E-Commerce on Various Platforms [Infographic]

e-commerce platform

Have you ever received a survey at the bottom of your receipt? Do you ever do that? As for myself, I instantly pull out my phone and take the survey if I am rewarded with a free entry or coupon. Why not instantly reap the reward with the experience fresh in your mind. What about purchasing something online? Impulse buys and cheap bargains have created its own Cyber Monday holiday.

While this is a very commercial approach to online e-commerce, churches should take note. They may instantly review you after church service and could be critical. Maybe they would want to tithe online? There is a lot of potential here that simply cannot be ignored.

Here are three takeaways for businesses and churches to be aware of:

Here are three takeaways for businesses and churches to be aware of:

  • 70% of tech users search for something to buy via PC. Yet mobile is already at 32%, meaning they could be standing right outside your store or church and looking at you online too.
  • More than a third of the reviews online have been from a mobile device. It is one thing to write a review at home on a PC, but what if you receive a bad review right after the service or device was purchased. Customer service is HIGHLY important now.
  • 2/3 of spending online is done from home. You need to consider what that means for your plan. Churches, are you aware that your tithing base could be tripled because you provide this service?

e-commerce platform

What do you think about churches and e-commerce?

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