Please Help This iPhone N00b


It is official, my first ever iPhone was delivered yesterday.

I finally do not have to be the envious one now that I have the amazing new iPhone 4S and all its wonder.

In fact, this is my first ever smartphone.

Kind of shocking for someone who has their bachelors in computer engineering. So while I know that I bought a phone, I feel like there is more to it.

I use to be a PC person. Actually, I despised everything that Apple made because of the fact that they did not have a prolific community of developers.

Ten years ago, if you wanted to program for Apple, you had to be completely dedicated. For a high school boy that really wanted to just make programs to cheat at Yahoo! Chess online or make productive programs for their handheld devices, I saw Microsoft as the company that had their arms wide open to programmers. I exclusively embraced the Microsoft .NET Framework for almost six straight years.

Then came the iPod and the technology world would be forever changed.

I Heart Apple

From that day on, Apple’s marketing plan would be about creating something more than a device, both a product, community, and brand. After a series of iPods, they decided to rock the world again with the iPhone by giving the user something more than just a phone. Now the iPhone 4S is more than just a phone, MP3, HD video camera, or something to surf the web.

The App Store is a multiple million dollar business for many companies with apps to do everything from spend hours killing pigs with birds, to apps that help you find your car, to apps that will always keep you connected to your favorite social media networks.

On top of the usefulness of Apple’s products, they make everything they sell look sexy. The newest iPhone 4S not only looks good when turned off, the Siri integration is completely captivating, and they have not messed with the iOS design which is perfect. They truly go the extra mile in designing their devices.

This is my first iPhone and I would love your help with knowing the best apps to download.


Jeremy Smith

Jeremy Smith is a Christian first, husband and father next, and then a blogger, writer, and social media realist. Besides helping churches Level Up their digital marketing platforms and church tech ministries through the blog and direct consultations, he loves to spend time with his family and serving in the church with infant daycare and marital and pre-marital counseling. He is currently an outpatient clinician at a Colorado Community Behavioral Health Center and previously worked at Youth for Christ/USA as the Social Media Specialist as well as a Youth Ministry Director over the span of more than ten years. He has received his Masters of Arts in Mental Health Counseling from Denver Seminary, Masters of Arts in Family Ministry from Winebrenner Theological Seminary, and Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering from Ohio Northern University.

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  1. says

    Some of my faves:
    Instagram, Weather Channel, Facebook Messenger, Wunderlist, Twitter (official), plaintext, apple trailers, wikipanion, dropbox, number guru, apple cards, shazam, engadget… and way more. Good luck.

  2. says

    Two words: Angry Birds!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously, Wunderlist and dropbox are musts. Also the Bible app from is great. If you’re a guitar (or ukulele…) player then the ‘optima guitar tuner’ is very handy. If you’re into ebooks, kindle app and stanza and pretty good.

    Have fun!

  3. says

    Noteshelf (not: penultimate, upad, bamboo)

    Waze for GPS & Traffic

    Reeder for RSS

    Instagram for time-suck

    Diptic for photo framing

    Infinity Blade for badassery

    Stratus to move files/links quickly to/from computer

    Calcbot to promote killer app developers

    PlainText or Nebulous Notes for note taking.

  4. Eric J says

  5. says

    Evernote – Superpowered note taking and syncing
    Things – Task and project management, and their cloud sync will release soon and works like a charm
    Dropbox – File management
    Agenda – I have a seperate Google calendar that I use as a day planner, and I use Agenda to browse it
    Echofon Pro – Great Twitter app, one of the few that features all links and usernames as active in timeline. The official Twitter app requires extra swipes and clicks.
    Read It Later – Great for those articles that you just don’t have time for right now
    MobileRSS – RSS reader (Reeder is good too, but I’ve been using MobileRSS for a while and don’t care to switch. Works great)
    Instagram – Social photo network
    8mm – Really cool vintage video camera app
    ESV Bible – Bible reading app. Fast and Slick. – Budgeting on the go
    Stratus – Cloud App file link management
    Wunderlist is a great free todo list app. Not quite as robust as others, but very polished, syncs everywhere, and can’t beat the price.

  6. says

    Tweetbot for Twitter.
    Mapquest for GPS (Turn by turn and FREE)
    Shazam (great for identifying song name and artist you don’t recognize)

    For photos:

    Instagram (much more a social network than photography app but you can edit in other programs and still share with Instagram)
    Camera+ – The best camera app out there.
    Pro HDR – Excellent app for capturing HDR images.
    PhotoShake – Great for making quick collages of multiple images


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