Star Wars vs Star Trek [Infographic]

star wars trek

No, this isn’t proof that you can make an infographic on anything.

This is real science, people!

Well, science fiction anyway. 😛

All in all, this Star Wars vs Star Trek was an interesting comparison of the two franchises.

Which is your favorite? Star Wars or Star Trek?


[Click for Larger]

This was really back and forth with the numbers. No real surprises until I came to the social media numbers!

Why do you think there’s such a difference?

Is it an age demographic or what?

[via Daily Infographic]


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  1. Andrew Terry says

    Because there are 8.1 million deluded people on Facebook! Just kidding. I am a fan of both. But, I believe part of it is when social media was taking off Star Wars was coming out with their prequels. Star Trek had been on a hiatus for little while after Enterprise went off the air. I believe these numbers will jump up after Into the Darkness comes to the big screen.

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