Crafting A Message to Get Volunteers Involved

Crafting A Message To Get Volunteers Involved

The mission of your church, in a practical sense, depends on volunteers' involvement. It is how all members engage with the mission of God. It is a practical way for Christ followers to make a difference. Thus it is important to have others involved. Crafting a message to get volunteers involved is an important part of this. Your volunteer structures could be getting in the way of members getting involved. There are also other reasons volunteers don't engage with your mission. The way you ... Continue Reading

Which Is Harder To Use: Mac or PC? [Video]

Mac Vs Windows  CM Image

If you read my social media posts or listened to a ChurchMag podcast where I give my opinions on Mac, Android, and PC, you know that I do not have great love for Macs and Apple. But are PCs the great up and comer? Are Macs just that good? Buzzfeed tackles this question, I believe, fairly well. But I want to hear from you, if you can leave your bias at the door. Which is easier to use: Macs or PCs? ... Continue Reading

Counting the Cost of Technology [Podcast #73]

Cost of Tech CM Podcast Graphic

When we started recording this week's podcast, my intent was to talk about the numbers game involved in counting the cost of technology. It isn't just about dollars and cents. As Michael Hyatt pointed out last weekend, you cannot overlook the value of time—much less the value of your volunteers. But as we journeyed on through the podcast, we bumped into some other costs that I didn't not count on. Check it out: ... Continue Reading

The Best Case for My Desktop Computer [Case Study]

computer cases that are awesome

This is the third article in a series where I am looking at finding the best desktop PC I can build for myself in $1,200 or less with a small monthly budget to improve it as we go. The last article, I showed off the standing desk I got on a budget which is the perfect setup. So where do we go from here? For some people, it's all about the CPU. Others it's about the video card. For me, it's being practical with the best case that is actually going to house this whole thing. I'll have a couple of ... Continue Reading

Disaster Recovery Planning and the Church

via Alejandro Escamilla

Disasters happen everywhere. There is no special bubble of protection surrounding churches that protect them from disasters. The key is planning for and responding to disasters instead of simply reacting to disasters when they occur. But how? Planning. Many people focus on the first two words of Disaster Recovery Planning and focus too little on the last. It is difficult and sometimes impossible to recover from a disaster without proper planning. Seriously, though, what disasters do churches ... Continue Reading

Finding My Best Computer Desk [Case Study]


A month and half ago I put together an article on here looking at how to create my dream computer and stated that I would be doing this. Then life happened, doctor's visits, and the cash that would have been there was gone. But I'm back and I'm ready to begin this process. This is going to be my whole process documented for critique by the Internet, because the Internet is always nice. Right? But before we get into the actual computer, I don't have any place to put it and need to get myself an ... Continue Reading

DaisyDisk 4 is Here! [GIVEAWAY]

daisydisk 4 - screenshot1

One of my favorite ways to figure out what's taking up all that space on my iMac is using the super cool DaisyDisk. After scanning your entire hard drive, external disk drive, or even memory stick, DaisyDisk displays your space use in an easy to understand, ultra visual way using a unique circular color graph. And with every version, they keep adding features that make it easy to delete those space hog apps I never use, huge files I forget about, or oodles of photos I need to archive. Here's ... Continue Reading

My Way or the Highway? [Podcast #71]

My Way or the Highway Podcast Image

I was told several years ago that there is more than one way to skin a cat (no offense to you cat lovers). The truth is, I think it's super easy as techies to get super focused in on one solution and not take into account other reasonable and sometimes better solutions—let alone taking in other variables that may differ from others. On this week's podcast, we explore this dynamic and why “my way or the highway” is not the kind of attitude we should have. ... Continue Reading

“Hey, Siri!” Apple Event Round-Up


Ok, folks, so Apple's event is over, and we've been swamped with tons of info. Here's a brief synopsis of what I found interesting. I'll pop in with some commentary in a few spaces, but I'll try to keep this brief and easy to skim. But no promises. There will be tons of reviews of the event, and I encourage you to check them all out. (If you'd like to pretend you were there, you could check out MacRumour's Liveblog.) ... Continue Reading

Church Tech Snack Pack #085

CM Snack Pack 85

On this week's Church Tech Snack Pack, be sure you don't miss the ebook giveaway on Church Marketing Sucks,'s new mobile giving feature, and an excellent post by Jeffery Kranz on blog post titles for churches. These links—and more—along with some awesome tweets: ... Continue Reading