Unlearn Something New: Common MythConceptions [Infographic]

unicorn myth

“Don't swim after you eat!” “We have 5 senses.” And apparently there are many, many more misconceptions. Most of what we know about the world is either what we've experienced ourselves and what others have told us, and this list proves that point very well. Take notice of the size of each circle as you read through this infographic, as the size of the circle determines the virulence of an idea in Google hits: ... Continue Reading

What Does the Bible Say About Implantable Technology? [Video]

What does the Bible say about implatable tech - John Dyer

Last week I asked what you thought the Christian view of implantable technology should be. A few of you chimed-in and many more were not exactly sure what the answer should be. On the ChurchMag Podcast, Phil Schneider and I talked about this issue further and shared an interview I had with John Dyer asking this same question. As usual, John's answer is direct, Biblical, and is an answer that can be applied to multiple tiers of technology that raise questions about how it intersects and ... Continue Reading

Could HP’s ‘Sprout’ Change the Tech Landscape?

hp sprout image

Considering the future of Adobe apps for Windows and now Sprout by HP, the future of computing is looking very curious. Apple has had a history of ruling the day on creative computing, but after seeing this video of Sprout technology from HP, there are new frontiers that are still left to be discovered. Just look at this: ... Continue Reading

Would You Like to Have an Amazon Echo?

The Amazon Echo - Image

Technology featured in Science Fiction is becoming more and more the technology of today. Amazon has recently announced the Amazon Echo. In a nutshell—or rather a black tube—this is Amazon's take on Siri. It's an incredible Internet of things kind of device that is always present in your home, waiting and listening for its next command—all the while connected to the Internet. Take a look: ... Continue Reading

John Dyer: The Biblical View of Implantable Tech [Podcast]

implatable tech podcast

Last week I asked the question: What is the Christian view of implantable technology? It kicked-up some discussion, but I decided to reach out to a profound church tech and theology leader, John Dyer, for a more definite answer about implantable tech. John's answer may surprise some of you and I think he's certainly right about his observations. Take a listen... ... Continue Reading

Net Neutrality: The President, the Lobbyist, and the Elephant

a warning from the FCC

Are you tired of hearing about "net neutrality"? I certainly am. I get e-mails every other day from some of the organizations organized to keep the Internet free and open, and while I truly appreciate their effort, it’s getting a bit old. I feel like I’ve been stuck in a constant crisis mode, researching net neutrality and over governmental issues—I’m very political, sorry—and I’m ready for the government to stop screwing things up and stick to what it does best: getting nothing done. ... Continue Reading

Marty’s Hoverboard Is Now A Reality


We were first introduced to hoverboards in the classic Back to the Future movie trilogy. Since then, it has been a dream for many people to build such an invention. Do you remember this scene from Back to the Future II? ... Continue Reading

Web Hosting Quick Guide [Infographic]


Finding the right web hosting isn't easy. Hopefully, this infographic will make it a little easier to make your web hosting choice as you decide between a: Shared server Dedicated server Cloud server Reseller hosting Colocated hosting VPS or VDS And what about a CDN? Give this a review and see if it helps: ... Continue Reading

20 Facts About Coffee [Infographic]

i heart coffee - image

Did you know that coffee is the second most traded product in the world after petroleum? Or that 1/3 of coffee comes from Brazil? These facts—and 18 more—are packed into this fun infographic about coffee like a barista preparing to make you a shot of espresso. Enjoy! ... Continue Reading