The Power of the #Hashtag [Infographic]


The topic of hashtags is great because it is this whole world for churches to explore on what it means to engage in a conversation with people. There are several universal hashtags for Christian, of which I look into personally with #chsocm, #churchtech, and #churchmedia. It gives people the ability to talk about a topic and you the opportunity to peer into the conversation. But I wonder if having a hashtag for your church could be useful. I actually talk about this topic in my eBook By The ... Continue Reading

By the Numbers: How Churches Are REALLY Communicating Online [Infographic]

By The Numbers - Infographic

The church has had the capacity to be on the Internet for over 25 years, yet it seems we have failed to do anything very substantial for most of it. In the recent years, an explosion of churches have begun to make a digital presence online with website and social media, but are we being very effective with our energy and content? Here are some datapoints for you to explore on what 100 of the largest churches are doing online with their ministry presence. If you want the full data, get my latest ... Continue Reading

By the Numbers: Datapoints

By The Numbers - Datapoints

The past month, I have put in about 50 hours worth of time to not only construct a research project, but also to gather data and find some sweet nuggets of content to share with people. I am going to get into what this project looks like, but before that, I wanted to share how we got to that moment. The beginning of 2015 seems to be the perfect meeting point for me in my blogging career. I have let go being an editor, moved to full time with ChurchMag, and begun blogging as a Staff Writer on ... Continue Reading

By the Numbers: Analysis

By The Numbers - Analysis

Yesterday we looked at the By the Numbers research project that I have been slaving away at and for those that enjoy the tl;dr style of recapping: I don't want to base my social media and web recommendations for churches based off of opinion or individual experiences, so I am compiling data so the Church can do better online ministry. Today we will look at the analysis outcomes for solid data to be presented. You won't get all the data unless you purchase the eBook, but I did want to share ... Continue Reading

By the Numbers: Observations

By The Numbers - Observations

The project design has been constructed, the seemingly endless amount of data has been mined, and I am beginning to crunch the numbers. And let me say, I have found some great points after looking at over 250 social media accounts and 100 websites for churches. The simple fact of the matter is, there is no set standard, but there are a lot of churches producing great content. Even as I write these words knowing that the series is coming to a close and my latest eBook has been released on ... Continue Reading

Why Content Is Not the Focus of Social Media


Dave Shrien, host of the Church Marketing Podcast, wrote this tweet a last Tuesday asking people about social media for churches and where they spend most of their time as social media managers: I instantly sent my reply that I took most of my time to create structures and engage with other people, which I will get into of what that means later in this article. I then decided to scan the replies of what people responded with and found ... Continue Reading

Have You Invited Someone for Easter? [Free Downloads]


Easter is just a few days away—today is Good Friday—have you invited someone for Easter? Even if you don't have the chance to invite someone face-to-face, sharing a quick image on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc... along with a link to your church website with more information, is always a good idea. There are many people who are just waiting for an invite—even if it is as indirect as a Facebook update. Think about it: How would you like to show up to a new church and not finding one ... Continue Reading

6 Delicious Ingredients for Your Church Hashtag

Church Hashtag Ingredients - CM

When you see the most popular posts on Twitter, Instagram and even Google+, it’s not uncommon to see a hashtag (or five) within their character limit. Using a hashtag can be a a great way to help people who might be interested in your topic, find your post, they can also lead to follow on inspired by or offshoots from your original post. As a church, it can be incredibly powerful to have your own hashtag which your church members know and use. This can insure that your members see not only the ... Continue Reading

[FREE DOWNLOAD] Easter Social Media Kit


Some would argue that if your church hasn't done anything to promote this Sunday's Easter service via social media, you've already failed. While I would agree that you won't receive nearly the payoff that those who started a month ago will receive, better late than I right? To lend a hand to those of you who find yourself between a rock and a hard place, we are giving away the Easter Social Media Kit from Big Click Syndicate on ChurchMag Press. Here's what you'll get: ... Continue Reading

Social Media Posting Frequency [Infographic]


The rules of social media are still being written, but that's not to minimize any of the great content that's being pumped out on the blogosphere. The trick, of course, is to take in the various streams of information and data, sift out rank conjecture, identify common trends, and then decide what makes the most sense for your church/company's social media strategy. Or find a sweet infographic. ... Continue Reading