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PixelKit Premium UI Kits and Design Resources

We’ve searched high and low, and we’ve finally found the perfect solution for designers, developers, bloggers, and anyone else who needs or wants a great UI kit for their site or app. Let us introduce you to PixelKit. This amazing fundamental library is full of high-quality UI kits and all kinds of resources for you and your online project. ... Continue Reading

Star Wars Swiss Style Retro Revamp [Images]

may the fourth - swiss style hader

Fernando de Carabassa of Buenos Aires, Argentina has assembled an awesome series of Swiss Styled Star Wars posters. Some of these focus on specific episodes, while others particluar scenes from one of our favorite movies. These are really cool: ... Continue Reading

Church Website Re-Design Inspiration [Images]

website redesign drawing

How's your church website? Do you have the right information on it? Can guests find what they need? Jonathan Malm covers these questions and more in his ebook, Rethinking Your Church Website Strategy. While reading through it, pastor Matthew Carpenter took some very, very creative notes that he shared with us on Twitter: ... Continue Reading

Church Publications #1: Free Newsletter Template

Church Publications 1 Free Newsletter Template - Screenshot

Designing documents is a ton of fun...when it's serving as a distraction from blogging. But when your church switches computer platforms from PC to Mac, document design becomes your new job. Sigh. Welcome to my world over the past few weeks. But just because I spent my Christmas break designing doesn't mean that you need to spend your January the same. Over the next few weeks, I'm going to giveaway three design templates: ... Continue Reading

Rethink Your Church Website Strategy in 2015

Rethinking Your Church Website Strategy Screenshot

Whenever I hear someone introduced as a web or social media expert, I immediately get skeptical. How much experience does it take to become an expert? And realistically, how could someone become an expert at such a new and ever-changing medium? About sixteen years ago I was working my first job at a web marketing company. We designed websites and helped companies get their sites listed on the major search engines. I got really good at my job. But when I look back on what I used to do at that ... Continue Reading

Free Web Design Resources: Greedeals


Having some stand-by websites to download cool icons, fonts, themes and templates is really handy for web design. I've found that over time, some resources feel 'tired' or 'tapped out,' so I am always on the lookout for a new place to download a little awesome. My latest find is Greedeals. It's full of free and reduced price web designer and developer resources. ... Continue Reading

WordSwag: The Best Mobile Tool for Quote Graphics

WordSwag Top Image

Quote graphics are very popular online. They are easy to digest and standout in a web where text still makes up the majority of content and contain a bite-sized chunks of information for people. It's no surprise that they do so well on all social networks, especially Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr (the three social networks which have had the greatest growth this year). However, creating great (not just okay) quote graphics can be a real challenge. Lining up the text right, using complimentary ... Continue Reading

9 GIFs that Tell the History of Web Design [Images]

retro computer - my first

Animated GIFs and scrolling text, that's what the web design history is made off. Best viewed on Netscape, anyone? Web design is constantly moving and changing. If you're a web designer, be prepared to always be learning new things. Here's an awesome look at the history of web design told by animated GIFs (naturally): ... Continue Reading

Reaching the Older Church Audience Online


Many churches focus on growing their church by targeting the 20-something crowd. This is a great strategy for congregational growth. Yet if you want to experience growth on the web, the demographic that lags behind is older. How do you engage digitally with the over-50 crowd? This article will explore common barriers that group encounters. In addition, it will showcase a few tools and solutions to these problems. This way all ages in your congregation are informed and connected online. ... Continue Reading