What’s In Your Bag, Auggie Mueller?


Over the last year I've attended Nebraska Christian College, been a part time youth pastor, the onsite tech for the school I am attending, a father of two boys, and a husband of my lovely wife.  This lifestyle has caused me take my office with me and become completely mobile throughout the school year in order to accomplish the tasks set before me. This is my mobile office of bare minimum equipment I take with me throughout the year needed to stop and do what's needed when I find time for me to ... Continue Reading

What Would Your Dream Computer Be? [Case Study]

PC Case - image

When I was a senior in high school and getting ready to go to college, was the last time I built my own PC. It lasted me 7 years, which in the tech world, is ancient. Afterwards, when i was in ministry, I made my computer experience more about productivity than power and so switched to an Apple. Now, some 12 years after my last go at building my last PC, I want to try my hand at it again and I'd love to turn this into a bit of a collaborative project and case study. I'll probably get into the ... Continue Reading

Tips & Tricks to Get the Most Out of Your Printer [Infographic]

time spent by the printer - fact

No matter how hard I try to eliminate my need for a printer, there always seems to be something that comes up that requires me to print something out. Thankfully I have a few places I can go when the occasion arises. The price of ink carts is an expense I don't mind avoiding. For churches and ministries, however, going without a printer is nearly impossible. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your printer and reduce the amount of ink wasted. ... Continue Reading

EPIC PowerMac G5 Computer Desk [Images]


If you're a geek, and anything like me, then you tend to 'collect' old, dead and dying computers (oh, it's just me then...) ;) But some old hardware is just beautiful and is worth doing something with (rather than just putting in a cupboard and forgetting about). One of the most classic of computer designs was the big aluminium PowerMac G5 towers. Crafted out of brushed metal, they were an instance classic and look as good today as they did when they first came out. Although their interiors ... Continue Reading

Does Multiple Screens Boost Productivity? [Infographic]

Does Multiple Screens Boost Productivity Image

How many monitors do you have? There was a time when my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) used two, while I did all my office tasks on a laptop—giving me a grand total of three monitors. This made moving to a one screen workstation a little cumbersome. Does having multiple screens boost productivity? Or is it just a perception? ... Continue Reading

Brik Case – Where LEGO meets MacBook :)


If you're a LEGO fan (like I am - I still have several boxes of it...) and an Apple user (like I am - I'm in a room surrounded by fruity tech goodness) then you might just LOVE this! Launched on KickStarter (and completely funded in a couple of days!), this project brings a whole new level of 'connectivity' to your laptop! ... Continue Reading

TextBlade: The Awesome Mobile Keyboard


I've always liked the idea of a portable keyboard that could accompany a portable device like a smartphone or tablet. However, most portable keyboard solutions are anything but portable. But the TextBlade by WayTools? Oh, this is something to behold... ... Continue Reading

What’s in Your Bag, Tre Lawrence?

2015-01-16 16.44.07

This series of What’s In Your Bag? has contributors opening up their own tech bags and sharing with the world actual devices that they regularly use within their own blogging and professional lives from various backgrounds all over the world. The hope is that we can give you guys some great insight into some useful tools that we already are using in the day to day. So... allow me to beg forgiveness. I actually have two go bags... one for daily work, and one for soccer. Here's what's in the ... Continue Reading

Worldwide Travel Plug Guide [Infographic]

I can not imagine this will end well

One of our hurdles moving overseas was figuring out how our electronics would—or wouldn't—function in Italy. Once arriving, we learned that dealing with multiple plug types is far more common in Europe than it was in the United States. For those of you who do much International travel or have some International mission trips under your belt, you're probably already well aware. There's nothing like having a piece of essential electronics, a charger, a power source, but absolutely no way to get ... Continue Reading

Would You Like to Have an Amazon Echo?

The Amazon Echo - Image

Technology featured in Science Fiction is becoming more and more the technology of today. Amazon has recently announced the Amazon Echo. In a nutshell—or rather a black tube—this is Amazon's take on Siri. It's an incredible Internet of things kind of device that is always present in your home, waiting and listening for its next command—all the while connected to the Internet. Take a look: ... Continue Reading