Compass For Easier CSS Authoring


As common and well-known as CSS is, it has its shortcomings. So much so that developers are beginning to create tooling around the language in order to give it features that most programming languages actually have. Compass is a pretty slick utility that helps to author stylesheets using Sass. ... Continue Reading

Zoomy For iPad-Like Image Zoom


For those of you that own an iPad, you're likely familiar with the magnifying glass the the operating system displays whenever you hover over an area on the screen for a set amount of time. Zoomy is a neat jQuery plugin that brings the same functionality to the browser. ... Continue Reading

Amazon Release Cloud Drive Service


  Amazon have been very busy indeed lately. With launching an Android App Store and rumors of a tablet on the way it must be rather busy over at Amazon towers! My hope and feeling is that Amazon are brewing something quite spectacular, and that all the pieces in this puzzle are going to come together nicely and really shake the mobile landscape, but, hey, that remains to be seen! ... Continue Reading

AT&T vs. Sprint


One of the big stories in the wireless phone service world recently is the proposed acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T. This is huge news, because if the merger is approved, it would allow AT&T to surpass Verizon as the biggest carrier in the US. Strategically this seems like a great move for AT&T, since it would allow them to expand their coverage with T-Mobile's existing towers, as well as begin a faster rollout of 4G. There is another player in this game who is not so happy about ... Continue Reading

Test Drive Apps With The Amazon App Store

At ChurchDrop we have been closely watching Amazon recently, especially since it dropped it's Android App Store. There has also been speculation surrounding the possibility of Amazon releasing an Android powered tablet device. Well next up from Amazon is the fact that on their App store you can now test drive the app you are interested in downloading within your browser. This is a great feature considering how frustrating it can be installing an app that, in the end you find out isn't right ... Continue Reading

In-App Purchasing Coming to Android

The Android will be bringing another app option, slated for next week, that was previously only available in iOS. Android app devs will be able to charge for goods and services from within the app itself. This opens up a whole new source of income for developers, aka: another way to get your money! One iOS-based study showed that in-app purchases yield more revenue than mobile ads, with average monthly revenue per user being close to $8, compared to roughly $1 of revenue per user from ... Continue Reading

Mobile Device Etiquette


How many times have you been somewhere and seen someone using their mobile device in a way that makes you think, "Wow, that's so rude, couldn't it wait?" If you're like me, that's probably happened to you more than once. Instead of trying to offer a lot of advice, since I'm by no means an etiquette expert, or even remotely skilled at it, I'd instead like to offer some points and ideas to start a dialog about this topic. ... Continue Reading

Samsung's Answer to the MacBook Air

The 64GB solid state drive isn't much, but this machine has nothing to do with storage and everything to do with portability. This beautiful Samsung 11.9-inch Series 9 is made of gorgeous duralumin and guaranteed to make you droll. ... Continue Reading