Fonts & Feelings: Typography Psychology [Infographic]

all sorts of fonts and emotions

Ah, yes, fonts. As much as I love them, I loathe them. When I see good typography, I really enjoy it, but when I am faced with a project and need to start from scratch, picking the right font and font combination can be a real nail biter for me. In fact, it usually takes me a few days to do it. I'll let the selection settle, try it out in multiple ways—web pages, logos, etc...—until it feels right. So if I could have some sort of shortcut for this process, I would use it. And I think I've ... Continue Reading

Notorious Baldies Illustrations

natorious baldies illustrations

Mr. Peruca is a Brazilian illustrator, designer and art director based in London. In this series of illustrations, Peruca assembles pop culture's most recognizable bald heads. If you're beginning to bald (or have already 'emerged'), don't lose hope. You are in some good company: ... Continue Reading

Famous Rebrands [Infographic]

famous-rebrands header

Logos. I lubs dem. This infographic illustrates the evolution of various famous rebrands. This infographic originates from the UK, so there may be some discrepancies you know in the United States—but none the less—it's the same brand and product being sold, just under a different name. As you look through these logos, think about what changed about the rebrand, what made it a positive change? ... Continue Reading

Shareable Quotes and Images from Tim Challies

challies pinterest quotes top

If you're looking for something awesome to post on your church's Twitter, Facebook or any other social media account, be sure to look at some of the awesome stuff Tim Challies has been sharing. Every time I see it pop-up on Facebook, I am immediately impressed with the design investment that has been made to create these. Here's a sampling of some the work: ... Continue Reading

Responsive Logos

Responsive Logos - All

Joe Harrison has put together a really cool experiment with responsive logo design. He has taken the basic principles of responsive web design—making websites look awesome on all mobile devices and computers—and applied that to popular logos. The result is awesome: ... Continue Reading

Common Phrases Turned Clever Illustrations

Clever Illustrations of Common Phrases 1

Graphic designer Abdul Latif Nabhan has designed a series of minimal illustrations based on common everyday phrases. The results are humours and clever. Some of my favorites include 'When Nature Calls,' 'Safe' and 'Stay In Shape.' What's your favorite? ... Continue Reading

The Fresh Cup of Coffee Alarm Clock


This might be a “shut-up and take my money” moments. An alarm clock that wakes you up—not by some annoying sound that grinds on your nerves—by brewing you a fresh cup of coffee. Yes, please. Did I mention that it's beautifully design? Yes, it's beautifully design. Take a looksy: ... Continue Reading

Comps with Compassion: Social Good Ipsum

Social Good Ipsum Top

Remember what it was like to design graphics and websites without a good ol' Lorem Ipsum generator? Yeah. Life was tough back then. Now we have Bacon Ipsum, Hipster Ipsum and a entire Lorem Ipsum family! But there's always room for a new kind Ipsum, esspecially one that is full of compassion. ... Continue Reading

RxMen — Meds for Common Superhero Ailments


Shutterstock joined in the fun to mark the opening of this year's Comic-Con. I was a little shocked to read it myself, as I've never thought of stock images as being fun or having anything to do with Comic-Con—I'm just sayin'. But they put together a really awesome design project: ... Continue Reading

Wylio: Where I Get My Stock Images

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 9.18.09 PM

How many times has your pastor called you in or shot you a quick text stating that they needed a picture of "X" or can we get a picture of "X" on the front of the bulletin for Sunday and its Friday morning and you have to print in less than an hour? I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me and that's when I begin to panic. Until now!!! I have used several places to get stock photos from “paying for” great pics to “stealing without knowing” pics. But now thanks to Wylio, you can ... Continue Reading