How to Speak British [Video]

the british mini cooper

As good Brit, I've had many a conversation with an American (other non Brits are also available) where I've said what I thought was a fairly common phrase only to be met with silence or a rather quizzical look! So to help educate you in the ways of the Brits, here's a great little video showing some common British colloquialisms. ... Continue Reading

Online Church: Where to Begin

Online Church Leaders Screen

What do you think of when you hear the term, ‘online church?’ For most, online church is a fancy way to say, ‘video streaming’ or ‘church streaming.’ In other words, live video feeds made available to watch online, in realtime. That is where online church started. That’s the roots behind it, but that is not ‘online church.’ Online church is actually what it sounds like: Church that is online. You have worship time, preaching, teaching and sometimes even communion! But more important than these ... Continue Reading

A Wes Molebash Birthday Bash Surprise for EVERYONE!


Who doesn’t like a birthday party? There’s cake, presents, funny cards, friends, and family. Maybe even a few jokes about growing old. And how about all the well-wishers on Facebook, right? NOTE: If you hide your birthdate people won’t know it’s your birthday. You’ve survived and thrived this long. Be proud and flaunt it. Birthdays are awesome because it’s a collective opportunity to make someone feel special. To remind them of how important they are to us. To thank them for the impact on ... Continue Reading

What Was Your First Handheld Gaming System?

Retro Gameboy Awesome

Portable gaming has radically changed over the past 25-years. No surprise, I suppose. Both tablets and smartphones have really contributed to this swing and has even influenced a change in how games are marketed, priced and designed. We've shifted from games that are developed to be played for hours and hours with no updates, to games that are played in smaller time fragments and have regular updates that enhance, change and fix gameplay. What was your first handheld gaming system? My kids ... Continue Reading

Faithpath — A Faith-Based Relationship Network

Faithpath Website

I am not the biggest fan of Christian clones of mainstream services. You won’t find me uploading videos to GodTube or pinning images to Godinterest, but that doesn’t mean I am against the idea of establishing niche social networks. In fact, I think the bigger Facebook and other networks get, the more people will be drawn to niche social networks that appeal to their interests. Does the next generation really want their entire lives mapped-out on a social network? I am doubtful, but only time ... Continue Reading

Words to Avoid in Your Email Newsletter [Infographic]

e-mail symbol

So you’re sitting at your computer ready to hit ‘send’ on the email newsletter you’ve just crafted. (Hopefully there isn’t any misspellings or wrong website links). This is when I begin to second guess my subject line. I ask myself, “Would I open this email if I saw this email title in my inbox?” That’s a great place to start — but what if it never gets to the inbox in the first place? What if it’s — bum-bum-BUMMM!!!! — marked as spam? ... Continue Reading

How About Online Marketing for Your Church? [Infographic]


I have a crazy idea for you, have you thought about online marketing for your church? This very idea for some pastors and ministry leaders is plain heresy. I have had numerous conversations with people of this mindset, they are negative and most will not move on their stance even when given a rational argument. Nearly all end with the other end yelling and arguing instead of dialoguing. For those that may buy into this, my initial challenge to them is to create great content. Yet, the #1 thing ... Continue Reading

Buzzsprout Improves Podcast Stats

Buzzsprout Stats

We've been using Buzzsprout to publish the ChurchMag Podcast for almost a year, now, and it has been great. I would highly recommend them for your personal podcast as well as your church or ministry podcast. Their customer service has been top notch, their service has been smooth sailing from day one. We use WordPress and their plugin makes adding new podcasts in blog posts super easy. So when I heard that Buzzsprout was going to add some more awesome — I was really excited! ... Continue Reading

Kenny Jahng: Awesome Church Marketing [Video]


Last week I told you about Liquid Church's plan to break a Guinness World Record and assemble 12,000 items into 1,200 hunger relief kits for a local distribution hub for donated and federal food aid. And it was a success! There are so many awesome dimensions to this story: Kids attending the church's creative arts camp took part The church put their faith into action They helped those in need by helping an organization in the community The word spread about their awesome act ... Continue Reading