Boring Church Bulletin?

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ServiceSheets creates a digital bulletin and matching printed bulletins for your church based on a number of beautiful themes. Digital bulletins are distributed to your congregations phones via SMS text. No complicated apps to download or install. It's as easy as handing out a printed bulletin. ... Continue Reading

Will Google Penalize Your Church Website?


For years we've been saying that church, ministry, and nonprofit websites need to be mobile-friendly. Up until now, we've been preaching this kind of web design from a practical perspective. More and more people are accessing the Internet outside of the PC desktop environment by using their smartphones and tablets, so having a mobile-friendly website—or as we often say, responsive—has become more and more important. What's the point of having a website if it isn't accessible? This makes sense ... Continue Reading

New Bible App Reads Itself


There are so many different Bible apps out there and many have a key feature or two to help set them apart from the competition. Well this new Bible app from Insanely Cool Apps promises that you’ll never face the guilt of falling behind in your Bible plan again, as it will READ the Bible for you, saving hours of time over the course of a year. ... Continue Reading

RaptureTracker: End Times Preparedness for the 21st Century

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Left Behind, 2014's Movie of the Year, reminded the average Christian, once again, of the inevitability of Jesus' return. For those watching the skies, however, this served not as a reminder, but as a call to preparedness, a call answered most ingeniously by Darby Nelson. Nelson is founder and CEO of Rapturous Enterprises, a company that is dedicated to outfitting the modern Christian family with everything needed for end times preparedness. The first product to reach launch phase is a ... Continue Reading

NueBible: A Design Centric iOS Bible App

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We’ve covered a lot of Bible apps here at ChurchMag and too often we focus heavily on the functionality built into these tools. Features like Bible reading plans, the ability to add notes, export notes, commentaries, sharing verses and so on. These are all great and we’ve seen some huge steps forward there, but sometimes I wonder if this has lead to a neglect of the design of these tools. Well NeuBible is a new (pun not intended) Bible app from a small indie development team that takes a ... Continue Reading

TextBlade: The Awesome Mobile Keyboard


I've always liked the idea of a portable keyboard that could accompany a portable device like a smartphone or tablet. However, most portable keyboard solutions are anything but portable. But the TextBlade by WayTools? Oh, this is something to behold... ... Continue Reading

What Can Teach Us About Discipleship

What Coach me Can Teach Us About Discipleship - CM

A couple of years ago I picked up an app which really helped make a difference to me, Lift. Lift was a habit creating app that used a few psychological tricks to help you develop a new habit. The two main aspects were a community to encourage and praise each other and a “streak” factor to encourage you to compete against yourself and others. It worked great for me for a while and it helped me start studying Spanish everyday, read the Bible everyday and write 1000+ words a day, too. After I ... Continue Reading

Present Spray [Video]

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You know that moment? That moment when you realize that the person you thought you were talking to wasn't actually paying attention to you? ...because of they were on their smartphone? Try this: ... Continue Reading

Church Snapchat Guidelines

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Snapchat has been popular for the past year. It's mostly popular with teenagers whose parents don't understand it and aren't on it, but the user base has been growing (actually they have about 200 million users). Our team created a Snapchat account around a year ago, but didn't do anything with it because we figured no one would follow us and it seemed like a lot of work without a lot of return to send all of our "friends" snaps. But then Snapchat created the "My Story" feature. This made ... Continue Reading

Terrible at Design? Canva is for You


I’m not the best person at design in the world. Sure I can take an okay photo and I know a thing or two about okay fonts, colors and where to place text on a screen, but that’s where my skills really end. Anything beyond simple editing is a huge issue for me and I’m sure that the majority of people reading this are the same. If you’re a professional designer you may well still find this interesting (and I’d love your more informed feedback) but this isn’t aimed at you. This is for the average ... Continue Reading