Mailbox Brings the Inbox Gamechanger to Mac [BETA]

mailbox app mac beta screen

Back in February of last year, Mailbox rocked mobile email management with it's groundbreaking iOS app. Since then, Mailbox has joined the ranks of Dropbox and teased rumors of a desktop app. Well, in this case, the rumors are true. Mailbox for Mac is in public beta! (And we have some betacoins for YOU!) ... Continue Reading

The 28-Port USB Hub [Caption This]

Mega USB hub

The Manhattan 161718 28-Port USB MondoHub (pictured above) from Amazon will intimidate the fiercest of Church techs and IT professionals. I honestly don't know if I should just stare at it in awe or turn and run for my life!?! ... Continue Reading

Doctor Who Series 8 Starts August 23rd!


The eighth Doctor Who series kicks-off this weekend! Are you excited for all the awesome? This Saturday, August 22nd is the first of twelve episodes this year, the series opener being 80-minutes long. There hasn't been an opener this long since the return of Doctor Who in 2005! In all my own excitement, I grabbed some TARDIS desktop wallpaper for myself—here's what I found: ... Continue Reading

What I Learned On Vacation: Check Your Email

a bicycle in italy

Last month I had a vacation of sorts (as I mentioned before). During this time, I had some personal revelations about my life—both personally and work wise. I lend this to the fact that I spent multiple days at a time unplugged and completely disconnected from the Internet. No laptop. No tablet. No smartphone. I highly recommend you do it sometime—if not regularly. Not only did it force me to pause, clear my head, and have some self-reflection, but it also gave me a chance to contrast what I ... Continue Reading

Need for Remote Video Conferencing?

video conferencing action

When some people hear the phrase “remote video conferencing,” they inwardly cringe. In the past, remote video conferencing was less than ideal, to put it kindly. Those who are familiar with past methods of communication via video calls are well aware of the long stretches of unexpected silences and frequently posed question, “Can you hear me?” These frustrating breaches in communication created a sense of hesitation among business owners and managers concerning the use of video conferencing ... Continue Reading

That Moment You Realize It’s Deleted [Video]

delelte key zoomed

It's been several years ago and I still remember the sick and panic feeling my wife and I had when we realized that the entire batch of digital photos from our toddler's birthday party had been deleted. Do you know that feel? It's not a very nice feeling at all. Thankfully we used a Windows app that could recover lost files that had not been overwritten yet. Photos. Saved. I imagine little 4-year-old Cadence had that same sick feeling when she realized that she accidentally figured out how ... Continue Reading

Monitor Anything with Manything

Manything Screencap

[Note: This app is currently only available for iOS devices.] This awesome free app can turn your iOS device into a monitoring camera! I love some of these apps that are being developed to use old iPhones, iPads and iPods to extend functionality. Manything an be used for multiple things—the most obvious being used as a security camera. It features live streaming, motion activated alerts and free cloud video recording. You can even monitor and watch on the go. ... Continue Reading

Should the Church Invest in Cloud Computing? [Infographic]

cloud-computing-infographic thumb

This is not the digital land of the 1990's when software came on CDs in the mail, we were limited to software options between only a couple of digital giants, and updates were seemingly non-existent. Now computing is making a huge shift from your local machine to this thing we call “the cloud”. So what does this mean for churches? Should we be looking at investing more of our time in cloud computing? ... Continue Reading

The Computer Virus Catalog

The Computer Virus Catalog - Top

This illustrated guide to the worst viruses in computer history, the Computer Virus Catalog, is curious and creative. Did you know that the “Cookie Monster” virus was first computer virus in history? (That didn't take long!) “Created in the late '60s, Cookie Monster is the world's first computer virus. After infection, Cookie Monster freezes all system activity and demands cookies. Don't sweat it. You simply unlock your computer again by typing the word 'cookie'” If only all computer viruses ... Continue Reading

Could the New Surface Pro 3 Replace Your Laptop?

Surface Pro 3 Image

Microsoft has launched the new Surface Pro 3, sporting the power of a laptop in the form of a tablet. I am very curious. When you compare a Surface Pro 3 versus a comparable MacBook Air, it's about the same price—around a $100 difference. The Surface Pro 3 has a 12-inch touch display, whereas the MacBook Air can be purchased in an 11-inch and 13-inch size. And when you consider the difference in the operating system, we might very well be comparing apples and oranges. None the less, it's a ... Continue Reading