Hashtag Activism [Comic]

Hashtag activism via Furious Diaper by Eric Allie

Have you ever been a part of 'hashtag activism?' I am sure that I have. This comic brings to light how easy it is to hit 'like,' share a hashtag, or update your avatar and think that the world has been dramatically changed by these simple acts. ... Continue Reading

Victorian Selfies [Photos]


What do you think of when you hear the word, selfie? There is often a negative connotation to selfies, but when you consider the power of selfies and the true heart of the matter, perhaps there shouldn't be. And to make matters worse, Millennials are pointed-out as being the pinnacle of this supposed 'problem' of a 'me generation' when nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, 'selfies,' as we call them today, may be nothing new at all... ... Continue Reading

30 Days of Instagram for Churches

30 Days of Instagram for Churches by Chris Wilson

In the old study (now more a storage slot) in my parents house are a collection of boxes filled with our memories. Some contain old childhood toys, others well read books, some even have once important documents, but the majority contain pictures. Hundreds and thousands of pictures in albums, or some still in the packets they came after they were processed. These photos are like hundreds of micro windows into our old lives and different moments in time. Our birthdays and celebration, our trips ... Continue Reading

‘The Social Media Gospel’ by Meredith Gould [Book Review]

Saturday Morning Review - The Social Media

Let's get frank for a moment, because that would be what Meredith Gould would do. I loved this book because it was "in your face" real about what it means to be in social media. It avoids all the silly "this is what a hashtag is" type of commentary that honestly does not belong in a printed text that will be out of date in a couple of months to couple of years. Here's what I think of Meredith Gould's book, The Social Media Gospel: ... Continue Reading

YouTube’s Toolbox [Infographic]

CM YouTube Toolbox

Is your church, ministry or nonprofit on YouTube? YouTube should not be overlooked. With more than 1,000,000,000 unique visitors every month, it's a platform that simply cannot be ignored. Here's a toolbox of YouTube's tools for your viral video creating pleasure: ... Continue Reading

7 Reasons Why Church Leaders Should Publish on LinkedIn


LinkedIn, the social networking site with the mission of connecting the world's professionals, announced a few months ago that it will begin unrolling the ability for its members to publish long-form posts on the site. In essence, it's like having a blog built right into your LinkedIn profile—with your posts made visible to the 300 million members of LinkedIn. It's great news—and a great way for church leaders and staff to expand their influence and message. Unfortunately, not many in church ... Continue Reading

What Has Facebook Become? [Images]

Pawel Kuczynski facebook

Pawel Kuczynski is a talented and provocative artist that covers a myriad of world interest subjects. With Facebook now a decade old, it's curious to see Pawel's perspective and statements on what this social media giant has become. I find it really interesting that his art speaks to both the positive and negative aspects of Facebook, making for a balanced and brutally honest viewpoint. ... Continue Reading

Finding Your Audience On Facebook [Infographic]

Finding Your Audience On Facebook Head

For many churches, the one and only social media network that you need to worry about is Facebook. Your congregation is already there, so you do not have to get others to sign up. You have used the platform for a while and while you may still have a learning curve with brand pages, it will be minimal. And the analytics are truly better than any other social media network out there. The question is, how does your church get an audience on social media? We can help with that. ... Continue Reading