Ultimate Guide to Creating Visually Appealing Content [Infographic]


If you are posting on social media or doing any kind of other communication for your church to the congregation and community, the content of what you are presenting is important, but it is not necessarily all about the words you post. Visually appealing content, while more an art than science, is necessary in how we communicate. Whether it is an announcement video, the bulletins we hand out, or the social media post we share, we need to be cognizant of the impact design and creativity has on ... Continue Reading

Design Basics: Alignment and Grids [Series]

Design Basics - Alignment and Grids - Image

[ Be sure to read more from the Design Basics series. ] One of the roles of design is to bring clarity to the message,and one of the ways we do this is through alignment. Aligning elements to a grid can be a great way to bring order and structure to your design, and also provide a framework for you to break out and make things look different. Grid-based design can sometimes get a bad wrap for being too ordered, and lacking creativity, but I hope you will see the great value in using grids as a ... Continue Reading

Want A Doctor Who Phone Background? How About 13? [Pictures]


Let me just say up front that these images were not originally to be used as a phone wallpaper, but I have decided to share them as such. They are actually part of a 12 doctor story series of children's books you can see here. But I have made them my own. Catch them all after the jump. I've intentionally posted them out of order, can you figure out which outfit goes with which doctor? ... Continue Reading

Finding My Best Computer Desk [Case Study]


A month and half ago I put together an article on here looking at how to create my dream computer and stated that I would be doing this. Then life happened, doctor's visits, and the cash that would have been there was gone. But I'm back and I'm ready to begin this process. This is going to be my whole process documented for critique by the Internet, because the Internet is always nice. Right? But before we get into the actual computer, I don't have any place to put it and need to get myself an ... Continue Reading

Design Basics: Typography [Series]

Design Basics - Typography - Image

[ Be sure to read more from the Design Basics series. ] Let's talk about one of the basic building blocks of design—typography. Unless your design is going to feature no text at all—then typography is something you're going to need to consider. Typography can be defined as “the art and technique of arranging type to make written language readable and appealing.” In our context, it is about taking the text you need to communicate and making sure it is readable, understandable, appealing, and ... Continue Reading

Design Basics Series

Design Basics Series - Image

As a culture we are becoming more and more visual. This means churches (including your church) need to think about the way they present things visually—whether it is advertising, sermon series imagery or social media graphics. When churches aren't blessed with members who have skills in those areas—the work usually falls to a volunteer. They might be untrained and inexperienced in design—but they do the best they can. And we're about to start a series to help. The Internet is full of resources ... Continue Reading

The Hungry JPEG: The Huge Font Bundle


I hope you've been enjoying The Hungry JPEG's monthly specials—they've got a fontastic one this month! This bundle includes an incredible 49 fonts plus 17 FREE bonus fonts as well. There are also loads of graphics, dingbats and other extras. This awesome pack is priced at over 95% discount, and works out at just $0.43 per font. Here's a small sample of what's included: ... Continue Reading

Design Basics: Planning and Research [Series]

Design Basics - Planning and Research

[ Be sure to read more from the Design Basics series. ] Now that you know what design is, we can start to look at what is involved in the process of design. If design is about communication, and making things clearer—then it pays to begin with research and planning. This gives us the best chance of success. The best way to start is by asking questions. ... Continue Reading

Google Changes Their Logo (And Why Churches Should Be Watching)


If you didn't know, Google just changed their logo this month. In a 10 day period where they gained a parent company, had the largest jump in their stock, and other additional changes, it would seem that Google is still rapidly evolving even though it is gigantic. They have a YouTube video that we have below to explain why they have made this change: ... Continue Reading