What Are You Thankful For?

LEGO Thanksgiving - IMAGE

Here I am nested away in Italy for another Thanksgiving. It's just like any other day, here. There's not hustle and bustle days before, there's no giant cooler full of turkeys on sale, nor is there Stove Top Stuffing stacked high on the grocery store end-cap. ... Continue Reading

Buffer Adds Social Media Calendar


One of the things I’ve realized over the last couple of years is that the system that works for me, might well not work for you. I’ve seen this in a few places, but the most common example has typically been in task management. We usually face similar problems, but the way we combat them can be different for each of us (the project can also have an impact here too). This isn’t just true of task management though, it can also be true of social media management. The tool and system which works ... Continue Reading

The State of Social Media Marketing 2015 [Infographic]

Social Media Marketing 2015 Infographic Top Image

Social media has shifted radically since the beginning of 2014 and the infographic below highlights changes that been made. It should also be noted that some of this data is from January 2015 in which the last 10 months even more changes have happened that I highlight in the bullets below. Again, these are just things of note, not to develop a full social media strategy because of this one infographic. That would be silly. ;) ... Continue Reading

Are We Having Fun, Yet?

Are We Having Fun Yet Galaga

Wow. What a fun week it's been! Other than tomorrows podcast release (subscribers should already have it), it looks like this is the last blog post celebrating our 15,000th blog post. Here's recap of all the blog posts: ... Continue Reading

A Few Words from the Editor


15,000 blog posts. I remember when we published 10,000 blog posts! To think that we've now published 50% more content since then is pretty staggering--if I do say so myself. With a change of editorial direction these past few years, I would like to think that 50% increase isn't just sheer quantity, but also an increase in quality. :) ... Continue Reading

Church Marketing Sucks Joins the Celebration


Does the church need marketing? Church marketing is a topic we cover in a future ChurchMag Podcast and fairly often on ChurchMag, but church marketing is something that's covered all the time over at Church Marketing Sucks (they have a podcast, too!). If you are a church communicator and you're not following Church Marketing Sucks--you need to! ... Continue Reading

ChurchMag Has Forever Changed My Life


I don't mean for my article's headline to be a hyperbole. I truly mean it. In 2010, I was a youth pastor trying to figure out how to do ministry with an ever more digital generation. In that time, I was, just as you are now, enjoying everything that ChurchMag had to offer as a reader. There was nothing elaborate to what they were creating, yet I found myself having a kinship to their content being all nerdy and what-not. It is because of ChurchMag that I was inspired to take up the craft of ... Continue Reading