BASICS Notebook: The Everything Notebook


In case you’re new here, allow me to let you in on a little secret: I have a problem with notebooks. Seriously, I’m sitting in my office at church right now, and I have forty brand new, unused notebooks. The sickest part is that I’m not done yet, people. I’m always looking for more. Whether I’m a bookstore or a Super Wal-Mart, I’m always on the lookout for a sweet, sweet notebook. So imagine my delight when I was alerted to a new notebook on Kickstarter: ... Continue Reading

4 Reasons to Take Church Mobile Giving Seriously

Take Mobiel Given Seriously

I’ve always loved the way the Apostle John ended his Gospel: “Now there are also many other things that Jesus did. Were every one of them to be written, I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written.” (John 21:25, ESV). And, loving this verse as I do, I can’t help but be reminded of it every time I read a new “think piece” or “longitudinal study” on the detrimental impact technology–especially mobile technology–has had on us as a culture. Truly, if every blog ... Continue Reading

The Evolution of the Text Message [Infographic]


Do you remember when you had to keep track of how many text messages you sent? We've come a long way. And while text messaging (SMS) is often overlooked as “aged” technology, it is a super effective for communication, marketing, and even sending your church tithe! From 1984 to today, here's a quick look at the history of text messaging: ... Continue Reading

Tech Tools to Supercharge Your Bible Study

Supercharged Bible Study - Image

When people think about apps for Bible studies, they are almost always limited to just Bible apps. It’s understandable that when it comes to Bible studies, our minds instantly go to Bible apps, but this usually neglects other applications which can cover different aspects that are important for Bible studies. Well today we’re going to look at apps which can enhance your Bible study that are not Bible apps. Let's take a look: ... Continue Reading

Should Churches Use Periscope for Live Streaming?

Periscope Live Streaming

Periscope is the live video streaming app which Twitter launched last year in response to their competitor Meerkat. In just one button click, you are live streaming to your Twitter followers who can tweet questions, comments, and show love to the streamer. Unlike other video platforms like Vine, YouTube, and others, you immediately connect with them. I've seen a couple of people discuss what Periscope is and how it could be utilized in ministry. Dave Shrien and Ryan Bilello talk about the ... Continue Reading

What About Periscope? [Review]

Periscope Review pt 1-01

Have you ever been experiencing something and you wished, "Wow, I wish my friends, family, and random strangers could experience this too!" Well now they can with Periscope. Periscope is a newer social media app focused on live streaming your experience and content to your followers via mobile camera. Since it's newer, it's worth taking a look at. This article will break down the app itself: What it does, what it does well, and what it does not so well. Let's dive in! ... Continue Reading

Disciplr: Curriculum 2.0

Disciplr Review

My first church teaching experience was the first and second grade Sunday School class. My only guaranteed, no-fail teaching tactic was to encourage my children to repeat our memory verse in a regular voice, a whispery voice, and then an earth-shattering scream. Parents loved me. The teachers in the rooms on the opposite sides of mine…not so much. Now, for those of you who don't know, I'm a certified public school teacher. Between my schooling and working, I've been involved in education for ... Continue Reading

Youth Ministry Video Idea [Video]

If SIRI Was Your Mom Screener

The Daily Dot has a great article on YouTube that they posted for Mother's Day noting how Siri is a great tool but definitely comes off as a machine. While watching this video, I think that their is a great youth ministry video idea that the church technology ministry could parody off of this. Think about it, create a Siri recap video of a bunch of great moments from the year, a hilarious camp rules video that Siri miscommunicates, or simply a fun skit that leads into having a better ... Continue Reading

3 Reasons I Love My Tablet


I have gone without an iPad for 3-6 months all because of unforeseen circumstances. I was the proud owner of an iPad Mini. Before that, I owned an iPad 2. But, I never would’ve thought that I would be the proud owner of an iPad 2 once again. The excitement I felt to finally get one was like that of when I bought an iPad for the first time. I was most excited because I would finally be able to begin work on some illustration projects that I have held back on for a long period of time. We’re ... Continue Reading