Godinterest: Pinterest Meets … God?

What Would Jesus Pin

Remember the ‘Lord’s Gym’ t-shirts from the 1990’s? It was a popular ‘witness wear’ back in the day, as it resembled the iconic ‘Gold’s Gym’ t-shirt, but instead of having a body builder on the front, it had Jesus ‘bench pressing’ the weight of all the sin in the world. While I have a soft spot for this t-shirt as well as the ‘cheesy’ t-shirts that look like a popular brand or logo, but have an entirely different message, I don’t believe that’s the purpose behind this new ‘Christian’ social ... Continue Reading

DJ Chuang: All About the New .church Domain [Video]

dj knows dot church

When DJ Chuang emailed me about the upcoming .church domain extension, I knew I wanted him to share his knowledge with you. All the legal information and multiple dates and stipulations can get really hairy. Thankfully DJ is a really smart guy who is passionate about helping churches get their .church domain name! While some churches may not think they need to consider purchasing a .church domain, you may even want to consider investing in it for a few good reasons: ... Continue Reading

Everything You Need to Know About .church [Podcast]

dot church special report podcast

In this ChurchMag Podcast special report, we talk with DJ Chuang about the .church domain name extension that we first talked about clear back in 2012. Not only is the 60-day sunrise period for those who have trademarked names just around the corner, but those looking to get an early jump on grabbing a dot church domain need to circle some dates on the calendar. Here's everything you need to know about .church: ... Continue Reading

What Makes The Perfect Blog Post? [Infographic]

Blog post infographic thumb

Blogging is as much a science (think SEO) as an art form. It means that you need to be creative in your content, but structured in your delivery. What this also means is that everyone has ideas on what it means to post a "perfect" blog post, much as the infographic below shares. I'm going to highlight the infographic below with what I think is valuable for churches, but I want to be clear here. Bloggers who say they have the perfect blog post are probably lying. And if they are not lying, they ... Continue Reading

Why the Right Website Theme Is Important for Your Business

sofa for sale

You’ve put in countless hours making sure your business is successful. Every year you’ve watched it grow, but in the last couple of years it’s been stagnant. On the advice of some associate businesses, you’ve decided to build an eCommerce site. Nearly $262 billion was spent online this year, and it is estimated that by 2017 online spending will reach $370 billion, according to Forrester Research Inc. With so many consumers now doing their shopping online, you can’t afford not to bring your ... Continue Reading

The Ultimate Social Media Outreach Tool

Faith Social Screens

I am really excited to introduce you to Faith Social! Faith Social is not only the ultimate social media outreach tool, but it is revolutionary. I've never seen something like this before. As much as we all talk about ‘social media teams’ and ‘social media directors,’ this is the kind of tool that puts the power of church social media into the hands of those that have more influence than any well crafted message sent out by your church. It puts church social media messaging into the hands of ... Continue Reading

5 Things to Check Before You Press Publish [Infographic]

mac keyboartd - ready to hit publish

You may have just created the best blog article your church has ever seen. It's going to bring so many people into your church and ultimately souls will be won for Christ right? Even better, they will probably see on your website the youth camp, a marriage conference, or small groups and sign up for them too. Must be time to hit publish, right? Not yet. Below is a quick infographic checklist you should go over before hitting send on that article for the whole world to see. Why? Maximize the ... Continue Reading

Four Ways to Create Belonging in Your Church

Alone on a team

You don’t have to look far or long in the church world to hear someone talking about community. Yet despite all our talk of community and the rise of social media, loneliness is on the rise. According to the Barna Group, “Ten years ago, slightly over one out of 10 Americans self-identified as lonely. Today, that number has doubled—a paradoxical reality in the full swing of the social media age.” People are looking for a place to belong. What better place to belong than your community of faith? ... Continue Reading

9 Ways to Compete in a Competitive Online World

Go on the Internet

Thirty percent of the world is online.  That is equivalent to more than two billion people.  That is the population of China — twice.  If you still can’t grasp how big those numbers are, data collected by Go-Gulf shows how much time people spend on the Internet. The result: global time spent online is 35 billion hours every month.  That is almost four million years!  The only reason that’s hard to imagine is because it’s simply incredible. A user spends an average of 16 hours on the internet ... Continue Reading