Turntable: ‘The Mantis and the Moon EP’ by Son of Laughter

The Mantis and the Moon EP

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Although I love getting my music from places like Noisetrade, I admit that I am a little too willing to fork over my money to the many artists found on The Rabbit Room.

But they’re just so good!

With the overwhelming recommendation of Pete Peterson, I couldn’t help myself and snatched-up this new and very delightful EP:

The Mantis and the Moon EP

The Mantis and the Moon Zoom

[Direct Link]

The lyrics found in these songs are just as poetic and entangled as the delightful sound from each song. Like bubbles tickling your eardrums, this refreshing joyful gentle river acoustic sound will leave you wanting more just as it has left me.

I honestly don’t know what else I can say about this EP. Perhaps if it were a full-length album I would  have more to say? This album is very unique. It was produced by the very talented Ben Shive, who also produced Andrew Peterson‘s acclaimed Light for the Lost Boy which I also adore.

This five song EP is very promising and I look forward to a full length from the Son of Laughter (Chris Slaten)!

You can learn more on the Son of Laughter website and order a copy from The Rabbit Room.


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If you don’t win a free copy, drop down the $5. You won’t be disappointed.

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