The Art of Mixing Google Font Typefaces [Infographic]

Art Of Mixing Typefaces Google Fonts Edition by Shawun Pagin

Google Fonts is a great place to find fonts for websites and even print projects; but with so many fonts to choose from, how do you pick? And to add to the confusion, what about font combination!?! I recently ran into this very problem while working on a website design. While I was able to pinpoint one of the fonts, finding a good font to accompany it took me a while. If only I had found this chart sooner... ... Continue Reading

Find Guidelines

Find Guidelines Website screengrab

If you need design guidelines and information about popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter and a whole lot more, I've got just the place for you! Find Guidelines has a huge collection — that continues to grow — of just about any platform you need to know about. When you simple mouse over each brand, you can easily see what color code they use. Like this: ... Continue Reading

Disney Movie Posters: Flat Design

Flat Design Chicken Little

These Disney movie posters have been given a complete flat design treatment. Like the snippet from the Chicken Little flat designed movie poster (pictured above), these Disney movie posters have been completely reimagined in complete flat design bliss. Which is your favorite? ... Continue Reading

Design Inspiration: Drink More Water [Video]

Vittel Refresh Cap Screencap

The Vittel Refresh Cap was designed to encourage the drinking of bottled water. While this is obviously a way to increase sales of their bottled water, they approached their sales and marketing in a curious way. Instead of drilling our heads with all the reasons why we should drink water — which we already know anyway — they present us a tool that empowers the customer to consume more water: ... Continue Reading

A Multinational Typeface

Multinational Typeface Top

Agency Grey Singapore wanted a cool way to show-off their International flavor, while keeping a common design thread through all of their design. So, they created fonts that reflected each country's national flag and used the first letter of the nations name. For example: Argentina was the letter 'A' designed with the Argentina flag. Take a look: ... Continue Reading

15 Creative Resumes [Images]

Creative Resumes 10

Do you have a creative resume? If you don't, you should consider it. If you're looking for a job related to marketing, design and creative communication, it's almost become a must. What better way is there to sell your creative, marketing and communication skills than using theme!?! Here are some creative resumes to inspire you to do the same: ... Continue Reading

About Times New Roman [Video]

Times New Roman Font

You see it on the list of fonts when you choose a new font in your app. It's a stand-by default for so many applications and even the web. Times New Roman is a font that many know, but few ever choose to use. Do you know the history of Times New Roman and why it's used so much? ... Continue Reading

Rethinking Your Church Website Strategy

Rethinking Your Church Website Stragegy Image

Every year, I used to find myself redesigning my church’s website. It wasn’t because the design style was out of date. It wasn’t even because I was getting better at web design (though I was). It’s because I got bored with the site. And more than that, I felt like it wasn’t as effective as I wanted it to be. It just wasn’t getting the job done. It wasn’t until I stopped working for a church and started searching for a church that I realized what a website really needed. And as I began ... Continue Reading