Mobile Apps to Plan Your Ideal Week

Plan Your Ideal Week - Image

One of the ideas I have completely stolen from Michael Hyatt is to try to create my “ideal week” and get as close to it as possible. The basic idea is that you realistically allocate time for all the different tasks you need to do during the week at the optimal time for them. So you might have two 30 minute blocks for managing your email at the start and end of the day, you’d also have the commute to work included and maybe picking your kids up from school every Wednesday and Friday afternoon ... Continue Reading

My Custom Computer + Full Specs [Case Study]


We left off with our custom PC build last at a total of $868.28 of our $1,200 budget with the expectation of spending another $300 in a few months. We need to factor in shipping, a SATA cable that was missing from my hard drive, and our operating system (Windows 10 via USB stick). Which means our total for the whole project comes out at $1154.20, the perfect amount. In case you wanted to see it, here is the full specs of the PC (click the links for further details). ... Continue Reading

My Experience Installing a Ubiquiti Church WiFi Network


Recently I was involved in helping a local church evaluate and consider many options for their wireless network. What was being considered and how was it currently being used? What ways could it better be used in the areas of ministries throughout the week? As well as how can it work across the building for everyone without having to switch networks for each area? Whether the church your involved in is new or been around for years, these are the universal questions that must be ... Continue Reading

The Spark Planner: Kindling the Fire of Organization


The Staff Writers at ChurchMag try to find niches in which we can become experts, and lately, I've been fighting to claim the "sweet notebook" beat. In the last year, I introduced you to the Passion Planner and Spark Notebook, the BASICS Notebook, the DreamWeaver Planner, and most recently the BULLET Journal. Pretty exhaustive, isn't it? Well, let's add another one to the list: ... Continue Reading

The Often Overlooked Element of a Standing Desk

gel mat

I love my standing desk setup. Ever since I switched from a sitting desk to a standing desk about three months ago, my back pain has greatly decreased. Funnily enough, my productivity has increased as well. Apparently the more active posture while standing inspires me to be more intentional in what I spend my time on. In a recent post, ChurchMag staff author Jeremy explained his thought process in electing the best standing desk for him. There's one crucial element of a standing desk setup that ... Continue Reading

The Best RAM and Hard Drive For My Computer [Case Study]


This is the sixth article in a series where I am looking at finding the best desktop PC I can build for myself in $1,200 or less with a small monthly budget to improve it as we go. The last article, I showed off the monitor and video card I planned to get. At this point, I have used up $806.18 of my $1,200 budget. This round, we are going to look at the RAM and hard drive storage for this PC. Remember that we need to keep within the budget and do plan to make some upgrades later, so this will ... Continue Reading

Productivity Prohibitors [Infographic]

Productivity Prohibitors - Top

Are you productive at work all the time? Me neither. But I am always about trying to improve my workflow so I can do better and better as I go along. It always seems when I lose focus, that's when things drop. So today's infographic is to be a refresher for myself and hopefully for you as well. Below is an infographic and before that I share my top favorite productivity stats from the infographic. What is your biggest barrier to being productive? ... Continue Reading

Steve Bremner Talks Tech [Podcast #76]

Steve Bremner Interview - Podcast

Gone are the days when missionaries left their homeland to only have the chance to communicate to their friends and family via sketchy phone service and snail mail. The Internet allows instant—mobile even—access to just about anyone in the world. It's a whole new world. ... Continue Reading