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  1. says

    I’ve found that this site doesn’t seem to be accurate. After a quick comparisons on the ipad and then on this sites somet stuff is not identical on the real ipad. Specifically the Facebook fan box. Perhaps the tool is good to see what your site might look like scaled down to fit the ipad screen, not look at specific styling issues etc.

  2. says

    It’s still early, I bet they’ll perfect it, the iPad is going to be pretty important ( or at least something like it ), as everyone knows, so getting your site right will be a pretty big market I suspect.

  3. dmerchen says

    It has a few flaws but is an interesting concept anyway. I had build a little iframe tool like this one, but never finished the UI. This one doesn’t announce itself as an iPad via useragent, and renders using the engine for your browser of choice, not specifically the Safari that runs on the iPad. Would be adapt it to remove flash bits, and announce itself as a ‘iPad’ user agent so you’d receive mobile versions, or iPad specific versions of the sites.

    Better question, as designers will you be designing an iPad compatible version of your pages, or CSS sheets?


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