Quick Tips on Laptop Care

macbook airs

macbook airs

Laptops are not know for longevity. In fact, when I need a computer that’s going to be a workhorse, I avoid them like the plague. Laptops are great for on-the-go computing and your basic applications, but when it comes to video editing and other intensive tasks, I’ll stick to a desktop. The idea of dropping thousands on a machine that’s going to last four years, at the max–more like two, is not something I’m cool with; not to mention some of the stress you feel when going mobile.

That being said, there are some basic things you can do to get the most out of your laptop. I’ve seen some people burn through their laptop in just 18-months, while others will use them until the battery no longer holds a charge and they’re on their second hard drive! So what’s the difference?


Here are a few quick tips to keep your laptop running smooth, and hopefully longer!

Laptop Care

Basic stuff, it seems, but it’s a good reminder. Since laptops are often used “on the go,” it’s not always convenient to sit and do some routine maintenance. Usually the lid is open and you’re computing, or the lid is shut and it’s ignored. Find the time to clean it up! Remove those unused apps, empty your trash and  back-up your data.

Shutdown & Startup

It’s also important to develop healthy shutdown habits. Unless you’re in the middle of something or plan on turning it back on relatively soon, I suggest shutting it down. Depending on your laptop, you risk overheating your machine in your protective case–ironically enough. Also, if you’ve brought your laptop inside after being in the cold, let it get to room temperature before booting up.


Extremes are bad for your computer. Extreme heat = bad. Extreme cold = bad. Very wet = bad. Very dry … well … maybe not all extremes. 😛

You get the idea.

If you do find yourself with a laptop spill, consider the “rice method.” By placing your laptop in a bag of rice after immediately drying it off and detaching the battery, the rice will draw-out the moisture. This is the best defense in a possible laptop drowning. Of course, you could enforce a personal “no liquid within 5-feet” policy, but then how would you get any work done without drinking coffee?

What laptop tips do you have to share–I would love to hear them!


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