reach and enhance communications between your far-flung staff, suppliers, and contractors. Using cloud supported video meetings to meet these needs is […]

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By The Numbers [Series]

By the Numbers Series - Image

I’ve released my first book, By The Numbers, which you can get on our Churchmag Press site here as well as a series of articles giving some back story to why we had posted the article. But we want to make this specific page as a landing page for everything that is going to go […]

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