Auto Lock Your Mac When You Step Away

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Have you ever had your social media account hijacked when you stepped away from your computer?

Or how about loosing an entire blog post because one of your children decided to “be like Daddy” and type while you were in the other room?

There are all kinds of scenarios that could arise, from comical to serious, where needing to ‘lock down’ your computer when stepping away would be helpful. Well now you can, automatically, with Keycard.


From the Keycard website:

“Keycard allows you to pair your iPhone or other Bluetooth enabled device with your Mac to lock and unlock your computer. It detects when you’re leaving your desk, office, or room and automatically locks your computer to ensure it’s safe and secure. When you come back it unlocks.”

Pretty cool, right!?!

Not bad for $6.99.

Learn more on the Keycard website or get it straight from the Apple App Store.


Eric Dye

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  1. says

    I agree with Ben on the video part, but to the real point…

    I was looking at Keycard a couple months ago, because I thought the idea was super cool. Their introductory price has been there for a while. However, upon reading reviews of other users, it seems that sometimes it will randomly lock. Also, if you’re in a coffee shop, this is not an ideal scenario. It relies on bluetooth connection (which drains the battery on the phone), so as long as the phone is close enough (about 33 ft), it will remain connected. Most coffee shops where I live will let that get you to any part of the shop, including the restroom. Not that I’d leave my Macbook unsecured in a public area, but that part did make me reconsider the purchase altogether.

    • says

      Good points all around, Jonathan. Thank you for adding so much value.

      And as far the video goes … next time I’ll have a warning before the break!!!

  2. says

    All you need to do is get in the habit of locking the computer when you stand up. I’m a Windows user, and I’m in the habit of hitting Window-L when I get up. Simple.

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