MENTION – Monitor the Social Web to Find Out Who’s Talking About Your Church

Mention - A Social Media Monitoring Tool

Mention - A Social Media Monitoring Tool

With almost every Church or Ministry gunning for an influential online presence, Social Media monitoring is vital to track who is saying what about you. While there are tons of services out there for this purpose, many of them are challenging to use and come with complex features that may not be greatly useful for smaller organizations like the local church.

Here’s where a tool like Mention comes in. It seems to be more focused on individuals and smaller organizations than huge brands.

Mention is a simple and freemium social tracking service: the desktop software is free to download and install and it even has a viable free plan that tracks up to 500 mentions a month for 3 keywords (or alerts) that you specify.

Here’s a quick look at its features:

  • Scan the social media universe including social networks, news sites, forums, blog or just about any web page in 42 languages.
  • Anti-Noise technology to keep out spam. It also learns from your behavior to remove unwanted mentions.
  • Share your alerts with any user and assign tasks to your team members like replying to a tweet, commenting on a blog post etc.
  • Real-time alerts via email and push notifications of new mentions to react/respond quickly.
  • Smart Actions to retweet a mention or share directly on your Facebook page.
  • The most important mentions are flagged with priority according to several criteria like influence and authority of the source and latest interactions you had with them.
  • Statistics & data export tools to further analyse mentions by source, language, over selected periods of time. Data can also be exported in PDF and CSV format.

The desktop program can be installed on PC, Mac or Linux. Apart from this, there’s a Chrome app, web app as well as apps for iPhone and Android devices.

Mention is quick and works pretty well overall. It also allows storing of specific ‘mentions’, which can be used later (for testimonials for instance).

Its speed, ease of use and affordable pricing makes it worth checking out.

Learn more on the MENTIOIN website.


Gangai Victor

A worship leader / musician / trainer / songwriter and technology enthusiast from India. Author of The Worship Kenbook.

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