Shareable Quotes and Images from Tim Challies

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If you're looking for something awesome to post on your church's Twitter, Facebook or any other social media account, be sure to look at some of the awesome stuff Tim Challies has been sharing. Every time I see it pop-up on Facebook, I am immediately impressed with the design investment that has been made to create these. Here's a sampling of some the work: ... Continue Reading

Are Facebook Pages Still Worth It? [Infographic]


If you are someone that has any vested interested in social media for your ministry, you may have heard that you need to go all in with Facebook because their are now 1.23 billion active people on there. Then you might have also heard that it is worthless to even try because if you do it all wrong, you could put all that time and effort into creating a great page only to reach 2-3% of your audience, where other social networks you can reach more people easily. Then others state that you should ... Continue Reading

What Happens If You Like Everything on Facebook?

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How many things do you normally "Like," "Plus," or favourite a day across various social networks? For some people the answer maybe next to nothing, but for the majority of us it's probably a few each visit at least. Did you know that those metrics are often used to determine what you see within that social network? It's true, and with few exceptions (Twitter being a notable one), your activity will influence what you are shown in the future. After all, if you liked Jeff's last post then you ... Continue Reading

What Do We Do About Digital Church Gossip?

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I have worked with several different churches as the youth director for eight years of my life. In that time, I have grown to love and hate the church environment as a full-time staff person. The one thing that has made me jaded above everything else is the church gossip. What started out as simply telling rumors about fellow congregation members over coffee and donuts, made a startling change to gossiping via prayer requests. The idea that we share other people's business that we probably do ... Continue Reading

Find the Saddest Tweets You Ever Tweeted

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Sad Tweets is a hilarious online Twitter app that will “discover the saddest, most lonely tweets you ever tweeted.” If anything, this online app will deliver you a healthy dose of Twitter humility, as it pulls all your tweets that have gone without a favorite or retweet. But there's more to it than that. As it dramatically fades tweet after tweet, it plays dramatic music in the background. Hilarious! ... Continue Reading

The Compartmentalized Social Media Life

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I don't know about you, but the saying that “every social media is like the next” is not true for me. They may have similar functions, but the audience as much as the form of the network has influenced how I use it. Here is how I have compartmentalized my own social media use and I'd love to see how yours compares: ... Continue Reading

How to Get More Out of Google+


Last year was fun when I started connecting with people that were passionate about technology and wanted to know what Google+ was all about. I ignored the complaints about the platform being a ghost town because they were using it wrong. Honestly, I kinda wish people like +Dustin W. Stout and +Mike Allton would have not addressed the issue (But I also thought it was a worthy cause and stood beside them in it). You want the social network to be as big as Facebook? That means spammers, annoying ... Continue Reading

CoSchedule — Social Media Editorial Calendar

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Are you looking for a way to expand your social media presence without spending a lot more time and effort? If you're using WordPress, I think CoSchedule can help! CoSchedule calls itself a social media calendar for WordPress — but I think of it as an awesome way to super-charge your blog's social media presence without spending hours and hours you should be curating and creating excellent blog content. CoSchedule is an EPIC WordPress plugin for churches, ministries, nonprofits and pro ... Continue Reading

#WeAreN — Showing Global Support for Iraq’s Christians

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If you've seen the hashtag — #WeAreN — or the Arabic letter “N” — pictured above — in your social media feed,  here's why: “With Isis militants still in control of Mosul in Iraq, Christians there are facing repression. The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isis) took control of the city in early June. Militants have marked Christian houses with the letter "N" in Arabic, to single them out for harsh treatment. On social media, thousands have taken the symbol and reversed its meaning - ... Continue Reading

The Problem with Social Media Sharing

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Sharing is not just a pre-school problem. My daughter is about to turn four, which means that preschool is only a few weeks away. We've really been trying to prepare her by getting her to bed earlier and waking up earlier as well. This is not going well. We are getting more traction in other areas though, like manners and low-assistance pottying. However, she still struggles with sharing toys, even—or even especially—when they aren't hers. This has been a fairly hot-button issue around our ... Continue Reading