Content Creation vs. Content Sharing [Infographic]

Content Creation vs Sharing - Image

Do you have a social media strategy? Yeah? Good. But what kind of content does your church shoot for? Content creation or sharing? Content creation is posting around what your church has to offer. It's me focused. Content sharing is focusing on others. I don't think it needs to be one or the other. ChurchMag has a strategy right now to push a 50-50 with the two types. And it's working. The infographic below has great data for you to use and it can be simple to apply it to your own content ... Continue Reading

Social Media Fails: Asking for It

Social Media Fails - Asking for It

Some social media fails happen because someone wasn't paying attention, didn't do his/her research, or posted something unintentionally offensive. But there are also social media fails that happened because companies and brands basically asked for it. Yup, you read that right. You can actually ask for trouble by starting a social media campaign, asking people to chime in—without considering the potential backlash.  Hashtag campaigns are especially vulnerable to being hijacked like this. Let's ... Continue Reading

Best Practices in Using Twitter


I've been active on Twitter for 5 years now. That surely doesn't make me an early adapter, but it's fair to say I've long left the newbie stage behind me. Still, even for experienced users, Twitter can be a tough social medium for engagement. It's easy to tweet, certainly, but to get clicks on your tweeted links, favorites or even retweets, that's a whole different ball game. It's one of the reasons why I dig research on best practices in using Twitter. Buffer, the company behind the Buffer ... Continue Reading

The Social Media Pet Peeve Podcast [Podcast #69]

The Social Media Pet Peeve Podcast - Image

A few weeks ago we asked you all what your biggest social media pet peeves were—and you answered! On this week's podcast, we share your social media pet peeves, our own, and discuss. :D If we didn't mention your own social media pet peeve on the podcast, be sure to let us know using the #cmagcast hashtag and we'll be sure to include it on a future podcast. Now...let the fun begin!!! ... Continue Reading

Social Media Fails: Staffers Gone Rogue

CM Social Media Fail - Staffers

In this short series on social media fails, we've looked at various categories of campaigns or posts gone bad. Most of them were either bad timing, bad judgment, or bad research. In this post, we'll look at some major gaffes that were the result of staffers gone rogue. One of the best known examples is British retailer HMV, which made the mistake of firing several staffers—and forgetting to revoke their Twitter privileges. Oh my, that resulted in some cringeworthy tweets, as they started ... Continue Reading

Are You Ready to Say Goodbye to Social Media?


In the last year or so, several people I know have made the decision to say goodbye to social media. Facebook in particular seems to be losing its attraction, although Twitter is not immune to this either. The pruning of social media is a trend, to be sure. More and more well-known blogs are closing their comment section for instance. Another way this trend manifests, is that people reduce the amount of social media they’re active on. Celebrities especially—and I’m talking about bloggers and ... Continue Reading

Social Media Fails: Viral Trends that Backfired

Social Media Fails - Trends

Jumping on a viral trend is tempting, especially for brands. But you'd better know what you're doing, because trying to use a trend and failing spectacularly can hurt your brand big time. Ask DiGiorno Pizza. In September 2014, a Twitter trend started around the hashtag #WhyIStayed. It was a response to the Ray Rice case, the NFL player who assaulted his wife in an elevator. Tweeps were sharing real stories about domestic abuse and why they stayed, despite the violence. It was raw and ... Continue Reading

Social Media Fails: The CEO of Frito Lay

The CEO of Frito Lay - CM

I'll admit it: when I first heard about this case, I couldn't believe it. I thought someone was messing with me, that it was a hoax of some kind. Alas, it's the true social media fail story of the CEO of Frito Lay who confused the Google search bar with Twitter. Yup. That happened. EDITED: The above was the original opening of this post when we first published it. Sadly, I was wrong. ... Continue Reading

Should Christians Try To Be An Expert Online?

CM-Online Expert

I struggle with words like "expert," "guru," and any other word that makes me seem more intelligent than others on a specific topic. But I do think that it is possible. Yet, I feel many people online, especially Christians, are trying to be experts in areas they are not. Roll with me on this. The world of social media is where everybody has a platform and we start to assume that we can just call ourselves experts. Ask someone who will win the Superbowl this year, get an Apple or Android device, ... Continue Reading

Church Online Communication with Steve Fogg [Podcast #66]

Church Online Communication with Steve Fogg Podcast

This week we hear from church marketing and communication specialist Steve Fogg and discuss church communication, social media, and online church. After our interview, Jeremy, Phil, and Eric talk church social media and the importance of being authentic and not overly automated. Enjoy the episode and be sure to give us some feedback with the #cmagcast hashtag. :D ... Continue Reading