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There are a lot of cool apps available for the iPhone but how many of them will make a difference in the life of a child? I know of one: Compassion International’s app.

Compassion International has been “releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name” for a long time and now you can help through their handy iPhone app.

When this app was first released I downloaded it and wanted to see what the ministry had released. As a Compassion supporter I was pleased to see that they were utilizing the iPhone to reach more people.

Compassion’s app let’s you browse children in need of sponsorship, read the Compassion blogs, donate to the ministry, connect with them online and find out more information about Compassion International in general. This is a great way to introduce people to Compassion International.

The downside is that if you currently sponsor a child you’ll get limited use out of this app.

A Deeper Look Into the App:

First off, this is a great way to find a child to sponsor which is what I think is the primary purpose of the app. You can select a child based on 2 criteria: sex and location, or you can just randomly look through the children in need of sponsorship. Tap the child’s picture to find out more information about him or her.

Once you’ve decided what child you’d like to sponsor you can submit a request and a sponsorship packet will be sent to you within 15 days. There is no financial transaction that occurs via the app. I haven’t decided if this is a good or bad thing. I guess if there isn’t a secure transaction that can take place via the app it’s a good thing, however, it would be convenient and beneficial to be able to seal the deal using just the app.

Another way to support Compassion International via the app is to just give a $10.00 donation. You enter your phone number and receive a confirmation text and then your phone bill is charged. Easy-peezy-lemon-squeezy. This money goes to Compassion’s general fund to help children in need immediately.

What I use the app for the most is reading the blog. While I subscribe to the RSS feed it’s convenient and easy for me to catch up on the Compassion bloggers through this app. An excerpt of the latest posts are available in the app and clicking on the link takes you to the mobile-version of their blog right within the app itself, no need for Safari to launch.

What About Current Sponsors?

If you currently sponsor a child this app may not be for you. You can’t get updates about your child or write them letters, nor can you send in a sponsorship payment via the app. As I said, I don’t think the purpose of this app was to provide current sponsors with a way to interact with the ministry but it’s a means to get new sponsors and donors. Having a convenient way to read the blog and searching for another child to sponsor are about the only benefits you’ll get from using the app.

The Down-Low on the Download:

This is an app worth downloading if you’ve ever though about sponsoring a child through Compassion International or if you want to keep up with their bloggers.

It doesn’t cost you a dime and at the very least you can take the time to pray for some of the children in need of sponsorship if you decided it’s not a right fit for you.


Eric Dye

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  1. Clay says

    I think it’s great that Compassion is keeping up with the technology, but I wish that they would’ve included more features for those who are currently sponsoring a child. It would be nice to be able to send a quick letter or monetary gift to our sponsored child.

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