iPhone 6 Rumors: Does Anyone Care? [Infographic]

iphone 6 homekey mockup

The months before the release of a new iPhone are often filled with rumors of what Apple is secretly cooking up for its next ‘iPhone-omenon.’ It's funny to look at this iPhone 6 rumor infographic — pictured below — with this iPhone rumor roundup infographic for the iPhone 5. It seems as though the more anxious we are for something, the more rumors come about as everyone crowds around for a glimpse into the future. Which of these rumors do you think are more fact than fiction? ... Continue Reading

Why Mobile Online Giving Is Important

Mobile Online Giving

You can talk, teach and preach about giving, but unless we begin to make giving to the church and charity easier, we may be wasting our breath. If we truly believe in the importance of giving, shouldn’t we make it easier for anyone to do? Especially when you consider how agile people have become online? Just look at the boom we’ve seen with Amazon, Ebay and online shopping in general. Amazon has not only been completely built online, it has kept up with the changing times by selling their own ... Continue Reading

Echo: iPhone Prayer App

Echo mobile prayer app

Another prayer app? There's always room for improvement for mobile prayer apps and that's what you'll find with Echo. Echo isn't just a prayer list app. It's a prayer manager app. Let's take a closer look: ... Continue Reading

The Cost of Technology and Time in Ten Years

foodie pictures on Instagram

A popular restaurant in New York City has been in business for many years, and while they still serve the same number of customers, their service has seemed to slow down. They’ve done several obvious things to try and fix the slower service: hired more employees and have gone as far to removed items from their menu. But, to no avail, they continue to receive negative reviews and complaints from patrons complaining of slow service and having to wait too long for a table. Upon further review, ... Continue Reading

What Happens When Your Phone Rings in Church?

pews in church

In the following video these musicians take a humorous approach in dealing with someone in the audience who is talking on their cell phone. Perhaps it had just rang and they felt the need to answer it to stop it from ringing or perhaps it was emergency — although I doubt it — but it's just as easy to imagine that this person in the audience was rude enough to not only allow their cell phone to ring, but answer it as well: ... Continue Reading

The Heart of Selfies

World Cup Selfies

We are in an 'age of selfies.' The phenomenon of taking your own photo and posting it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc... is a daily activity for some and the term — and hashtag — “selfie” has become a part of our vocabulary. Good, bad or indifferent, we even seen it entering the church in sunday morning worship. The discussion of using Instagram and other forms of social media during praise and worship is a discussion that also includes selfies. Have you taken a selfie during church ... Continue Reading

Are Mobile Devices Helping Us Get More Done?

working on a tablet

Mobile productivity apps, business apps, email apps, to-do apps, list apps, apps to make apps, and apps to organize apps. We like our apps, don't we? But are all these mobile apps and devices helping us get more done? Are we more or less productive with a mobile device? ... Continue Reading

Please Turn Your Phone Off at Funerals [Rant]

Turn your ringer off

I went to a funeral, today. Funerals are never easy, but it was good to know that this aged gentleman knew Jesus and would be spending the rest of eternity in heaven. I don't normally write a blog post about a personal experience like this and publish it the same day — especially when the previously published blog post is on a similar subject: No Smartphones at Concerts? What About During Worship? Let me tell you what happened to me just a few hours ago: ... Continue Reading

The Evolution of Mobile Gaming [Infographic]

Best Gameboy EVER

Mobile gaming is HUGE and it didn't happen overnight. As it states in the infographic below: “With the average smartphone user spending nearly an hour a day playing games on their phone, it’s little wonder why the mobile game industry is massive and growing and why mobile game developers are in increasing demand. But mobile games weren’t always so slick and immersive; let’s take a look at the history of mobile games.” ... Continue Reading

If This Doesn’t Stop You from Texting While Driving, Nothing Will [Video]

Texting while driving is a bad ideea

I have to admit, I am a longtime Volkswagen owner, and I love the commercials that Volkswagen has put out in past. They have some great marketing minds, and it shows. From the The Force: Volkswagen commercials to licking the door handle, Volkswagen has some pretty memorable commercials. Their latest is a PSA announcement for texting and driving. We have all seen the alerts, we all yell at our children, we all don't text and drive (yeah right!), and still texting is the leading cause of death ... Continue Reading