Twitter Turns 8 and May Be Changing [Infographic]

birthday candles

I just had a conversation today about what Twitter is doing. They turned 8 this year, went public with shareholders, and now have to live by different rules, which means making a profit and getting more people on the platform. I love Twitter because of it's niche approach to social media, but is it possible that Twitter could be changing? Over the next couple of weeks and months, bloggers and ministry leaders that run your ministry's social media need to keep an eye on what shifts start to ... Continue Reading

Teach Your Kids About Online & Mobile Advertising [Video]

Kids and Online Advertising

It's important to talk to your kids about how online and mobile advertising works. It will not only keep them safer online, but they will grow to become shrewd and intelligent consumers, not easily swayed by marketing spin and sometimes trickery. “This two-and-a-half minute animation, by illustrator Dominic Owen and animator Will Samuel and commissioned by the Internet Advertising Bureau in the U.K., is designed to teach kids about the perils of Internet ads.” If your child has spent any time ... Continue Reading

How Content Marketing Affects Search Engine Rankings [Infographic]


For those that do not live and breathe online marketing, content marketing is the use of created content through blogs, websites, and social media, as one of the main vehicles to promoting a brand, service, or product. When I read on ThinkRadiant's blog that they have created new tools for their WebTools service, I have just consumed content marketing. A tweet by Ellen at the Oscars has so much content marketing embedded in it that it apparently brought down Twitter. And your church promoting ... Continue Reading

Manchester United Uses Google Hangouts to Be Awesome

Manchester United Uses Google Hangouts to Be Awesome

Manchester United is one of the most popular teams in the world's most popular sport. So is Liverpool. Their local fanbases would probably make that of the Seattle Seahawks look relatively calm in comparison (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). A game featuring the Red Devils taking on the Reds — yes, at Old Trafford — is on the bucket list of many, self gloriously and shamelessly included. So how does a team like United, which isn't necessarily lacking supporters, reach out to its ... Continue Reading

DHL’s Sneaky Marketing Strategy


In this day and age, we get to see different types of guerrilla and trojan marketing strategy. In an increasingly cynical world, it it hard to get any type of marketing that has a lasting impact, so companies looking to gain an edge will push the envelope. This interesting endeavor purportedly shows DHL using competitor shippers (one is UPS) to unknowingly market DHL under the guise of getting packages to hard-to-reach addresses. The packages are fairly unwieldy, and are inscribed with huge ... Continue Reading

Church Marketing Inspiration: The Pumpkin Church

st. andrews church marketing

Last month, ChurchMag guest author Pregan Pillay wrote about Influence Through Ministry Branding and Church Marketing. He talked about how some churches have an ‘old school’ mindset in how a church should market themselves, while at the same time, recognizing the pitfall that some churches fall into as they try to become the ‘coolest church on the block.’ This prompted a response from Rev. Jim Liberatore of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church that landed in my inbox — it is awesome: ... Continue Reading

If a Picture Says 1000 Words, Then Video Is… Priceless [Infographic]

Priceless Video Infographic Thumb

The old adage with print is that a photo is worth a thousand words. You can look at a captivating image and make an entire story just from that one photo. A great marketer could turn that image into a moving advertisement that would get people to join the cause or buy a product. With Internet speeds moving an average of 7 Mbps, YouTube seeing over 2 billion views a month, and being able to tell a carefully crafted message, why shouldn't your church or blog delve into the world of videography and ... Continue Reading

7 Ways to Run an Unsuccessful Mobile Email Campaign [Infographic]

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If you're reading this post, I highly doubt you're interested in ways to run an unsuccessful mobile email campaign. Who wants to do that, right? And don't think, “It's just a church newsletter” or “It's just a ministry newsletter,” because the same principles that apply to online business communication applies, here. Just translate some of the terminology, like “shopping” for “donations,” while language like “call to action” remain the same. Take a look and I'll give you my biggest ... Continue Reading

The Qualities of a Content Hacker [Infographic]

Content Hacker Thumb

Have you ever heard of a Content Hacker? How about a Growth Hacker? I didn't know until I read this infographic that outlines what exactly what these are. I already knew what a Content Marketer was, but that was it. After having gone over each of these, I am interested in how these tactics and strategies can be used to further churches, ministries and nonprofits! Take a look and tell me what you think: ... Continue Reading

Maybe You CAN Buy Just About Anything on Amazon… [Infographic]


Remember when Amazon first started? I couldn't figure out why the heck they chose the name, but fast forward to today and it's a household word. Take a look at this infographic on Amazon and you'll not only see that you CAN buy just about anything on Amazon, but it gives you a little bit of an idea of just how BIG Amazon has become... ... Continue Reading