TextBlade: The Awesome Mobile Keyboard


I've always liked the idea of a portable keyboard that could accompany a portable device like a smartphone or tablet. However, most portable keyboard solutions are anything but portable. But the TextBlade by WayTools? Oh, this is something to behold... ... Continue Reading

Boost Your Online Security with Authy

Level Up with Authy

When the Heartbleed security exploit came to light last year, I realised just how terrible my password management was. I frequently used the same passwords, kept many for a long period of time, they were often easily to break and I was only using single factor authentication. All these factors combined meant that if anyone had got hold of one of my passwords from this security break (or one of the other recent security issues) then I was in big trouble. I set about changing ... Continue Reading

3-Tips to Help Senior Pastors with Technology


Earlier this month, US Senator Linsey Graham revealed that he's never sent an email. He later implied that he chooses not to use email because he doesn't want to have the ability to immediately say what he's thinking. While that's not a bad philosophy to have, that can't be his real reason. Even if it is, it's a terrible excuse for digital ignorance, especially since Senator Graham's a me member of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Privacy, Technology and the Law. So what's the real reason ... Continue Reading

7 Pro Tips for Media Operators

Master Your Media

One of my biggest frustrations during a church service is when the media operator (the person running lyrics & sermon slides) just isn't on the ball. It's hard for the entire crowd not to be distracted when slides are early, late, or just not there; which is why the media operator is arguably the most important role on the production team. It turns out that often times the mistakes made by media operators have more to do with a lack of training than a lack of talent. With volunteers, a ... Continue Reading

The RPG Productivity Player’s Guide: What’s the Megaplot? Finding Goals in Life [Series]

RPG Productivity Players Guide - Megaplot

In this first episode of our RPG Productivity Player’s Guide, we'll start with the search for a megaplot. Every RPG has a megaplot, an overarching story that guides the game and determines the ultimate outcome. Games differ on how strict that plot is or how much leeway players have in creating their own story. In real life, it’s pretty much the same. I don't want to get morbid, but after you’ve died, people will tell the story of your life. What will they say your life was about? In other ... Continue Reading

Apple Engineer Talks About 2015 Macbook [Video]


John Dyer shared a tweet a few days ago that gave me a serious case of the LOLz. It's about the new 2015 Macbook that Apple just released. And while at first glance it seems awesome, upon further review, this video brings up some interesting points while giving you a serious case of the giggles. ... Continue Reading

Communicate & Organize Your Church with Slack

Slack Logoness

A couple of months back I heard a podcast and they casually made reference to a new tool they were trying called Slack. They didn’t say much, but it basically sounded like Whatsapp for businesses. I didn’t think too much of what they said and carried on listening to the rest of the show. Then I noticed another podcast talking about it, next thing I know Slack is being mentioned everywhere and everyone who drops its name not only likes it, but absolutely loves it. What on earth could be so ... Continue Reading

The RPG Productivity Player’s Guide [Series]

The RPG Productivity Players Guide

The title of this new blog series seems to be a contradiction in termini, meaning there’s an inherent tension in the title itself. How can you possible equate playing RPG’s with productivity? It all depends on how you view productivity. To me, productivity doesn’t mean getting as much work done as possible. Or working the maximum amount of hours in a day. Or crossing off as many to do’s as you can. Productivity to me has everything to do with being effective and efficient. It means ... Continue Reading