Has the Church Overlooked YouTube?

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Has the Church overlooked YouTube? Posting updates on Facebook and Twitter and throwing in an image or two now and again requires far less 'know-how' and technical requirements, whereas producing a video to upload onto YouTube has a far more drastic learning curve for most churches. Perhaps that is why so many churches don't utilize YouTube when it comes to the different social media platforms. Here's how the different social networks stack up in ROAR's Social Media in Church Survey: ... Continue Reading

Faithpath — A Faith-Based Relationship Network

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I am not the biggest fan of Christian clones of mainstream services. You won’t find me uploading videos to GodTube or pinning images to Godinterest, but that doesn’t mean I am against the idea of establishing niche social networks. In fact, I think the bigger Facebook and other networks get, the more people will be drawn to niche social networks that appeal to their interests. Does the next generation really want their entire lives mapped-out on a social network? I am doubtful, but only time ... Continue Reading

How to Use Google+ for Marketing [Infographic]

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I hope in the past couple of years on ChurchmMag, I have made my case for using Google+ for marketing with your church. If not, then read this, this, and this before continuing. You should also note that this is but one road to connecting with people online. This should be just one of numerous ideas for you to engage well with people, but it definitely is an avenue that has largely been neglected, yet has so much potential. Want to know how Google+ can work for you? ... Continue Reading

Will Social Media Destroy Discipleship?

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With the rapid growth of the Internet and social media, discipleship can easily be forgotten. We are more global and connected than ever before. Though this can be an incredibly good thing as far as how easily and quickly we can extend encouragement, I believe it can pose a dangerous threat to discipleship. First, before we go any further lets define discipleship. For the sake of this article we will gather our definition from Mark 3:13-15: "And He went up to the mountain and summoned those ... Continue Reading

Earn Your Permission to Speak

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You can always count on Seth Godin to share awesome and inspirational insights when it comes to marketing, branding, and all things surrounding entrepreneurism. In this talk he gave last year at Nearly Impossible, he answers a number of questions from the audience, and while these questions were about small businesses and startups, many of the concepts can be applied to other types of communication, ideas and marketing — including that of churches, ministries and nonprofits. ... Continue Reading

Godinterest: Pinterest Meets … God?

What Would Jesus Pin

Remember the ‘Lord’s Gym’ t-shirts from the 1990’s? It was a popular ‘witness wear’ back in the day, as it resembled the iconic ‘Gold’s Gym’ t-shirt, but instead of having a body builder on the front, it had Jesus ‘bench pressing’ the weight of all the sin in the world. While I have a soft spot for this t-shirt as well as the ‘cheesy’ t-shirts that look like a popular brand or logo, but have an entirely different message, I don’t believe that’s the purpose behind this new ‘Christian’ social ... Continue Reading

The Ultimate Social Media Outreach Tool

Faith Social Screens

I am really excited to introduce you to Faith Social! Faith Social is not only the ultimate social media outreach tool, but it is revolutionary. I've never seen something like this before. As much as we all talk about ‘social media teams’ and ‘social media directors,’ this is the kind of tool that puts the power of church social media into the hands of those that have more influence than any well crafted message sent out by your church. It puts church social media messaging into the hands of ... Continue Reading

Four Ways to Create Belonging in Your Church

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You don’t have to look far or long in the church world to hear someone talking about community. Yet despite all our talk of community and the rise of social media, loneliness is on the rise. According to the Barna Group, “Ten years ago, slightly over one out of 10 Americans self-identified as lonely. Today, that number has doubled—a paradoxical reality in the full swing of the social media age.” People are looking for a place to belong. What better place to belong than your community of faith? ... Continue Reading

How to Improve Your Engagement on Google+ [Infographic]


Within all of the social media platforms online, none of the platforms compare to what Google+ has done for me. It was there that I met with Eric Dye over video chat and first chatted with Phil Schneider. It is there that I met everyone of my 78p.tv contributors. It is there that I have created my strongest digital relationships. If you tell me that no one is active on their, I will tell you you are doing it wrong. It is my biggest source of engagement. I may get more traffic from Pinterest and ... Continue Reading