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This is the most interesting video I’ve seen in a long time.

We’ve heard about Apple’s iPad factory, Foxconn, in the news so much. I’ve often wondered what it was like, as well as some sort of insight on how those living in China perceive Foxconn. With all the negative press, you would think the conditions were dire. Now that I’ve seen the video, the conditions remain in question, for me, as my standards would be different than those living in China. However, the question I’ve had as to the perspective of Foxconn by those living in China is somewhat answered in this video:

Inside Foxconn

From Geek O System:

From a report released about a week earlier than the above video, Schmitz notes that Foxconn is more like a little town than it is a factory, as 240,000 people work at the factory, with around 50,000 of them living on the actual campus in dorm-like accommodations. The campus has a “main street” of sorts, which contains everything one would expect from a college’s main street, with cafes, banks, restaurants, a library, fast-food stores, grocery stores, and even a wedding photo shop. There are athletic facilities, such as tennis and basketball courts, as well as a soccer field, gym, and two large swimming pools. The campus even has its own fire department, radio station, and television news station.

You can read the full report on the Marketplace website, this is only a summary.

After viewing this video and the Marketplace report, has your perspective of Foxconn changed? Why or why not?

[via Geek O System]


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  1. Chad Gleaves says

    This is exactly why outsourcing is so important, we are raising the standard of living around the world. I use help in the philipeans and because of what I pay him, he can send his child to the best school in his area.

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