Do You Have a Workflow? Check This One Out!


If you’re in any kind of creative position within your church or ministry, chances are you have a specific workflow you like to adhere to.

If you don’t, then you should. You never know when you’ll need that footage you shot last year or an image from a shoot you did six months ago.

Photographer/director Chase Jarvis shows us in below video his entire workflow — from the time the images and footage is captured all the way through the archival process.

Check it out:

Chances are, you may not be at a point where you will need a $15,000 64TB RAID storage solution (though maybe you are!) but the practices Jarvis uses can apply to most scenarios, albeit with different hardware solutions.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share? We’d love to see what you have!


Jay Caruso

I am photographer. I love my wife and kids immensely. I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, my Savior. I was an IT Director and Project Manager for 10 years. Now I am a Senior Logistics Analyst at The Home Depot. I love the sport of baseball and the New York Yankees.

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  1. Marcus Williamson says

    64 TB of love, lol! That’s crazy dude! These guys make sure that if anything goes wrong they won’t have to reshoot anything. Their back ups have back ups. Much respect.

  2. Chris Martin says

    Awesome find. Anyone have a good strategy for archiving DVCPRO and Pro Res footage?

    I am trying to make the decision whether to trash the raw footage and keep the final product, or try to archive both.

    Problem is I don’t have 64 TB’s to work with. I have about 4.5 TB’s (2.5 Striped Raid in my Mac Pro, and a 2 TB striped raid in my FW 800 Western Digital My Studio Pro).

    This was so much easier when I had a DV tape, and a FCP project file.

    PS this is for the church I work at.


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