What Animal Is Used on the Mozilla Firefox Logo?

mozilla firefox logo

mozilla firefox logo

Do you know what animal is used on Mozilla’s Firefox browser logo?

If you said, “fox,” I’m afraid you’re wrong.

Try this:

red panda firefox

A Red Panda.

In Chinese, “fire fox” is another name for the red panda.



I’ve gotten some feedback regarding this post and I’ve been challenged as to the accuracy of this fact due to this blog post by the design company. If you read it closely, you’ll find nothing to the contrary. The Firefox logo is a Red Panda.

Besides, why would Mozilla be doing this?

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  1. Sinclair says

    The animal itself may actually be a red panda, but that doesn’t mean the design is based off of one…

    Look at the shape of the snout, that’s a foxes snout, it looks nothing like a red panda

    I see no resemblance between the Firefox logo and an actual firefox

  2. Vox says

    You’re nothing but a liar, sorry.

    To be honest, the Mozilla Firefox animal is officially a fox (Based on the red fox, or Vulpes Vulpes, to be exact). The icon was inspired by a bible story picture book. In the story about Samson, Samson had revenge against the Philistines who remarried his wife, by tying pairs of foxes together with flaming ropes and letting them go in the cornfields of the Philistines. The cornfields were burnt, and Samson was avenged. The logo was influenced by a painting of the scene found in the storybook. Want proof? Go here:

    Just because ‘firefox’ is another name for the red panda doesn’t mean that Mozilla’s Firefox is a red panda. It’s like saying that a komodo dragon is a dragon when the fact is that it’s just a lizard and not a dragon. The whole ‘firefox is a red panda’ thing is just a coincidence from the red panda’s alternate name, and donating to red pandas at the zoo is just like what everyone else does when it comes to helping zoo animals by support. Many people donate to zoos that have all kinds of animals, but that doesn’t mean that a certain animal is their mascot instead of what themselves or the company they work for designed it to be.

    Heck, the artist himself even was also inspired by seeing a Japanese brush painting of a fox while working on the logo design, and Mozilla’s mascots are often elemental animals (i.e. Thunderbird, Firebird, now Firefox). I have nothing against red pandas, but the truth is the truth, and there’s nothing we can do to deny it, and you want to know what the truth really is?

    Mozilla Firefox is a fox.

    The End.


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