The Uncomfortable: Making Things Less User Friendly [Images]


The Uncomfortable is a design project by architect Katerina Kamprani that is incredibly fun. She has take everyday objects and redesigned them to make them completely unusable or terribly difficult to use. What I find the most curious about this entire project, is how focusing on what makes an object difficult to use, amplifies exactly that which you want to focus on when making something easier to use. Here are some more to look at: ... Continue Reading

Mockuuups Made Easy

Mockuuups Screen

Here's an awesome resource that's free to download. :D Mockuuups (with three u's) includes four different hi-res PSD files of a iPhone 5S that can be modified to your liking. Swap-out the screen and/or background to your liking. This not only works great for those selling apps, but building-out promotional materials for church, ministry and nonprofit apps and/or mobile friendly websites. Check it: ... Continue Reading

Hipster Brands Re-Designed As Corporate Counterparts [Images]


What seems to be a funny and tongue-in-cheek look at hipster brands re-designed as their corporate competition, becomes a visual lesson in the power of branding and design. While the re-designed logos on the right are copies of successful brands, the designs are fairly “meh” in comparison to the original versions on the left. Take a look and tell me what you think: ... Continue Reading

The Minimum Bible [Images]

proverbs min

The Minimum Bible is amazing. Joseph Novak has created a series that spans the entire Bible. He has designed a minimal image of every book of the Bible. Here's a sample of Novak's work: ... Continue Reading

If an Iranian Political Prisoners Had A Facebook Page

Unlock Iran

What if Iranian political prisoners had a Facebook Page? That's the creative question Unlock Iran answers in this creative approach to social awareness of human rights violations by the Iranian government. Not only is the concept really cool, but the creative elements and website design delivers the message in a really awesome way. Let's take a closer look: ... Continue Reading

Criticue: Getting Outside Perspective on a Website

Church Website Reviews and Feedback from Critique

A visitor's first encounter with your church is through the church’s website. It’s important for your website to be welcoming to visitors, with a clear design that lets people quickly find the information they’re looking for. But when you’re used to seeing your site, it’s hard to see what needs improving. Enter Criticue, a startup promising free critiques of your website via crowdsourcing. Why should you care about comments from random people who will likely never come to your church? ... Continue Reading

Pre-Teen Builds Braille Printer with LEGOs

LEGOs make EVERYTHING better. Well, except when they are left on the floor in a dark room when I'm walking barefoot. A California seventh grader, Shubham Banerjee, used a LEGO Mindstorms EV3 set to create a prototype printer that uses traditional calculator paper to generate braille text! What makes this concept so valuable are the potential cost savings and the relative ease of construction. Pretty awesome; it's also quite inspirational that this kid seems to really have a heart for helping ... Continue Reading

The Psychology of Fonts [Infographic]


The idea of understanding the psychology of fonts could come in really handy the next time you're putting together some artwork for an upcoming church function. Depending on whether the event is a budget meeting, worship conference, chili cook-off or ministry leadership meeting, could dictate the fonts you should be considering. Suddenly, your choice of fonts quickly diminish depending on what you're designing for. Or, maybe all of this “font psychology” is a bunch of psychobabble... ... Continue Reading

Little Avengers

Little Avengers All

What happens when the cuteness of Japanese cartoons meets the Avengers? You end up getting adorable crime fighters. Yes, I know. How dare I call Hulk cute or Black Widow adorable. If either were next to me, I'd run the other way. But look at these cartoons and tell me you can resist the Little Avengers. ... Continue Reading