Compfight Makes Citing Creative Commons Images Easier Than Ever!

compfight screenshot

My favorite place to grab images for blogging is Compfight (Creative Commons only).

Compfight searches Flickr and displays all the photos that match your search term. They do put some paid images at the top, but you can scroll through all kinds of Flickr images below the paid images box at the top, which is really awesome (be sure you have selected ‘Creative commons‘ on the left-hand sidebar).

Recently, Compfight has made using their service even easier!


The best way to show you this new bit of Compfight awesomeness, is to show you.

First, let’s do a search for ‘lego star wars’:


Once you find the photo you like, instead of being redirected to Flickr, as you were before, a lightbox pops up with the following:

new compfight screen

How easy is this!

At a glance, you can see the license agreement (clickable for more details), download the size you want and the most awesome thing in the blogging world: Copy & Paste HTML to cite the image source!

Now you can quickly and easily cite Creative Commons images like you’re suppose to (as outlined here)!

For an example, here is the image I found, downloaded and cited by pasting the provided HTML:

lego star wars stormtrooper

Photo Credit: leg0fenris via Compfight cc


Pretty cool, right?

If you use different verbage, you can always change the “Photo Credit:” to something else, but the following links and info should be included every time you cite a Creative Commons image. In fact, I think I may need to update the ChurchMag posting guidelines to follow this standard, as most blogs don’t cite their images correctly.

Thankfully, Compfight makes this easier than ever!

Give it a try!


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