A Case for Church Mobile Donations

The Case for Church Mobile Donations

This past Black Friday revealed some interesting statistics about mobile Internet use and the effects it had on the giant retailer, Walmart. Again, we see the case for church's to leverage mobile technology . At the very least, your church website needs to be mobile ready, and you should strongly consider setting up mobile donations. When it comes to a dedicated app, while I would only recommend this for larger churches, the time may come sooner than later when this will be as vital as having ... Continue Reading

#EPIC Pokemon GIFs


Brakkenimation has put together a series of Pokemon GIFs that are #EPIC enough to be used for blog post comments. Seriously. These animations have so much personality! ... Continue Reading

Paddington Bear Author: “I might not sleep well tonight.”

Paddington Bear - Trailer Screenshot

Our family read the Paddington Bear books together as a family. It was great fun. So when we heard about the new Paddington Bear movie releasing this year, we were very excited to see what the big screen had to offer. Sure, it might not live-up to our expectations, but we figured it would still be fun. After all, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Beezus and Ramona, and Matilda—to name a few—did an excellent job porting from the page to the big screen. So how is Paddington going to fair? ... Continue Reading


Retro LEGO Ad

In the last few decades, LEGO has had some gender specific sets—causing some social debates and public outcry. LEGO, however, hasn't always divided the sexes. In the image below, you will see a package insert from a 1970's set. I've also included an image showing some of the LEGO advertising from the same era. As you can see, LEGOs—no matter the color or style—are for everyone! ... Continue Reading

Where Tablets are Replacing Computers

Tablet computing action

Tablets are quickly taking over the uses of computers in diverse industries. Although tablets may have begun as a combination of eReader and smartphone, the latest versions have more computing power, which provides them with even more capabilities than ever before. Whether you choose to buy a Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK or some other tablet, you will find technology that allows you to do more tasks, so much so that they are quickly becoming comparable to a laptop computer. Additionally, many companies ... Continue Reading