10 Musts of Using Instagram [Infographic]


Instagram for churches? Yes please! Something that drives me to a ministry more than anything is the ministry's ability to show faces of congregation members and their families enjoying a service or how a ministry is impacting and serving in the community. Can you imagine the impact a great photo could have? It would tell the relief a family has because your church gave selflessly at a Fall Feed the Homeless drive. It could show that moment of joy after a baptism. And it should reveal what ... Continue Reading

In An Internet Minute [Infographic]


If anything, the Internet has increased in volume and traffic last year from 2013. It would seem there is no slowing down. Whether you want to show people what you are doing or start discussions online, being online will help one or more aspects of your ministry. The web is continuously growing, here are a couple of the growth areas: ... Continue Reading

Instagram Instaguru [Infographic]


Instagram is one of those social media platforms that I tell churches to just use. I don't care if you are doing it because you want to increase engagement or focus on promotion, this network needs to be considered for your top 3. The visuals that make this network work, the vast user base that goes with it, and the ability to tell a whole story in a single, simple post is amazing. But don't take my word for it. ... Continue Reading

The Future of Social Media

Little boy with his apps

Social media is here to stay. It isn't going anywhere. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube—these are some major social media players, today. You see, while we talk about how to get the most out of Facebook, Google+ and the likes, these strategies and overall future of social media is pouring through our fingers like grains of sand. These social media channels are here today—and while important—will be gone tomorrow. ... Continue Reading

Getting Facebook Post Into News Feeds

ChurchMag on Facebook Screenshoot

It used to be so easy. You'd write a funny post, or post an hilarious picture, and you'd get hundreds of likes and shares on Facebook. Oh, those good old days. Nowadays, it's a lot tougher to get noticed on Facebook, and even harder to get liked and shared. A major reason for that is the infamous/notorious algorithm Facebook uses to decide what shows up in people's news feeds. Because in case you missed it: not every update you do, shows up on your friends' or followers' news feeds. For pages ... Continue Reading

Snapchat: It’s Not Just Naked Selfies [Video]

Snapchat-ness yo

Before you start clicking on this video like a crazy person, let me first warn you that there are a couple of language bits you may not appreciate — but nothing you wouldn't hear on most popular television shows or movies. I just wanted to give you a heads-up before blasting your volume around your kids or the middle of the church soundbooth with the ladies prayer group within earshoot. That all being said, I wouldn't be posting this and sharing it with you if I didn't think there was a net ... Continue Reading

Buffer App for Nonprofits

bufferapp nonprofit pricing

Good news! Buffer App is offering a nonprofit discount! Churches, ministries and nonprofit organizations who are interested in upping their social media game, should definetly consider jumping on this new nonprofit discount from Buffer. Here's the lowdown: ... Continue Reading

Does Social Media Make Us Less Social?


It's joked about — like the comic below — that 'social media' being 'anti-social,' but is it really? Hasn't technology like suburban living, two car garages, and shopping centers done more to alienate people than social media? Sure, there are extremes, but I would actually contend that social media has contributed to more social connections than without. ... Continue Reading

Why the Dutch are Leaving Facebook

Exit Sign - Facebook

As diligent ChurchMag readers may know, I'm Dutch. Not in the Holland, Michigan sense, but born and raised in The Netherlands (here's a short tutorial for those who wonder about the difference between Holland and The Netherlands). That means I still have loads of Dutch friends on social media, including Facebook. Lately, many of these friends have been posting alarmist stuff about the new Facebook terms of service, that go into effect on January 2015. And more than a few have announced they ... Continue Reading

Is Your Church Social Media Only Serving Junk Food?

Is Your Church Social Media Only Serving Junk Food?

I wish I could remember where this analogy came from, but an illustration going around the Internet for businesses that want to use social media effectively is that many people's social media is simply junk food. In other words, your tweets, Facebook status updates, LinkedIn posts, YouTube videos, and Google+ posts are about as as the empty calories in a large McDonald fries. In many ways, our social media activity can be summed up in one phrase, "a waste of time." Not just for the people ... Continue Reading