Are You Ready to Say Goodbye to Social Media?


In the last year or so, several people I know have made the decision to say goodbye to social media. Facebook in particular seems to be losing its attraction, although Twitter is not immune to this either. The pruning of social media is a trend, to be sure. More and more well-known blogs are closing their comment section for instance. Another way this trend manifests, is that people reduce the amount of social media they’re active on. Celebrities especially—and I’m talking about bloggers and ... Continue Reading

Social Media Fails: Viral Trends that Backfired

Social Media Fails - Trends

Jumping on a viral trend is tempting, especially for brands. But you'd better know what you're doing, because trying to use a trend and failing spectacularly can hurt your brand big time. Ask DiGiorno Pizza. In September 2014, a Twitter trend started around the hashtag #WhyIStayed. It was a response to the Ray Rice case, the NFL player who assaulted his wife in an elevator. Tweeps were sharing real stories about domestic abuse and why they stayed, despite the violence. It was raw and ... Continue Reading

Social Media Fails: The CEO of Frito Lay

The CEO of Frito Lay - CM

I'll admit it: when I first heard about this case, I couldn't believe it. I thought someone was messing with me, that it was a hoax of some kind. Alas, it's the true social media fail story of the CEO of Frito Lay who confused the Google search bar with Twitter. Yup. That happened. EDITED: The above was the original opening of this post when we first published it. Sadly, I was wrong. ... Continue Reading

Should Christians Try To Be An Expert Online?

CM-Online Expert

I struggle with words like "expert," "guru," and any other word that makes me seem more intelligent than others on a specific topic. But I do think that it is possible. Yet, I feel many people online, especially Christians, are trying to be experts in areas they are not. Roll with me on this. The world of social media is where everybody has a platform and we start to assume that we can just call ourselves experts. Ask someone who will win the Superbowl this year, get an Apple or Android device, ... Continue Reading

Church Online Communication with Steve Fogg [Podcast #66]

Church Online Communication with Steve Fogg Podcast

This week we hear from church marketing and communication specialist Steve Fogg and discuss church communication, social media, and online church. After our interview, Jeremy, Phil, and Eric talk church social media and the importance of being authentic and not overly automated. Enjoy the episode and be sure to give us some feedback with the #cmagcast hashtag. :D ... Continue Reading

Social Media Fails: The AIDS Tweet

FAIL Aids Tweet

We all know you should be careful with what you post on social media, but here's a true story that illustrates this point with much clarity. It's the story of a woman whose career and life were destroyed with one single tweet. Justine Sacco only had 170 Twitter followers. She was unknown, working as Director of Corporate Communications for IAC, a media and Internet company. In 2013 she was traveling to visit family in South Africa and being bored out of her mind, she started tweeting. Then she ... Continue Reading

Social Media Security Pranks [Video]

Online Privacy Buzzfeed - Screener

The Buzzfeed video below is definitely entertaining, so do watch it for fun sake at least. But there is a grain of truth here that I want to challenge all church communication staff and volunteers. Replace these individuals who have allowed themselves to be discovered with your congregation. You take a photo of your youth at camp having fun. That photo pops up on your church site without family permission and the father in a custody battle finds it. Trouble ensues. You highlight a ... Continue Reading

Social Media Fails: United Breaks Guitars

Social Media Fail - United Image

The whole idea behind studying history is to learn from mistakes from the past and not repeat that. With that in mind, we'll discuss some famous social media fails in a short series to see what we can learn from companies, organizations, and people who got it spectacularly wrong. Our first example is almost ancient considering how long social media have been around: it's the infamous 2009 case commonly known as United Breaks Guitars. Here's what happened: country singer Dave Carroll's guitar ... Continue Reading

FACT: Men Are Retweeted More. Why?


Men are retweeted more than women on Twitter. Almost twice as much actually. As a woman, that fact intrigued me. I'm not the type to start screaming discrimination right away and take to the streets with banners demanding equality. Instead, I was curious as to the why. Turns out, there's a reason. ... Continue Reading

The Optimal Length for Social Media Updates [Infographic]

optimal length social media

Sure, you can post whatever your heart desires on social media, but if you're serious about getting engagement, you may want to study this infographic. It shows you exactly what the optimal length is for social media updates. And not just that, it also shows you the optimal length for domain names, hashtags, blog posts, blog titles, and even subject lines for emails.  ... Continue Reading