Which Lord of the Rings Personality Type Are You? [Chart]

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Okay, so I pretty much turned the Internet upside-down looking for a Lord of the Rings Personality Type Chart and I came up empty-handed. I was looking for something like the  Star Wars Chart that recently went viral.

How is it even possible that personality types and Lord of The Rings have never come together in one chart? Crazy, right?

So I took my inspiration from Geek in Heels and decided to just go ahead and make my own. Similarly to her, I found hundreds of discussion boards discussing the personality types of the Lord of the Rings characters. Hours of research later, during which I combined popular Internet opinion with my own ideas, I could finally see my plan coming together. Eric even got inspired to work his Photoshop magic with it and voilà!

Oh, and really quick before I forget, you can take a short test or this longer test and find out your personality type, if you don’t already know it.

And now without further ado:

LOTR Personality Types

LOTR Lord of the Rings Personality Chart Myers-Briggs Type MBTI

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Not going to lie,  I was pretty excited to share this.

Of course I have to offer all the usual disclaimers:

For the record I only made this for fun, so if you hate it , please don’t be Orcs about it!

I am certainly not an expert in psychology or personality types. I have been fascinated by the 16 Personality Types, the Keirsey Temperament Sorter and other personality tests for years. I usually test as an INFP, and I can still remember how surprised I was to see how accurate the results were the first time. Since then, I have had a lot of fun trying to guess or pestering friends and family to take the tests. I do realize this kind of thing is not everybody’s cup of tea, and that’s fine too, we can still be friends.

I am a devoted fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s beloved Lord of the Ring’s stories, however, I am not claiming to be an expert regarding all the intricacies of each book, movie or character. I did base this chart primarily on the movie versions of the characters, in part because it seemed that’s what many others had already done. Also, please remember that the personality types often applied to more than one character, in those cases, it was simply editor’s choice for who to include in this chart, and again, I opted to go with more popular choices.

Whew, glad that’s over with. 😉

Now it’s your turn, go ahead and tell me which type you are!

[Editor’s Note: Have you seen the new Marvel comic book personality chart? Check it out!]

Anne Dye

Geek mom of 4 and wife to the Editor . On any given day, you can find her happy in her little house in Italy enjoying the finer things in life—coffee, good friends, and chocolate.

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      • Don says

        Kept trying to come out inspirer or visionary at least Enforcer but Just more or less extremes of Commander.
        Therefore be it know throughout the land that: Thoeden declares you have done a nice piece of creative aesthetic work here that hopefully entices many to know themselves and others better!!
        I also have been using personality typing and profiling to help people for decades.

    • says

      My wife found this and showed it to me. here’s the best part:

      My name is Gandalf (no, really!), but I’m an INTJ (like Elrond).
      My wife is not named Gandalf, but she is an INTP (like Gandalf the White).

      This was actually a very helpful insight into my personality. Thanks for sharing!

  1. says

    This was so much fun to put together! You did an awesome job. 😉

    I am Boromir…sorry about trying to take the Ring from you and everything…no hard feelings?

  2. Connie Simons says

    I read the descriptions before taking the test; Galadriel was one of the 4 I selected as possibilities. The test showed Galadriel. Interesting ideas: living in a tree, having long beautiful blond hair, living for thousands of years, singing mystical songs….

  3. Brenna Siver says

    I’m somewhere between Samwise and Legolas, because of being somewhere between J and P. Which is cool. I’ve always wanted to be either a hobbit or an elf. :)

  4. Tirzah says

    Hi. COuld i get a better quality copy of this? I LOVE IT! And i’d really like to be able to read the write ups on each character and i can’t as it’s too tiny and even enlarging it on my mac makes it blurry. THank you so much! Tirzah

  5. sl says

    I’m either Aragorn or Elrond. Hoo, I hope I’m Aragorn. =) Can you send me a larger-sized version of this image so i can read it better?? Thanks!

  6. Barbara Friday says

    This is so fun. My type isn’t on the Star Wars chart, on LOTR I’m Sam. Any chance of a Star Trek chart in the future perhaps?

  7. ibuhalo says

    WHERE’s GOLLUM??????? I pegged him as an INFP gone very bad. Which I think is correct, because to me it is implied that he was kind of like Frodo back in his pre-Ring days.

    • says

      There were multiple characters that fit some of the types, and as stated it was simply my choice. Smeagol/Gollum is somewhat of a mystery to me, which only cemented the reason why he did not make the chart. :-)

  8. Steph M. says

    I fell in as a Galadriel interesting that she’s known as “the counselor” as I’m a psychology major, in fact I’m working on my bachelors in psychology.

  9. Tim says

    Heh, this actually turned out to be really funny. I got Aragorn, and my wife’s Meyers-Briggs type matches Arwen.

    Strange coincidence there

  10. Reno says

    I am Frodo! The main character, the hero, the savior for having the responsibility to bring the ring to the fire. Born of happy genes as a hobbit, and attracts a lot of people for what the situation is at hand! Being an Idealist is pretty idealistic for me! :)

  11. Dee Clothier says

    Well, I’m Elrond. Not too surprised but don’t think I’m that imposing a character. Just like my corner of the world, but will speak up if the circumstances need it.

