ChurchMag’s 2013 Top 30 Church Tech Blogs

Churchmag’s May 2013 Top 30 Church Tech Blogs

2013 top church tech blogs

We asked for submissions so that we could put together a new top 30 list and you guys did not disappoint. With over 40 submissions, this is the most diverse and strongest list we have had yet (the 2012 list). The stats have been compiled and the results are in.

My tip to you: network with these people, add them to your RSS list, subscribe to the Twitter list I have made (or the curated list via @ChurchMag), and engage with them on their content.

How You Should Read The List

The list below took stats from their website, social media networks, and Google PageRank to come up with a ranked list of the most influential Church tech blogs. While the formula is proprietary, we would love to discuss any parts of the list. The number in parentheses is the score given within the list. The mean score was 104.64 with a standard deviation of 10.03 points.

If this is not your second time on the list, the most important stat is not the ranked number you come in on, but the ranked scoring compared to last year’s list. Take my own website on the list for example, came in #8. My score this year of 109.78 is a +4.75 change from last year and with the mean decreasing by -1.82 to 104.64, thus my site has improved by +6.57 on the list which is over half the standard deviation and tremendous growth!

For those new to the list, do not look to see your blog’s rank as high or low on the list, but as the ability to find growth for your blog. While I won’t be sharing the actual numbers for all the line-items for all of the blogs, I would love to work with you individually on some specific areas for growth with your blog if you want to leave a comment below with your email address.

With further ado, here is the list:

ChurchMag’s Top 30 Church Tech Blogs

  1. (132.41)
  2. (128.28)
  3. (125.93)
  4. (117.39)
  5. (116.82)
  6. (114.23)
  7. (110.08)
  8. (109.78)
  9. (107.09)
  10. (106.86)
  11. (105.96)
  12. (105.60)
  13. (103.68)
  14. (103.04)
  15. (102.79)
  16. (101.82)
  17. (101.82)
  18. (101.63)
  19. (101.48)
  20. (100.86)
  21. (100.75)
  22. (100.02)
  23. (99.59)
  24. (99.07)
  25. (98.98)
  26. (98.42)
  27. (96.90)
  28. (96.50)
  29. (95.38)
  30. (94.97)

What do you think of the list?

Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith is a Christian first, husband and father next, and then a blogger at, writer, and social media realist. He is currently working at Youth for Christ/USA as the Social Media Specialist and attending Denver Seminary for his Master's of Counseling in Mental Health. His bachelor’s degree is in Computer Engineering and Master's in Family Ministry. For those that are looking to create a successful Social Media and Blogging Strategy for their church, ministry, or blog, he would love help you make the most of your work through the Social Media and Blogging Consultation.

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  1. says

    It’s an honor to be included in the list again this year. I found many new blogs and friends from last years list and look forward to exploring some of the new sites again this year.

  2. says

    Thanks for including ChurchTechToday on the list! What a wide range of blogs listed. Not all of them are purely church tech, so it’s a interesting list. Thanks for the research, Jeremy!

  3. says

    I’m a first timer on the list and it’s an honor to contribute and be a part of a thriving online church community. I’ve met so many wonderful people…..wait, this is not an Oscar acceptance speech….LOL




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