Mini Mobile Robotic Printer [Kickstarter]

Mobile Pocket Robotic Printer Kickstarter

I’ve started thinking more about the idea of a truly portable office recently. Between my phone and my laptop, I ought to be pretty much set to work anywhere. There’s only one important device I need that I can’t fit into my laptop bag: the printer. As tech gadgets constantly shrink, the printer has remained stuck at a certain size. A printer can’t be smaller than a sheet of paper. Can it? According to Zuta Labs, a startup founded by graduates of the Jerusalem College of Technology, it can be. ... Continue Reading

3D Printing: One Step Closer to a Star Trek Future? [Infographic]


Way back in the 1960s, Star Trek featured a “replicator” that could materialize food, drink and just about any object you could imagine. At the time, it was pure science fiction, but when you consider the advancements that have been made with 3D printing over the last few years, such seeming sci-fi technology has become far more of a reality than anyone in the 1960s would have probably ever imagined. In fact, they have developed meat and leather printing! Take a closer look: ... Continue Reading

Stuff Church Techies Say: I Need Tech Close By

- I Need Tech At My Hand Always

For the average American, a phone is probably no more than 50 yards away from themselves at all times. For a techie, an Internet-connected device is probably within arms reach. For the Church techie, you are probably the first and last line of defense for security, hardware failure, and software mess ups that you need to be at least aware of what is happening with your church tech. I have personally lived this out as well. While this has been something that to this point I can justify the tech ... Continue Reading

A New Printer That Uses Water Instead of Ink? Yes, Please.

water ink printer screen

While everything is going electronic, sometimes you just need a hard copy. Whether you're printing handouts for a meeting or you proof-read your own work better in hard copy form, a new printing technology is just around the corner. The question is, however, will it be functional enough to catch on? What would you think if you could print using water instead of ink? Before you answer, let me tell you exactly how it works. ... Continue Reading

Transform Your Mac, iPad or iPhone Into a Full DJ System

DJ app hardware 1

For the next church social or youth group party, you might consider transforming your Mac, iPad or iPhone into a full DJ system! I remember using iTunes to quasi DJ at church, but this? If I could have had this app, it would have been a whole different thing. For the beginner or advanced DJ, here's a DJ system you need to check out: ... Continue Reading

DIWire: Another Way to Re-Think How We Print

DIWire by Pensa Labs

3D printing is awesome, but there are some other cool ways to print. I remember working on vinyl signs a long time ago, and seeing the large printers take graphic art and cut them out of a sticky backed plastic, giving you the ability to create some really cool and custom stickers. We're talkin' HUGE stickers, people. The DIWire is just as simple, but feeds on one wire—about the diameter of a coat hanger. It's a very simple design, but the results are far more creative and curious to me ... Continue Reading

Stuff Church Techies Say: Blame The Tools

Stuff Church Techies Say… Blame Your Tools

A great church technology team member needs to know how to use the equipment that they are using in and out. When something goes wrong, what do we do? We blame the tools, right? Not my fault, it's your equipment or software. The reality is that you need to not only know how to use the equipment, you need to be masters of it. How do you fix it when it breaks, what caused it to break in the first place, and how can you prevent it from failing next time? ... Continue Reading