Add Some Detail to Your LEGOS with BrickStix


See the extra details on these LEGO sets?

This is what happens when you use BrickStix!


Pretty cool, right?

I love the story behind BrickStix:

Greyson loves to build! When he was nine years old, he was frustrated with the stickers that came with brick sets. If he put them on, he couldn’t get them off. Plus, they were limited. He wanted to customize his brick creations into different stories, but he was at a loss. He needed stickers that could be detached and reused just like his bricks. Some days he wanted a brick to be a newspaper, another day a clock, a control panel, a window… He told his mom about the problem. He told her he wanted to be able to add details to his builds, and have the ability to change his mind and make something else. She thought it was a great idea. So Greyson’s Mom, Dad, Aunt and Uncle started working. They had meetings at their kitchen table. They talked to Greyson’s sisters and other kids when they designed the first set of Stix, and BrickStix were born. Now kids can customize their build into a masterpiece.

I love it! This is a good reminder that we need to listen to our children. They are full of so many uninhibited ideas!

There are two different types of BrickStix.

  1. BrickStix Clings
    Reusable, removable and restickable cling decals.
  2. Mod Stickers
    Although they’re not reusable and have adhesive, they won’t leave ick on your bricks!


Learn more about BrickStix on the BrickStix website.


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