Facebook Groups for iOS: Deleted


I have never been so excited to review an app in my life. "Why are you so excited, Phil?" you ask. Because I can finally deleted this stupid app. Strong words, I know, but certainly deserved. I'm not sure what Zuckerberg's strategy is exactly, but he's continually taking up more of my phone's real estate with frustratingly mediocre apps. ... Continue Reading

14 Amazing Android Apps for Pastors in 2015


We recently looked at 13 essential iOS apps for pastors that are helpful for a pastors different rolls, responsibilities and tasks. Of course, not every pastor uses Apple devices, some use Android devices, and while there are many apps which are on both platforms, sometimes they are worse on one than another or there is an exclusive app which is better. Now, let's dive in and take a look at 14 amazing Android apps for pastors! ... Continue Reading

An #EPIC iPad Drum Solo [Video]

ipad drum solo awesomeness

Because he didn't have the money, space, and lived in an apartment and didn't want to disturb the neighbors, he didn't have a drum set. But just because you don't have drums, doesn't mean you're not a drummer. Case in point: ... Continue Reading

Snapchat: It’s Not Just Naked Selfies [Video]

Snapchat-ness yo

Before you start clicking on this video like a crazy person, let me first warn you that there are a couple of language bits you may not appreciate — but nothing you wouldn't hear on most popular television shows or movies. I just wanted to give you a heads-up before blasting your volume around your kids or the middle of the church soundbooth with the ladies prayer group within earshoot. That all being said, I wouldn't be posting this and sharing it with you if I didn't think there was a net ... Continue Reading

WordSwag: The Best Mobile Tool for Quote Graphics

WordSwag Top Image

Quote graphics are very popular online. They are easy to digest and standout in a web where text still makes up the majority of content and contain a bite-sized chunks of information for people. It's no surprise that they do so well on all social networks, especially Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr (the three social networks which have had the greatest growth this year). However, creating great (not just okay) quote graphics can be a real challenge. Lining up the text right, using complimentary ... Continue Reading

13 Essential iOS Apps for Pastors in 2015

iOS Aps for Pastors 750x420

A pastor rarely has one job in a church and often has to wear many hats at different times. Sometimes it’s mentoring people, other times it’s preaching, and sometimes it’s plain old organizing members of the staff. Obviously, this can require a wide range of tools to make sure you can get everything done. Although this is not a complete list of apps, you may need something very specific, it is a good starting point. Here are 13 essential iOS apps for pastors: ... Continue Reading

How Wearable Tech May Change Your Life [Infographic]

How Wearable Tech May Change Your Life iWatch

The question about wearable technology isn't about when it will become part of our lives, but how. Several products  have hit the marketplace: Google Glass, Apple Watch, and other Fitbit-type products. And with the projected market for these wearable applications projected at $53 billion, the market will likely see a huge surge in wearable technology for vision, hearing and more. Here's how wearable tech might change your life: ... Continue Reading