The Surprisingly Simple 4-Step Guide to Rolling Out a Church Giving Solution


In the rapidly changing landscape of church fundraising solutions it’s important to understand the psychology behind giving. Things like need, vision, and the heart behind generosity are important. But you can’t stop there. Equally important are the communication and execution aspects of rolling out new giving solution for your church. Without good communication and a well executed plan, you'll end up with new technology that no one is using. And that equates to time and money lost that could ... Continue Reading

Have We Made Our Smartphones Into Idols? [Video]


The video coming up is from Buzzfeed where they give up their phone for a week and "try to survive." The video is ridiculous and entertaining... until you think about having to give it up yourself. Could you not only live life without it, but live it happily? I'd contest that we (me included) are addicted to our phones and cannot let them fully go. Anxiety about giving up your phone? It's actually a thing. How can we undo our unhealthy attachment to our phones? ... Continue Reading

6 Game Changing iOS Apps


It’s incredible to think that the original iPhone came without an App store. All those games, tools and crazy features that have helped make the iPhone such a revolutionary product weren’t there at the start. However, now the App store is huge and contains a plethora of apps, some great, some fun, some terrible and some are just plain rip offs. All this is to say that not all iOS apps are equal and some are much more revolutionary than others. Today I want to look at a few revolutionary iOS ... Continue Reading

The Man Behind the App: Verses [Podcast #59]


A few episodes ago we heard from the creators of Nuebible. We had so much fun getting to see “the man behind the curtain,” we decided to do it again! On this episode, we hear from Zach Whelchel and Brock Klein—creators of Verses. Verses a very well done app that helps you memorize Bible verses! Check it out: ... Continue Reading

Online Giving: Are You Doing It Right?


While reasonable people can disagree about the best/fastest/easiest/coolest way to utilize online and mobile tech to increase church giving, one thing at least is certain: More churches than ever are taking advantage of digital giving. A recent study reported that 42% of all churches are now offering some form of digital giving. This is a long way short of where things should be, but it’s also a far cry better than the 14% that was reported in 2011. And yes, while something is certainly ... Continue Reading

Polarfox: Send Mobile Images Directly to _________


Polarfox is a photo-sharing app designed to help you share your images across several social media platforms. At. The. Same. Time. Yes, that's right; you can share to Facebook (Profiles, Groups, and Pages), Twitter, Tumblr, and Linkedin. But that's not all! Several apps can do that. What sets Polarfox apart for me is that can also post these photos to your WordPress blog, both the .com and self-hosted versions. Interested? I thought you might be. ... Continue Reading

What You Need to Know About Google I/O 2015


Google I/O is the big Google development conference of the year and a chance for Google to show off what they have been working on, are planning on releasing, and for developers to get a learn and collaborate on new and exciting ways to use this technology. As you might expect, some of these announcements will impact you as a consumer and quite possibly your church or ministry. Today we’re going to look at some of those most important announcements that may well affect you, consider how you ... Continue Reading

9 Game Changing Android Apps


Not all apps are created equally. Some of them are much more powerful and useful and others. That isn’t to dismiss completely games or the plethora of image editing apps which all have a similar set of functions, but instead to point out that there are some apps which can truly revolutionize your smart device. This is true of both iOS and Android, but Android apps greater openness and customisation allow you to do even more than you can on iOS. With that in mind, here are a selection of ... Continue Reading

3 Reasons the iPhone 6 Will Be My Last iPhone


Over a span of 3 to 5 years, I have been the proud and happy owner of an iPhone. I owned an iPhone 4, 5, and now 6. But, lately, I have been noticing something. There’s a whole world out there full of great smartphones and operating systems that are just as pleasing (if not more) as the iOS. And sometimes, as far as technology goes, you just get tired of the “same ‘ole thing.” With that, here are my 3 reasons as to why I will likely leave the iPhone universe once I’ve got my fill of the ... Continue Reading

The Best Email Client for You [2015 Edition]


We are becoming increasingly reliant on email. The merits of this are up for debate, but in almost every sphere of out life this is becoming true. We stay in touch with our friends and family through email, we subscribe to our favorite blogs via email, when we sign up for a new service or app (although more are turning to Facebook and Google sign up), and that's not even mentioning work which increasingly requires you to check your emails regularly to insure you are up to date (unless you use a ... Continue Reading