The Medium is the Message [Video]

The Medium is the Message - Sreencap

I am quick to point out that technology is neutral and what we do with it matters most. It's what we make of it that ultimately matters...right? After watching this video narrated by Gillian Anderson (did you know she had a British accent? I didn't!) talking about Marshall McLuhan's theory on “The Medium is the Message,” I am starting to see how my concept of how technology effects us is a little off: ... Continue Reading

Connecting with Millennials [Infographic]

connecting with mill

I am of the Millennial generation which is full of wanting to know the individual, helping the world get better, and "supposedly self-indulged." This group of people are currently 21-38 and not only coming into the marketplace as the focus of most businesses, but the generation of leaders to make big waves for the Church. The question is church, are you connecting with them? If you are not online, then I think I can easily say no. ... Continue Reading

Teen Social Media Trends – Part II

Andrew Watts Screen

As a parent of a 15-year-old girl and also one who believes he is still "hip" with technology today, I try to keep on my toes about what is going on in the world of social media. Today we talk about some more apps that a post from a 19 year-old teenager wrote about. But first, here's a quick update from my last post, Teen Social Media Trends – Part I: ... Continue Reading

Email Marketing vs Social Media [Infographic]


My own personal experience is that social media has great potential to give a church tons of traffic and exposure for their church, but it takes a lot of experience and effort to get there. Further, viral is not something to be achieved because you cannot predict it. Email on the other hand? Consistent, effective, and reliable. Want to get on the ChurchMag newsletter? Sign up here. ... Continue Reading

Why “Digital Discipleship” Is More Biblical than You Think


What if digital discipleship isn’t just a trendy option­—it’s your responsibility? I’ll be up front with you: I’m not out to convince you that the church should embrace emerging tech trends. We already agree on that. I think the church has a bigger responsibility when it comes to technology: we’re responsible for making disciples with the media and tools we use in the digital landscape. This responsibility flows from the Great Commission. ... Continue Reading

Sensible Social Media Checklist [Infographic]

Sensible Social Media Checklist

We already have a blog checklist for you to go over before every blog article you post, so it makes sense to go to the next level and improve your social media accounts as well. It should be noted that this is created to improve everything on your social media presence, not just your posts, so as to connect with others better. My suggestion? Go through this checklist yourself and see where you can invest a little bit of time for a lot bigger results: ... Continue Reading

Church Tech Snack Pack #063

Church Tech Snack Pack 63

Many times when I am assembling the ChurchMag Church Tech Snack Pack, I ask my kids to think of something “yummy” for the top image. Since they love Nutella (I mean, seriously, we live in Italy. What else would they love? :P ), I finally decided to give into their request and include it this week—LOL. Now, before we roll into this week's pack, a quick PSA from Canada: ... Continue Reading

There Are No Shades of Grey


While my Facebook is continually being filled with anti-Fifty Shades of Grey messages (by people like this I suppose), I can't help but wonder if in the Church's effort to spread warning about this film (and book), we are actually giving it more promotion and driving more curiosity towards it. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, there are no shades of grey surrounding a problem that has infiltrated the Church far before Erika Mitchell ever penned a line. It's called pornography, the likes of which ... Continue Reading

The Easter Social Media Kit


You can have your church website ready for Easter, but how are people going to find out your church in the first place? It's not as if uploading some Easter photos to your church website banner and making sure the service times are correct will suddenly cause a spike in traffic. You need to share some things on social media! Better yet, provide cool resources to your church members via your church's social media account, so they can share it with their friends. Taking the time to put together ... Continue Reading