Logos, Brands and the Cross

Jesus Saves Sign

I am always game for a little Seth Godin goodness in my inbox. It almost always seems like something that can be applied to all sorts of marketing and communication — for my business or the church. In a recent post, Seth Godin outlines the difference between a logo and brand: ... Continue Reading

‘Twitter is Not a Strategy’ by Tom Doctoroff [Saturday Morning Review]

Saturday Morning Review - Twitter is not a strategy

Don't let the title and the blue Twitter bird on the cover of this book deceive you (as it did me) into thinking this book is about social media, or brand marketing through social media. It's not. That doesn't mean it's not interesting, but the title did make me expect something else. Twitter is Not a Strategy is about brand marketing: positioning your product, service, or company in the market as to successfully distinguish yourself from your competitors. It's certainly a much discussed ... Continue Reading

Facebook Ads: Do They Even Work? [Infographic]

Facebook Ads: Do They Even Work?

Advertising online for churches is not something I want to sell you on right now, so this entire article assumes that you are onboard with the concept. Instead, I would rather have the conversation of which area of advertising online is better for churches, Facebook or Google? Yes, there are others but these two are the big impacters who are getting it right the most. In some ways, it is comparing apples to oranges, but in the more generalized sense of online advertisers, we can define which is ... Continue Reading

Compassion Saves Money by Going Digital


Compassion International has historically done a good job leveraging new media—the Compassion Bloggers being one of them. Early last month, they made another solid move, in an effort to lower their costs. They gave their donors the choice of receiving Compassion Magazine in a digital format, saving them on both printing costs as well as postage. What a great idea! Here's a snippet of the email they sent out: ... Continue Reading

The (Not-So-Secret) Formula Of The Modern CMO [Infographic]

Formula Of The Modern CMO - top

For those that do not know, CMO stands for Chief Marketing Officer, and for many national organizations, they have their own paid staff person in charge of figuring out the best options for their ministry to get the most visibility with the manpower, budget, and time they have. For churches of 50 people to 4,000, you probably do not have the salary available to hire a specific person for this specific of a job. Honestly, that's okay because we have the formula that many work off of and you can ... Continue Reading

Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing [Infographic]

Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing - Top

With the advent of the Internet, mobile devices, and everything else in the technology age, concepts like print advertising that are talking at you about their product are starting to take a back seat to If you are a native of digital marketing and did not dabble in print, radio, and television advertising (like myself) the infographic below can help you interact with long time investors of marketing as well as help you identify where people have succeeded and failed in the past yet still ... Continue Reading

5 Tips for Choosing a Memorable Church Domain Name

Screenshot via GoDaddy.com

One quarter of a billion domain names have been registered in the last couple decades. Not surprisingly, it is often difficult to get the name you want today. It can be a challenge even for churches since there are hundreds of thousands of churches in the world and many have the same or a similar name. Even if the desired domain name is available, is it memorable? It is important that a church's domain name be memorable and easy to type so that potential website visitors don't get lost. There ... Continue Reading

How the Church Can Do Better Than Dropbox [Video]


Did you hear what Dropbox did after losing 27,000+ files? Unfortunately, they didn't do much. :-( Kenny Jahng joined the ChurchMag Podcast and told his story of losing more than 27,000 files and how Dropbox lost an opportunity to turn a #FAIL into a #WIN. During our conversation, I asked Kenny what the Church could learn from Dropbox's lackluster response: ... Continue Reading

Generation Z: Marketing’s Next Big Audience [Infographic]


I have spent the better part of the past decade dedicating my life towards understanding how generations interact with each other. First I wanted to understand the differences between myself and teenagers as a youth ministry volunteer and then later how generations interact as a paid youth worker that would interact with parents and teens. Nowadays, I am a counselor that seens people struggle regularly with psychosocial development which has huge implications with people needing to grow. The ... Continue Reading