The State of Mobile Marketing [Infographic]

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Mobile devices are taking over the world. Maybe not literally, but I feel like many of us in the technology world for churches are not doing a great job of keeping up. Many churches now have a mobile responsive site. Good, welcome to 2012. But what about your images and videos you post on social media? I'm not going to try to read that tiny text you add to them on my phone. No thanks. What about your emails with tons of text I have to scroll through or formatted for a computer that looks awful ... Continue Reading

Teach Your Kids About Online Advertising [Video]

Kids and Online Advertising

Are you raising kids who are educated consumers? Have you taught them how to see through the “marketing mess” that is continuously thrown their/our way? To make the most out of what God has blessed us with, it's important for us to be conscience of marketing tactics that are often designed to push and pull us towards making purchases—or even taking advantage of us. ... Continue Reading

Rights & Wrongs of Facebook Ads

CM Facebook Ads

For a couple of years I was working as both a teacher and social media manager for my school. Our main form of outreach was Facebook and it was highly effective. Most of our new students came via Facebook, we used it to distribute useful material and keep students in the know of our latest developments. However, during my time there we noticed an almost over night change. When we started out, we just needed to make good quality content that attracted people to share it and with little effort ... Continue Reading

How to Preserve Your SEO When Rebranding

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Perhaps you are aware that rebranding is not an easy task. Apart from all the legal, creative and repositioning headaches you will no doubt have to deal with, you must also ensure Google is OK with all of this. A lot of what marketers do is connected with building online visibility and brand recognition, and if this is not done the right way, a transition to a new domain and name may put all of this at risk. If you wish to change the name and logo of your company as well as your website, keep ... Continue Reading

Know Where to Share [Infographic]

Share CM

When I did social media and digital consulting for churches, one of my favorite things to experience when we first were creating their digital strategy was the different types of mediums they were already creating as well as allow them to dream what they want to do beyond their current adventures in communication. I always started with their strengths in a strategy and push them to see what else they could do. So if the church and staff are great at photography, videography, blogging, or ... Continue Reading

Only 20% Will Make It Past This Headline [Infographic]

Make it past the headline header

Content marketing is this beautiful idea that if we write something amazing for a product or service we believe in, people will see our brilliance and flock to us. In fact, people do this on their social media and blogs daily. But it doesn't happen as often as you think. Sometimes this is because the content marketing was poorly done and other times it is because it was simply boring material. I want to share the infographic below so that your ministry or digital site can be more effective at ... Continue Reading

That Church Conference

That Church Conference - IMAGE cropped

I've seen a lot of conferences out there for people that do digital ministry, but I have not yet seen one that does it specifically for these staff and volunteers. Sure, you have the Catalyst conference which is amazing, but that is more focused on Christianity as a whole faith and religion. Then you have others like The Social Church, but that looks at very niche aspects of social ministry within the church. There are blogger conferences and digital marketing, but I had not found one that was ... Continue Reading

The Power of the Influential Church Goer [Infographic]

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An influential customer is a little different for a church than it is for a business. Yes, congregation members and visitors tithe, but we do so out of our heart and command by God. So what if we looked at this as a congregation member influencing their friends on Facebook or YouTube? What if in your church service you asked everyone for 2 minutes to tweet or Instagram invite people to come to church next week? ... Continue Reading