Social Media Fails: United Breaks Guitars

Social Media Fail - United Image

The whole idea behind studying history is to learn from mistakes from the past and not repeat that. With that in mind, we'll discuss some famous social media fails in a short series to see what we can learn from companies, organizations, and people who got it spectacularly wrong. Our first example is almost ancient considering how long social media have been around: it's the infamous 2009 case commonly known as United Breaks Guitars. Here's what happened: country singer Dave Carroll's guitar ... Continue Reading

FACT: Men Are Retweeted More. Why?


Men are retweeted more than women on Twitter. Almost twice as much actually. As a woman, that fact intrigued me. I'm not the type to start screaming discrimination right away and take to the streets with banners demanding equality. Instead, I was curious as to the why. Turns out, there's a reason. ... Continue Reading

The Optimal Length for Social Media Updates [Infographic]

optimal length social media

Sure, you can post whatever your heart desires on social media, but if you're serious about getting engagement, you may want to study this infographic. It shows you exactly what the optimal length is for social media updates. And not just that, it also shows you the optimal length for domain names, hashtags, blog posts, blog titles, and even subject lines for emails.  ... Continue Reading

Dear Christian, Stop Sharing Fake News [Podcast #64]

Stop Sharing Podcast

More and more people are using their social media feeds to curate their news. The problem with this, however, is that more and more false news stories are spreading like wildfire. As Christians, it's important for us to hold fast to truth and not take part in spreading rumors. Whether this is something that happens with Christians more than non-Christians is irrelevant, as we need to hold ourselves to a higher standard. There's a lot more to this conversation, please join in: ... Continue Reading

‘Likeable Social Media’ by Dave Kerpen [Saturday Morning Review]

Dave Kerpen Book Image

I've read a bunch of books on social media and they all have the same problem: they're outdated faster than you can say Facebook newsfeed. Likeable Social Media is no exception unfortunately, despite the fact that the book was updated from a previous version and was newly released this year. Any book that still mentions Foursquare as a legit social medium is and highlights Facebook's introduction of the 'Like' button, well, outdated. Plus some of the examples are a little 'old' as well, like ... Continue Reading

On-the-Ground Social Media #FAIL

Social Media FAIL - image

Social media is a great tool, but like every tool and technology it comes with risks. Having instant access to the masses can lead us to saying or sharing things in the moment that, with cooler heads, we would filter out. However, that's no the concern of this post. I'd like us to take a few minutes to reflect on the potential troubles that come with using social media to promote a church event. ... Continue Reading

Know Where to Share [Infographic]

Share CM

When I did social media and digital consulting for churches, one of my favorite things to experience when we first were creating their digital strategy was the different types of mediums they were already creating as well as allow them to dream what they want to do beyond their current adventures in communication. I always started with their strengths in a strategy and push them to see what else they could do. So if the church and staff are great at photography, videography, blogging, or ... Continue Reading

YouTube Is 10 Years Old [Video]

you tube logoage

I love YouTube and am trying to integrate most of what I do online with it. Whether it is my personal channel I'm starting up with quick videos, the UnProgrammed series, the Minecraft Theology series or another couple of ideas in the pipeline, it is a platform you simply cannot ignore. A lot of other performers have found a great platform in YouTube for their craft. Some of my favorite Christians online include: Skit Guys Relevant Magazine Dude Perfect Of course, there is more. ... Continue Reading

How Social Media Automation Can Work for You [Infographic]

How Social Media Automation Can Work for You - CM

Rick Warren is quoted on Twitter as being anti-scheduling tweets, but does that really make us inauthentic? I don't think so, assuming we do not leave our accounts to simply broadcast and instead respond appropriately. So if you are willing to jump onboard and assume social media automation can be good, how do we make it effective? I'm glad you asked. The infographic below has some ideas, I pulled my top three points from it to help jumpstart your church's social media accounts: ... Continue Reading

Summer Youth Ministry Overhaul

summer beach cm

Every season has their own distinct feeling, and—maybe it's because I've been a public school teach for nine years—summer seems to be a great time to self-evaluate and make changes. It's true for school teachers, and it's just as true for your pastors and youth workers. Summer can be an incredibly busy time for youth ministries when you think about camps, outings, missions trips, etc., and yet, if we were honest, we'd probably admit that our actually youth meetings are surprisingly low-attended ... Continue Reading