Miley Cyrus, MTV and Oversexulization in Media

Hear No Evil See No Evil Speak No Evil

Well, well...are we really surprised that MTV made a splash with its Video Music Awards? Miley Cyrus, the artist formally known as the sweet loving, All-American girl, Hannah Montana, put interesting performance. Nobody is talking about  Robin Thicke (who received much of Miley Cyrus' twerking) or Lady Gaga's dress made from meat, the real headline grabber with this story is the stark evolution Cyrus has made in her obscene rebranding. If Miley wanted attention, it worked. But ... Continue Reading

The Charlie Brown School of Dance [Video]


We just got done with Thanksgiving and are heading into the Christmas season. Of course the first thing that comes to mind is Charlie Brown and his amazing lessons of community, Thanksgiving, and giving. One of the best scenes from the 1965 A Charlie Brown Christmas is when they bond together and seem to have a random, flash mob, dance party. A fun film making and comedic company, Owen Weber Live, took this idea and made a funny how-to video. Do you have chorophobia (the fear of dancing)? ... Continue Reading

‘Club’ Worship?

[tentblogger-youtube GG6jUdWoJ58] What's the next thing after rock and rap in church? Think about it. Fifty years ago, more than a decade before I was born, Rock and Pop were already on the scene. Groups like Peter, Paul, & Mary were just coming on the scene and people from the World War II generation decried Rock as the end of civilization. ... Continue Reading

Dance for a Free Coke [Video]

space invaders coke coca-cola cans design retro 8-bit

How badly would you work for a free Coca-Cola? Coke has been experimenting in South Korea with the idea of interacting with their customers for a better marketing and branding investment. The idea is that a large screen challenges consumers to copy the dance moves and if you get it close enough, you get more sodas. The machines use Microsoft’s Kinect technology to allow the machine to read the moves and it can actually become very difficult as dance moves become very hard to follow. ... Continue Reading

8-Bit Gangnam Style [Video]

8BIT Logo

If you have been on the Internet much this last few months, you have seen your fair share of Gangnam Style videos and parodies. Over 400 million views for the original video alone and so many youth groups have the capacity to capitalize on this video for whatever reason to be goofie in front a video camera. ;) Because of the 8bit love we have at Churchmag, we have a treat for you with an 8bit flavored Gangnam Style video remix. ... Continue Reading

Ohio State Marching Band Video Game Half-Time Show [Video]


Marching bands, whether high school or collegiate, have tried before to attempt to take great efforts into designing a great video experience set to fan-cheering music. Most times it fails to deliver on both accounts with a good sound or a decent marching pattern. The video below not only does both, but gives us a great video game experience too. The Ohio State marching band on Saturday, October 6th did this perfect halftime performance that any gaming nerd would enjoy: ... Continue Reading

Teachers Dancing Behind Students [Video]


Doing youth ministry, I work with teenagers day in and day out. Some of my time is investing in their world, which mainly consists of being at the school for their extracurricular activities like sports, band, or other functions. This means I am around teachers a lot (in fact, I'm married to a teacher) and for some reason I have in my head that the typical teacher is boring and not fun. This video below changes that. I am always in for a good laugh and this video from Abbey Kelley Foster ... Continue Reading