A Look at Facebook Mobile [Infographic]


Social media is still young in its lifespan and while critics are saying that it is halfway through its life or going to rapidly decline soon, my belief is that it is here to stay. One indication of that is Facebook with its VAST platform that is growing and adapting all the time. One such case is the explosion of use on mobile devices and their ability to monetize it so easily and gather data from apps like Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others. They are a giant online ... Continue Reading

The Design Museum App


[Editor's Note: This app is currently only available for iOS.] I love looking at pictures of cool stuff. Who doesn’t? If I had the time to write more fiction—currently, I put out zero words a month—I’d be writing sci-fi, and one of best things for me to get inspired is to look at cool, retro designs. To that end, I just recently found this cool app put out by the Design Museum. ... Continue Reading

5 Steps to Successful Text Marketing [White Paper]

Five Simple Steps Screen

In the land of mobile apps and smartphones, the idea of using SMS text messaging seems like stepping back in technology instead of moving forward. But the truth is, text messaging works! Maybe it's because it is such an underused medium and users are more likely to open and read them. None the less, the stats are pretty compelling: ... Continue Reading

A Church Tech View of the 2014 Apple Keynote

apple 9-2014 1

I didn't watch the Apple Keynote. There. I said it. I did watch the aftermath and curiously checked around to see what Apple's big splash was—and they didn't disappoint. After thinking about Apple's Keynote and reading some more this morning, a few things came to mind that relates to the Church and the Church tech community. ... Continue Reading

Bible Screen: Streaming Bible Screen Art


If your church or ministry uses a projector or big TVs you might well display video loops and things on them as well as using them during services, etc. But those loops can get a bit samey (and can cost). How's about some great free Bible Art animations that area amazingly easy to use and work on just about everything? Well, I've found some! ... Continue Reading

Which is the Most Innovative iPhone? [Infographic]

old iphones stacked

If you want to strike it up to features alone, the iPhone 4 packed the most punch with 12 innovations—followed by the iPhone 4S with 9. In fact, since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007, the iPhone 4 series remains the most innovative version to date. Here's a closer look at the history of iPhone innovation, along with the top 5 most wanted features for the iPhone 6: ... Continue Reading

Explore God’s Creation with Star Chart

star chart app

Can you remember the last time you could really see the stars? For me, It was about 5 years ago when I went to a Christian conference in the middle of nowhere and when you looked up, you could see thousands upon thousands of stars. Growing up in London it is rare to be able to see more than a handful of stars due to both the light pollution and abundance of clouds. As such, I never really managed to learn which constellations were which or really appreciate the glories of the heaven. However, ... Continue Reading

Noisli — A Beautiful Background Noise Generator

Noisli Top Image

What does your creative space sound like? It turns out that coffee shops are known for being a great place for productivity, not because of the caffeine, but because of the noise levels. When I first started working from home, I thought that some sort of silence or quiet was the ideal volume. I was wrong. Over time, experience, and even science, I've learned the importance of having background noise. That's why I love this cool web app, Noisli: ... Continue Reading

The Mobile Landscape [Infographic]

mobile touch screen - close up

Youth pastors know this, hippers may know this, and parents with kids know that mobile devices are not the future, they are now. For churches, a mobile device should be more than a phone, it's the device to inform parents that their child in daycare is upset. It's the best communication tool for students in youth groups. And it is an untapped possible way of getting people to instantly engage with your community and congregation outside of Sunday and Wednesday nights. ... Continue Reading

Create Your Own Custom Worship Backgrounds

Shift App in the App Store

[Editor's Note: This mobile app is currently only available for iOS.] Browsing the Internet for countless hours looking for worship backgrounds can be quite time-consuming. But Shift Worship has created a new way of going about this, with a new twist specific to your church. Check this cool iOS app out: ... Continue Reading