The Impact of Google’s New Mobile-Friendly Algorithm [Infographic]

Google Mobile SEO Change - Top Image

Google is constantly changing its search algorithm for a better experience for everyone. Right now, the big push is for mobile search to improve as they just recently had more mobile search than desktop search for the first time ever. So, if your website is not mobile-friendly, expect to have SIGNIFICANTLY less traffic soon. And the traffic you do get, expect your viewers to be mad about the terrible experience. Nothing says don't come to our church like a terrible website you visit before ... Continue Reading

Gmail Tricks to Keep You On Track [Video]

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Are you a GMail user? Looking to be more effective with your time and clean up your inbox? I use the service daily either in browser or on my phone and know I am not doing the best I can with my process. Buzzfeed actually has a bunch of tips for you to do better with your account. What tips did they miss that you'd like to share? ... Continue Reading

A Short Guide to Calculating Landing Page ROI [Infographic]


ROI stands for Return On Investment. So whether you pay for a company to create the best church website or use free WordPress plugins, you are spending a lot to make sure your website gets tons of traffic. Whether that spending is financial or time and energy, we need to be good stewards of our resources and therefore need to be effective with the ROI, especially from the traffic that Google can give us. In fact, Google is powerful for us at ChurchMag as well. The day that I write this, I ... Continue Reading

Google Changes Their Logo (And Why Churches Should Be Watching)


If you didn't know, Google just changed their logo this month. In a 10 day period where they gained a parent company, had the largest jump in their stock, and other additional changes, it would seem that Google is still rapidly evolving even though it is gigantic. They have a YouTube video that we have below to explain why they have made this change: ... Continue Reading

How to Preserve Your SEO When Rebranding

Google Search Image - CM

Perhaps you are aware that rebranding is not an easy task. Apart from all the legal, creative and repositioning headaches you will no doubt have to deal with, you must also ensure Google is OK with all of this. A lot of what marketers do is connected with building online visibility and brand recognition, and if this is not done the right way, a transition to a new domain and name may put all of this at risk. If you wish to change the name and logo of your company as well as your website, keep ... Continue Reading

Searching for Search Engine Success [Infographic]


The digital world is ever changing and even Google who has been at the forefront since the Internet became popular has found itself needing to regularly change with the times. 2015 is no different with more results coming up on mobile, more competitors having better results, and needing to fight off anti-competitive claims worldwide. But if we are being honest, they have defined what it means to search. And it is in this definition that churches can find a huge resource if they know how to ... Continue Reading

Why Your Church Should Avoid the $10,000 Google Grants

10000 Google Grant

If you have been on the church tech scene on the Internet for the last month, you would have seen a lot of different articles popping up about how your church could get a sweet $10,000 per month of free Google Adwords for your church website. promoted it, NilsSmith shared it, and even Josh Burns of Social Media Academy did a whole webinar on it. This is nothing new. I had actually written about this two years ago on my old personal site how I had helped my missionary organization ... Continue Reading

Will Google Penalize Your Church Website?


For years we've been saying that church, ministry, and nonprofit websites need to be mobile-friendly. Up until now, we've been preaching this kind of web design from a practical perspective. More and more people are accessing the Internet outside of the PC desktop environment by using their smartphones and tablets, so having a mobile-friendly website—or as we often say, responsive—has become more and more important. What's the point of having a website if it isn't accessible? This makes sense ... Continue Reading

Facebook Ads: Do They Even Work? [Infographic]

Facebook Ads: Do They Even Work?

Advertising online for churches is not something I want to sell you on right now, so this entire article assumes that you are onboard with the concept. Instead, I would rather have the conversation of which area of advertising online is better for churches, Facebook or Google? Yes, there are others but these two are the big impacters who are getting it right the most. In some ways, it is comparing apples to oranges, but in the more generalized sense of online advertisers, we can define which is ... Continue Reading

How Does Google Adwords Auction Work [Infographic]

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I am currently working on an eBook for to set your church up with success for creating a digital ministry and one of the bigger aspects that simply gets missed on church tech websites is advertisements. The process is actually quite easy to start and yet complex enough you could spend many hours there to get the most for your buck. Here are great facts from the infographic below to help your church consider if using Google Adwords is for you. ... Continue Reading