3 Awesome Reading Apps for Web Content

reading article app

If you are anything like me, you love reading articles online. I mean, I enjoy learning everyday, and the idea of having the experience and insight of millions of people sharing their expertise on the internet it is very exciting.  But I am also aware that there is tons and tons of content that I don't really care about. So, how do I approach this massive sea of information everyday? I mostly get around with these three apps. Let me share them with you. ... Continue Reading

UnProgrammed: 03 Ask For Help When You Don’t Know

Ask For Help When You Don't Know

There is a theorem in Computer Science called "Ask An Expert," which unlike other theorems that rely on algorithms and experiments, this one simply relies on focusing on finding the answer instead of trying to figure it out. My experience with church tech social media groups and forums is that we love to talk, but can't stand to ask and listen. I wonder if we could do this better? ... Continue Reading

History of Nintendo and the Church


Few companies have achieved brand recognition and market penetration like Nintendo. They are one of a few companies whose name has become synonymous with the product they create. It is not uncommon for my parents to refer to any video game system as a Nintendo, regardless of the actual system they are referring to. Yet, Nintendo was actually founded in 1889, almost a hundred years before video games would become an home entertainment staple. When they started, they were a playing card ... Continue Reading

7 Data-Backed Tips for Sending Better Emails [Infographic]


Email is my second favorite way of communicating, just under face-to-face. It is my digital version of my mental memory, as I can go back and search for old conversations, and unlike Slack or G+ hangouts, it is actually organized. The question though, is it best to use emails? Are you actually wasting people's time? Are you doing email more efficiently than others and need to dumb down how you approach emailing? Here are some key points I got out of the infographic below. ... Continue Reading

Connecting Your Church Website Offline


This seems like a silly thought to have now that it is 2015, but I will say it so no assumptions have to be made. A digital ministry’s home base and main platform should always be their church website. Social networking platforms are absolutely important for reaching out to congregation members and communities that churches are in, but you should have limited expectations of what can be done on these platforms. ... Continue Reading

‘The Art of Social Media’ by Guy Kawasaki & Peg Fitzpatrick [Saturday Morning Review]

Saturday Morning Review - The Art of Social Media

Guy and Peg are seasoned veterans of using social media to get the message out about different events and causes. In the Art of Social media they unleash 100 different tips within 12 different chapters to help you get to grips with social media. I went into this book with the wrong expectations. I knew that Guy likes to publish a book on the topic he has been helping to promote most recently and the Art of Social Media is no different, I just expected it to be a bit different. You see his ... Continue Reading

Church Tech Snack Pack #072


April showers bring May flowers—are you enjoying the flowers? Take a moment to smell them—maybe with a cup of coffee—but most certainly a yummy round-up of link love from ChurchMag's Church Tech Snack Pack—ENJOY! ... Continue Reading

Why Your Church Should Avoid the $10,000 Google Grants

10000 Google Grant

If you have been on the church tech scene on the Internet for the last month, you would have seen a lot of different articles popping up about how your church could get a sweet $10,000 per month of free Google Adwords for your church website. Churchsites.co promoted it, NilsSmith shared it, and even Josh Burns of Social Media Academy did a whole webinar on it. This is nothing new. I had actually written about this two years ago on my old personal site how I had helped my missionary organization ... Continue Reading