Tech Wreck Tuesday #20: You Have to Turn It “On”

on off switch - retro

Are you a sprinkler or a dunker? I'm referring to your church's baptismal practices, by the way. We're "dunkers." For us, baptism has always meant "full immersion," a deep plunging under water. Funny thing about water: sometimes, it's cold. If you're an old school dunker, you might be saying, "I'll tell you about cold water, boy. I was baptized in a cow pond." Or maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it was a "swimming hole." Either way, from what I hear, old people were often baptized in disgusting pond ... Continue Reading

Sparrow — My New Favorite Gmail Desktop App

sparrow app screen

First, I tried Inky. Then, Postbox. And now, I've given Sparrow a few weeks to prove itself. For those that may have missed my previous reviews (here and here), I've been trying to get my email under control so it no longer controls me. I've had a few things in mind as I try them out. All my email accounts are through Gmail and I want to keep each of the accounts separate through Google's online Gmail interface, but I also want the ability to use a unified inbox when I need to. The purpose of ... Continue Reading

How-To Talk to Church Tech [Video]

Talking to a Church Techie - Tips

Don't let the look of fear in the church tech's eyes (pictured above) make you think that these tips for talking with church techies won't make life easier. In fact, if you are a church tech, you may want to consider sharing this — it's sure to help. ;-) ... Continue Reading

Kano – Teaching Kids How-To Build a Computer

Kano - Image

Let's face it. Technology is really popular right now. It's also something that is important for kids to learn about, so they can become creators of technology and not just consumers. The Church has an amazing opportunity to capture the attention of this next generation with technology, as well as encourage them to use technology to build the Kingdom of God. Wouldn't it be amazing if the Church lead in this area? If we were invested in the future enough to help shape it? Maybe this could ... Continue Reading

Who Manages the Internet’s Address Book? [Video]

Google Take Action Screenshot

A free and open Internet can only remain if we are willing to take-action. It's not going to remain open and free if we are not willing to do our part to keep it that way. There have been many hurdles in the past and there will be plenty more in the future. In the video below, Vint Cerf, the father of the Internet, plainly talks about who manages the ‘Internet's address book’ — a sort of ‘crash course’ of ICANN. ... Continue Reading

Church Tech Philosophy: Unity through Conformity

minion team

My dad was a pastor for thirty years. I say that to say this: I know what it means to be a living sermon illustration. So, with that established, I'd like to apologize to my church tech guys because they'll always serve as a blog post illustration for me. This Wednesday night just might go down as one of the most frustrating nights in my life, and I do want to make it clear that I don't blame anyone. It's just how it happened. It was a very off night from the beginning for a lot of reasons ... Continue Reading

Ballloon: Save Directly from the Web to the Cloud

Ballloon App

Ballloon is a cool Chrome extension that cuts-out the middle-man approach to downloads. You know how it goes. You download the file to your desktop, and then place the downloaded file to your Dropbox, where it then uploads to Dropbox. Files come down from the cloud and go right back up again! That's where Ballloon comes in handy. :D ... Continue Reading

Take On Projects You Don’t Know How To Do

lego guy can do it

How many times don’t we pursue an idea or take on a project because “we don’t know how?” I am afraid to know! The funny thing about being in this kind of a situation, is that you trick yourself into thinking you can’t do it because you’ve never done it before. But the truth of the matter is, it has far more to do with the fear of failure than anything else. And that’s the funny thing about failure, it’s one of our greatest teachers. ... Continue Reading

Postbox — Email for the Control Freak

postbox control thy email

While the email client Inky didn't work out for me, I believe it could be really awesome app for those using a different workflow than myself. I never knew I was such an email control freak until after I tried using such an easy-going email app like Inky. But now I know — and knowing is half the battle. Now on to the second half of the battle: Finding an email client that makes my email easier. ... Continue Reading