Church Tech Snack Pack #085

CM Snack Pack 85

On this week's Church Tech Snack Pack, be sure you don't miss the ebook giveaway on Church Marketing Sucks,'s new mobile giving feature, and an excellent post by Jeffery Kranz on blog post titles for churches. These links—and more—along with some awesome tweets: ... Continue Reading

What’s In Your Bag, Auggie Mueller?


Over the last year I've attended Nebraska Christian College, been a part time youth pastor, the onsite tech for the school I am attending, a father of two boys, and a husband of my lovely wife.  This lifestyle has caused me take my office with me and become completely mobile throughout the school year in order to accomplish the tasks set before me. This is my mobile office of bare minimum equipment I take with me throughout the year needed to stop and do what's needed when I find time for me to ... Continue Reading

3 Church Tech Starter Tips for Church Plants

PreppingYour Plantfor Fall

Hey, Planter! If you've done any reading up at all, you know that the best time to start pretty much anything is within the confines of natural life patterns. Fall is a great time to plant. So, that means instead of slowly sliding into Summer, you're probably ramping up some huge plans for the fall. I wanted to take some time to show you the tech setup I have at Missio Dei in hopes that you too can benefit from free/cheap tech that will really impact your community for the better. ... Continue Reading

I Need Some Analog In My Life

analog in my life - cm

Technology has been a huge part of my life and my writing since high school. I have a shelf of notebooks in my office filled with poems and essays from the earliest point in my writing career, but I've gone almost entirely digital now. For a while, the two overlapped, but now, I'm writing primarily in Evernote, though the devises sometimes vary. I miss my notebooks. I bought some new ones just yesterday. I have about forty unused, like-new notebooks just begging for some ink. I think it's time ... Continue Reading

Social Media Security Pranks [Video]

Online Privacy Buzzfeed - Screener

The Buzzfeed video below is definitely entertaining, so do watch it for fun sake at least. But there is a grain of truth here that I want to challenge all church communication staff and volunteers. Replace these individuals who have allowed themselves to be discovered with your congregation. You take a photo of your youth at camp having fun. That photo pops up on your church site without family permission and the father in a custody battle finds it. Trouble ensues. You highlight a ... Continue Reading

The World Map of Christian Apps [Infographic]


A few months ago a designer and I teamed up to answer two questions: Generally speaking, what kinds of apps do Christians make for other Christians? What would that look like if we made a map?! Here's what we came up with: The World Map of Christian Apps. It's a big-ol'-list of 48 apps Christians should know about, and it breaks the list down into a few major categories—erm, continents. ... Continue Reading

5 Tips for Stress Free Video Meetings

Webcam Screener

Video conferencing is quickly becoming one of the most convenient and cutting edge ways to connect with employees for business collaborations, essential meetings, and training sessions. However, it’s not without its occasional difficulties. Here are some tips to help keep your video meetings as successful and productive as possible in the face of some common sources of stress. ... Continue Reading

The RPG Productivity Player’s Guide: How to Survive the Dungeon Crawl [Series]

How to Survive that Dungeon Crawl

[This is part 6 in the RPG Productivity Player’s Guide series.] In RPG’s, dungeon crawls are about as simple as it gets. Oftentimes, there’s only one goal (survive, or a variation thereof) and no megaplot. All you need to do, is hack and slash your way to the finish line, whatever that may look like. Some gamers look down on dungeon crawl games, because they crave a more complex game. They want an overarching subplot, the option to develop multiple characters, they love the conflicting info ... Continue Reading

Busyness: The Death of Your Heart

Busyness - CM

I am a very busy person. Sometimes that's my fault. Sometimes stuff happens. Sometimes I find myself having an anxiety attack and realize that it's because I've got a to-do list longer than Psalm 119 and haven't taken time to breathe, let alone pray. And that's when I start to fall apart. We were created for God's presence, and we were created to live in balance: quiet times and times of high energy and activity; times in the dark and times in the sun; times to think and times to act; times to ... Continue Reading