Awesome Adobe Plugins: 01 – AutoSaviour


Picture this. You are happily working at your desk when someone higher-up pops into your office and asks you to throw a design together and they need it done that afternoon for some reason or another. Being the pro you are, you open up Illustrator and start whipping up some sweet designs. After working for a couple hours, almost to the point of completion, the unexpected happens. Your computer dies. Illustrator crashes. Something happens out of your control. You feel that surge of anxiety ... Continue Reading

How to Easily Create Powerful Quote Art Online


Quote art is the easiest thing for churches to create and share that is original content. All of our pastors say different things and there are plenty of verses in the Bible that can be highlighted again and again. Creating quote art can be time consuming though without the right tools. While some prefer to create quote art in Photoshop or Illustrator, I find that starting those bad boys up and getting the inspiration takes away the fun in sharing the quote. There are plenty of quote art ... Continue Reading

We Don’t Want a Free Logo


While I was away a few weeks ago, I made the mistake of Buffering a tweet. Not just any tweet. After all, Buffering a tweet is usually a good idea. The problem was, it was a question and I wasn't going to be around to follow-up properly. ... Continue Reading

Top 5 Web Trends of 2015 [Infographic]

Top 5 Web Trends Infographic Top

Church websites are coming a long way and with the help of a great guide by Jonathan Malm on Rethinking Your Church Website Strategy, your ministry has a great chance of creating something amazing for your digital audience. But 2015 has some challenges that have to be overcome to keep up with the competition and stay relevant online. Here are some of what I believe are the most important stats online: ... Continue Reading

Terrible at Design? Canva is for You


I’m not the best person at design in the world. Sure I can take an okay photo and I know a thing or two about okay fonts, colors and where to place text on a screen, but that’s where my skills really end. Anything beyond simple editing is a huge issue for me and I’m sure that the majority of people reading this are the same. If you’re a professional designer you may well still find this interesting (and I’d love your more informed feedback) but this isn’t aimed at you. This is for the average ... Continue Reading

7 Websites to Get Free High Quality Images


[Editor's Note: ChurchMag has just announced a new way to get free high quality images! Learn more.] For folks into creative functions, the hunt for free high quality images is a never ending one, right? Whether it’s for a blog post, book/album cover, or church website, it’s always useful to have as many options as possible. Below is a list of great websites that I love to use to find free photos for my projects, hope you find them useful too. ... Continue Reading

How People See Your Website? [Infographic]

How People See Your Website

Regardless if you are creating your own website design or paying someone lots of money to code and design your website, YOU need to be an advocate for yourself and see how your website looks on several platforms. That means different resolutions from large monitors down to the iPhone 4S. From Internet Explorer on a PC to Chrome on a Mac. It also means looking at it from a fast download speed of 100 MBps to 3G data speeds on a phone. In the end, the question is, can you navigate well on your ... Continue Reading

Church Publications #3: Free Guest Card Template


Getting information from guests is a constant battle. For some reason, people feel a bit squeamish about giving churches their info, which is hilarious given how much of their business they willingly put out on social media. However, not everyone is a paranoid libertarian like myself, so a "guest card" is still a helpful publication to have around. To that end, here's my church's guest card. ... Continue Reading