5 Creative and Functional Work Spaces from Tech Legends


There are a lot of creative offices out there and you see new images nearly every day; it’s ultimately going to make the effort to craft a new office space for my team a lot harder!

But it’s still a fun process. Here are 5 examples from very famous people that might inspire you:

Bill Gates

Although too impressive, you need to read this article about how he works. Therein lies the magic.

Steve Balmer

Although there’s definitely a lot to laugh about in regards to Steve Ballmer I have found actually found elements of his very small office that I like. I admire the fact that despite his position and the obvious resources available to have a bigger office he’s made do with a very functional approach. Notice the heavy images of his family as well.

Good or bad, the man gets things done.

Steve Jobs

The very famous photo from Diana Walker in 1982 was shot while he was at home. Zen? Yes.


Who could go wrong with Pixar? 4 years after the above image of Steve in his home he was buying Pixar and reconstructing it the way it should have been.


And how could we forget the 37signals guys? We’ve already done a post showcasing all of the images so check that out here.


I have found that this advertisement featuring Tina Fey to be pretty darn sweet. The messiness is something that I can totally appreciate despite my tendency to keep things clean. I don’t believe I’ve ever had the freedom to make a mess, yet.


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