Proclaim Review and Giveaway

A year and a half ago, I was serving in a young adults ministry that didn't use technology at all. The more I served, the more I realized that we were missing huge opportunities to reach others with our time, talents, and treasures by not getting plugged in. So I started to do all the design work, created and moderated social media pages, and learned the basics of the sound board. The only thing left was our presentation. The church used EasyWorship, so we did too. I wasn't a huge fan (I was ... Continue Reading

Goodbye Evernote – Hello Simplenote


For a few years, Evernote has been the goto app/service for cross platform notes, info and the like. Until recently, this included me. I've written many a blog post for ChurchMag in Evernote. However, this posts isn't being written in Evernote, but in Simplenote; a new kid (or rather a new version of a rather old kid) on the block. ... Continue Reading

Do Professional Tools Lead to Professional Results? [Podcast]

Do Professional Tools Lead to Professional Results? - ChurchMag Podcast

There is a common perception that professional gear—cameras, computers, microphones, etc...—and professional apps—Adobe Creative Cloud, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, etc...—will result in professional production. On the surface this seems true, but if you take a close look, this isn't always the case. Will professional tools lead to professional results? ... Continue Reading

Napkin – A Cool Image Annotation and Communication App

Napkin App

Ever since Skitch was ruined with version 2.0, I've been frustrated with my screen annotation tools. Sure, I could stick with the old version of Skitch, but it was meeting my needs. Screen annotation is great for writing blog posts, but 80% of the time I'm using a screen annotation app it's for Live Theme support. Highlighting code, taking notes, the typical fare for screen annotation. I wanted something with a little more umph, like have the ability to have a macro view in addition to the ... Continue Reading

The Importance of Responsive Websites [Infographic]

Breaking Out of the Binary Infographic

Mobile computing is here to stay and if you are not prepared, you may be going the way of the dinosaur. The problem with most organizations, churches hugely included, is they build website free of mobile devices, leaving them only viewable form a desktop. What this means is that the experience on a mobile device is designed specifically for the small screen and different than a desktop or iPad device. This intentional investment can lead to significant returns on investment, as you will see ... Continue Reading

Desktop Wallpaper: August 2013

august wallpaper

As the summer heat bears down on me, the thought of Fall seems like a silly thought; but the truth of the matter is, Fall is just around the corner. In fact, some schools started today! Crazy. I do look forward to a cool down, how about you? Enough talk about the weather, here's your sugary desktop awesome from one of my favorite designers: ... Continue Reading

Getting THINGS Done: Things 2 Review


I'm a big fan of getting things done, of task lists, and the process of checking things off of those task lists. To that end, I have employed a number of task list programs to help me keep track. Currently, I'm using Things from Cultured Code. I'd always heard good "things" about Things, but I only jumped on the bandwagon when a friend offered me a license from a family pack that he had purchased a few months earlier. All I had to do was purchase a copy for my iPhone, which I gladly did. ... Continue Reading

Stay Beautifully Organized with Any.Do

Any.DO Logo

A while back I went on a search for the best task managing app (or apps) for myself. I wanted one that would let me keep the system I had developed using paper notebooks, but also provide the benefit of reminders and encourage me to start a couple of productivity ideas that I had longed to start that I was sure would boost my productivity. I had a list of priorities: ... Continue Reading

Desktop Wallpaper: June 2013

desktop wallpaper churchmag june

These ChurchMag wallpapers keep getting better and better. It's been a huge blessing to have such a talented and godly guy like Marcus a part of our community. :) This month, Marcus shared a Photoshop tutorial along with this awesome wallpaper for the month of June: ... Continue Reading