Fix Your Broken Smartphone Screen without Fixing It [Images]

Cracked Screen Sad Panda

My screen is broken. And I hate it. Meanwhile, I've seen some people use screen protectors with fake broken screen cracks. I honestly don't understand this. Perhaps because 25% of smartphone users have a cracked screen, it's become hipster? Real cracked screen or not, here is an awesome way to fix your broken smartphone screen without actually fixing your smartphone screen: ... Continue Reading

Victorian Selfies [Photos]


What do you think of when you hear the word, selfie? There is often a negative connotation to selfies, but when you consider the power of selfies and the true heart of the matter, perhaps there shouldn't be. And to make matters worse, Millennials are pointed-out as being the pinnacle of this supposed 'problem' of a 'me generation' when nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, 'selfies,' as we call them today, may be nothing new at all... ... Continue Reading

Free Online Church History and Literature Resources

ebook reader - older

I love the fact that the Internet has made it so much quicker and easier for information and ideas to spread. It’s something we take for granted all the time. For example, just fifty years ago Christians would’ve had to use one of those big concordance books if they wanted to know how many times the word “love” appeared in the Bible. Yuck! How cumbersome. A task that would’ve taken them three hours or more, I can now do in just thirty seconds with the help of the web. ... Continue Reading

The Future of Adobe Creative Apps and Microsoft [Video]

Adobe and Microsoft working together

I remember when I first got my Mac. It was pretty exciting. :) After years of using Windows, I was excited to start digging into a number of exclusive Mac based apps. Most of them were for web development, as apps provided by Adobe and others came in both flavors. However, I remembered a time when this wasn't the case and Adobe was only for Apple! Times have certainly changed, and while I didn't think I would ever switch away from Apple, a collaboration of Adobe and Microsoft that looks ... Continue Reading

Eyefi: Connect Your Camera to the Cloud

eyefi top

I've often wondered how some photographers I follow on Instagram get their photos taken from their high-end cameras onto the photo sharing social network. Sure, you can download your photos, upload them to your smartphone, and then publish them on Instagram, but that's a lot of steps! And considering the frequency that some publish, it would seem as though they were publishing straight from their Nikon or Canon. Now I know their secret. And it is awesome. ... Continue Reading

PromptSmart — The Smartest iOS Teleprompter

PromptSmart Logo

PromptSmart is an iOS app that makes public speaking easy peasy. Using any iOS device, PromptSmart's VoiceTrack voice recognition technology will follow you along as you speak, and even gives you the freedom to deviate from your script without having to lose your place. Plus, it's super easy to use. Check this out: ... Continue Reading

Play More with Your Kids [Comic]

eye see you  - kids at the playground

I enjoy my work. I love to play video games. It seems like I've always got some kind of screen in front of my face and it's easier to keep my eyes looking forward and ignore those around me. Being a digital tentmaker, a freelancer or business owner—call it whatever you like—it's easy for my work day and personal life to get all jumbled up and priorities become disproportional. If only there was an app for that...maybe this would work: ... Continue Reading

iWant: What Have We Become?

i-want an iphone

Every time a new iPhone is released or video game console, there are hundreds—if not thousands—of people who wait outside, overnight, to be the first people to purchase the new tech on launch day. But this anticipation for the latest and greatest isn't limited to only affecting the United States. The same anxious anticipation happens in China where there is a boom in the iPhone Black Market and you can easily pay double the sticker price. And if you check eBay in the United States, you'll find ... Continue Reading