How I Work: Chess Hoyle

How I Work (Featured Image)

I'm a visual learner.  While I can stumble my way through learning something new on my own, I learn best by watching others work and figuring out why they do things the way they do.  In that spirit, we at ChurchMag thought it would be a good idea to let you peer into the work habits of some of our writers with the hope that you'll pick up some new ways to get things done. ... Continue Reading

He Lived Long; We Prosper: Requiem for Spock

Spock Image

Leonard Nimoy, the venerable Mr. Spock from the original Star Trek series, passed away yesterday morning. As someone on the very tail end of Gen X, I didn't grow up with the first crew of the Enterprise. However, my foray into Doctor Who has required me, at times, to go and watch some of the old episodes, which made me want to look back at classic sci-fi programs in my own country, specifically Star Trek. I may never be a full-fledged trekkie, but even a special-effects obsessed child of the ... Continue Reading

Taking Back Control of Email


I used to love getting emails, they were almost always from a friend to let me know about what amazing things they had been up to and asking about my life too, or maybe they were full of special offers from my favourite music shop (or a chance to win a Fender guitar). But over time that has changed. Instead of the handful I got a week, I now get a handful every morning, afternoon and a couple of handfuls while I sleep (this is what I get for connecting with Americans but living in Europe). The ... Continue Reading

What’s in Your Bag, Tre Lawrence?

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This series of What’s In Your Bag? has contributors opening up their own tech bags and sharing with the world actual devices that they regularly use within their own blogging and professional lives from various backgrounds all over the world. The hope is that we can give you guys some great insight into some useful tools that we already are using in the day to day. So... allow me to beg forgiveness. I actually have two go bags... one for daily work, and one for soccer. Here's what's in the ... Continue Reading

6 Supercharging Pomodoro Techniques

6 Supercharging Pomodoro Techniques

There are many tricks we can use to help motivate ourselves to do tricky work, to stick to time limits and ensure we don’t fall into Parkinson’s law of spending too much time on a task as every task fills the time allotted to it. One of the best little tricks that can really help you to stay motivate, plow through difficult work and not keep working when you really shouldn’t is the pomodoro technique. It’s a really simple system you may already be familiar with, but today I want to cover a few ... Continue Reading

WiFi & the Most High: The Church as the Center

WiFi for the Most High - Image

Does your church have WiFi? If you're a regular ChurchMag reader, I'd hazard a guess that it does. Here's a question you're less likely to answer "yes" to: Is your church open for public use of the WiFi? Andrew Lloyd Webber, the Andrew Lloyd Webber who gave us The Phantom of the Opera, Cats and so on and so forth, said in an interview with the Daily Mail a few weeks ago and said that he wanted every church (in England) to have WiFi. The operatic feline aficionado went on to say: ... Continue Reading

Church Tech with Mike Sessler [Podcast #41]


There's hardly anyone more techie about Church tech than Mike Sessler. Mike is a “innovative visionary,” “ingenious problem solver,” and “team builder.” Jeremy Smith interviews Mike about a number of different issues that are important and vital to Church tech, including the popular question: Should my church be providing a live video feed? This interview—and the usual tomfoolery—is all included in this tasty edition of the ChurchMag podcast: ... Continue Reading

Todoist Eisenhower Productivity Quadrant Filters

Todoist Eisenhower Productivity Quadrant Filters - CM Image

Dwight Eisenhower was a pretty impressive guy. A five-star General during World War 2 and the 34th president of the United States, it’s fair to say he knew a thing or two about getting things done. One of his greatest gifts to us mere mortals is this Productivity quadrant or decision making quadrant. ... Continue Reading

5 Apps that Changed My Life Last Year


Many of the apps and tools I play around with have some really cool features. Maybe they have a great design, or can do some clever automation. However, I was thinking about one app I got last year and realized that it has made a real difference to my lifestyle and even improved my quality of life in a very measurable and tangible way. That got me thinking about the apps that have actually made a measurable difference in my life over the last year. Ones that haven’t just looked pretty, but lead ... Continue Reading