6 Things You Should Be Doing on Instagram

Start Using Instagram Better

While most people push the importance of Facebook and Twitter for their church's social media engagement, I've found — at least for student ministry in a big city area — that Instagram has been the most fruitful and effective platform for interacting with my audience. I find that most churches treat Instagram as the metaphorical sidecar of their marketing, but its popularity among those in their teens and twenties has made it a strong tool for engaging your audience. Unfortunately, because ... Continue Reading

Facebook vs Snapchat [Infographic]

Snapchat Vs Facebook TOP

Facebook has had several big tech purchases, most notably Instagram and WhatsApp. One mobile app, however, has resisted their billion dollar attempts of acquisition. Snapchat. And like Facebook, it's had its share of privacy concerns and failures. So how exactly do these two social networks stack-up next to each other? ... Continue Reading

Finding Faith Inside the Big Blue Box: A Whovian’s 30 Day Devotional


I have loved science fiction for as long as I can remember. It’s always been my genre of choice. Whether it was the Back to the Future trilogy, Quantum Leap, of the My Teacher is an Alien books by Bruce Coville—I have been deep into the world of mystery and wonder of science fiction for a long time. But in all of my reading and watching, I was never taken as deep into another world as I was when I found Doctor Who. Unlike so many shows, Doctor Who takes the audience far beyond what might be ... Continue Reading

Would You Like to See A Realistic Minecraft? [Videos]

Realistic Sytyled Minecraft Screens

One of things that stands out when you first start playing Minecraft, is the design. Minecraft stepped away from the eye-candy that has become the norm in video gaming and focused on the fundamental aspect of any and every video game: gameplay. If we were talking about a website, we might say: usability. I am pretty sure there is a lesson in there somewhere, but let's stick to the fun stuff right now. ;) In the videos below, YouTuber Flashcode has created realistic Minecraft videos using ... Continue Reading

ChurchMag Acquires 78p.tv


When Jeremy Smith emailed me about selling 78p.tv, it was with a heavy heart. After several years of blogging, designing, planning and pouring his heart into 78p.tv, it was time to move on. But the passion he has for the church tech community will not only continue on—but the seeds sown into 78p.tv will continue to grow. ... Continue Reading

Desk: A Simple & Powerful Publishing App


Back some 10 years ago when I started blogging I struggled with the whole process of things. I wasn’t keen on writing (I didn’t hate writing anymore, as I did when I was a kid), so finding the time to sit down and hammer on the keys till I had a full article was a pain in the neck. Especially, with all the distractions of the Internet at hand! Over time, I learned some strategies and methods to help me with the process of writing so it was more pleasurable to make articles so the process of ... Continue Reading

A Newbie’s Guide To Emojis [Infographic]

A-Newbies-Guide-to-Emojis Top

A picture is worth a thousand words, so maybe that's why some many of us have fun using emojis? The infographic below, covers some of the basic's of emoji...ing(?)...but it's mostly the history of these little graphic characters that I find particularly interesting. These little color bits started in 1995!?! ... Continue Reading



To put it simply, Desk PM is a bridge between a writer and their online platform. This hawt little Mac app wires-up to a multitude of online platforms and helps writers focus on what they love to do best: write. Desk PM removes all the clutter. Removes all the distractions. Removes all the noise. And presents the writer with a beautiful canvas that's just waiting to be crafted upon. Presenting, Desk PM ... and we have a few copies to give away! ... Continue Reading