Why Slow Reading Is Good for You

Waiting and Reading at Bryant Park

There’s a new phenomenon: the slow reading movement. I love it. Slow reading means reading for at least half an hour without being distracted or interrupted by anything else—especially smartphones. Not only will it completely relax you and bring down your stress levels, it will also positively affect your reading comprehension. A study found that a multimedia presentation mixing words, sounds and moving pictures resulted in lower comprehension than reading plain text did. ... Continue Reading

Fireworks on Social Media [Podcast #61]

Fireworks on Social Media Podcast

It's Independence Day weekend and we've got a quick podcast this week talking about fireworks on Facebook! After recording the podcast this past week (which will now be downloadable next week), Phil told us about how his church's Facebook event page exploded—in a bad way—and lead to him eventually deleting the page. Has anything like this happened to you? ... Continue Reading

Minecraft Theology: 08 We Need to Go Deeper

08 We Need to Go Deeper

Jeremy ventures into the nether with the quarry to eventually make a Zombie Pigmen gold farm. While working on that, he discusses his personal and professional experience with depression and anxiety disorders as well as how ministry can be impacted. What is your experience with Christianity and mental health problems and where do you see church technology being able to serve humanity better? ... Continue Reading

Are You Keeping It Real In Social Media?


Imagine waking up first thing in the morning. You’re getting ready for work and somewhere in between brushing your teeth and washing your face you’re checking Facebook on your smartphone. As you let your thumb glide down the newsfeed page, you notice that friend of yours announcing that he gets to work from home and is so happy to not have to worry about traffic. Later, you notice another friend who announces being finally being engaged. Then, another friend on your newsfeed is just as happy ... Continue Reading

How-to Setup Facebook Event Subscriptions


Facebook is the social media platform that I use most frequently throughout the day. Not because I like it, mind you. It's all about going where the people are. I'm not going to make a joke here. I'll just let that hang in the air. But seriously, I use Facebook as a part of my job at my church, where I manage both our Facebook page and group. Now, I've always preferred working on our website, thinking of it as the better investment of my time, especially since we have a theme designed ... Continue Reading

9 Social Media Mistakes Made by Organizations [Infographic]


If you manage your social media accounts for your ministry or church, I am giving you fair warning that this is probably going to be painful for you. Having done consulting and social media for churches and ministries alike, and now doing the By The Numbers research project for ChurchMag Press, these happen over and over. Be prepared to be challenged. ... Continue Reading

That Church Conference

That Church Conference - IMAGE cropped

I've seen a lot of conferences out there for people that do digital ministry, but I have not yet seen one that does it specifically for these staff and volunteers. Sure, you have the Catalyst conference which is amazing, but that is more focused on Christianity as a whole faith and religion. Then you have others like The Social Church, but that looks at very niche aspects of social ministry within the church. There are blogger conferences and digital marketing, but I had not found one that was ... Continue Reading

Staff Writers’ Summer Reading List


Summer is in full swing, people! (At least in the Northern Hemisphere!) Time for some posts on how to get the most of summer. Let's start off with the ubiquitous "Summer Reading List," as selected by a few of the ChurchMag Staff Writers. Now, to be clear, these aren't all books that we're recommending for their content. Many of these are books we will be reading this Summer. No telling if we'd recommend them after we're done. Maybe we'll check back in September? ... Continue Reading