The Top 100 Church Blogs


Kent Shafer has updated his list of the Top 100 Church Blogs out there on the interwebs.

Generally speaking, it’s hard to clarify what’s a “Church” or “Christian” blog period, so this list is somewhat subjective, not to mention the fact that Kent admits that he’s probably been unable to capture accurately the top 100 (in the world).

But hey, it’s a good start. Thanks for doing it Ken!

Here’s the list in all it’s glory.


To respect the obvious time it took to produce such a list and all the work that went into crunching the data, it’s worth a robust link instead so Kent can consume all the traffic and SEO goodness.

So, check it out here!


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  1. says

    24 and 37 are pretty darn good! Congrats on making the list twice!

    I'm always surprised how well JT (#2 – Between Two Worlds) does. I love his blog, I'm just consistently surprised it beats all the other great ones. I guess he puts out a ton of content, though.

    I'm also surprised some of the other ones are so low. I mean look at Ed Young, Jr. His church has about 47 billion people in it and he's ranked #70something. Weird.

    I've always liked this list.

  2. says

    I am just surprised thoughts about nothing is not in the top 50.
    You are probably wondering "what the heck is thoughts about nothing"
    That is probably the exact reason why it is not in the top 1000.
    Church crunch is awesome though.

  3. Sean Sabourin says

    How did you copy Kent's post to yours? I am new to blogging. I visit your site evryday. Thanks for all you do.

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