  12. freikt says

    I got Eowyn which makes me very happy because she’s my all-time favorite character in LOTR! Maybe I’ve always liked her so well because I can relate to her? :) I’ve never done anything as badass as disguising myself as a guy to go into battle or killing a witch-king though…

  13. Robin says

    I got Galadriel! Makes total sense; I’ve always been told that I’m sensitive. I already knew that I’m an introvert. :)

    Thanks for posting! 😀

  14. maxie says

    I think there might be a bit of a mixup here. At the INTJ profile, the fictional characters includes Gandalf. Not that i do not love the Elrond, he’s one of my favourite characters from LOTR. Please do correct me though if I am wrong.

  15. Gabrielle says

    I always have said Gandalf is my spirit animal. Well I flip flop between INTP and INFP, so I’m a strange Frodo and Gandalf mix. Oddly, this makes sense to me. This is wonderful.

  16. says

    Oh, now I want to do the book version!

    Hm… Merry is quieter and geekier in the books. He becomes a bit of a scholar, post-LotR, and could remember the maps he saw in Rivendell months later, in Fangorn. Legolas in the books isn’t humble, he just hides his pride well. Gimli is more sensitive than he lets on – he considers it a fault. Eowyn is DEEPLY idealistic, not always in a positive way. Faramir is sensitive and a total nerd. (In a good way.)

    Aw man, now I’m gonna have to go research Myers-Briggs, and everything! :-)

  17. Jennifer Smith says

    Well, testing with the long version provided, I came as an ENFJ this time, but it did note that the J was a 1% which means marginal to no preference of either J or P. I always test as ENF though, so I am either Arwen or Faramir, depending on randomish factors, and both do fit me pretty closely.

    • says

      These tests represent opposite ends of continuums and are simply used to measure where a person falls along those continuums at the time the test is taken. That is why many find they are kind of in between or that they change over time. :-)

  18. Michelle says

    I took the Humetrics test for the fourth time and got INTJ for the fourth time. I’m glad that you had Elrond (my favorite character) represent us INTJs instead of one of the evil characters which happens a lot and is actually a very bad stereotype. Very nice list!

  19. says

    I love this! Most of them are spot on with what I would I would say too. The one particular one that I would personally differ with is Gandalf. The books and movies show a warm, empathetic quality that makes me think he’s an NF. He’s also quick tempered, but reverses quickly, an emotional quality of F personalities. It’s interesting that you placed Frodo as an INFP. That one seems harder, but it looks good. Good fun!

    • says

      Glad you had fun with this. Gandalf was one of the hardest to peg, I think. Obviously personality typing is not a perfect science, and it is further complicated when typing fictional characters. Many of the personality forums noted the difference between Gandalf the the Grey and Gandalf the White, and I agreed with most of those positions. In the end, I just had to make some hard calls and serve up the fun!

  20. Bradley says

    ENFP. Being male i was a little embarrassed about Arwen, but knowing it’s based on my personality type, and discovering i’m Qui-Gon on the Star Wars chart, made me a lot warmer to the idea. If anybody needs a hero I’ll be there lol

    • says

      ENFP’s are awesome! And they are certainly not all girls, for example some famous ENFP personalities are- Samuel Clemens, Theodor “Dr.” Seuss Geisel, and Bill Cosby, to name just a few.

  21. J. says

    Frodo, 100%. And I actually get Frodo every single time I take a LotR personality quiz. 😀

    Sure, I would be thrilled if I ever got Aragorn or Gandalf or the other more “openly epic” warrior types, but to be honest I think the result is always spot on. I simply AM more like Frodo than any other character.

  22. says

    I got Frodo. Which explains why I connected with him instantly when I first read lotr.I would also type the child version of Bilbo as an INFP since loved hearing stories of his mother and her family. Plus, when he was a child he thought of himself as a potential adventurer.

  23. Hope says

    I’m so glad I found this! Over 10 years ago there was a website called HobbitLore and it had a LOTR personality test based on the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, but then the website went down. I was sad because it was so much fun! It didn’t give acronyms but it did give detailed descriptions of the resulting personality at the end of the test. I’m happy to find something similar! I’m still Frodo.

  24. Jessyca says

    I had a teacher that tested our personality traits and I have consistantly been an INFJ for years. I have always been a fan of JRR Tolkien and, this teacher ironically nick named me Galadriel because of my hair and bone structure. This was very interesting. Thank you for doing this (:

  25. says

    I’m ENFP :)

    Extroverted (E) 68% Introverted (I) 32%
    Intuitive (N) 51% Sensing (S) 49%
    Feeling (F) 67% Thinking (T) 33%
    Perceiving (P) 95% Judging (J) 5%

  26. Faramir says

    I’m Faramir, my husband is Gandalf and my 4 year old is Arwen, as far as I can tell. Which is terrific, because she actually is named Arwen. :)

      • mark says

        I got aragon and gandalf, no idea what that means but im happy with that. Sorry i posted here couldnt find anywhere else apart from replies to previous posts.

  27. Emerald Eglantine Enderfly Black says

    Absolutely I’m an ENTJ.
    but I really can’t remember Theoden, it’s for many years ago!
    But I like him even if I could not remember :)
    Any way all time my favorite characters were Gandalf and Elrond.
    And one thing more:
    Why you don’t update your post? I have seen another movie with Lord of the rings characters named Hobbit. And it was amazing excellent foudroyant!


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