Ingress eBooks Set to Be Published


It seems as if Google is looking to expand its fairly successful augmented reality game Ingress franchise — with eBooks. In a pertinently appropriate partnership with bestselling conspiracy fiction author Thomas Greanias, Google’s Niantic Labs is giving the Enlightenment vs Resistance saga some narrative history.

I think this is a shrewd move. The game, fun and engaging as it is, practically cries out for some tangible backstory. Plus, if in-game chatter is an indication, additional media — swag, imagery, even motion pictures –would be quite welcome, and will also increase mindshare. There is no official word with regards to iOS functionality, and with quite a few players topping out at the higher levels, stuff like this could help maintain interest.

Reportedly, the first installment is named Alignment: Ingress and will be available this April.

Yes, I will get it. For, uh, research.

Do you play Ingress?

[via TechCrunch]


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        There’s a big jump in action points between level 6 and 7 and then double the jump to level 8. But Ingress is really best played as a team. Get in touch with other members of your faction in your area and play with them.

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