3 Awesome Reading Apps for Web Content

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If you are anything like me, you love reading articles online. I mean, I enjoy learning everyday, and the idea of having the experience and insight of millions of people sharing their expertise on the internet it is very exciting.  But I am also aware that there is tons and tons of content that I don't really care about. So, how do I approach this massive sea of information everyday? I mostly get around with these three apps. Let me share them with you. ... Continue Reading

7 Data-Backed Tips for Sending Better Emails [Infographic]


Email is my second favorite way of communicating, just under face-to-face. It is my digital version of my mental memory, as I can go back and search for old conversations, and unlike Slack or G+ hangouts, it is actually organized. The question though, is it best to use emails? Are you actually wasting people's time? Are you doing email more efficiently than others and need to dumb down how you approach emailing? Here are some key points I got out of the infographic below. ... Continue Reading

Verses: An iOS Bible Memory Verses App [App Review]

Verses App Logo

Verses is an iOS app with a noble mission: To help us memorize Scripture. I'll be honest that I'm not nearly as focussed on memorizing Scripture as I was when I was a kid. Part of that is a natural pendulum swing from being pushed to memorize, but not necessarily understand Scripture, but that's a post for another time. When you open the app up, you're greeted by a list of verses ("My Verses"), a button that takes you to your "Collections," and then every single book of the Bible! Clearly, ... Continue Reading

The Man Behind the App: Neubible [Podcast #53]


I'll be honest with you, just as I was with Kory Westerhold, one of the developers behind the slick new Bible app, Neubible. When I heard that someone had published another Bible app, I rolled my eyes a little. Do we really need another Bible app? Upon further review, I personally found Neubible to be a refreshing experience and it has since become my favorite Bible app. ... Continue Reading

Superhero Texting [Images]


I'm not sure how I never knew about this before because I LOVE autocorrect errors and other funny texts online. But this takes it to a whole new level of looking at how our favorite superheroes would text each other. Honestly, I think more and more of this is needed in the future. For now, enjoy these and I'll see what I can do with sharing more as they come out. ... Continue Reading

Tech-Free Dinner Time with a Twist


We had to make a new rule at our house: No devices at the dinner table. We've always guarded our family time around meals. We've always strived to avoid dinner around the TV. Sure, there are exceptions, like pizza and a movie. You know, fun stuff like that. So when we began to feel screens creeping into our normal meal times, we had to put an end to it. Everyone is following along and there are consequences to any violators. I think the key to our success, is that we acted on it before it ... Continue Reading

Boring Church Bulletin?

Quick Post churchmag

ServiceSheets creates a digital bulletin and matching printed bulletins for your church based on a number of beautiful themes. Digital bulletins are distributed to your congregations phones via SMS text. No complicated apps to download or install. It's as easy as handing out a printed bulletin. ... Continue Reading

Will Google Penalize Your Church Website?


For years we've been saying that church, ministry, and nonprofit websites need to be mobile-friendly. Up until now, we've been preaching this kind of web design from a practical perspective. More and more people are accessing the Internet outside of the PC desktop environment by using their smartphones and tablets, so having a mobile-friendly website—or as we often say, responsive—has become more and more important. What's the point of having a website if it isn't accessible? This makes sense ... Continue Reading

New Bible App Reads Itself


There are so many different Bible apps out there and many have a key feature or two to help set them apart from the competition. Well this new Bible app from Insanely Cool Apps promises that you’ll never face the guilt of falling behind in your Bible plan again, as it will READ the Bible for you, saving hours of time over the course of a year. ... Continue Reading

RaptureTracker: End Times Preparedness for the 21st Century

Red Globe Night

Left Behind, 2014's Movie of the Year, reminded the average Christian, once again, of the inevitability of Jesus' return. For those watching the skies, however, this served not as a reminder, but as a call to preparedness, a call answered most ingeniously by Darby Nelson. Nelson is founder and CEO of Rapturous Enterprises, a company that is dedicated to outfitting the modern Christian family with everything needed for end times preparedness. The first product to reach launch phase is a ... Continue Reading