Brik Case – Where LEGO meets MacBook :)


If you're a LEGO fan (like I am - I still have several boxes of it...) and an Apple user (like I am - I'm in a room surrounded by fruity tech goodness) then you might just LOVE this! Launched on KickStarter (and completely funded in a couple of days!), this project brings a whole new level of 'connectivity' to your laptop! ... Continue Reading

Event Attendance with Facial Recognition Software

Churchix Slide

Facial recognition software vendor — Face-Six — has recently entered the church market with their Churchix product, and we had the chance to speak with the company's CEO Moshe Greenshpan about what drove them to the church world. Operating in a high-end security market for several years, what brings you to the church market? The truth is we were unaware of any church market, let alone had any plans to hit this market, until product orders started piling up. Within a short period of time we've ... Continue Reading

UnProgrammed: 01 Church Tech Ministry Could Lead The Charge Against Porn

Church Tech Ministry Could Lead The Charge Against Porn

I love the heart of church tech people. We want to serve the church corporately and serve well. We also love being super technical with our programming, communication, graphics, sound boards, projectors, and everything else. But sometimes we get lost in the serving and technical aspects that we lose the ability to be with people. Every other ministry has a personal connection and I feel like church tech misses this mark sometimes. One place the church tech ministry could engage and serve on an ... Continue Reading

Would You Move from Mac to Windows? [Podcast #49]


I've heard so many people say that they would never leave Apple after moving from Windows. I was one of those people. But when you consider Windows new approach to Windows 10, Apple's record setting profits, and the fact that Apple machines are not designed for doing your own upgrades and maintenance, the prospect of moving back to Windows is back on the radar. How about you? Would you move from Mac to Windows? Here's more on what we think: ... Continue Reading

Disruptive Technologies: Predicting the Future

wind energy

Almost two years ago, consultancy firm McKinsey released a report on 'disruptive technologies': Those technical developments that will greatly impact the near future. Or, as they defined it: "Advances that will transform life, business, and the global economy." If you think this sounds abstract and has no relevancy for you, think again. Reading through the summary of this report, it hit me that these disruptive technologies impact the church just as much as businesses. OK, not all of them are ... Continue Reading

Monitor Your Mac with iStat Menus


Maybe I'm just a control freak or maybe I'm just a little too techie for my own good; but I like to know what's going on with my computer. How much RAM am I using? How is my CPU handling things? Is my computer overheating? Should I manually turn-up my fan speed? And what about network connectivity? How much am I downloading right now? If you're like me, you like to keep tabs on this while you're doing various tasks on your computer. Back in the day, I used Yahoo! Widgets (do ... Continue Reading

Multitasking: The Elusive Sense of Satisfaction


Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder is a big deal these days. I'm a teacher in a middle school—I've seen AD(H)D. In fact, when I was in college in my "special learners" class, my professor starter her lecture by saying, "Before we discuss learners with issues like ADD/ADHD, is there anyone here who has been diagnosed with one of these who would like to discuss their learning experience?" No one seemed eager to respond, mostly because this was a post-lunch class, and everyone was groggy. ... Continue Reading

TextBlade: The Awesome Mobile Keyboard


I've always liked the idea of a portable keyboard that could accompany a portable device like a smartphone or tablet. However, most portable keyboard solutions are anything but portable. But the TextBlade by WayTools? Oh, this is something to behold... ... Continue Reading