What Everyone Thinks When They Text & Drive [Video]

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Having previously been in youth ministry, I am acutely aware of the dangers of texting and driving. (That being said, adults are as bad or even worse.) Even further, my father-in-law is an insurance salesmen and had my three year old do a radio ad with the line "stop the text, stop the wrecks." So when Buzzfeed did a fun video on what everyone things about people who text and drive, I had to share it. So true. ... Continue Reading

6 Proven End-Of-Year Giving Tips for Your Church


End-of-year giving is big! It’s on our minds here at Tithe.ly and as a church leader it should be on yours too. Why you ask? Well, for one BIG reason. Nearly 35% of all giving happens during the last three months of the year with 17% happening in December and over 30% happening on the very last day of the year -- December 31st. Americans donated $358.38 billion to Charity in 2014. ... Continue Reading

Mogiv Wants to Give Your Church $100

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Mogiv is one of the awesome supporters of ChurchMag and they wanted to get-in on our 15,000th Blog Post celebration with a little gift of their own! These guys offer a cool mobile and online giving solution that's certainly worth a look. Here's some of what they've had to say on ChurchMag: ... Continue Reading

The Pastor and the iPad: Intellectual Stimulation [Series]

The Pastor and the iPad: Intellectual Stimulation [Series]

[Note: This is part three in a series discussing practical, pastoral uses of an iPad. You might find it helpful to start with part one, two, three, and/or four.] Though it may not be an overly emphasized element, pastors need a keen mind and a sharp wit. The need for wit is a bit obvious—ever sat through a boring sermon?—but the need for keen mind is a bit more subtle. Ministers are communicators, administrators, leaders, vision-casters, and so much more that requires continual intellectual ... Continue Reading

How It Feels When Your Phone Is Dying [Video]

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Not going to lie, I've experienced this several times in the last two weeks. Can you imagine driving 30 minutes home after a hard day's work, your phone downloads the latest episode of your favorite podcast and two seconds into listening, it dies. What?! No!! Enjoy this fun video by Buzzfeed dramatizing it in video form. ... Continue Reading

5 Ways Churches Miss the Mark with eLearning (and How to Fix It)

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Many churches today have an online presence. Churches have websites, are involved in social media, and church marketing has reached a new level by applying online marketing standards. An area where many churches have struggled online has been in the arena of eLearning. Many churches are getting frustrated with the lack of congregant engagement with eLearning materials. Or on the other side of the spectrum, many churches are choosing not to partake in eLearning at all and are hearing complaints ... Continue Reading

Is Mobile Photography Ready?

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From the early days of mobile phone photography, people have been documenting their daily lives. I was a part of that early generation of mobile photography users. My how times have changed. Looking back, those early cameras we were so excited about were so HORRIBLE. The image below was from one of the first color camera enabled phones I had AND this was the max resolution! Images were highly pixelated and the colors were way off at times. Video was even worse! ... Continue Reading

The Pastor and the iPad: Sermoncraft [Series]

CM Sermoncraft IPad

[Note: This is part three in a series discussing practical, pastoral uses of an iPad. You might find it helpful to start with part one, two, and/or three.] A great many gifts and skills are needed to be a pastor, but I do think that the skill that most parishioners take for grated is that of preaching. And while most pastors are skilled preachers, not every single pastor was born to be a preacher. Nor is every great preacher skilled in the art of sermoncraft. I've heard many pastors who have ... Continue Reading

New iOS 9 Siri Tricks

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I remember when Siri first came out. Previously I thought you had to train a computer to recognize your specific voice, and even then, voice dictation was irregular and inaccurate. Then Siri came along and provided basic data with haphazard results. I remember it being one of those things which showed a glimpse of the future. Of course, over time, Siri’s progressed slowed and Google brought out it’s voice assistant in Google Now. Siri didn’t seem as cool and the fact that it worked about 70% of ... Continue Reading