Prayer Notes – A Simple & Effective Prayer App

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If you don’t have a prayer app on your mobile device, yet, you may want to consider installing Prayer Notes.

What an awesome way to keep an active prayer life throughout your day!

We check Twitter. We check Facebook. We check email. We check Instagram.

How about checking Prayer Notes?

Prayer Notes

Prayer Notes is a simple and easy app to use and includes some nice features:

  • Category groupings for prayers.
  • Share requests via Facebook, E-mail and SMS.
  • Archive prayers in the answers section.
  • Horizontal or vertical view.

And my favorite feature of all?

Password privacy protection.


Like I said, “simple.”

Just the way a prayer app should be!

Prayer Notes has a fine balance of simplicity and features.

Prayer Notes is available for free from the Apple App Store, or you can ante up for just $1, go pro, and say goodbye to the ads.

What’s your favorite prayer app?


Eric Dye

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  1. says

    I’ve never even considered a prayer app before, interesting, do you think this would be widely used enough to be useful? I’m not sure if I want to “pay to not have ads in my prayer requests” though haha

  2. says

    Thanks, the app you mention here looks useful! It’s downloading as I type.

    Another app I enjoy is called “praynow” on iOS and Android. It’s a bit pricey, but is a way to pray through the scriptures. It includes daily readings, prayers, and brief mini orders of service, as well as writings from different authors. It’s from the Lutheran tradition, but I’ve heard of many from other denominations enjoying it also.

  3. Carl Franzon says

    I use two different ones:

    Both have features I like:
    PrayerPartner: you can link prayers to contacts and then with a few clicks, send someone an email or SMS letting them know you prayed for them; various ways to organize and sort, including scheduling requests to be prayed for on a particular day or schedule

    PrayerMate; What I like about this one is that when you are in “prayer” mode, all you see is the request itself; very clean helps me stay focused on the prayer without lots of icons, You can enter prayers into various categories, tell it how many prayers in each category you want each day, and then it will show them to you one by one, with a simple swipe taking you to the next screen.

    Haven’t decided which one to make my go to one, as I like elements of both. Will have to check out Prayer Notes.

  4. John says

    Can you add a secure wii-fi sync feature with your PC or iPad so we can use the PC to enter data and use the PC as a backup? Also if your phone or PC crashes you can recover to a new device.

  5. Lisa says

    I’ve forgotten my password and have no clue how to retrieve it.

    Please assist me—is the password case sensitive; I cannot imagine why I cannot remember it!


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