The State of Social Media Marketing 2015 [Infographic]

Social Media Marketing 2015 Infographic Top Image

Social media has shifted radically since the beginning of 2014 and the infographic below highlights changes that been made. It should also be noted that some of this data is from January 2015 in which the last 10 months even more changes have happened that I highlight in the bullets below. Again, these are just things of note, not to develop a full social media strategy because of this one infographic. That would be silly. ;) ... Continue Reading

Church Marketing Sucks Joins the Celebration


Does the church need marketing? Church marketing is a topic we cover in a future ChurchMag Podcast and fairly often on ChurchMag, but church marketing is something that's covered all the time over at Church Marketing Sucks (they have a podcast, too!). If you are a church communicator and you're not following Church Marketing Sucks--you need to! ... Continue Reading

What Dozens of Free Webinars Taught Me

Webinar Image

Free webinars are a trend at the moment. Many well-known internet entrepreneurs are sharing valuable information for free on various topics. In the last few months, I have listened to dozens of these webinars. Here's what I've learned. We don't do bashing on ChurchMag, so I won't name names. But I can tell from experience that there's a vast difference in the quality of these free webinars. Amy Porterfield is excellent for instance (she teaches primarily on Facebook marketing). I first heard ... Continue Reading

The Year of Video Marketing [Infographic]

video marketing todp - image

Video is here to stay and let me just say, it is not easy to do. It would seem anyone with a smartphone, iMovie, and a willing person could do video, but it truly is not that easy. Video production, lighting, and sound are just the foundation needed to support a great idea, script, and communication in front of the camera. So, if you are wanting to do video (and below are stats why you should be thinking about doing it), then you need to be experimenting and practicing now, because the medium ... Continue Reading

Is Patreon Right for Your Church or Ministry?

Patreon Logo

When I had just left university I had a discussion with my old youth pastor about Christianity, ministry and different forms of funding. He pointed out that you don’t have to go into ministry to be a disciple or serve God (I know, it’s obvious to me now but it was a revolution at the time) and that even if you do work for or have a specific ministry, you don’t have to fund it via tithing or raising funds like many traditional missionaries and ministries. Instead he pointed out several different ... Continue Reading

The State of Mobile Marketing [Infographic]

so many phonoes

Mobile devices are taking over the world. Maybe not literally, but I feel like many of us in the technology world for churches are not doing a great job of keeping up. Many churches now have a mobile responsive site. Good, welcome to 2012. But what about your images and videos you post on social media? I'm not going to try to read that tiny text you add to them on my phone. No thanks. What about your emails with tons of text I have to scroll through or formatted for a computer that looks awful ... Continue Reading

Teach Your Kids About Online Advertising [Video]

Kids and Online Advertising

Are you raising kids who are educated consumers? Have you taught them how to see through the “marketing mess” that is continuously thrown their/our way? To make the most out of what God has blessed us with, it's important for us to be conscience of marketing tactics that are often designed to push and pull us towards making purchases—or even taking advantage of us. ... Continue Reading

Rights & Wrongs of Facebook Ads

CM Facebook Ads

For a couple of years I was working as both a teacher and social media manager for my school. Our main form of outreach was Facebook and it was highly effective. Most of our new students came via Facebook, we used it to distribute useful material and keep students in the know of our latest developments. However, during my time there we noticed an almost over night change. When we started out, we just needed to make good quality content that attracted people to share it and with little effort ... Continue Reading