Career Savvy Social Media Tips [Infographic]


This infographic is a little creepy to me. Let me give you a glimpse into my own world. I am personally finishing up my Masters in Mental Health Counseling this May and looking to make a big switch in careers this summer from youth ministry and social media through Youth for Christ/USA into some kind of counseling career. I know where I want to work, but have no idea where to start with the application process. Everything I have known to this point has been through contacts in the ministry I ... Continue Reading

Playing the World’s Biggest Video Game [Video]

Largest Tetris EVER

About a year ago, Drexel University professor Frank Lee created the largest video game — playing Pong on the side of a building. And now, he's done it again. This time, he's done it with Tetris. This is not only a cool look into the technology and a great tribute to an iconic video game, but it says something about culture, too. ... Continue Reading

Hello Bar for Church Websites

Hello Bar, website announcements

What’s the single most important thing you want visitors to see on your church website? Often, there might be a specific announcement you’d like to draw attention to. For instance, if there’s a major fundraising event, or perhaps a concert coming up, you want visitors to be instantly aware of it when they land on your site. Of course, you could change the front page, but you also want new visitors to see whatever main content you have their. Also, changing the front page every time something ... Continue Reading

Twitter Turns 8 and May Be Changing [Infographic]

birthday candles

I just had a conversation today about what Twitter is doing. They turned 8 this year, went public with shareholders, and now have to live by different rules, which means making a profit and getting more people on the platform. I love Twitter because of it's niche approach to social media, but is it possible that Twitter could be changing? Over the next couple of weeks and months, bloggers and ministry leaders that run your ministry's social media need to keep an eye on what shifts start to ... Continue Reading

The Building Blocks of Personal Branding [Infographic]

building blocks

For the first time in 70 years, Youth for Christ went through a huge rebranding, changing the entire logo and tagline for the ministry from its original design when Billy Graham was our first staff person. I personally have been lucky enough to be a part of the process as we cast vision for the next 70 years and continue to reach lost teens for the sake of the Gospel. So when I saw this infographic on branding, I knew I had to use it and then share it with all of you. Below is a list of 26 ... Continue Reading

7 Simple Reasons to Join the ChurchMag Matrix

churchmag matrix

Everyone wants your email address. Your bank, the grocery store, Google, and more than one Nigerian prince. Not to mention Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. Well, we do not want your email address. Not really. Truth is, ChurchMag is launching a new world domination campaign and we want to share it with you. So why join the ChurchMag Matrix? Here are seven simple reasons: ... Continue Reading

Secrets of a Killer Blog Post [Infographic]


The joys of blogging can also be some of the biggest pains. My first month of writing posts I found myself feverishly writing down everything I could put on the web. By month three, I was slowing down. But month six, I was wondering why I was not getting traffic and if maybe it was me. (Hint: it was) Many bloggers have a passion that pursued them to blog. Even us at ChurchMag are under the banner of Christian nerds and geeks. But passion alone will not make a blog a success. This is not another ... Continue Reading

Tips to Make Sure Your Church Website Is Ready for Easter

cornerstone website screen

The past two days I have been working non-stop to get the final touches done on our church website: adding a blog post here, scheduling one there, and removing old information. If you're reading this and you're thinking: OMG! The website! I forgot! Relax! There's still time to fix your website, but you really should see someone about having the inner-voice of a twelve year-old girl. The specifics of what your site needs is...well…specific to your site, but here are a few things I did to get ... Continue Reading

Church Tech Snack Pack #027

church tech snack pack 27

Hooray! It's Friday! I could totally munch on some of those PBJs right now. I am starting to rethink the whole “snack pack” theme for this Church tech link love share. Every time I put one of these graphics together, I get really hungry. sigh I don't want to put on any weight, so I guess instead of having a real snack, I'll just munch on some Church Tech Snack Pack linkage... ... Continue Reading