The Power of a Selfie [Video]

Selfie Screenshot

The #BeautyIs campaign by Dove certainly puts their product line front and center, but they have started a wonderful conversation about real beauty and the power of self portraiture, also know as: Selfies. In this video, Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Cynthia Wade follows the journey of several high school girls and their mothers as they explore a new kind of selfie that celebrates their own special beauty. Behold, the power of a selfie: ... Continue Reading

Are Digital Devices Destroying Relationships? [Infographic]

the digidivide

Have you ever used your phone to text someone or update your Facebook status while having a conversation with someone? Maybe you were brave enough to do it during work and in a meeting with your boss? Have you had arguments due to phone use? The infographic below labels this disrespect for face-to-face conversations and "in real live" meetings as Electronic Displays of Insensitivity or EDIs. While it would be funny to mock these situations, people really do have problems with technology and it ... Continue Reading

Mini Mobile Robotic Printer [Kickstarter]

Mobile Pocket Robotic Printer Kickstarter

I’ve started thinking more about the idea of a truly portable office recently. Between my phone and my laptop, I ought to be pretty much set to work anywhere. There’s only one important device I need that I can’t fit into my laptop bag: the printer. As tech gadgets constantly shrink, the printer has remained stuck at a certain size. A printer can’t be smaller than a sheet of paper. Can it? According to Zuta Labs, a startup founded by graduates of the Jerusalem College of Technology, it can be. ... Continue Reading

I’m a Textpert [Rap Battle]


Are you a textpert? I hope not. Rhett & Link pull-off their usual funny music video, but this time it's a serious topic. Be sure to watch it to the end, the punchline is the most important reminder you could have all week: ... Continue Reading

Get Buffer and Level Up Your Social Media [App Update]


Engaging in the conversation on social media is a full-time job for some and a major distraction for others. The challenge of staying connected to your community without dividing your limited attention span is debilitating for some. Enter the buffest scheduling tool around, Buffer. It's no secret that we're big fans of Buffer here at ChurchMag. ChurchMag uses it, many of our authors use it, and I've used it personally and professionally as a social media manager (addict) for over a year. ... Continue Reading

YouVersion Announces Bible App 5 Update


When it comes to intersecting scripture and technology, no one does it better than YouVersion. As the creators of the Bible app for nearly every mobile and web platform available, they are literally reaching the world with the Word of God. Oh, and contrary to our cheeky April Fools Day post, it is FREE. That's right $0.00 with no money down. Well, after 5 years YouVersion is releasing their biggest update to the Bible App. ... Continue Reading

Cell Phone Crashing [Video]

Cell Phone Crashing

Talking loudly on your cell phone in public: #DontBeThatGuy Apart from wearing socks with flip-flops or maybe referring to ‘flip-flops’ as ‘thongs,’ nobody wants to be that annoying person who is bellowing into their phone. While the public prank victims in the video below may not have been bellowing about, they were certainly good sports in these hilarious pranks: ... Continue Reading

2 Secret iPhone Settings to Instantly Boost Productivity


Despite the plethora of to-do apps available on the iPhone, its capacity to distract is immeasurable. Social media, games, email, and immediate access to the internet from anywhere at anytime is kryptonite to our superhero attempts to focus and get stuff done. Even Superman doesn't stand a chance. Multitasking is a myth and yet we succumb to the tyranny of technology so easily. You can’t do more than one thing at a time. Why do we demand our phones do the same thing? Nod and smile (or shake ... Continue Reading

Tech Wars: Google vs Apple [Infographic]

google vs apple

For decades the battle has been waged between Apple and Microsoft, but with the mobile web boom, Google is a major player. Who would have ever thought that an online search engine would eventually become a world leader in the technology race!?!? With Microsoft left far behind in the mobile race, the tech war is largely Google vs Apple — Android vs iOS, Chromecast vs Apple TV and so on. Here's an interesting look at how these two tech giants stack-up against one another as they wage war on the ... Continue Reading