Teen Social Media Trends – Part I

Andrew Watts Screen

As a parent of a 15-year-old girl and also a parent who I believe is still "hip" with technology today.  I try to keep on my toes about what is going on in the world of social media...trying to stay at least in step with what the teenagers are doing. I stumbled upon this great article from a teenager, though he's barely a teenager still at 19, he gives some very interesting points of view on the major social networks.  I enjoy his article because unlike the typical teenager he is able to get ... Continue Reading

Truth Facts: When Truth is Funnier than Fiction


There's a Danish website called Truth Facts. My Danish isn't all that great, but I can read some of it (I speak both Dutch and German and these languages are somewhat similar). Enough to understand the gist of it. But now they've launched an English version of Truth Facts as well (technically it's part of a site called Kind of Normal, which is also funny by the way-though not always clean in language!) and it's hilarious. It's all based on the idea that truth is often funnier than ... Continue Reading

Top 3 Tech Trends You Should Watch in 2015 [Infographic]


I will say this up front, this has some great ideas for businesses that will not translate to churches, at least night right away. I don't see pastors finding immediate needs for phablets or wearables. But I do think this will help create a culture of out-of-the-box thinking. Read through the infographic below, keep an open mind, and we'd love to hear: How you are going to be using new tech in church? ... Continue Reading

Forza Horizon 2 [Saturday Morning Review]

Saturday Morning Review - Forza

Forza Horizon 2 is a stunning, fun racing game for the Xbox that’s addictive for both kids and adults. We play it on an Xbox One and the graphics are impressive. It’s set in the south of France and the north of Italy, making the lavender fields and Poplars look very familiar since we’ve been in that regions dozens of times. It’s an ‘open world’ racing game, meaning you can drive around the region yourself and explore as much as you want to. ... Continue Reading

Choosing the Best Game Console for Your Kids

Xbox One

My son turned 7 in December and his biggest wish was a game console. Both my husband and I aren’t gamers—though we both did play our fair share of computer games back when we were young and had too much free time. Our problem was that we were way out of tune with current game consoles and what would be a good choice for him considering his age. So we did our due diligence and studied all the options, weighing advice from friends, bloggers, and self-proclaimed experts. Here's what we learned. ... Continue Reading

Nonprofit Communications Trends Report [Infographic]


The release of the 2015 Nonprofit Communications Trend Report has brought some new light to what nonprofits are trying to do. As churches, we can take some ideas from this project and should look to being open to shift our own strategies if need be. The report staff came up with an easy to digest infographic to go with it, but I'd recommend jumping into the full report if you are at all involved with your church's communication department at any capacity. Here are my favorite parts of the ... Continue Reading

5 Methods to Creating Church Instagram Posts


Ah, Instagram — the only social media channel that you can't schedule ahead of time. There's a lot of pain and beauty to that. Our team recently discovered that Instagram was giving us the largest return on investment. We found that post after post has more engagement than anything we post on Facebook or Twitter. We know that our church uses Facebook more than Twitter, but the statistics for Instagram really changed our minds on what we should be investing our time into, especially during live ... Continue Reading

How NOT to Jump on a Facebook Trend


The infamous Facebook algorithm that decides what shows up on people’s timeline makes it tough to get visibility for your page or your profile on Facebook. One way to try and get new visitors (and likes or followers) is to jump on a Facebook trend. Facebook keeps track of what’s trending. On the desktop version, this is visible in the right column (it will show the first few trends—click ‘see more’ to get the entire list and click on each trend to get the links Facebook deems relevant). ... Continue Reading