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Creation Swap on Blue

If you haven’t used CreationSwap to find images, logos, or other well-designed media for your church, then you’ve either had your head under or rock or are already one of the greatest designers in the world and have no need for design help. Personally, I’m neither of those things, and I have been using CreationSwap even before it was CreationSwap, back when it was CreativeMYK. (Wow. I'm like a design hipster...without being a designer!) CreationSwap has helped get tons of images and designs ... Continue Reading

Video Game City Map [Images]

A City Map Built From More Than 500 Video Games 1

While entirely fictitious—and loosely based on an area in Tokyo—this video game city map is entirely awesome. It includes over 500 video game titles and many gaming references from the history of video gaming. “The map features districts dedicated to survival horror (Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Sweet Home), beat ‘em ups (Street fighter, Streets of Rage, Double Dragon) and Nintendo classics (Super Mario Kart, Donkey Kong Land, Luigi’s Mansion) as well as many geeky ‘in’ references to entertain ... Continue Reading

Famous Album Covers and the Bigger Picture


While I hesitate to call anything Justin Bieber has created 'iconic', his cover for his 2010 album 'My World' is pretty famous. Not as famous as say, The Beatles and Abbey Road or Nirvana's Nevermind, but still. Which led the British company Aptitude to design a creative spin on famous album covers by revealing 'the bigger picture'. What happens when you zoom out? They've done an amazing job with the above mentioned albums, as well Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA for instance, or Michael ... Continue Reading

Creative Business Cards That Arn’t Business Cards

creative business cards

What do I love the most about these creative business cards? I would love a LEGO minifig business card, but the Just looking at these...uh...for the lack of a better term, business cards, and you'll be inspired to have business cards that are not business cards printed up for yourself. The LEGO minifigs are awesome, but the one that really stole my heart is listed below: ... Continue Reading

5 Tips for Creating Better Church Graphics

church graphics

It’s that time of the week again. The lead pastor needs a graphic for his new series. The student ministry needs a graphic for their trip to laser tag. Communion is coming up this month, another event that will need a graphic also. Creating graphics for your church isn’t always glamorous. Whether it’s the new sermon series, a promotional graphic, an image for social media, or a slide for Sunday morning, the graphics queue can sometimes feel unending. ... Continue Reading

Quick Photoshop Tip: Using Guides for Images [Video]


Whenever I used Photoshop to create featured images for blog posts—like this one—the cropped thumbnail doesn't always turn out right. While some WordPress plugins and social media spaces won't crop an image, others will. Popular post plugins, related post plugins, social media shares, etc... will sometimes grabbed the tiny cropped image that WordPress produces. The default is usually 150x150, an Instagram square style. Using Photoshop's built-in guides, you can quickly and easily add some ... Continue Reading