7 Websites to Get Free High Quality Images


For folks into creative functions, the hunt for free high quality images is a never ending one, right? Whether it’s for a blog post, book/album cover, or church website, it’s always useful to have as many options as possible. Below is a list of great websites that I love to use to find free photos for my projects, hope you find them useful too. ... Continue Reading

How People See Your Website? [Infographic]

How People See Your Website

Regardless if you are creating your own website design or paying someone lots of money to code and design your website, YOU need to be an advocate for yourself and see how your website looks on several platforms. That means different resolutions from large monitors down to the iPhone 4S. From Internet Explorer on a PC to Chrome on a Mac. It also means looking at it from a fast download speed of 100 MBps to 3G data speeds on a phone. In the end, the question is, can you navigate well on your ... Continue Reading

Church Publications #3: Free Guest Card Template


Getting information from guests is a constant battle. For some reason, people feel a bit squeamish about giving churches their info, which is hilarious given how much of their business they willingly put out on social media. However, not everyone is a paranoid libertarian like myself, so a "guest card" is still a helpful publication to have around. To that end, here's my church's guest card. ... Continue Reading

Darth Vader Reimagined [Images]

Darth Vader Rrimagined

With the new Star Wars films pending, the future of the Star Wars franchise is feeling far more 'open-ended' than ever before. How will the interpretation differ from that of George Lucas? Moreover, what kind of curious turns in creativity will a film that is directed by someone who 'grew-up' with Star Wars reimagine its universe? It should be interesting. ... Continue Reading

When to Use a JPEG, GIF or PNG [Infographic]


Photoshop is a powerful tool and for only $10/month, you can use this application to it's fullest. I do not pretend to be a professional, most of what I learned about it is from a couple of weekend college classes and online tutorials. I would love to hear from all Photoshop experts on best practices and tips for churches and Christians to implement. In the mean time, here are some tips from this infographic on file types that you should know if you plan to work with images: ... Continue Reading

Win A Free Membership Account from PixelKit!

PixelKit Premium UI Kits and Design Resources

We’ve searched high and low, and we’ve finally found the perfect solution for designers, developers, bloggers, and anyone else who needs or wants a great UI kit for their site or app. Let us introduce you to PixelKit. This amazing fundamental library is full of high-quality UI kits and all kinds of resources for you and your online project. ... Continue Reading

Star Wars Swiss Style Retro Revamp [Images]

may the fourth - swiss style hader

Fernando de Carabassa of Buenos Aires, Argentina has assembled an awesome series of Swiss Styled Star Wars posters. Some of these focus on specific episodes, while others particluar scenes from one of our favorite movies. These are really cool: ... Continue Reading

Church Website Re-Design Inspiration [Images]

website redesign drawing

How's your church website? Do you have the right information on it? Can guests find what they need? Jonathan Malm covers these questions and more in his ebook, Rethinking Your Church Website Strategy. While reading through it, pastor Matthew Carpenter took some very, very creative notes that he shared with us on Twitter: ... Continue Reading

Church Publications #1: Free Newsletter Template

Church Publications 1 Free Newsletter Template - Screenshot

Designing documents is a ton of fun...when it's serving as a distraction from blogging. But when your church switches computer platforms from PC to Mac, document design becomes your new job. Sigh. Welcome to my world over the past few weeks. But just because I spent my Christmas break designing doesn't mean that you need to spend your January the same. Over the next few weeks, I'm going to giveaway three design templates: ... Continue Reading