The Evolution of Mobile Gaming [Infographic]

Best Gameboy EVER

Mobile gaming is HUGE and it didn't happen overnight. As it states in the infographic below: “With the average smartphone user spending nearly an hour a day playing games on their phone, it’s little wonder why the mobile game industry is massive and growing and why mobile game developers are in increasing demand. But mobile games weren’t always so slick and immersive; let’s take a look at the history of mobile games.” ... Continue Reading

Ikea Hijacks Furniture Hacking Site


Maybe I just don't get it. But when I see this kind of stuff, I wonder how out-of-touch some are with how the Internet works. When fans and lovers of your brand take the time to create art, share ideas and create a swarm of love around your brand, you don't take them to court. Here's what Ikea is doing to the cool furniture hacking website called, Ikea Hackers: ... Continue Reading

Online Sex Trafficking & Pornography [Infographic]

Online Sex Trafficking

If you're not familiar with the epidemic of human sex trafficking, the beginning of this infographic about online sex trafficking is a must read. It breaks-down the basics of who is trafficked, who is doing the trafficking, and even more importantly, who is fueling the demand. Once you get past these basics, you'll find what the Internet has to do with this social justice issue that is front and center, today. ... Continue Reading

Awesome Minecraft Churches [Images & Videos]

Minecraft Church Screen

Our family loves Minecraft. As we were working on a new town, recently, I was in charge of building the various buildings. A blacksmith, bakery, lumber yard, art gallery, library and so on. And then the thought occurred to me, “What about a church!?!” These kind of Minecraft questions always lead to an immediate Google Image search. I was pleasantly surprised to find some awesome Minecraft churches: ... Continue Reading

RSS and the Overwhelming Barrage of Info


Right around the time Reeder died out on the Mac, so he could re-tweak and design for Mavericks, I decided no more RSS feeds for me. I went through a phase where I deleted all of my browser bookmarks, tried Pocket, Readability, and even tried to use Twitter as a "feed" of sorts. That didn't suit my needs, or workflows, and now, I want my feeds back. But I have been digging, scouring the Internet for tools, services, and more to obtain, what I want and how I want it. Deciding where I stand and ... Continue Reading

6 Reasons You Should Care About Being an Equipping Church

mountain climbing epicness

As long as the church has existed there have been movements. Movements come and go, are influenced by culture and history, and leave an impact for better or worse. Regardless of which movement or stream of the faith you come from, the call to be an equipping church has not changed. An equipping church is one that fully embraces the call to engage its people, invest in their growth, and empower them to lead. The Bible clearly defines the equipping church in Ephesians 4:12–13: “So Christ himself ... Continue Reading

Digital Marketing for Churches that Want to Succeed

Digital Marketing for Churches that Want to Succeed - Image

We are only a week out from our first exclusive eBook on how to do social media for your ministry that hits on every point from theology to how to format posts effectively and even pitfalls your ministry needs to avoid in engaging online. But as a precursor to this, I want to share this with you. This is a year long record of lessons I personally learned in looking at how national and local ministries can use social media in a variety of different ways and the complexity that comes with it. ... Continue Reading

The Social Media Disconnect

b2b social media

I had the opportunity the other day to spend 5 hours together with parents who love their children so much that they wanted to learn more about social media. Social media and how kids will use it and what to potentially look out for. From posting pictures online to what kind of boundaries to set up were just a few of the topics that we spoke and learned about. With this influx of information, I began looking at my own boundaries, and how I look at social media, and how even I use it. From ... Continue Reading

Why WWDC (and That Sort of Thing) Is Like Church


I'm an Apple fan boy; and like all good Apple fan boys and girls, on the 2nd of June 2014, I sat down to watch the WWDC (that's the Worldwide Developers Conference which Apple has every year) and see and hear the latest wonders to be announced from Cupertino! As usual, there were lots of cool and funky announcements and OSX Yosemite and iOS 8 looks all nice and shiny... However whilst watching it, and thinking about it all afterwards, was just how much like it was to a 'modern' church service! ... Continue Reading