Google Changes Their Logo (And Why Churches Should Be Watching)


If you didn't know, Google just changed their logo this month. In a 10 day period where they gained a parent company, had the largest jump in their stock, and other additional changes, it would seem that Google is still rapidly evolving even though it is gigantic. They have a YouTube video that we have below to explain why they have made this change: ... Continue Reading

Top Church Tech Blogs [2015]

Top Church Tech Blogs - 2015

We asked for submissions so that we could put together a new list of ChurchMag's 30 Top Church Tech Blogs and you guys did not disappoint. With over 25 new submissions, we have never had a more powerful and accurate list (the 2012, 2013, and 2014 lists). The stats have been compiled and the results are in. My tip to you: network with these people, add them to your RSS list, subscribe to the curated Twitter list (via @ChurchMag), and engage with them regularly. ... Continue Reading

The Social Media Pet Peeve Podcast [Podcast #69]

The Social Media Pet Peeve Podcast - Image

A few weeks ago we asked you all what your biggest social media pet peeves were—and you answered! On this week's podcast, we share your social media pet peeves, our own, and discuss. :D If we didn't mention your own social media pet peeve on the podcast, be sure to let us know using the #cmagcast hashtag and we'll be sure to include it on a future podcast. Now...let the fun begin!!! ... Continue Reading

Church Tech Snack Pack #086

Snack Pack 086

I love me some cheese puffs (see the featured image?). The only problem is, they're not easy to eat while using a computer. Am I right? (I'm especially looking at you, white Mac keyboard...) Enough come the links... ... Continue Reading

Social Media Fails: Staffers Gone Rogue

CM Social Media Fail - Staffers

In this short series on social media fails, we've looked at various categories of campaigns or posts gone bad. Most of them were either bad timing, bad judgment, or bad research. In this post, we'll look at some major gaffes that were the result of staffers gone rogue. One of the best known examples is British retailer HMV, which made the mistake of firing several staffers—and forgetting to revoke their Twitter privileges. Oh my, that resulted in some cringeworthy tweets, as they started ... Continue Reading

6 Ways to Use Email for Digital Discipleship


I recently wrote a piece on just how biblical digital discipleship really is, and got a lot of feedback asking for more practical approaches. Well, you asked for it. Over the next few months, I’ll write some thoughts on how to use certain tools and channels for making disciples digitally. Let’s start with email. Digital discipleship is important to me—both in concept and in practice. And that’s not just because I’m working on an app named Disciplr! ... Continue Reading

Are You Ready to Say Goodbye to Social Media?


In the last year or so, several people I know have made the decision to say goodbye to social media. Facebook in particular seems to be losing its attraction, although Twitter is not immune to this either. The pruning of social media is a trend, to be sure. More and more well-known blogs are closing their comment section for instance. Another way this trend manifests, is that people reduce the amount of social media they’re active on. Celebrities especially—and I’m talking about bloggers and ... Continue Reading

How Can We Help Fight Pornography? [Podcast #68]

CM Graphic

When we started recording this episode we weren't entirely sure what direction we would take. All we knew is that we were hoping to find our own unique niche and way to help aid in the battle against pornography within the Church. As we realized, Church techies find themselves in a unique situation as online, digital pornography has run rampant. So, as you listen to this week's podcast, think about how we—ChurchMag and Church techies—can aid in turning the tide against pornography. ... Continue Reading