Create Because: Doctor Who and Art as Worship

Billly Hanshaw Screencap

Billy Hanshaw is a designer out of the UK, and he has the remarkable honor of being the fan who redesigned Doctor Who's Series 8 titles! "How?" might you ask. By being commissioned? No. By responding to an advertisement or a contest? No. He earned this honor simply by creating them. You see, Billy initially took on the project as merely something for his portfolio, something to demonstrate what he could do. After he uploaded it to YouTube, he had no intention of taking it any further. From ... Continue Reading

Comic Book Concept Movie Posters [Images]

Comic Book Movie Poster Concepts by Melissa Jallit

These comic book concept movie posters by Melissa Jallit are great! She designed these using Adobe Illustrator along with Adobe Photoshop and combined a minimal designed face with a silhouette of the character's body. I love the added touch of the actor name, making this a cool concept movie poster collection. Excellent work: ... Continue Reading

Simplistic Movie Posters [Images]

Simplistic Movie Posters 1

Rahul Parihar, digital artist and illustrator from Jaipur, India, has assembled this cool collection of simplistic movies posters. These are very well done and the quotes bring it all together nicely. ... Continue Reading

The Design Museum App


[Editor's Note: This app is currently only available for iOS.] I love looking at pictures of cool stuff. Who doesn’t? If I had the time to write more fiction—currently, I put out zero words a month—I’d be writing sci-fi, and one of best things for me to get inspired is to look at cool, retro designs. To that end, I just recently found this cool app put out by the Design Museum. ... Continue Reading

The Difference Between Art and Marketing in the Church


As the 1st world has progressed since the industrial age our ability to be creative has grown exponentially. Now, anyone with a computer and some time can create art. But somewhere along the way art was transposed onto marketing and now we are in a world a little confused by the difference. You’ll need both in your church, so you need to make sure you understand the differences between art and marketing. ... Continue Reading

Website Eye Tracking 101 [Infographic]

ive got my eye on it - image

For web designers, you know so much about the process of constructing a website that needs to go into a great website. Content needs to be above the fold (or is that a fallacy?), images need to be compelling, the font needs to be readable, it needs to translate well to all browsers, and clutter is a bad thing. But for the pastor that may be buying a WordPress theme, a volunteer that is coding and designing the website themselves, or the person that has been handed a project that they did not ... Continue Reading

Toys Invasion — LEGO Star Wars [Images]

Toys Invasion - Lego Star Wars 4

Benoit Lapray has brought LEGO Star Wars to life in his personal digital photography project: Toys Invasion. Done in collaboration with LEGO France and the new district of La Confluence in Lyon France, these LEGO minifigs find themselves in real-life landscapes creating some amazing photographs. Check these out! ... Continue Reading

The Periodic Table of Web Design [Infographic]

The Periodic Table of Web Design

There's no such thing as just 'throwing up a website.' A good web design takes time, talent and tenacity and should never be approached lightly. But if you've done any web design, you already know what I am talking about. The cool folks at New Design Group put together this awesome periodic table of the web designing process, which details just how intense the web design process should be. It's excellent! ... Continue Reading

Fonts & Feelings: Typography Psychology [Infographic]

all sorts of fonts and emotions

Ah, yes, fonts. As much as I love them, I loathe them. When I see good typography, I really enjoy it, but when I am faced with a project and need to start from scratch, picking the right font and font combination can be a real nail biter for me. In fact, it usually takes me a few days to do it. I'll let the selection settle, try it out in multiple ways—web pages, logos, etc...—until it feels right. So if I could have some sort of shortcut for this process, I would use it. And I think I've ... Continue Reading