Church Tech Snack Pack #045

Church Tech Snack Pack 45

Okay. So I woke up this morning craving a maple glazed donut. And then when I did an image search for maple donuts for today's Church Tech Snack Pack, I found that they make maple glazed donuts with bacon bits on them!?!? It's rare that I wish that I could get myself some food from the United States—since Italy has WONDERFUL food—and seeing this donut was one of those rare times. Could someone please eat one for me? kthanksbai! ... Continue Reading

5 Steps to Successful Text Marketing [White Paper]

Five Simple Steps Screen

In the land of mobile apps and smartphones, the idea of using SMS text messaging seems like stepping back in technology instead of moving forward. But the truth is, text messaging works! Maybe it's because it is such an underused medium and users are more likely to open and read them. None the less, the stats are pretty compelling: ... Continue Reading

Minecraft vs Mario

steve vs mario epic

Minecraft's Steve faces Mario in an #EPIC battle of pixel perfection. If you know and love these two games, you'll enjoy this amazing video. They've done such a good job with it! Not only is the production really good—the effects and elements—but the overall story dynamic. Sure, it's only a few minutes long, so maybe 'story dynamic' is a bit over the top, but they capture the essence of both characters so well! Take a look, you'll see what I mean: ... Continue Reading

Website Eye Tracking 101 [Infographic]

ive got my eye on it - image

For web designers, you know so much about the process of constructing a website that needs to go into a great website. Content needs to be above the fold (or is that a fallacy?), images need to be compelling, the font needs to be readable, it needs to translate well to all browsers, and clutter is a bad thing. But for the pastor that may be buying a WordPress theme, a volunteer that is coding and designing the website themselves, or the person that has been handed a project that they did not ... Continue Reading

Picking the Right Social Media Platform [Infographic]

social media decisions

I will admit up front, I'm hesitant to do this infographic because many different people have problems with comparing churches to businesses (which is not my intent of the article). However, the infographic below is great for ministries to learn from. So here is what I want you to do. Every time the infographic refers to a business term like "the market" or "sales", make the translation into relationships with Christ or people in the pews hearing the sermon. Churches can learn from his ... Continue Reading

ChurchMag Press is on Amazon

cmp on amazon

Since launching ChurchMag Press in June of this year, it has been our intent to make ChurchMag publications available on Amazon. However, with only two of us—myself and KC Procter—we hadn't found the bandwidth with an initial launch of 8 digital resources and a few more this month (sign-up for updates). So, needless to say, we are very excited to announce that ChurchMag Press publications are now available on Amazon! Here are the details: ... Continue Reading

Weebly: Free and Easy Church Websites

weebly logo

I’m a bit of a technology snub. There’s no point in denying it. I resisted switching from a straight-up, manually coded website to a WordPress site because of this arrogance. To this end, I resisted again when my employer asked all employees to set up websites for our classrooms via Weebly. I was wrong for resisting. ... Continue Reading

Why Faster Websites = Higher Conversion [Infographic]

ChurchMag Goes Vroom

The infographic below is titled, “Why Faster Websites Make More Money,” and while most ChurchMag readers are not interested in their websites making more money, we are looking for a higher conversion rate. Sure, conversion rates are usually referred to in the business sense, but church websites are interested in converting web visitors to Sunday morning visitors and nonprofit ministries are interested in converting interest into support. A conversion is a conversion. So with that concept in ... Continue Reading

Saturday Morning Reviews

Saturday Morning Review

Over the past several years, ChurchMag has posted various book and music reviews. Book reviews have traditionally been posted on occasion without any kind of consistency and the music reviews have been off and on just the same—titled: Turntable. I am not interested in ChurchMag becoming some kind of music and book review site, but I am interested in reviewing music and books that are relevant to the ChurchMag community. This would include music of various genres—not just worship—and the books ... Continue Reading

Church Tech Snack Pack #044

Church Tech Snack Pack 44

When we first started the Church Tech Snack Pack, I wasn't sure how well it would go. But after 43, now 44, I am pleasantly surprised. In our recent reader survey, many of you mentioned the Snack Pack, so I am happy that you are enjoying it as much as I have. :) Enjoy: ... Continue Reading