Know Where to Share [Infographic]

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When I did social media and digital consulting for churches, one of my favorite things to experience when we first were creating their digital strategy was the different types of mediums they were already creating as well as allow them to dream what they want to do beyond their current adventures in communication. I always started with their strengths in a strategy and push them to see what else they could do. So if the church and staff are great at photography, videography, blogging, or ... Continue Reading

Church Tech Snack Pack #080

CM Snack Pack 80

This week was a little busier in the Church tech world. The past few weeks have felt a little slow. It makes sense that the summertime would slow down a little, but I am missing all that awesome content that was buzzing around!!! I like summer, but I can't wait for the Fall. How about you? ... Continue Reading

YouTube Is 10 Years Old [Video]

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I love YouTube and am trying to integrate most of what I do online with it. Whether it is my personal channel I'm starting up with quick videos, the UnProgrammed series, the Minecraft Theology series or another couple of ideas in the pipeline, it is a platform you simply cannot ignore. A lot of other performers have found a great platform in YouTube for their craft. Some of my favorite Christians online include: Skit Guys Relevant Magazine Dude Perfect Of course, there is more. ... Continue Reading

The Sermon Podcasting Toolbox: Tech & Tools


According to Edison Research, 15% of Americans (39 million people) listen to podcasts at least monthly, with 13 million people tuning in to podcasts on any given day.  Those who listen to podcasts weekly listen to an average of six podcasts per week, with 11% of weekly podcast listeners listening to more than 10 podcasts per week. Chances are good that your church members are subscribing to, downloading, and listening to podcasts throughout the week. Are they listening to your message? In this ... Continue Reading

Does Facebook Read Unposted Updates?

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If you haven't figured out by now, Facebook pretty much knows what you ate for breakfast, where you bought it, and how you paid for it. Facebook's terms of use have been the issue of heated debate. My viewpoint has always been that nothing you post on the Internet is ever safe and secure and that at some point, it may become more public than you wanted to. But now Facebook has risen to a whole new level...or should I say scooped down? ... Continue Reading

3 Reasons Not to Finish A Book You Don’t Like

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It is that time of the year. Summer book recommendations are everywhere (even here). And you want them all... I want them all. Books to make you smarter, holier, a better dad or mom or son or daughter. They're all there and they are all good. And there is that book, recommended by the blogger or author you admire, so you buy it. And then you hate it. ... Continue Reading

Only 20% Will Make It Past This Headline [Infographic]

Make it past the headline header

Content marketing is this beautiful idea that if we write something amazing for a product or service we believe in, people will see our brilliance and flock to us. In fact, people do this on their social media and blogs daily. But it doesn't happen as often as you think. Sometimes this is because the content marketing was poorly done and other times it is because it was simply boring material. I want to share the infographic below so that your ministry or digital site can be more effective at ... Continue Reading

How to Make Your Website (and Prints) Dyslexic Friendly

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How many people do you think are dyslexic in your church? Obviously, these figures aren’t always reflected in every church (due to demographics, etc...), but roughly 1 in every 10 people have some form of dyslexia. This means that in a church of 300 people, probably 30 of them are dyslexic. That’s a sizeable amount of any congregation or church website readership and yet it is often neglected and not thought about. My siblings and I are dyslexic (to different degrees) and my youngest brother ... Continue Reading