Focus on Service by Planning Your Mission Trip Ahead of Time

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More often than not, your mission trip will require you to live without modern technology and even modern conveniences that we often take for granted, such as running water and air conditioning.

Although you should expect this dramatic lifestyle change to occur once you arrive at your mission trip’s destination, there’s no reason why you can’t take advantage of the many technological resources available to you to ensure a well-planned and successful endeavor.

To make sure you and your group are fully prepared for the intimidating but life-changing road ahead, consider the following important measures you should take before setting off.

1. Purchase Group Travel Insurance

When traveling in a big group like a mission trip expedition, it’s always best to have a Plan B in case the unexpected happens. The amount of coverage you can purchase varies from plan to plan, but it’s usually a better choice to choose the full coverage option to make sure the entire group receives extensive coverage for a variety of circumstances. Many comprehensive group insurance plans cover the following situations: trip cancellation, travel delays/interruptions, emergency medical treatment, emergency medical evaluation, lost/delayed baggage and more.

2. Research the Area Beforehand

Unfortunately, the areas with the greatest need often have the highest safety risks and the most tumultuous political climates. Because of this consistent correlation, it’s important for travelers to thoroughly research the area they’re planning to visit before setting anything in stone. Visit the U.S. State Department website,, to view all current warnings in countries around the world. In addition to researching this, travelers should also search for local aid providers, health precautions pertaining to the area and hospital routes.

3. Use Social Networking to Keep Everyone in the Loop

Social media can make planning and connecting with the mission trip group much more convenient for everyone involved. Creating an event for the trip on Facebook is an excellent way to keep everyone posted on any changes to the itinerary and other announcements that affect the status of the trip. Create social media accounts devoted entirely to the mission trip, so the members involved can keep in touch with those back at home. These accounts can include Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and any other accounts that allow members to record and share their life-enriching experiences.

Serving others is the primary purpose of attending a mission trip, but this goal can easily lose its focus when the members involved are worried about safety and other issues that should have been resolved beforehand. Planning ahead gives all of the members in your group the security they need to serve with confidence in the mission. Following these steps can help establish this security and facilitate a more successful and crisis-free mission trip for everybody.

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