10 Minute Film School


Video is an amazing medium. It has become a huge part of our culture. From a religious standpoint it is being integrated into our church environments, teaching, and homes. There are a few resources out there that do it well in the Christian world, but as it becomes more prevalent we will all begin to feel the need for more personalized content. Especially in light of the fact that the affordability of doing video well continues to increase.

This is my attempt to download the things I have learned over the years from friends in the industry as well as trial and error. This 10-minute film school should give you an easy to follow workflow to help bring your video production quality and quantity up. I welcome any tips and tricks, as well as criticism’s you may have as I am still learning also.

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Super Mario Super Heros

mario crew in super

I initially was going to be posting the image below—which is way awesome—but as I searched for a decent featured image for the post, I scooped up this gem that’s pictured above. These are great! I love mashups.

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5 Tips for Choosing a Memorable Church Domain Name

Screenshot via GoDaddy.com

One quarter of a billion domain names have been registered in the last couple decades. Not surprisingly, it is often difficult to get the name you want today. It can be a challenge even for churches since there are hundreds of thousands of churches in the world and many have the same or a similar name. Even if the desired domain […]

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Will You Join the Insanity Known as NaNoWriMo?

write - read - write again

November is NaNoWriMo. No, I’m not pulling your leg, this is truly a thing. NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month and it’s the 30 days where hundreds of thousands of people worldwide attempt to write a novel (over 310,000 succeeded last year). Believe me, it’s pure insanity. The rules are simple: Start writing on November […]

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Even More Honest Slogans

Honest Slogans 7

Honest Slogans were awesome the first time, the second time, and now, the third time. Graphic designer Clif Dickens has put together some more hilarious and brutally Honest Slogans. The last one is my absolute favorite. Enjoy:

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30 Days of Blogging for Churches

30 Days of Blogging for Churches

We moved to upstate New York about a year ago and naturally, we started searching for a church soon after. Once again, I experienced first hand the importance of a solid, up-to-date digital presence for churches. Sadly, I encountered too many churches that had outdated sites and missing crucial info, like times of worship, the […]

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The Next Superhero Movies [Infographic]

LEGO Marvel Superheros

As an active member of geekdom and lover of superheroes—on film and in comic books—it’s good to see that there will be plenty of movie viewing in the coming years. This infographic from Comics Alliance covers all the ‘Supermovies’ so all of us super geeks know ‘what the next few years of your life looks like.’ Which movies are […]

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Church Tech Wisdom: 5 One Liners to Live By

5 one liners to live by

As we continue to develop technology and media in ministry we need some philosophical guard rails to help us be successful in our endeavors, as well as keep us sane. These 5 one liners to live by in church tech help me stay consistent and valuable to what God is doing on this earth.

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Hashtag Activism [Comic]

Hashtag activism via Furious Diaper by Eric Allie

Have you ever been a part of ‘hashtag activism?’ I am sure that I have. This comic brings to light how easy it is to hit ‘like,’ share a hashtag, or update your avatar and think that the world has been dramatically changed by these simple acts.

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