Is Your Church Social Media Only Serving Junk Food?

Is Your Church Social Media Only Serving Junk Food?

I wish I could remember where this analogy came from, but an illustration going around the Internet for businesses that want to use social media effectively is that many people's social media is simply junk food. In other words, your tweets, Facebook status updates, LinkedIn posts, YouTube videos, and Google+ posts are about as as the empty calories in a large McDonald fries. In many ways, our social media activity can be summed up in one phrase, "a waste of time." Not just for the people ... Continue Reading

Communicating #thegospel in 140 Characters


What's for lunch today? How hungry are you? How busy are you? If your day looks anything like mine (and just about every other Westerner out there) these questions might all make sense mashed together like that. I can't tell you how often I'm eating lunch in the car or in front of the computer screen as I rush to get to a meeting or to meet a deadline for a project. The way I eat my meals in many ways mimics the way I get my world news. While I'd like to sit down to eat and digest my food ... Continue Reading

Is Tweeting Scripture A Waste of Time?


Let me first start off this article by setting the tone for my position on this subject. I do not have the answer to the title of this article, but what you will read below is my struggle with the idea of people who tweet Bible verses. I don't have an answer for this. I'm not holding strongly to a yes or no and would love to dialogue. I will also say, I have two different Masters degrees from Seminary, so I have been well versed in Biblical hermeneutics, denominational church history, evangelism ... Continue Reading

6 Things You Should Be Doing on Instagram

Start Using Instagram Better

While most people push the importance of Facebook and Twitter for their church's social media engagement, I've found — at least for student ministry in a big city area — that Instagram has been the most fruitful and effective platform for interacting with my audience. I find that most churches treat Instagram as the metaphorical sidecar of their marketing, but its popularity among those in their teens and twenties has made it a strong tool for engaging your audience. Unfortunately, because ... Continue Reading

Facebook vs Snapchat [Infographic]

Snapchat Vs Facebook TOP

Facebook has had several big tech purchases, most notably Instagram and WhatsApp. One mobile app, however, has resisted their billion dollar attempts of acquisition. Snapchat. And like Facebook, it's had its share of privacy concerns and failures. So how exactly do these two social networks stack-up next to each other? ... Continue Reading

Selfie Safety [Infographic]

Selfie_Safety_Infographic Top

Portable photo technology has made taking a picture of yourself really easy, and has created the new phenomenon of #selfies. You can make your claims as to whether or not they are narcissistic—I disagree—but like with most new things, there are some concerns that we must take into account. The infographic, below, covers some basic facts about selfies, but the most important part to consider is 'selfie safety.' For instance: ... Continue Reading

Share Old Posts with CoSchedule

CoSchedule-Large-Cover 1

For years, I used the Tweet Old Post plugin for WordPress. It was a great way to re-use older posts and give them a chance to be seen again. It's easy to get lost in the stream of Twitter messages, so retweeting older blog posts is a great way to breathe more life into your blog. However, there are two things that I've found problematic with Tweet Old Post: ... Continue Reading