Exclusive Interview with Worship Leader Beth Croft [Giveaway]

Rule In My Heart_Cover

British Christian singer Beth Croft’s debut album “Rule My Heart” is one of my favorite albums released this year. Croft’s record debunks any reservation one may have towards debut efforts or new artists. With the released of her album 'Rule My Heart" British worship singer Beth Croft has managed to deliver a sound that transcends today’s (2014) worship music. Her debut album is such a solid effort, and I especially loved that “ Rule My Heart” centered around worship in a mild contemporary way ... Continue Reading

Exclusive Interview with Richard Ramsey, Director of ‘The Song’ Movie


Last weekend, An independent movie titled “The Song” made it to the big screen. There has been so much buzz about ’The Song” in the Christian movie scene over the past few weeks, and for good reason. The movie is inspired by the biblical book Song Of Solomon. This modern-day picture depicts the story of Jed King (Alan Powell) a struggling artist who is trying to catch a break, and escape the long shadow of his famous father. He reluctantly agrees to a gig at a local vineyard harvest festival, ... Continue Reading

Thinking Digital with Justin Wise [Podcast]

justice wise thinking digital churchmag podcast interview

^THIS^ is what Justin Wise looks like when he's thinking digital. Pretty intense, right? It's what you would expect from someone who is awesome at what he does. Justin Wise is a West Des Moines, IA native who is the founder of Think Digital, an author, and is brilliant at social media. For your enjoyment, here is Episode Nine of the ChurchMag Podcast: ... Continue Reading

ChurchMag Spotlight: Kevin Hendricks [Video]

kevin hendricks

Kevin Hendricks is the Editor of ChurchMarketing Sucks and owns a freelance writing and editing company, Monkey Outta Nowhere. He is a keen communication and EPIC reader—as many as 137 books in one year! Talking with Kevin was a real treat. It was great to get to know him a little better and I am sure you'll feel the same. :D Now, here's Kevin... ... Continue Reading

ChurchMag Spotlight: Jared Rypkema [Video]


Jared Rypkema works for Molehill and does an awesome job with Buzzsprout's customer support. He loves Church and technology, but his real passion comes with writing. We sat down and talked with Jared on this ChurchMag Spotlight about his work with Buzzsprout, his passion of writing, and the most #EPIC tip on customer support — ever! ... Continue Reading

ChurchMag Spotlight: Tommy Scully [Video]


When it comes to church audio, there's hardly a better man for the job. Tommy Scully has over a decade of experience in the church audio and video industry. He has partnered with churches, ministries and organizations of all different shapes and sizes all over the United States. He's been aiding the Church and helping churches get more from their current sound systems, as well as design and setup better solutions. If that wasn't awesome enough, he's put together a stellar DVD church audio ... Continue Reading

Become A Storyteller: A Conversation with Eugene Peterson

eugene peterson storyteller

Ever since I was in elementary school I've wanted to be a writer. After thousands of blog posts under my belt, you would think I could call my life  a "little boy's dream come true." Although a rigorous blog writing schedule has really stretched me and has been the greatest step towards becoming a writer one day, I've now discovered what I really want to do is tell stories. I had never thought about this before, until I watched/listened to this: ... Continue Reading

Recruiting Technology: A Social History [Infographic]


Social networking has impacted our lives completely that it seems to permeate every part of our lives. This point can simply be made looking at how people get jobs nowadays. With social media sites like LinkedIn that are specifically designed for the recruiter and job seeker all the way to Facebook and the trend of checking in on the social lives of potential new hires, our digital selves are more closely related to the non-virtual us. ... Continue Reading

Introducing: The ProGuide


Andrew Mason has launched a new, amazing resource called, The ProGuide. The ProGuide is an in-depth MP3 audio interview with a thought leader on any particular subject.  It could be starting a business, leading well, creating graphics.....whatever! It's also about raising awareness by donating one dollar of each episode sold to Charity: Water.  A great nonprofit building wells in impoverished countries. It's time to learn from the pros! ... Continue Reading