Ballloon: Save Directly from the Web to the Cloud

Ballloon App

Ballloon is a cool Chrome extension that cuts-out the middle-man approach to downloads. You know how it goes. You download the file to your desktop, and then place the downloaded file to your Dropbox, where it then uploads to Dropbox. Files come down from the cloud and go right back up again! That's where Ballloon comes in handy. :D ... Continue Reading

Take On Projects You Don’t Know How To Do

lego guy can do it

How many times don’t we pursue an idea or take on a project because “we don’t know how?” I am afraid to know! The funny thing about being in this kind of a situation, is that you trick yourself into thinking you can’t do it because you’ve never done it before. But the truth of the matter is, it has far more to do with the fear of failure than anything else. And that’s the funny thing about failure, it’s one of our greatest teachers. ... Continue Reading

Postbox — Email for the Control Freak

postbox control thy email

While the email client Inky didn't work out for me, I believe it could be really awesome app for those using a different workflow than myself. I never knew I was such an email control freak until after I tried using such an easy-going email app like Inky. But now I know — and knowing is half the battle. Now on to the second half of the battle: Finding an email client that makes my email easier. ... Continue Reading

The Growing Problem of Cyber Crime [Infographic]

Cyber crime sillotte

I think cyber crime is one of those things that you never thing is going to happen to you — especially if you're a geek — but these statistics tell us otherwise. In fact, mobile devices are the most at risk connected device with only 50% of users using basic security precautions. Social media is a huge target, too: ... Continue Reading

Everything You Need to Know About .church [Podcast]

dot church special report podcast

In this ChurchMag Podcast special report, we talk with DJ Chuang about the .church domain name extension that we first talked about clear back in 2012. Not only is the 60-day sunrise period for those who have trademarked names just around the corner, but those looking to get an early jump on grabbing a dot church domain need to circle some dates on the calendar. Here's everything you need to know about .church: ... Continue Reading

Church Tech Innovation Inspiration [Image]

Google Plus Image via Antonio Martinez

This photo (pictured above) from Antonio Martinez, is a homemade camera mount that someone from their church video tech team made. How awesome is that!?! It's this kind of stuff that really makes me smile. It's the hard work and innovation that makes me proud to be a Church tech. ... Continue Reading

2014: The Year of Encryption [Infographic]

The Year of Encryption

With the news surrounding NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, this past year our techie eyes have been opened to the realities of who can read our data. Do you use Dropbox or any other cloud services? Is your data secure? That's what everyone is wondering now that the LOL cats are out of the bag. Is your churches data secure? ... Continue Reading

Awesome Computer Display Cleaner

Display Cleaner by Tent 1

I hate a smudgy or dusty computer display. And if someone points to something on my monitor, I am the guy that usually says, “It's not a touchscreen.” Everyone knows it's not a touchscreen, but for some reason, this doesn't stop people from touching my screen! I digress. Now take a look at this beautifully designed computer display cleaner! ... Continue Reading