The Incredible Pace of Online Spending

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We can talk about online spending. We can write about online spending. We can even make infographics about online spending. But until you see the dollars and cents rack-up in realtime, you haven't fully felt the impact at the amount of online spending. ... Continue Reading

Famous Rebrands [Infographic]

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Logos. I lubs dem. This infographic illustrates the evolution of various famous rebrands. This infographic originates from the UK, so there may be some discrepancies you know in the United States—but none the less—it's the same brand and product being sold, just under a different name. As you look through these logos, think about what changed about the rebrand, what made it a positive change? ... Continue Reading

The ChurchMag Foundry

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We are embarking on an experiment. One that I am super-excited about and I hope proves itself to be a great success. It all started several months ago when I first interviewed Kenny Jahng. Before and after the interview we talked about a number of things, including the initial idea of what eventually became ChurchMag Press. Kenny is an awesome marketing thinker who is great at communication and a natural at harnessing it for the Church. Another idea that cropped-up during our chat, was ... Continue Reading

Happy Birthday Church Marketing Sucks [Video]

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Church Marketing Sucks turns 10-years old this month! In Internet years, that's a long time and it is exciting to see them serving the church for at least another ten more years. This month they have been celebrating 10 years of sucks with a 10-year t-shirt giveaway, a 10-year anniversary hangout on Monday, July 28th, as well as some awesome discounts and giveaways — including special discounts on ChurchMag Press. Earlier this month I had the chance to sit down and speak with Church Marketing ... Continue Reading

Kenny Jahng: Awesome Church Marketing [Video]


Last week I told you about Liquid Church's plan to break a Guinness World Record and assemble 12,000 items into 1,200 hunger relief kits for a local distribution hub for donated and federal food aid. And it was a success! There are so many awesome dimensions to this story: Kids attending the church's creative arts camp took part The church put their faith into action They helped those in need by helping an organization in the community The word spread about their awesome act ... Continue Reading

What to Do About the Changes to Google Authorship

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A few weeks ago it was announced that Google is removing profile photos and Google+ Circle count from their search results. There are a number of different speculations that are floating around as to why Google has done this, as it really takes a big bite out of the power of Google Authorship — aka: more click-throughs. While Google has not officially (as of yet) said why they are doing this, here are the two prevailing reasons being tossed about online: ... Continue Reading

9 Ways to Compete in a Competitive Online World

Go on the Internet

Thirty percent of the world is online.  That is equivalent to more than two billion people.  That is the population of China — twice.  If you still can’t grasp how big those numbers are, data collected by Go-Gulf shows how much time people spend on the Internet. The result: global time spent online is 35 billion hours every month.  That is almost four million years!  The only reason that’s hard to imagine is because it’s simply incredible. A user spends an average of 16 hours on the internet ... Continue Reading

Ikea Hijacks Furniture Hacking Site


Maybe I just don't get it. But when I see this kind of stuff, I wonder how out-of-touch some are with how the Internet works. When fans and lovers of your brand take the time to create art, share ideas and create a swarm of love around your brand, you don't take them to court. Here's what Ikea is doing to the cool furniture hacking website called, Ikea Hackers: ... Continue Reading

Digital Marketing for Churches that Want to Succeed

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We are only a week out from our first exclusive eBook on how to do social media for your ministry that hits on every point from theology to how to format posts effectively and even pitfalls your ministry needs to avoid in engaging online. But as a precursor to this, I want to share this with you. This is a year long record of lessons I personally learned in looking at how national and local ministries can use social media in a variety of different ways and the complexity that comes with it. ... Continue Reading

Why WWDC (and That Sort of Thing) Is Like Church


I'm an Apple fan boy; and like all good Apple fan boys and girls, on the 2nd of June 2014, I sat down to watch the WWDC (that's the Worldwide Developers Conference which Apple has every year) and see and hear the latest wonders to be announced from Cupertino! As usual, there were lots of cool and funky announcements and OSX Yosemite and iOS 8 looks all nice and shiny... However whilst watching it, and thinking about it all afterwards, was just how much like it was to a 'modern' church service! ... Continue Reading