30 Days of Instagram for Churches

30 Days of Instagram for Churches by Chris Wilson

In the old study (now more a storage slot) in my parents house are a collection of boxes filled with our memories. Some contain old childhood toys, others well read books, some even have once important documents, but the majority contain pictures. Hundreds and thousands of pictures in albums, or some still in the packets they came after they were processed. These photos are like hundreds of micro windows into our old lives and different moments in time. Our birthdays and celebration, our trips ... Continue Reading

Street Fighter Winter Sweater


This is the most EPIC sweater I've ever seen. #WANT I love the mix of bit graphics on the canvas of a knitted sweater. Plus, the subtle KO's, power meters, and the snowflake Hadouken between them. Please: ... Continue Reading

Generation Z: Marketing’s Next Big Audience [Infographic]


I have spent the better part of the past decade dedicating my life towards understanding how generations interact with each other. First I wanted to understand the differences between myself and teenagers as a youth ministry volunteer and then later how generations interact as a paid youth worker that would interact with parents and teens. Nowadays, I am a counselor that seens people struggle regularly with psychosocial development which has huge implications with people needing to grow. The ... Continue Reading

‘The Social Media Gospel’ by Meredith Gould [Book Review]

Saturday Morning Review - The Social Media

Let's get frank for a moment, because that would be what Meredith Gould would do. I loved this book because it was "in your face" real about what it means to be in social media. It avoids all the silly "this is what a hashtag is" type of commentary that honestly does not belong in a printed text that will be out of date in a couple of months to couple of years. Here's what I think of Meredith Gould's book, The Social Media Gospel: ... Continue Reading

Should your Sermons Be More Like TED?

ideas worth spreading - ted

TED talks have taken over the Internet. Their success isn’t limited to America, where they started, but there are now TEDx talks held all around the world as well as many of the most popular talks having been translated into a plethora of languages. Part of their success is in now short measure due to the subject matter and the experts who present their talks. Hearing a leading authority talking about the latests developments in a new area is exciting, but there is also a large role played by ... Continue Reading

Dan Owens: Behind the Curtain of Fundraising [Podcast]

churchmag podcast sixty feet

Last May I interviewed Dan Owens for the Finding Justice Podcast, and after we finished up talking about the awesome work of Sixty Feet, I asked him a few questions about fundraising for a nonprofit organization. My first question had to do with bridging the gap between one time donations and long-term, committed ministry partners. What started out as a curious question, blossomed in an awesome conversation that I've waited months to share with you. Dan shares great insight for those who ... Continue Reading

Words and Phrases That Convert Into Action [Infographic]

words and phrases j

Are you a blogger, social media user, or write any kind of content for your church? Then you need to read this NOW, NOW, NOW! If you didn't read that with the annoying car salesman voice from television commercials, I advise you to try again. For those that want to write some kind of content, whether 140 character tweets or 10,000 word eBooks, your words need to have some weight behind them to be effective. The dialect you use in every day conversations is the starting point, but we want to ... Continue Reading