10 Popular WordPress Security Plugins

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It’s important to keep your WordPress websites secure.

Make sure you’re not using the generic “admin” for any of your logins, keep your WordPress core updated regularly, and I also advise that you use the Limit Login Attempts plugin. You might also consider some of these other popular WordPress security plugins to beef up your install:

10 Popular WordPress Security Plugins

  1. Limit Login Attempts
  2. Ask Apache Password Protect
  3. Login Dongle
  4. Sideways8 Custom Login and Registration
  5. Exploit Scanner
  6. WordPress AntiVirus
  7. WebsiteDefender
  8. WordPress HTTPS (SSL)
  9. Anti-spam plugin
  10. Theme Authenticity Checker

Thanks to WordPress Hacks for putting this list together!

There were a few here that I’ve used, while some of these look really interesting.

What are some of your favorite WordPress security plugins?

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  1. says

    I use ‘Limit Login Attempts’ and ‘Secure WordPress’. It’s also worth making sure you delete any unused plugins & themes – especially if they’re somewhat old…

  2. says

    Thanks for sharing this list. Those look like some good tools that I’ll have to check out.

    If I can add one security suggestion, I would also recommend that website admins keep their WordPress software up-to-date with the latest version. A lot of the WordPress updates include security patches.

    It’s kind of a strange cycle, but most hackers aren’t the ones discovering website security holes for themselves. They usually look at the recent patches for WordPress, and then they look for websites that haven’t updated to the latest version. The announcement of a software patch is like a new toy for hackers to try out.

    In other words, the authors of WordPress are inadvertently informing hackers of the vulnerabilities in prior software versions. You can protect yourself from a lot of hack attempts by simply keeping your software updated.

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