Dan Owens: Behind the Curtain of Fundraising [Podcast]

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Last May I interviewed Dan Owens for the Finding Justice Podcast, and after we finished up talking about the awesome work of Sixty Feet, I asked him a few questions about fundraising for a nonprofit organization. My first question had to do with bridging the gap between one time donations and long-term, committed ministry partners. What started out as a curious question, blossomed in an awesome conversation that I've waited months to share with you. Dan shares great insight for those who ... Continue Reading

Words and Phrases That Convert Into Action [Infographic]

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Are you a blogger, social media user, or write any kind of content for your church? Then you need to read this NOW, NOW, NOW! If you didn't read that with the annoying car salesman voice from television commercials, I advise you to try again. For those that want to write some kind of content, whether 140 character tweets or 10,000 word eBooks, your words need to have some weight behind them to be effective. The dialect you use in every day conversations is the starting point, but we want to ... Continue Reading

The Internet Reformation


We stand on the shoulders of the giants that come before us. Perhaps you’ve heard a variation of this statement before. It’s easy to take for granted the accomplishments that others have made before us that pave the way for our own work. Right now it’s possible for you to compose an email, send it to someone on the other side of the world and receive their response, faster than you can get in and out of a diner for breakfast. We take advantage of this everyday, but seldom stop to acknowledge the ... Continue Reading

Optimize Your Blog for Content Distribution [Infographic]

a cup of coffee for your bloggingness

Being a blogger, professional or personal, has to do with so much more than just putting your random thoughts or feelings onto a website. Honestly, that is the baseline purpose of social media networks. For those that have taken the plunge into blogging though, you are looking at organizing your content, creating great design, and figuring out how best to get your content in front of eyes of people that will care, engage, and act after reading your content. Curious how to start learning to ... Continue Reading

Exclusive Interview with Richard Ramsey, Director of ‘The Song’ Movie


Last weekend, An independent movie titled “The Song” made it to the big screen. There has been so much buzz about ’The Song” in the Christian movie scene over the past few weeks, and for good reason. The movie is inspired by the biblical book Song Of Solomon. This modern-day picture depicts the story of Jed King (Alan Powell) a struggling artist who is trying to catch a break, and escape the long shadow of his famous father. He reluctantly agrees to a gig at a local vineyard harvest festival, ... Continue Reading

YouTube’s Toolbox [Infographic]

CM YouTube Toolbox

Is your church, ministry or nonprofit on YouTube? YouTube should not be overlooked. With more than 1,000,000,000 unique visitors every month, it's a platform that simply cannot be ignored. Here's a toolbox of YouTube's tools for your viral video creating pleasure: ... Continue Reading

7 Reasons Why Church Leaders Should Publish on LinkedIn


LinkedIn, the social networking site with the mission of connecting the world's professionals, announced a few months ago that it will begin unrolling the ability for its members to publish long-form posts on the site. In essence, it's like having a blog built right into your LinkedIn profile—with your posts made visible to the 300 million members of LinkedIn. It's great news—and a great way for church leaders and staff to expand their influence and message. Unfortunately, not many in church ... Continue Reading

What Has Facebook Become? [Images]

Pawel Kuczynski facebook

Pawel Kuczynski is a talented and provocative artist that covers a myriad of world interest subjects. With Facebook now a decade old, it's curious to see Pawel's perspective and statements on what this social media giant has become. I find it really interesting that his art speaks to both the positive and negative aspects of Facebook, making for a balanced and brutally honest viewpoint. ... Continue Reading