Social Media Posting Frequency [Infographic]


The rules of social media are still being written, but that's not to minimize any of the great content that's being pumped out on the blogosphere. The trick, of course, is to take in the various streams of information and data, sift out rank conjecture, identify common trends, and then decide what makes the most sense for your church/company's social media strategy. Or find a sweet infographic. ... Continue Reading

Will You Use the New YouVersion Verse Images? [Podcast #47]


Have you seen YouVersion's new feature from a few weeks ago? Now you can share your favorite scripture verses with your friends via social media by adding it to a nice image provided by YouVersion. Have you tried this new feature? Do you like it? Should you use it? Here's some more thoughts on this new feature and whether or not you or your church should be using it. ... Continue Reading

How to Get More Engagement with Your Visual Content [Infographic]


I love visual content. I constantly experiment with different mediums because honestly, they communicate more than words. An image with a smiling face means more than a 200 word testimony. And a video demonstrating worship or God's grace during your baptism will have me tearing up if I see your tone, body language, and general presence about a situation. Truly, words are effective, but can you do more with your online content? Can you give intentionality and purpose with it? The infographic ... Continue Reading

The .99¢ Easter Social Media Kit

Easter Kit 99 Saile

At the start of the month, ChurchMag Press offered the Easter Social Media Kit to help churches jumpstart their Easter Sunday social media drive. After all, Easter is the Superbowl Sunday of church Sundays. Now with Easter less than two weeks away, it's more important now more than ever that you supercharge your church social media accounts and activate your church members. And this should help: ... Continue Reading

By The Numbers [eBook Release]

By the Numbers BG

Helping a church create a digital presence strategy started the same basic way every time I went about it. Generally I would meet with the senior pastor and the person who would run the account. Before I had met with them, I would have send an email before hand of an assessment of what they had, what they wanted to gain, what they wanted to avoid, and the resources they were going to devote to it. The discussion would then cover concerns I might find if expectations were too simple or outside ... Continue Reading

Parents Rejoice! Google Releases YouTube Kids


YouTube can be a pretty incredibly tool for parents. Access to a wide range of children’s programs as well as educational content can help really open up a kids world and provide them with not only entertainment but also education. The only issues is that not everything on YouTube is something you want your kids to watch. I’ve been there as a parent watched in horror as an “episode” of Peppa Pig started playing only to discover that some clever clogs had edited clips to make their own episode ... Continue Reading

Go Into All the World Online


Jesus was never someone to mince words. There isn't a single throwaway quote or pointless word attributed to Jesus in the entire Bible. When Jesus speaks, you can rest assured that what He says is meaningful, so you'd better be listening. That goes double for His last recorded words on the earth: "Go and make disciples…." Pretty clear statement from our Lord and Savior. "Go! Leave where you are and find where 'they' are, the lost and the hopeless. Make disciples! Show them My love, tell them of ... Continue Reading

ChurchMag Author Quotes #1


We are beginning to take a new strategy with social media, reworking some of the great content we post all of the time into new mediums. Below I have put some of the best articles of 2015 to this point in inspirational quote images to be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others. Enjoy and share with your friends! [Clicking the image will take you to the source article.] ... Continue Reading