wKiosk: Sunday School Check-In and More!


[EDITOR’S NOTE: wKiosk has left the web. If you happen to see it again, let us know!]

Designed for public access terminals in museums or libraries, wKiosk is a web browser designed to render web-based content or run web applications in a safe and stable manner. wKiosk can also be used as a default web browser.

wKiosk would be great to use with a web based ChCMS for Sunday School check-in or a Church office computer dedicated to member management. In addition, it could be used in computer labs or computers set in public areas.

With wKiosk, you could have a computer in your Church entryway that could be setup for Church member updates, let members click-through your Church website or sign-up online for events via your website or web-based program.

There are a lot of really cool and practical applications!


wKiosk is a robust solution. You can restrict access to web sites, the OS, system settings, file downloads and applications. With wKiosk running, the computer is protected from any kind of manipulation from the user.

wKiosk was developed with the intention to create a browser that would provide the same ease of use as other browsers, while adding maximum security and protection from user interference.

You can customize wKiosk to fit your specific need. From public kiosk use to detraction free web browser. You can even add a touchscreen and enable the new virtual keyboard to entry information.

wKiosk offers the following critical security features:

  • Monitors and protects the operating system against manipulation.
  • Deactivates undesired function keys and system critical key combinations.
  • Restrict or prohibit the downloading of files from the Internet.
  • Allows administrators to define which domains/URLs the user is allowed to access.
  • Automatically processes program restarts in the event of software error.
  • Deletes user data at the end of each session.
  • Logging and saving all user interaction.

No programming skills are necessary, so configuration is quick an easy!

Setup the Behavior

You can use wKiosk as a fullscreen web browser or a multimedia content player.

Customize the Interface

Seemingly unlimited possibilities to create a streamlined user experience. My favorite option: Incorporate your own logo.

Manage Favorites

Define the list of favorite sites for user access. You can also adjust your display theme options to create a continuous user experience.

Setup the Level of Security

Protect the access to the computer from unauthorized access, disable menus, downloading of files and keyboard shortcuts.

Control the Access

Create a list of forbidden sites or just authorize the access to selected sites. It just depends on how you want to use wKiosk.

Advanced Options

You can enable the touchscreen keyboard, change the ID of the browser, setup the idle time and much more!


OS: Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

Compatibility: Any Mac with an Intel processor.

License: One license per computer. If you install it on two computers, you can use them on both, but never simultaneously. Best of all, upgrades are free!

Price: $70 (there are multi-license discounts)


wKiosk looks excellent! I can see this being used in a number of different ways, and Sunday School Check-In is just the beginning!

To learn more about wKiosk or place an order, visit the wKiosk website.


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