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We recently covered three compelling reasons to use video countdowns before Church service and three quality sources to find free video countdowns.

What about after the countdown?

I’ve purchased motion backgrounds, before, and they’re defiantly not cheap. Plus, it always seems like there are a number of included backgrounds that are super lame.

For those looking to save a few bucks or would like to simply increase their motion background library, here’s one place I found for free motion backgrounds.

Take a look at some of these:

You can preview many more previews on the Free HD Motion Backgrounds YouTube channel. When you find one you like, look for the download link in the description.

Where do you go to find totally awesome and free motion worship backgrounds?


Eric Dye

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  1. says

    I just made a DL DVD full of motion backgrounds, this afternoon. Thanks for the tip.

    I use some free Motion BGs as a start, then I play with them in After Effects. That’s the cheap way to do things. Otherwise film things yourself and you get better with practice. Playing with filters, layers and layer modes can do a lot.

    I found a few usable worship backgrounds on

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