Your Volunteer Structures Could Be Hindering Involvement

volunteer structures could hinder involvement

Church leaders have the great privilege of seeing to the spiritual formation of disciples. This is core to the mission Jesus gave us. One of the aspects of spiritual formation is service. For service, the many members of the Body have diverse gifts and function. Thus the responsibility of pastors and church leaders is connecting need to people's gifts and vice versa. It is creating space and opportunities for people to discover and exercise their gifts. When leaders fail to create such an ... Continue Reading

5 Reasons You Don’t Have Volunteers

Why You Dont Have The Volunteers You Need

Without volunteers, churches would never be able to fulfil God's mission in their communities. Serving is critical for growth for both the givers and receivers that results from service. Skilled volunteers can be some of the most difficult to recruit. Graphic designers, developers and such, can be as scarce as they are needed. Why you don't have the volunteers you need is not a mystery or a difficult challenge to address. Besides general scarcity, there are other reasons you might not have the ... Continue Reading

What Is Your Church Streaming Story?

Church Streaming Story - CM Image

A few years ago we asked you how your church streams and archives its Sunday services. As of today, we have almost 130 comments! It's amazing to see all the different kinds of solutions. It certainly illustrates the diversity of the Body of Christ and that there are many different ways that can lead towards church streaming success. Does your church stream? How do you do it? Media Fusion wants to know; and they'll reward you up to $200 for your church streaming story! ... Continue Reading

We Are Taking Submissions for 2015’s Top Church Tech Blogs!


We are officially assembling the fourth annual ChurchMag Top 30 Church Tech Blogs list. We wanted to put together a top 30 list formula that was as objective as possible and added little to no subjectivity to the project. The formula finds the most popular Church tech blogs on the Internet through an array of data points including social media followers, blog traffic, and RSS feeds. While we rework the algorithm to update it from 12 months ago, we would love to hear your recommendations. We ... Continue Reading

Online Giving: Are You Doing It Right?


While reasonable people can disagree about the best/fastest/easiest/coolest way to utilize online and mobile tech to increase church giving, one thing at least is certain: More churches than ever are taking advantage of digital giving. A recent study reported that 42% of all churches are now offering some form of digital giving. This is a long way short of where things should be, but it’s also a far cry better than the 14% that was reported in 2011. And yes, while something is certainly ... Continue Reading

Dear Church Tech, Even Disney Gets It Wrong

wreck it ralph

Pastors seem to be especially smitten with Disney these days and not without reason. Disney has done a great job of creating a culture of high quality and excellent customer service. This is never more evident than on a trip to one of Disney’s theme parks. The attention to detail, the story-telling, the way cast members go out of their way to serve guests, and even the fact that they call employees “cast members” and customers “guests.” For these reasons, many church leaders at least draw ... Continue Reading

3 Powerful Productivity Hacks for ToDoist


For those of us in ministry, who love technology, and finding better ways to do something, the search for ease and convenience never ends. Thankfully, my favorite productivity manager, ToDoist, continues to create ways of connecting their service to how we manage our tasks. By integrating ToDoist with other apps and platforms we already use, they are opening up new worlds of efficient workflows and productivity. Here are a couple of powerful productivity hacks that involve the powerful and ... Continue Reading

The RPG Productivity Player’s Guide: How to Slay the Email Monster [Series]

How to Slay the Email Monster - RPG Series

[This is part 5 in the RPG Productivity Player's Guide series.] Email truly has become a monster. It's threatening our focus, our ability to get things done, and at points, even our sanity. So how do we slay this monster? Like any monster really, with a hard, consistent attack. You know what happens in games, right? When you merely wound a monster, it will withdraw to regain strength—and then come back twice as strong. You have to obliterate it in such a way that it's gone forever. ... Continue Reading

Disciplr and the Future of Church Curriculum [Podcast #58]

CM Podcast 58

Most churches have been ordering church curriculum for Sunday school and Bible studies the same way for decades. And while so much of the world has sequed to mobile devices to consume all their content, the church world has been left behind doing things the same way as before. Until now. The future of church curriculum consumption is on the horizon with Disciplr...but is this only the beginning of what we can do with digital curriculum? ... Continue Reading

How Public Is Your Private Information? [Infographic]

How Public Is Your Private Information - CM

I'm not here to tell you about information privacy for you as an individual. If you are concerned about this, you shouldn't be learning about it from an infographic and blog article, you should be getting some thorough education on the subject. But this is for your ministry, to not only protect your church, but also for the congregation members. Think of these posts from the idea of parents bringing their children who may be in a custody battle, someone with criminal tendencies, or any other ... Continue Reading