Is Flash Dead?



Is Flash dead?

I’ve been saying it’s dead for quite a while, but maybe I’m wrong.

As for FLV files embedded into websites, this may be over. FLV files have been kept alive by television and DVD rips, but as for a web industry tool, it’s dead.

I’ve kept an eye on Adobe for a while, wondering when they would pull the plug on Flash Professional. After all, they have some new tools that act like Flash Professional, but spits out HTML5:

Adobe Edge

So will Adobe’s Edge edge out Adobe Professional?

Right now, it looks like Adobe hopes to use this along side Flash Professional. If you watch the video (above) at around 4min, you’ll see an extension that allows Flash Professional to export into HTML5.

From the Adode blog:

The Adobe Flash Professional Toolkit for CreateJS will allow designers to continue to leverage many commonly used animation and drawing tools of Flash Professional. The assets can then be exported to a nicely formatted, readable and editable JavaScript code through CreateJS, an open source framework that provides a comprehensive set of JavaScript libraries—including graphics, sound, preloading and animation.

Although the traditional use of building websites from Flash looks to be near extinction, it looks as though Adobe found a way to breath new life into Flash Professional.

Maybe I won’t have to uninstall it after all?

What do you think?

[via Adobe Creative Layer]


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  1. Andrew Ball says

    I would not be sorry to see Adobe Flash fall from use. I work in environments where one computer is shared by several users who connect using “thin client” graphical terminals. When one user visits a Web site that uses Flash, the CPU load spikes and this can impact performance for other users who are logged into the same computer. Sadly, many Web sites are poorly-designed and depend on Flash for basic navigation.


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