MAMP 3 for Mac & PC


MAMP 3 has been released! If you're running a killer web development environment, more than likely, you've installed MAMP (unless you're developing on your PC — until now). MAMP is improved over the previous version and now comes in a Windows flavor, too (coming soon). While the pro version will cost you (reduced price for those with a MAMP 2 license), they are still offering the non-pro version for free. For those that wonder why you would ever need such an app, here's why: If you are doing ... Continue Reading

Gravity Forms for WordPress — Yes, They’re That Awesome

Gravity Forms

Until fairly recently, I've been a really cheap WordPress guy when it comes to plugins. I've been sold on the idea of using premium WordPress themes and frameworks, as having a poorly coded theme can kill your SEO. That's simply not worth the savings to me. That's what makes frameworks so appealing, not to mention it's a huge time saver. However, when it comes to plugins, I am usually too cheap to drop down any cash; so I am sure you can imagine that signing up for Gravity Forms was ... Continue Reading

Macaw: Will Visual Web Design Tools Return?

Macaw Logo

I remember the first website I ever designed. I used a visual web design tool. Using a Corel program—yes, I just said Corel—I designed with a split screen, the visual editor being the larger of the split, leaving a sliver of code visible to learn a little HTML along the way. My next brush with working on a website, I found myself in a similar situation. This time I was using Macromedia's Dreamweaver 3. Again, I used a split view, primarily using the visual editor. When I began to dive ... Continue Reading

DevDocs: API Documentation Reader for Developers

dev docs

When you're doing web development, there is a lot of documentation scattered across the web as you look to the multiple API's. Where do you go for HTML5, CSS3, DOM, JavaScript and others? How about you go to one place!?! Not only has DevDocs compiled multiple API documentation into one resource, but they've even made it really easy to navigate and search for exactly what you're looking for. ... Continue Reading

What’s Your Favorite Coda Plugins?

coda 2 icon panic

Last month, Tom McFarlin shared three of his favorite Coda plugins for WordPress development. Since that's just about all I do using Coda, I went and snatched them up right away! I had always known Coda had some cool stuff to add-on, but never had taken the time to look for any that would be helpful. Here are two of the three he shared, that I've found to be really helpful: ... Continue Reading

FROONT: Visual Responsive Web Design from Your Browser

FROONT responsive web design browser

Responsive web design has become essential. With so many different sized devices cruising the web, your design has to be responsive. Sometimes designing a responsive site can be tricky, but thanks to a new online tool called, FROONT, you can visually design a responsive website straight from your browser! ... Continue Reading

MarkdownPad 2: Smart Tool for Markdown


If you really want to get your geek on, I just discovered a great new tool for producing PDF, EPUB and MOBI e-books. The language is called Markdown and the tool I use to build Markdown documents is MarkdownPad 2. Created by Evan Wondrasek, a software engineer in Minneapolis, MN, MarkdownPad 2 is pretty comprehensive. There are two flavors (as with most projects of this kind): the free version and the licensed version. A single-user license costs 14.95 (USD). The Skinny on Markdown ... Continue Reading

Find the Right Hexadecimal Color with Hex Color Tool

hex color tool

Finding just the right shade of color when you're formulating your web design can be a pain sometimes. You might need a color just a little darker or lighter for your link values or whatever CSS element it might be. Instead of opening Photoshop or other favorite design app, just jump over to this cool online color tool! ... Continue Reading